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BUCKALEW, JUDI: Files, 1983-1985


Office of Public Liaison (Health and Social Services, Women,Youth)     


In May 1983, Faith Whittlesey, the new head of the White House Office of Public Liaison, hired Judi Buckalew (1947- ) from the staff of Indiana Senator Dan Quayle. Buckalew’s public liaison portfolio consisted of health and social services utilizing her background as a registered nurse. She worked with medical and senior-citizen organizations, and in addition, on issues involving youth, drug abuse, abortion, and physical fitness. Buckalew also helped with the Public Liaison women’s portfolio as the Administration made efforts to gain more support from female voters. In June 1985, Buckalew left the White House for a new career in the Department of the Navy.


Beginning in early 1984, Buckalew was assisted by Public Liaison staff member Mary M. (Marty) Schnepper in the areas of health policy and senior citizens. Schnepper also had a nursing background.  Schnepper replaced Buckalew when she left as liaison for these constituencies.



          OA 9172


          Agent Orange

          Agent Orange: Civilian Women in Viet Nam (Binder)

          Aging – General

          Aging – General Information and Background

          Aging – Lists

          Aging – Volunteers

          Aging – Working File (empty)

          Administration on Aging (empty)

          Clippings – Aging

          Federal Council on Aging

          State and Regional Aging Commissions

          State Dinners – Aging (empty)

          Talking Points – Aging

          1983 – AIDS Background (1)-(5)


          Alzheimer Photo 1984 (Allegedly checked out by WH but no out card in the box)

          [American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance] (packet)

          American Association for International Aging

          American Association for World Health

          American Association of Colleges of Nurses

          American Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians

          American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

          American Association of Operating Room Nurses, Inc.

          American Association of Retired Persons - I

          American Association of Retired Persons - II

          [American Association of Retired Persons Annual National Convention, 04/25/1984-

                   04/27/1984] (packet)

          American Association of Retired Persons Correspondence

          Responses to American Association of Retired Persons Letter

          Faith Whittlesey – American Association of Retired Persons


          OA 9173

          American Federation for Aging Research

          American Federation for Aging Research Commitment / National Council on the Aging,


          [American Health Care Association]

          American Medical Association

          American Nurses Association

          American Protestant Health Association Executive Committee

          Baby Doe (WH out card to Schnepper 7/27/1985)

          Budget Coalition

          Cardiac (Heart)

          Cardiac (Heart): [Harkin, Doctor Dwight Emery]

          Catholic Golden Age

          Central America

          Chatauqua Northwest Senior World's Fair (empty)

          Child Abuse (WH out card to Schnepper 7/27/1985)

          Child Support (WH out card to Schnepper 7/27/1985)

          Community Foundation

          Comparable Worth


          Day Care (WH out card to Schnepper 7/27/1985)

          Department of the Interior


          1983 – Disabled Background

          Discharge Planning

          [Discharge Planning Symposium]


          OA 9174

          Displaced Homemakers


          Domestic Violence - I

          Domestic Violence - II

          Domestic Violence - II: Handicapped Issues

          Domestic Violence [Montgomery County, PA]

          Drug Abuse

          Economic Equity

          Economic Initiatives


          Elderly, Home Health

          Broken Promises, A Report on Elderly During Reagan Administration

          Elders and Social Functions (Not RSVP) / Programs Involving the Elderly

          [Employee Benefit Research Institute]

          Environment - I

          Environment - II

          Talking Points on Environment

          Environmental – Correspondence

          Environmental Protection Agency


          OA 10223

          Family Planning

          Fair Insurance Information

          Fairness for Families

          Farm Bill Working File

          Federation of Nursing Specialties

          Ferraro, Geraldine


          Gender Gap - I

          Gender Gap - II

          Goodwill Industries


          [Handicapped] Interpreter for Deaf

          Pennhurst Case, Handicapped

          [Handicapped] 7th World Wheelchair Congress

          [Handicapped] Working Group on Handicapped


          Health Costs

          Health Education

          Health Industries Management Association



          OA 10225

          Home Equity

          Homeless [White House Out Card to Mary Schnepper, 07/27/1985]


          Hospice: Report on Hospice Care in the United States

          Greater Houston Hospital Council April 1985

          Inaugural Lists Etc.

