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CARD, ANDREW H.: Files, 1981-1983


Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Special Assistant, Governors


OA 8197


Balanced Budget

FY 1983 Budget

Pacific Basin Development Council


Political Reports

Ronald Reagan Correspondence


Judy Van Rest Office of Cabinet Administration


OA 8198

ACIR - Statutes / Rules, etc.

National Association of State Budget Officers Bell and Howell Satellite Network


Mrs. Erwin J.

National Conference of Lieutenant Governors, 04/22/1982-04/24/1982

Summit Meeting - 1982 (Auto)

Office of Intergovernmental Affairs - Carter Transition(1)(2)


OA 8199

Refugee Settlement Meeting

White House Staff Manual

Private Sector Drug Abuse Program


Kettering Foundation Conference June 1981

Congressional Liaison Handbook - 1981


OA 8200

Various Government Publications (GPO)

Cabinet Lists

Various Publications by Northeast - Midwest - Institutes)

Various Publications by the Council of State Governments


OA 12424

Republican Governors Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, 11/12/1983

Midwestern Governors Conference, Lawrence, Kansas, 10/09/1983-10/11/1983

Southern Governors Meeting, 07/25/1982-07/28/1982

Western Governors Meeting, Palm Springs, California, 05/20/1984-05/23/1984

Southern Governors Association Conference 09/25/1983-09/28/1983

Meeting Puerto Rico, 09/27/1981-09/30/1981

National Governors Association Annual Meeting, Portland, Maine, 07/31/1983-


National Governors Association Winter Meeting, February 1983

National Governors Association Social Photos 1982

Governors Articles

National Governors Association Summer Meeting, Afton, Oklahoma, 1982

National Governors Association Meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1981

Meeting with National Governors Association, 05/06/1982

Regarding Federalism

National Governors Association Winter Meeting, Washington, D.C. 02/21/1982-


Miscellaneous Correspondence with National Governors Association Regarding Meetings


OA 12425

State of States

State Planning Council on Radioactive Waste Management

States Unemployment

Regulatory Relief Task Force

Product Liability

Project ELF (Extremely Low Frequency)

Public Employment Retirement Commission

Refugee Affairs

Budget FY 1985

Clean Air Act

Grace Commission

Northern Tier Pipeline

Prisons (Empty)

Prisons: Texas Overcrowding

Acid Rain

Dioxin (The Issue)


Jobs for America's Graduates

Immigration & Refugees (1)(2)

MX Missile Siting

Natural Gas Deregulation

Docket Book

Seventy - Sixth Meeting Advisory Commission of Intergovernmental Relations,

Washington, DC, 03/29/1982