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Office of Public Liaison: Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director


John F. “Jack” Burgess (1942-2008) was appointed to Office of Public Liaison in March 1981. Initially, Burgess along with Diana Lozano was assigned a management role. OPL staff reported through one of them to Red Cavaney, Deputy Director of the Office of Public Liaison and Cavaney reported to Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison Elizabeth Dole.


Burgess managed the “special interest” portfolios (business, labor, agriculture, etc.), while Lozano managed the “human services” portfolios (blacks, Jews, Hispanics, etc.). This structure was simplified in mid-1982. Lozano and Burgess were assigned their own portfolios, and joined the other portfolio managers in reporting to Cavaney directly. Burgess’ assignments included ethnic Americans (primarily Eastern European), Roman Catholics, and the agricultural community.


After Burgess left the White House, Linas Kojelis assumed his ethnic European liaison role, and Morton Blackwell became the chief liaison to the Catholic community. Over time, primarily Kojelis and Blackwell to a lesser degree borrowed large numbers of Burgess’ files so they could use them in their own work. The majority of this borrowed material was eventually integrated into Kojelis’ or Blackwell’s staff files. Other Burgess material was incorporated into the files of Robert Reilly (who worked with Roman Catholic groups in 1983-1985) and Katherine Chumachenko (Kojelis’ successor as liaison to ethnic European groups). Where possible, we have returned Burgess-only material back to his collection. But for a full view of his work product please see these additional cited collections.



          OA 6884

          Burgess Chron February 1981-June 1981

          Burgess Chron July 1981-September 1981

          Burgess Chron October 1981-December 1981

          Burgess Chron January 1982-February 1982

          Burgess Chron March 1982-April 1982

          Burgess Chron May 1982-July 1982


          OA 8002

          Burgess Chron August 1982-December 1982

          Burgess Chron January 1983-March 1983

          General Correspondence

          General Correspondence – File 2

          Draft Letters

          Burgess OPL Meeting Reports March 1981-July 1982

          Staffing Memorandums



          OA 8002 (Continued)

          Agricultural Editor’s Briefing 03/22/1982

          Agriculture Council of America 02/04/1983

          Agriculture Editor’s Briefing 03/22/1982

          Agriculture Leaders Meeting 12/02/1981

          American Agriculture Editors Association 03/23/1981

          American Bakers Association 05/06/1982 Cancelled

          American Soybean Association. Briefing 03/03/1982

          Belmont Conference – Belmont, MD, 06/30/1981-07/01/1981

          Cattlemen’s Association 07/21/1982

          Robert Delano Meeting with POTUS 01/06/1982

          Farmland Industries, Inc. Briefing 03/02/1982

          Illinois Leadership Foundation 03/04/1983

          Leadership Education / Action Development 02/12/1982

          Leadership Education / Action Development 02/22/1982

          Missouri Farm Bureau 02/23/1983

          Missouri Farm Bureau Federation Briefing 02/24/1982

          National Advisory Council on Rural Development 04/14/1982

          National Frozen Food Association Briefing 02/24/1982

          65 Club Briefing 03/18/1982

          Turkey Presentation 11/18/1982



          OA 8126

          Agriculture Briefing Papers

          Agriculture Council of America

          Agriculture Day 1982

          Agriculture Endorsements

          Agriculture Issues

          Agriculture Issues #2

          Agriculture Leaders

          Agriculture – Miscellaneous

          Agriculture – Weekly Public Liaison Report

          Alabama Farm Bureau Federation

          American Bakers Association

          American Farm Bureau Federation

          American Forest Institute

          American Meat Institute

          American Soybean Association

          Beef Grading System

          California Agricultural Leaders

          California Almond Growers Exchange

          Catch America" Program

          Commodities Future Trading Commission

          Congressional Relations – USDA

          Contract Sanctity

          Cooperative League of the USA

          Dairy Surplus

          Farm and Equipment Institute

          Farm Bill 1981


          OA 8127

          Farmland Industries

          Florida Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

          Food Banks

          Food Safety

          Food Stamps

          Foodservice Organization of Distributors (FOOD)


          Future Farmers of America

          Georgia Feed and Grain Association

          Grain Embargo

          Grain Embargo (1981 File)

          Grocery Manufacturers Association

          Illinois Corn Growers

          Livestock Publications Council

          Long Term Grain Agreement

          Marketing Orders

          Marketing Orders [Department of Agriculture Review, 10/15/1981]

          Michigan Farm Bureau

          Milk Users Group

          National Association of Wheat Growers

          National Cattlemen’s Association

          National Corn Growers Association

          National Cotton Council

          National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

          National Extension Advisory Council

          National Farmers Organization

          National Farmers Union

          National Fertilizer Solutions

          National Fertilizer Solutions Association

          National Food Processors Association

          National Forest Products

          National Grange

          National Meat Association

          National Milk Producers Federation

          National Pork Producers

          National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

          National Turkey Federations

          Nebraska Wheat Board

          Network for Better Nutrition

          North American Export Grain Association

          Organization for the Protection and Advancement of Small Telephone Companies

          Rural American Women

          Salmon Quotas

          School Lunch Program

          65 Club

          Tax Credits for Farmers

          United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

          U.S. Farm Export Education Project

          U.S. Trade Representative

          Women Involved in Farm Economics (W.I.F.E.)