          Interamerican College of Hispanic Physicians and Surgeons Convention Washington


          Internship Article for Publication

          Kirkpatrick, Jeane



          Medical Bioethics


          Medicare Commission

          MX Missiles Info

          National Alliance of Senior Citizens – C. Clinkscales

          [National Alliance for Senior Citizens Working List as of 02/27/1984] (Envelope)

          [National Alliance for Senior Citizens (NASC) – Brochures and Articles] (Envelope)

          National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

          National Association of Mature Persons - I

          National Association of Mature Persons - II

          The National Cancer Institute – Pediatric Branch

          National Silver Haired Congress

          Nature Conservancy


          Nursing Homes


          OA 10227

          Nursing Interns 1983

          Nurses in Washington Roundtable

          Nursing Magazine Editors

          Occupational Safety

          Older Americans

          Older Women (Allegedly checked out by WH but no out card in the box)

          Oncology Nursing Society

          Organ Donors

          Orton Dyslexia Society]

          Osteopathic Hospitals

          Outstanding Older Americans



          Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals

          [Physician Assistant]

          Polyurethane Manufacturers

          Press Releases on OPL Whittlesey-Buckalew

          Prospective Payment (WH out card to Schnepper 7/27/1985)

          [Reagan Administration and Republican Party articles on Central America, plus booklet

                   "The White House"] (packet)

          Red Cross



          Republican National Committee


          Social / Health Maintenance Organizations

          Social Security

          Social Workers [WH out card - no name - probably Schnepper]

          [President's Decision – Specialty Steel

          [Talus Rock Girl Scout Council 05/26/1983 - Whittlesey

          Tax Reform – Agriculture


          Title Nine Information (IX) (1)-(3)

          Toxic Torts

          Tracking Sheets – Copies

          1983 Travel Reimbursement

          Judi Travel Vouchers 1984

          White House Conference on Aging

          White House Fellows


          OA 10228

          [Women - Alternatives to Family Violence]

          Women Appointees

          [Women Appointees – Women’s Groups] (binder)

          [Women Appointees – Women’s Organizations] (binder)

          [Women] Business and Professional Women

          [Women - Coordinating Council on Women 05/23/1983]

          [Women: Equal Rights Amendment – Federal Budget]  (1-2)

          [Women - Federally Employed Women]


          Women in the Mainstream / National Council of Women]

          [Women in the Military (Defense Department Packet)] (1)(2)

          [Women: Junior Everywoman’s Club of Glenside, PA]

          [Women: Junior League]

          [Women] National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Programs 8th Annual

                   Report March 1983

          [Administration Outreach to Women:] 52% Solution (binder)

          [Administration Outreach to Women: 52% Solution]

          [Women: Retirement Income and Pensions] (1)(2)

          [Women's Bureau (Packet)] (1)-(3)

          Women's Issues (1)-(10)

          [Women’s Issues]

          World Perspectives (Carol Brookins)



          OA 10229

          JHR [John H. Rousselot request] – National Nurses Week, 05/05/1983 Vice President

          Nursing Economics Magazine and National Federation of Specialty Nursing

                   Organizations - Presentation, 05/05/1983

          National Advisory Council on Vocational Education Award, Outstanding Handicapped

                   Student, 05/12/1983

          National League of Nurses Convention 06/01/1983 Philadelphia

          Republican Women’s Leadership Forum Indianapolis, IN 06/04/1983

          National Spelling Bee Contestants 06/06/1983

          The Nurses Association of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


          Lupe Angiano Visit 06/08/1983

          American Medical Association Convention Address by President Reagan in Chicago, IL


          American Optometric Association Convention - 06/27/1983-06/30/1983

          National Leadership Conference of Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Presidential

