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CARLESON, ROBERT B.: Files, 1981-1984


Office of Policy Development - Federalism and Health and Human Resources


OA 3091 (See Memo to File within box)

1981 Correspondence on Various Subjects including Block Grants, ACTION, etc. (1)-(9)


OA 5083

Correspondence, January 1981-March 1982


OA 9580 (Series 1:)


Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

Administrative Law Judges

White House Conference on aging

American Energy Week

ADFC Block Grants


American Public Welfare Association


OA 9581

Block Grants

Block Grants audit Approach

Block Grants (Reconciliation Project # 1)

Block Grants (Reconciliation Project # 2)

Block Grants - General

Block Grants - Implementation

Block Grants - Energy and Emergency Assistance

Block Grants - Food and Nutrition

Block Grants (HHS)

Block Grants - Health Services and Preventive Health

Flock Grants - Social Services


OA 9582

Boarding Home Working Group

Briefing Program for New Executives

Budget - Poverty Institute (University of Chicago) [also: 1981 Reagan Economic Plan]

CC Human resources

CCHR [Cabinet Council on Human Resources] - Issue Tracking Reports (1)-(4)

League of California Cities

Cancer Control Month

Robert Carleson - Interview Requests

Census Study on Poverty

Conference on Uniform State

Chamber of Commerce

Civil Rights

Commission for More Effective Government

Commission on the Poor

Community Impact Assistance Study

Community Services Administration

Correspondence General received

District of Columbia

Drug Policy

Education Commission of the States


Employment - Job Training Bill

Federal Role in Education


OA 9583

[Enterprise Zones] (1)-(8)

Enterprise Zones - Decision Memo to President 12/09/1981

Enterprise Zones Draft (1)-(11)

Enterprise Zones, Working Group on Implementation of (1)-(7)

[Enterprise Zones:] Committee for Economic Development

Enterprise Zones (May 1981 – October 1981) (1)-(5)

Enterprise Zones (August 1981 – January 1982) (1)-(8)


OA 9584

Enterprise Zones (February 1981 – June 1981 I) (1)-(7)

Enterprise Zones (February 1981 – June 1981 II) (1)-(6)

Enterprise Zones (June 1981 – November 1981) (1)-(11)

Enterprise Zones - Toledo Economic Planning Council (1)-(5)


EOB Information Center

Code of Ethics


OA 9585

Federal Assistance

Federal Assistance Improvement Act

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Income Maintenance Programs

Federal Executive Institute

Federalism - City Council Endorsements

Federalism - Legislative Strategy

Federalism Working Group



Federal Task Force

Devolution - Reagan Federalism

Food Stamps

General Accounting Office


OA 9586


Health - Long Term Care

HUD - Economic Development Program

HHS [Health & Human Services] - Legislative Recommendations (1)-(3)

HHS  - Grants

Industrial Development Bonds

Indians (1)(2)

Indians (1)-(4)

National Congress of American Indians (1)-(3)

Meeting of the Indian Policy Working Group 10/07/1981


Invitations - Appointments - Thank You's

Robert Carleson – 07/28/1981



OA 9587

Key Positions and Status of Appointments

Legislation - OMB List of Priority

County of Los Angeles

Bill Lungren

Mandatory Retirement Age


Main County, California

U. S. Conference of Mayors

Medicaid (1)-(6)

National academy of Public Administration

National Association of Counties

National Association of Regional Councils

National Association of State Budget Officers

National Conference of State Legislatures

National Governors Association

National League of Cities

NBC Program - The Presidency

Study of Non-Cash Benefits

Politics and The Oval Office

Press Releases, Bio Sketches

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents


Product Liability Law


OA 9588

Poverty - Income Study - Bureau of the Census


Puerto Rico Trip

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Task Force

Reagan Speeches

Reagan Campaign promises

Regulatory Reform Actions (1)(2)


Revenue Return Working Group

County of San Diego

Social Security (National Commission on) (1)-(4)

Social Security (National Commission on) Stationary


OA 9589

[Report of the National Commission on Social Security, March 1981] (1)-(3)

Social Security [Working Group] (1)(2)

Social Security (1)-(8)

Social Security - U. S.  - Canada Agreement

University of Southern California

State of the Union Message 1981 [1982]

Speaker Materials

State, County and City Public Interest Groups

Strategic Plans

Travel - Working (RBC Travel Files)


OA 9590

Urban Policy

Veterans Administration


Washington Legal Foundation

Welfare - Massachusetts

Welfare Fraud

Welfare Reform II (1)-(4)

Welfare - Welfare Reform (1)-(4)

Robert Carleson - White House

Welfare (University of Chicago Study) (1)(2)

Welfare (Workfare Program) (1)-(5)

White House Fellows

Carl Williams

WIN [Work Incentive Credit] Tax Credits

Zumbrun, Ron


OA 9591

Series 2:


Action Items Other Than Harper

Action – SVAHN August 1984-September 1984

Administrative Memos

AFDC [Aid to Families with Dependent Children] (1)-(4)