          OA 8155

          Air and Space Bicentennial Meeting 02/04/1983

          Alliance of Working Industries

          American Assembly

          American Business Conference

          American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC)

          American Enterprise Institute

          American Indians

          American Legion

          American Liaison Council

          American Society of Association Executives

          American Society for Personnel Administration 04/07/1981

          American Stock Exchange International Investors 10/26/1981

          AWACS Briefing 10/06/1981

          AWACS Coalition

          Balanced Budget

          Boards and Commissions Presidential

          Brouse, J. Robert

          Brunswick Corporation

          Budget Control Working Group

          FY 1983 Budget Appeals (December 1981)

          Business Leaders

          Business Portfolio

          Business Roundtable

          Caribbean Basin Initiative (1)(2)

          CEO (Chief Executive Officers)

          Chamber of Commerce Personnel List

          Chamber of Commerce (Meeting 03/25/1981)

          (Oakland) Chamber of Commerce 04/01/1981

          Chamber of Commerce (West L.A.) 04/27/1981

          Chamber of Commerce Springfield, Ohio 04/28/1981

          Chamber of Commerce San Francisco 05/12/1981

          (U.S.) Chamber of Commerce

          Chamber of Commerce "It’s Your Business"

          Citizens’ Choice 03/31/1981

          Clean Air Act

          Congressional Vacancy (MD)

          Constituent Group Leadership List

          Continuing Resolution

          Conventions - Agriculture

          Conventions – 1983

          Conventions – Trade Associations

          Cooperative League of the USA (See Private Volunteer Organization)

          Corporate Executive Development (Chamber of Commerce)

          Corporate Kitchen Cabinet

          Council for American Private Education (CAPE)

          Davis Bacon

          Democratic Congress Campaign Committee

          Denver Trip (American Mining Congress) – 09/29/1981 (1)(2)

          Dingell / Johnson

          Direct Selling Association

          Domestic Contact Legislation


          Economic Program

          Electronic Industries Association. (EIA)

          Electronics Industries Association Briefing 03/31/1982

          Electronics Industries Association Boca Raton (FL) Trip 01/14/1982-01/16/1982

          The Emery Group – 05/20/1982


          OA 8156


          Endorsements – Back-up Information

          Department of Energy

          Enterprise Zones (1)(2)

          Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

          Flexible Packaging Association

          Florida House (05/11/1981)

          FMC Corps

          Food Marketing Institute

          Food and Agriculture Organization (Secretary Block’s Delegation to Rome)

          Futures Industries Association 11/18/1981 Meeting

          Gramm‑Latta II

          Hardwood Plywood Manufacturers Association

          High, Dan



          Independent Contractors

          Interior Appropriations Conference Report

          International Management and Development Institute

          International Paper Company

          International Private Enterprise Task Force


          Job Corps

          Job Training Act of 1982

          Johnson Garner Associates 05/01/1981

          Key Advisor Groups

          [Biography of Bob Kilpatrick]

          Kitchen Cabinet (Association.)

          Labor Groups

          Labor Issues

          Labor Leaders

          Labor Strategy

          Landegger Program

          Li, Lehman

          Local Initiatives Support Corporation

          Major Accomplishments Department/Agency 01/20/1981-04/03/1981

          Mariana Islands

          Maritime Policy

          Maxi Briefing: Corporate Representatives 07/27/1981

          Maxi Briefing: Trade Associations 07/27/1981

          Micronesia – Historic Preservation

          Minority Appointments

          Minority Business

          Miscellaneous (General Section)

          Najarian, Mel

          National Advisory Council for Quality

          National Alliance of Business

          National Association of Manufacturers 04/13/1981

          National Association of Wholesaler‑Distributors

          National Conference for Quality (Robert N. Reece, Chairman)


          OA 8157

          National Consumer Cooperative Bank

          National Crushed Stone Association

          (National) Extension Advisory Council

          National Federation of Independent Business

          National Forest Products Week

          National Gas Deregulation

          (National) Marine Manufacturers Association 04/03/1981

          National Productivity Advisory Committee

          National Republican Heritage Group Council Resumes (A‑M)

          National Republican Heritage Group Council Resumes (N‑Z)

          National Restaurant Association

          National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

          National Science Center for Communication and Electronics

          National Telephone Cooperative Association

          National Wholesale Hardware Association

          Natural Gas Deregulation

          New Mexico Potash Industry

          Niazi, Aamir

          Non‑Cash Benefits

          Non‑Federal Supporters Reception 06/11/1981

          Hugh O’Brien Foundation

          OMB (Office of Management and Budget)