                   Address 06/29/1983

          National Women’s Political Caucus 07/07/1983-07/10/1983

          FRW [Faith Ryan Whittlesey] Norfolk Shipyard Trip 07/11/1983

          Multiple Sclerosis Award Father and Mother of the Year 1983 07/21/1983

          American Defense Policy Briefing 07/21/1983

          National Council of Negro Women Event 07/28/1983

          Child Support Enforcement Signing Ceremony 08/05/1983

          Catholic Golden Age Briefing 08/15/1983

          Republican Women’s Leadership Forum San Diego 08/26/1983

          Women’s Equality Day Proclamation 08/26/1983

          Association of School Administrators Briefing for Women School Administrators


          National Federation of Specialty Nursing Briefing 09/20/1983

          Photo Op with Goodwill Ambassador for the International Special Olympics - Greg

                   Gross 09/22/1983

          Photo Op with National Epilepsy Foundation Poster Child - Jeremiah Dellas 09/22/1983

          Medical Specialties Briefing 09/27/1983

          National Network of Parent Coalitions 09/28/1983

          National Association of Rehabilitation Facilities Briefing 09/28/1983

          Nursing Roundtable Briefing and Dinner 09/29/1983

          Photo Op with Winners of International Ballet Competition 09/29/1983

          Defense Briefing for Physicians 09/30/1983

          Federally Employed Women Briefing 09/30/1983

          Speaking Engagement to Downs Syndrome Congress Providence, RI 10/01/1983

          Photo Op with Retiring Admiral Frances Shea and General Johnson-Brown from Nursing

                   Corps 10/06/1983

          Speech to National Association of School Nurses Annual Meeting Louisville, KY


          Speech to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Handicapped Awareness

                   Day at Commerce - 10/12/1983

          Speech to Sigma Theta Tau Society Boston, MA 10/13/1983-10/14/1983

          Briefing for Girl Scouts of America 10/18/1983

          Briefing for National Council on Aging 10/18/1983

          Washington Education Seminar (Barbara Harris) Briefing 10/21/1983

          Peace Corps Briefing 10/24/1983

          Speech to Texas Women’s University School of Nursing - 10/25/1983-10/26/1983

          Briefing for Maryland Department of School Nurses - 10/28/1983

          Speech to Senior Citizen Action Network Awards Dinner Long Beach, CA 10/28/1983

          Judy Mann Luncheon 10/31/1983


          OA 10230

          Connecticut League for Nursing - 11/02/1983 in Cromwell, CT

          Photo Op with National Industries for the Blind - 11/03/1983

          American Hospital Association Social Work Directors Briefing 11/03/1983

          Medical College of Pennsylvania Board – Washington Club 11/03/1983

          Health Steering Committee 11/07/1983

          Veterans Day Proposal 1983 11/11/1983

          American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Briefing 11/14/1983

          Potomac 1983 – Nurses Association of Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Virginia, and

                   D.C. Meeting 11/16/1983-11/19/1983

          Photo Op with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association 11/17/1983

          Photo Op with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association, 11/17/1983: Mr.


          American Association of Continuity Care Miami, FL 11/18/1983

          Lung Association Photo Op 11/22/1983

          Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony, 11/28/1983

          Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony, 11/28/1983: Original Lists from Agency

          Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony, 11/28/1983: Judi’s Suggestions

          Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony, 11/28/1983: Press Releases

          [Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony 11/28/1983] Briefing Papers

          [Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony 11/28/1983] Guest Lists from Social [Office]

          [Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony 11/28/1983] Memos Sent

          [Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony 11/28/1983] Miscellaneous


          [Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony 11/28/1983] Original Schedule Proposals

