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BULLOCK, KATJA: Files, 1981-1988


Office of Presidential Personnel: Associate Director; Information and Computer Centers;

Manager, Information Center


OA 14212

[Case Files re: Individuals Who Sought WH Positions ca. 1985-1987, A-P]


OA 14213

[Case File re: Individuals Who Sought WH Positions During the second Reagan



OA 14566

A-Hei, Blue Ticket Resume Files


OA 14567

Hen-Neu, Blue Ticket Resume Files


OA 14568

Nol-Syd, Blue Ticket Resume Files


OA 14569

Tam-Z, Blue Ticket Resume Files


OA 16226

"Failed to Return Wait Letter" [Memoranda and Resumes re Appointments] (1)-(14)


OA 16550



OA 16551

Fletcher - Lauber


OA 16552

Lazonberry - Nierenburg


OA 16553

Nunnery - Porter


OA 16554

Sawyer - Trent


OA 16555

Welez - Wong


OA 16556

Sorted, Not Alphabetized Resumes with Blue Tickets.

Applicants Resumes, Applicants Who Failed to Return Wait Letter

Blue Ticket Resumes

Failed to Return Wait Letter (Ca. 1986)


OA 18835 [Computer and Information Centers (Bullock Binders)]:

Government-Wide Executive Organization and Staff Report Action - HHS

Government-Wide Executive Organization and Staff Report HUD - VA

Position Incumbent List by Organization Action - HHS

Position Incumbent List by Organization HUD - VA

PAS Vacancy Lists 1985

SES Vacancy Reports 1985-1986

PAS-PPO Vacancy Lists 1986

Vacancy Status Report 1986

Vacancy Status Report 1987


OA 18836 [Computer and Information Center (Bullock Binders)]:

PA, PAS Membership 1984/1985 [N] [National Commission on Space]

PA, PAS Membership 1984/1985 [N] [National Science Foundation]

Presidential Appointments

PA, PAS Job Data Book

Federal Career Opportunity


PPO Reports [1984]

1986 Year End Reports

Statistical Reporting System User's Guide

Database Definition

Database Listing

PPO USER's Manual


PPOK Standardization Request for DDL


OA 18837 [Computer and Information Center (Bullock Binders)]:

VAX Test Reports

VAX Tests II April 1984-June 1984

System Changes July 1984-December 1984

System Changes January 1985-June 1985

System Changes 07/01/1985-

Conversion Memoranda thru May 1984

Conversion Memos 06/01/19-12/31/1984

Corrections Requested Prior to Approval

SR STF Memo Corrections 1986

SR STAFF Corrections 1987


OA 18838 [Computer and Information Centers (Bullock Binders)]:

STATS Requests thru 1984

Computer Searches

Daily Move Printouts 09/16/1988-01/10/1989

Transition Team Cabinet

Transition Team Indep Agencies

Congressional Recmnds To R. R. 860508 To

Press Releases January thru June [1987]

Press Releases July thru December [1987]

President's Agenda 1985

President's Agenda 1986

President's Agenda 1987


OA 18839 [Computer & Information Centers (Bullock)]:

Computer Conversion WACA To EOP (VAX) 1984

Print out of Data Transferred


OA 18840 [Computer and Information Centers (Bullock Binders)]:

PPO Personnel - Support Staff

PPO Personnel - Associate Directors

Joan DeCain's Christmas Card Mailing List 1987

Joan DeCain's Christmas Card Mailing List

Failed Confirmations - 100 Cong. Dyst Positions

1988 Christmas Card List

Press Releases 1985

Monitor Reports (3 folders)


OA 18841

Monitor Reports (5 folders)


OA 18842

Monitor Reports (3 folders)

Quarterly Schedule C Listing as of 09/30/1988

Appointees Home addresses

Reagan Appointees (without Addresses)

BND Katja Letter

PPO Disk


OA 18843

Allocation & Authority

Counsel Clearance 1987

Withdraw Memos: 1983

Withdraw Memos: 1984

Withdraw Memos: 1985

Withdraw Memos: 1986

Withdraw Memos: 1987



Office of The President-Elect (January 1981) (original)

WH Personnel Seminar Research & Scoring 04/27

Reagan Ambassador Appointment Statistics

Original Memorandums E. Pen James re: Comments/Approval from Depts. Regarding

Potential nominees (January 1981-March 1981)

Legislative "Hold"

Cabinet Secretary Info. (Originals)

Bell, Terrell

Block, John

Donovan, Raymond

Haig, Alexander Meigs Jr.

Herrington, John

Regan, Don

Schweitzer, Rich (Sen)

Stockman, David

Watt, James

Original Memos to Staff Secretary re: Personnel Announcements (January 1985-

July 1985)

Original Presidential Memos

Resignation Letters


Index to Clippings of Alleged Ethics Violations

Legislative Clearances 1986-1988 (2 folders)


Following two boxes received 04/05/1994 Location 138/8/1:3-2:1]

Box 1

Reagan Appointee SKC & SES (Non-career);





Ronald Reagan PAS Terminations

Ronald Reagan Admin Sourcebook


Box 2

Reagan Administration Statistical Requests: 1985

Reagan Administration Statistical Requests: 1986

Reagan Administration Statistical Requests: 1987

Reagan Administration Statistical Requests: 1988

Administrative Conference of the U.S. "Working Conference on Ethics in Government"


Profs User Manual - 1988

Civil Service Comm Staff & Merit Abuse, January 1977

PPO Staff Materials 1985-1986

PPO Computer System User Guide 1983

House Civil Service Committee "Unethical Conduct" Subject File - 1988

PPO Procedures Guide - 1975

Prosecution of Corrupt Government Officials 1977-1986