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BRENNAN, JOSEPH: Files, 1985-1988


Advance, Office of Presidential


OA 16256

The President's Visit to the Treasury Department and HHS, 01/29/1986

White House Correspondents Dinner, 04/17/1986

State of the Union, 01/28/1986

State of the Union, 01/27/1987

Private Dinner Departmental Auditorium 06/30/1987

The Trip of the President to the National Prayer Breakfast 02/05/1987

Briefing on Tort Reform, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 05/30/1986

Drop-By Meeting of CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) National

Leadership Forum, Mayflower Hotel, 06/09/1986

Pre-Advance for National Association of Manufacturers, J.W. Marriott, 05/29/1986

Presidential Address to the Ethics and Public Policy Center Dinner, 11/18/1986,

Washington Hilton

National Institute of Health, 07/23/1987

Ukrainian Hall, 07/24/1987 [Address Captive Nations Conference at the Ukrainian

Catholic National Shrine]

Washington Hilton, 07/28/1987 [Address Federal Conference on Commercial

Applications of Superconductivity]

Dinner Honoring Paul Volcker, State Department, 07/28/1987

Address to Kiwanis International, DC Convention Center 07/06/1987

Memorial Service for Secretary Baldrige, Washington Cathedral, 07/29/1987

Commencement Ceremonies of United Services of Health Sciences, 05/16/1987

White House Pre-Advance Team for the Visit of President Ronald Reagan, U.S. Mission

Berlin 04/23/1987-04/25/1987

Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution

Road to Liberty - March 1987 (Envelope)

Welcome Aboard - United States Ship Iowa (BB-61)

Danville, Indianapolis, Indiana 07/13/1987

Concerned Women of America [09/25/1987]

Trip of the President [North Platte, Nebraska and Santa Barbara, California] 08/13/1987

A Celebration of Citizenship, "We The People", 09/16/1987

Address to a Joint Meeting of the IMF and The World Bank, Sheraton Washington

Inner Circle, 10/26/1987

Address Concerned Women of America 09/25/1987

Joe Brennan, Phoenix, Arizona

Kennedy Center for "The Caine Mutiny", 05/29/1986

Willard Hotel, 11/30/1987

Farewell Ceremony for Secretary Weinberger at the Pentagon, 11/17/1987

Kennedy Center, 11/22/1987

Drop-By CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Luncheon, 02/20/1987,

Washington Hilton Conference)

Visit to the Department of Labor, 10/21/1987

National Press Club, Washington, DC

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 11/12/1987

Attend the Seventy-Fifth Annual Alfalfa Club Dinner, 01/30/1988

[Program: President and Mrs. Reagan Visit to Berlin, Germany 06/12/1988

[Annual Executive Forum at DAR Constitution Hall 03/30.1987]

[Liberty Weekend 1986] (Notebook)

OA 16257

Salute to Congress Dinner, 03/10/1986

Visit to Martin Luther King School 01/15/1986

Memorial Day Services, Arlington National Cemetery, 05/26/1986

National Conference on Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Crystal City Hyatt, 08/06/1986

Eagles Dinner / Dance, Capital Hilton, 02/02/1988

Congressional Luncheon, U.S. Capitol, 03/17/1988

Pre-Advance to: Baltimore, Maryland for the Trip of the President 10/15/1986

Event Concepts

Trip of the President to Muncie, Indiana, 05/14/1986

Trip to Raleigh, North Carolina, 06/25/1985

Flag Day Event at Ft. McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland, 06/14/1985

Pre-Advance to San Francisco, California, Alameda Naval Air Station and USS

Enterprise 07/25/1985-07/27/1985 - Joe Brennan

Santa-Cali-Gon Days, Independence, Missouri, 09/02/1985, Labor Day

Trip of the President to Boise, Idaho and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 10/15/1985

Trip of the President Raleigh, North Carolina, 09/05/1985

Address to Reserve Officers Association at Washington Hilton, 01/27/1988

St. George's University School of Medicine, 1984-1985 Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 1

The Trip of the President to Grenada, West Indies, 02/20/1986

[State Visit of Secretary and Mrs. Gorbachev, 12/07/1987-12/10/1987]