          [Decade of the Disabled Signing Ceremony 11/28/1983] Working Lists

          South Carolina Hospital Association Meeting at Hilton Head, SC - 12/02/1983

          National Association of School Nurses Briefing 12/05/1983

          Fred Waring Commemorative Medal 12/15/1983

          March of Dimes Photo Op 12/22/1983

          Marymount College Briefing, 01/10/1984

          Videotape Message [Health Insurance Association] President Reagan 01/12/1984

          National Advisory Council on Nurse Training, Speech 01/23/1984

          Johns Hopkins Briefing 01/24/1984

          National Council of Community Hospitals COUNTERPARTS 01/25/1984

          Federally Employed Women 01/27/1984

          American Hospital Association Photo Op 01/30/1984

          Georgetown University School of Administration 02/01/1984

          Sisterhood of Har Shalom Speech 02/02/1984

          Health Briefing 02/02/1984

          Boy Scouts – Photo-Op 02/02/1984

          United States Senate Youth 02/03/1984

          Youth Briefing 02/06/1984

          American Medical Association Specialty Briefing 02/10/1984

          National Easter Seal Child Photo Op 02/14/1984

          President’s Council on Mental Retardation Briefing 02/14/1984


          OA 10231

          Videotape Message 02/16/1984 Annenberg Center Health

          Tape – Radio Information Service for the Blind – 02/16/1984

          Wappingers High School 02/21/1984

          College and University Personnel Briefing 02/22/1984

          Nurses Association of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

                   Women’s Health Forum, 02/28/1984

          National Association of Trade and Technical Schools Briefing 02/28/1984

          National Alliance of Senior Citizens Briefing 02/29/1984 (President)

          Scherring-Plough Briefing 03/01/1984

          Interview with Nursing Success Today 03/02/1984 Peg Carnine

          National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners Annual Nursing

                   Conference Philadelphia – Speech 03/02/1984

          Girl Scouts 03/06/1984

          Red Cross Signing Ceremony, 03/08/1984, 4:30 Oval Office

          Federal Council on the Aging 03/08/1984

          American Pharmaceutical Association Briefing 03/09/1984 (1)(2)

          National Council on Education Research 03/09/1984

          The Washington Center 03/09/1984

          Interview with Gail Glasser "Options" 03/12/1984

          Swearing-In Ceremony [U.S. Architectural and Transportation Compliance Board]


          New York University – Graduate Students 03/15/1984

          Interview with Washington Woman 03/16/1984

          Texas Senior Olympics 03/16/1984-03/19/1984

          Texas University Graduate Nursing Students Briefing 03/22/1984

          American Nurses Association Legislative Council Briefing 03/22/1984

          American Podiatry Association Briefing 03/23/1984

          American Group Practice Association Briefing 03/23/1984

          National Association on the Aging Taped Message 03/23/1984

          Junior Achievement Public Service Announcement 03/23/1984

          Youth Leadership Conference American Diabetes Association 03/26/1984

          University of California Political Science Students 03/28/1984

          Water Pollution Control Federation 03/28/1984

          American Dental Association Briefing 03/28/1984 (Vice President)

          Parent Leadership, Special Education/Rehabilitation Briefing 03/28/1984

          University of Maryland School of Nursing 03/29/1984

          National Head Start Association Meeting Presidential Video 03/29/1984

          Cancer Courage Award Photo Op 03/29/1984

          Iona CollegeNew York College Republicans 03/30/1984

          Cherry Blossom Princesses 04/02/1984

          American Association of Community and Junior Colleges 04/03/1984

          Catholic Health Association Photo Op 04/04/1984 (1)(2)

          National League for Nursing Speech 04/04/1984

          National Council on the Aging National Voluntary Organizations for Independent Living

                   Speech 04/05/1984

          National Association for Child Care Management Briefing 04/10/1984

          Georgetown University Speech 04/11/1984

          Goodwill Industries Briefing 04/13/1984

          Leadership Council on the Aging Briefing 04/17/1984

          Videotape Message for American Association of Retired Persons 04/17/1984 Presidential