          OPL Press Releases

          OPL Year-End Report 1981

          OPL Year-End Report 1981:  OPL 1981 Year End Report (Binder)

          Pacific Basin Development Council

          JFB – Peace Corps

          People-To-People International

          Political Action Committees (PACS)

          Polling Data

          Portfolio Analyses

          Portfolio Review – Bonitati

          Portland, Maine Trip (August 1981) (1)(2)

          Postal Workers

          Presidential Messages

          President’s Advisory Committee on Integrity and Efficiency

          President’s Export Council

          Private Sector Initiatives

          Private Voluntary Organizations

          Pro‑Competition Health Plan


          Products Liability

          Project Truth Publication

          Regulatory Reform

          Reform ‘88

          Renewal of America – 1980’s U.S. International Economic Policy


          OA 8500


          Rural American Women

          Shoe Imports

          Slow Pay Coalition

          Small Business (1981/1982)

          Jack Burgess Small Business Ceremony 05/13/1982

          Small Business Strategy

          Society of American Florists

          Society of Professional Benefit Administrators 04/24/1981

          Social Security

          Social Security Background Material

          Southern California Businessmen’s Association

          Speeches [1982]

          Speeches (Jack, EHD, Etc.)

          State of the Union 1982 (1)-(3)

          State of the Union 1983


          Thank You Reception – Tax Package 09/15/1981 (1)-(3)

          Turkey Presentation 11/23/1982




          Unispace ’82 Briefing 03/08/1982

          United States International Communications Agency – 06/08/1982

          Video Taped Messages (Presidential)

          Washington Workshops – 06/18/1982

          Water Quality Association 04/23/1981

          Western Regional Council

          Year End Meetings Update 1981

          Western Regional Council 03/15/1982

          White House Conference on Aging 1981

          White House Conferences



          OA 8500 (Continued)

          Afghanistan Day Signing Ceremony, 03/10/1982

          Afghanistan Day 03/21/1982

          Afghanis – California

          American Lebanese League

          Asian/Pacific American Week

          Baltic Freedom Day 1982

          B’nai B’rith

          Captive Nations Proclamation – List and Week 1981

          Captive Nations Proclamation Signing 07/19/1982

          Captive Nations Proclamation Signing #1 1982

          Captive Nations Proclamation Signing # 2 1982


          OA 8501

          Chen, John

          26th Biennial Clergy‑Laity Congress of San Francisco 07/04/1982-07/09/1982

          Columbus Day 1982

          Columbus Day Signing Ceremony 10/09/1981

          Conventions – Ethnic

          D’Anniballe, Bob

          Days of Remembrance

          Dutch‑American Friendship Year, 1982

          Study of the Employment Status of Americans of Eastern and Southern European Ethnic

          Ethnic Elderly

          Ethnic Group Meeting 03/27/1981

          Ethnic Issues (1)(2)

          Ethnic Miscellaneous

          Face-to-Face 09/21/1981

          Gabriels, Zandy


          Human Rights Day – 12/10/1981

          Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation

          Italian‑Americans Folder #1

          Italian‑American Leaders Meeting 07/13/1981

          Italian Earthquake Relief

          Jewish Americans (1)-(3)

          Jewish Community (Boro Park, NY) (1)(2)

          Jewish Issues

          Jewish Leaders (1)-(3)

          Lebanese Americans

          Lopez Film

          National Association of Pacific Island Americans

          Patriarch Diodoros Meeting, Oval Office – 10/05/1982

          [Polish American Congress Petitions]

          Polish-Americans Folder #I

          Polish-Americans Folder #II

          Polish American Leaders Meeting 7/13/1981

          Polish American Leaders Meeting 12/21/1981

          Meeting with Polish-American Leaders 10/25/1982

          Polish Signing Ceremony 12/10/1982

          Polish Situation 1982

          Department of State (Visa)



          OA 9747

          Catholics – Miscellaneous (1)-(7)

          Conventions – Catholic

          Franciscan Presentation, EHD Office 12/03/1982

          Our Lady of Guadalupe Portrait Presentation, 12/08/1982

          Religious Leaders Briefing 07/13/1982

          Archbishop Roach Meeting – 06/29/1982 1:30pm Oval Office

          Tuition Tax Credits Background

          Tuition Tax Credits Clippings

          Tuition Tax Credits Clippings – file 2

          Tuition Tax Credits – File 5

          Tuition Tax Credit Leaders 06/21/1982

          Tuition Tax Credits Legislation

          Tuition Tax Credits Letters

          Tuition Tax Credits – Meetings

          Tuition Tax Credits – Tom Melady

          Tuition Tax Credits Miscellaneous

          Tuition Tax Credits – Testimony