          American Health Care Association Briefing 04/18/1984

          Virginia Nurses Association Briefing 04/25/1984

          American Society of Nursing Service Administrators Speech 04/26/1984


          OA 10232

          Council for Better Hearing and Speech 05/01/1984

          Presidential Committee on Employing the Handicapped Briefing 05/02/1984

          Vocational Education Sex Equity Coordinators Briefing 05/03/1984

          Nursing Federation Specialties 05/04/1984

          National Council of Community Hospitals Speech 05/05/1984

          Maryland Nurses Association Briefing 05/08/1984

          Beth Israel Hospital Speech 05/09/1984 in Boston

          Goodwill Industries Photo Op 05/11/1984

          American University School of Nursing 05/13/1984

          American Academy of Opthamology Speech 05/14/1984

          Nurse Practitioners Association for Continuing Education Briefing 05/14/1984

          Catholic Health Association Taping 05/14/1984

          Speech - Association of Diploma Schools of Nursing 05/16/1984

          Texas Senior Olympics 05/16/1984-05/19/1984

          Presidential Commission on Mental Retardation 05/17/1984 Boca Raton

          Presidential Commission on Mental Retardation 05/17/1984 Boca Raton: [Talking


          Virginia Association for Continuing Education in Health Professions Briefing 05/17/1984

          Arthritis Foundation Photo Op 05/21/1984

          National Association of Area Agencies on Aging Briefing 05/21/1984

          American Water Works Association 05/22/1984

          Senior Citizen Interns Briefing 05/23/1984

          Multiple Sclerosis Photo Op 05/24/1984

          Congress Heights Elementary School 05/25/1984

          Cattle Baron Ball’s Videotape 05/31/1984

          4-H Council Board of Trustees Photo Op 05/31/1984

          National Intravenous Therapy Association Annual Meeting 06/04/1984 Florida

          4H Briefing 06/05/1984

          Home Health and Counseling Service Speech 06/06/1984 California

          4H Briefing 06/12/1984

          Nurses Association of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

                   Legislative Council Briefing 06/12/1984

          Senior Companion Award Ceremony 06/12/1984

          National Federation for Specialty Nursing Organization Cocktails 06/14/1984

          Maryland Association of Quality Assurance Professionals Briefing 06/15/1984

          4H Briefing 06/19/1984

          Seniors Briefing 06/19/1984

          Doctor’s Briefing 06/20/1984

          Protestant Health Association Briefing 06/21/1984

          Photo Op YMCA National Youth Governors 06/21/1984

          4H Briefing 06/26/1984

          Future Business Leaders of America Videotape 06/26/1984

          Marymount College Briefing 06/27/1984

          Asthma and Allergy Foundation Photo Op 06/28/1984

          National Association of Area Agencies on Aging Advisory Council Briefing 07/19/1984

          Photo Op with Winners of National Association for Sport and Physical Education

                   Awards Program 07/19/1984

          National Council on Adoptable Children Taped Message 07/26/1984

          National Association of Area Agencies on Aging Advisory Council Briefing 07/26/1984

          National Association of Area Agencies on Aging Advisory Council Briefing 08/02/1984

          American Occupational Therapy Association Briefing 08/03/1984

          Catholic Golden Age Briefing 08/15/1984 (1)-(3)


          OA 10234

          Epilepsy Foundation Photo Op 08/16/1984

          Child Support Enforcement Bill Signing Ceremony 08/16/1984

          Republican National Convention Dallas, Texas 08/20/1984-08/23/1984

          Catholic Golden Age Presidential Briefing 08/31/1984 (1)-(6)

          Presidential Phone Call to Muscular Distrophy Telethon 09/02/1984

          American Osteopathic Hospital Association 09/13/1984

          Interamerican College of Surgeons 09/13/1984

          Hospital Chief Executive Officers and Trustees 09/14/1984

          American Academy of Physician’s Assistants 09/20/1984

          Drug Signing Ceremony 09/24/1984 [Patent Drug Restoration Act of 1984]

          Down’s Syndrome Proclamation Signing Ceremony 09/28/1984

          Voter Access Bill Signing Ceremony 09/28/1984

          Connecticut Senior Intern Program Speech 10/02/1984

          American Dental Assistants Association Speech 10/04/1984 Chicago, IL

          Older American Act Signing, Ceremony 10/09/1984

          Renal Doctors Educational Meeting 10/09/1984

          Child Abuse Prevention Signing Ceremony 10/09/1984

          Virginia Student Nurses Association Briefing 10/15/1984

          American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Meeting 10/16/1984

          Nurses Consultants Association Briefing 10/19/1984

          Washington Personnel Association Briefing 10/19/1984

          New Jersey State Nurses Association Speech 10/20/1984

          American Association of Colleges of Nursing 10/22/1984

          Alexandria School of Nursing Speech 10/23/1984

          Senior Citizens Briefing 10/30/1984

          American Academy of Otolaryngology Speech 11/14/1984

          Marymount Nursing Student Briefing 11/15/1984

          American Medical Women's Association Speech 11/27/1984

          American College of Nuclear Physicians Briefing 11/27/1984

          University of Denver Philosophy Students Briefing,11/28/1984

          Dermatology Nurses Association Briefing 11/30/1984

          American Lung Association Photo Op, 12/04/1984

          March of Dimes Photo Op 12/06/1984

          Executive Women in Government Reception 12/12/1984

          D.C. Medical Record Association Briefing 12/12/1984

          Photo Op with 1985 World Games 12/13/1984

          Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association Briefing 12/13/1984

          Adventist Health West Speech 01/16/1985 Sacramento, CA

          Mount Mercy College Briefing 01/17/1985

          Photo Op – Special Olympian 01/24/1985

          Meeting – F. Salisbury / Dr. Charles Pixley 01/31/1985  [National Foundation for Cancer


          Onocology Nursing Society 02/01/1985

          American Hospital Association Briefing 0201/1985

          American Nurses Association – Mrs. Eunice Cole, Hazel Johnson-Brown 02/05/1985

          District League for Nursing, Long Term Care Council Briefing 02/7/1985

          March of Dimes Poster Child Photo Op 02/22/1985

          Juvenile Diabetes Telethon 02/26/1985

          Health Budget Briefing 02/27/1985

          University of North Carolina School of Public Health 03/06/1985

          Nurses Organization of the Veterans Administration (NOVA) 03/08/1985

          American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 03/12/1985

          University of North Carolina Nurses 03/12/1985

          Focus on Critical Care (Interview) M. Kinney, 03/13/1985

          Meeting American Cancer Society 03/13/1985

          Girl Scout / Irish Event 03/15/1985

          American Psychiatric Association Briefing 03/18/1985

          Center for Health Affairs/Executive Council 03/19/1985 Cleveland, OH

          American Water Works Association (EPA) 03/20/1985

          National Federation of Specialty Nurses 03/21/1985

          Meeting / Visiting Nurses Association 03/26/1985

          Delegation for Basic Biomedical Research – Meeting 03/27/1984

          Swearing In Ceremony 03/27/1985 VP’s Office [Judi Buckalew commission into US


          Meeting 03/27/1985 Dr. Roper / J. Buckalew [Louisiana Association of Home Health


          American Cancer Society – Jeff Keith/Photo Op 04/04/1985

          Randolph Macon College Political Science Class 04/09/1985

          Goodwill Industries Board 04/12/1985

          American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Speech,Kansas City 04/16/1985

          Metropolitan Washington Continuing Care George Washington University – Meeting,


          National Poster Child Asthma and Allergy Foundation 04/25/1985

          Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, Conn.  04/30/1985 Address

          New England Association of Business, Industry, and Rehabilitation – Meeting/Cornelia

                   Leavitt – 05/02/1985

          The President’s Committee on Employment for the Handicapped – with Vice President –


          US Commission on Aging Older Americans Month – Great Hall 05/02/1985

          5th Annual Congressional Forum 05/03/1985

          Medical College of Virginia School of Nursing Students 05/07/1985

          American Association for Respiratory Therapy (AART) 05/09/1985

          Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Briefing 05/13/1985

          American Society of Anesthesiologists Briefing 05/14/1985

          Massachusetts Hospital Association 05/17/1985

          American Association of Retired Persons Louisiana Chapter 05/21/1985

          National Medical Enterprises 05/22/1985

          National League of Nursing Convention San Antonio, Texas 06/02/1985-06/05/1985



          OA 10235

          Buckalew Chron May 1983

          Buckalew Chron June 1983

          Buckalew Chron July 1983

          Buckalew Chron August 1983

          Buckalew Chron September 1983

          Buckalew Chron October 1983

          Buckalew Chron November 1983

          Buckalew Chron December 1983

          Buckalew Chron January 1984

          Buckalew Chron February 1984

          Chron File March 1984


          OA 10237

          Chron File April 1984

          Chron File May 1984

          Chron File June 1984

          Chron File July 1984

          Chron File August 1984

          Chron File September 1984

          Chron File October 1984

          Chron File November 1984

          Chron File December 1984


          OA 10238

          Chron – January 1985

          January  1985 Chron File

          Chron – February 1985

          Chron – March 1985

          Chron – April 1985

          [Correspondence] A 1983

          [Correspondence] B 1983

          [Correspondence] C 1983

          [Correspondence] D 1983

          [Correspondence] E 1983

          [Correspondence] F 1983

          [Correspondence] G 1983

          [Correspondence] H 1983

          [Correspondence] I 1983

          [Correspondence] J 1983

          [Correspondence] K 1983

          [Correspondence] L 1983

          [Correspondence] M 1983

          [Correspondence] N 1983

          [Correspondence] O 1983

          [Correspondence] P 1983

          [Correspondence] Q 1983

          [Correspondence] R 1983

          [Correspondence] S 1983

          [Correspondence] T 1983

          [Correspondence] U 1983

          [Correspondence] V 1983

          [Correspondence] W 1983

          [Correspondence] X 1983 (empty)

          [Correspondence] Z 1983

          [Correspondence] 1984 – A


          OA 10239

          [Correspondence] 1984 – B

          [Correspondence] 1984 – C

          [Correspondence] 1984 – D

          [Correspondence] 1984 – E

          [Correspondence] 1984 – F

          [Correspondence] 1984 – G

          [Correspondence] 1984 – H

          [Correspondence] 1984 – I

          [Correspondence] 1984 – J

          [Correspondence] 1984 – K

          [Correspondence] 1984 – L


          OA 11081

          [Correspondence] 1984 – M

          [Correspondence] 1984 – N

          [Correspondence] 1984 – O

          [Correspondence] 1984 – P

          [Correspondence] 1984 – Q (empty)

          [Correspondence] 1984 – R

          [Correspondence] 1984 – S

          [Correspondence] 1984 – T

          [Correspondence] 1984 – U

          [Correspondence] 1984 – V

          [Correspondence] 1984 – W

          [Correspondence] 1984 – X (empty)

          [Correspondence] 1984 – Y

          [Correspondence] 1984 – Z

          To Be Drafted [Correspondence Found in Suzanne’s Desk - Never Responded - J.

                   Buckalew 01/16/1984]

          Correspondence Not Needing Reply January 1984-February 1984

          [Correspondence] A 1985

          [Correspondence] G 1985

          [Correspondence] M 1985

          [Correspondence] R 1985

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          Schedules Proposals 1983

          Schedule Proposals December 1983


          OA 11082

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          Princess Pale Moon

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          President’s Schedule Requests January 1985

          Request for Presidential Messages, 1983

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          1983 Weekly Schedule Forecast Judi Buckalew - OPL

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          Requests for Appointments 1984

          FRW [Faith Ryan Whittlesey] Draft Letters – Buckalew 1983

          1984 Speaking Requests Declined

          Outgoing Correspondence Prepared by Mary Ann Meloy:



          OA 12454

          Telephone Message Forms Booklet – 02/03/1984-02/23/1984

          Telephone Message Forms Booklet – 02/23/1984-03/07/1984

          Telephone Message Forms Booklet – 03/07/1984-03/27/1984

          Telephone Message Forms Booklet – 03/13/1984-04/11/1984

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          Telephone Message Forms Booklet – 09/28/1984-10/17/1984

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          Telephone Message Forms Booklet – 11/28/1984-12/19/1984

          Telephone Message Forms Booklet – 01/10/1984-02/03/1984

          January 1985 – Call Logs