AFD Work Programs Issues

Age Discrimination


Alaska Natives

American Health Care Association


Areas of Specialization

Michael Baroody


Press Briefing on black Colleges Report

Block Grants

Blue Cross / Shield


Cabinet Council Analysis 1983

Cabinet Council Forms

Cabinet council on Human Resources - Contraceptives for Teens

Cabinet Council on Human Resources - General


OA 9592

Cabinet Council on Human Resources

Child Abuse

Child Care

Child Support Enforcement Program

Cigarette Labeling

Civil Service Retirement


Bill Clark

Communication Plan

Communications Meetings

Bob Garrick - Food Stamps

Correspondence Incoming

Correspondence Outgoing

Decision Memos

Democratic Alternative

Departmental Legislative Weekly Reports

Education (1)-(9)

Math and Science


OA 9593

Enterprise Zones (1)-(13)


Executive Order 12372

Executive Secretaries Meetings


Federal Employee Health Benefits



OA 9594

Peter Ferrara

Food Assistance Task Force-Memos

Food Stamp / Workfare

Handicapped (1)(2)

Handicapped Education


Health Care Incentives Project

Health Catastrophic

Health Insurance for Unemployed Working Group

Health Insurance For Unemployed

Health Policy Under Reagan (1)(2)

Hunger (1)-(4)

Bill Heckler

John Herrington


Implementation Status Reports

Income Tax Indexing

[Working Group on Indian Policy] (1)-(3)

Working Group on Indian Policy (1)(2)


OA 9595

Indian Reservation Economies

Indians - Miscellaneous (1)-(4)

[Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies]

Infanticide (1)-(5)

[Infanticide] Bloomington Baby

Infant Mortality


Intergovernmental Affairs

Internal Files:

Morton Blackwell

Clarkson, Ken

Ken Cribb

Darman, Richard

Less Denend

Becky Norton Dunlop

Fuller, Craig

Michael Horowitz

Jenkins, James

Porter, Roger

Rollins, Ed

Karna Small

Issue Papers

Issue Tracking Forms

Job Sharing

Job Training Partnership Act

Kidney Dialysis

Donald Lambro

Lead Working Group

Legislative Referral Memos

Legislative Veto

Los Angeles


Mandatory Retirement


OA 10554 - was 9596


Meeting Rooms


Midterm Planning

Commerce and Trade

Minutes Cabinet Council

Legal Policy

Management and Administration

Minutes - Natural Resources

Minutes - Flash CCHR

National Academy of Sciences

National Commission on Social Security Reform (1)-(6)

National Tax Limitation Committee

Organ Transplants

PEBAB Members

Porter - Action Completed

Roger Porter

Presidential Commission on Executive Exchange

Private Sector Initiatives

Pro Competitive Health

Puerto Rican Task Force

Q & A’s Miscellaneous



Regulatory Activity Highlights and News Bulletin (1)-(3)

Reimbursement Claim Forms

Revenue Sharing

Roper, Willliam

White House Fellow, Bill Roper

Pete Rousell

School Prayer

Science and Technology (1)(2)

Selective Service

Senior Staff

Social Security (1)-(6)

Social Security Correspondence

South Texas Working Group

State of the Union, January 1983 (1)(2)

Student AID

Bob Sweet

Talking Points, Miscellaneous

Tax Bill

Tour Information


OA 9597

Tuition Tax Credits

Cabinet Council Working Group on Drug Policy

Unemployment Benefits

Urban Policy Report

Urban Policy Statements

Urban Policy Coordination Working Group

Veterans Vouchers


OA 9598

Invitations Declined

Invitations Attended

Heritage Backgrounder

Hangtown Fryers


Thomas Jefferson




OA 9599

Harper Action Review Completed

Action Items Completed (Not Harper)

Harper Action Completed, July 1983

Harper Action Completed, June 1983

Harper Action Completed, May 1983

Harper Action Completed, April 1983

Harper Action Completed, March 1983

Issue Tracking, August 1983

Issue Tracking, September 1983

Issue Tracking, October 1983

Issue Tracking, November 1983

Issue Tracking, December 1983

Human Resources Secretariat - Attendees

Cabinet Council - Commerce and Trade

Cabinet Council - Food and Agriculture

Cabinet Council - Economic Affairs

          CCHR- Federal Plan to Assist Historically Black Colleges

CCHR - Mandatory Retirement

CCHR (Cabinet Council on Human Resources) [Meeting] - School Lunch

          Regulations (1)(2)

CCHR - Mandatory Retirement

CCHR - Mandatory Retirement


OA 9600

          CCHR - Aging

CCHR - Federal Role in Education

CCHR Working Group

Drug Policy Working Group

Demographics and Statistics Working Group

Federal Employee Health Insurance Working Group

Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board – Working Group on Social Services (1)-(4)

          CCHR (Cabinet Council on Human Resources): Working Group – Legal and Regulatory Policy

CCHR - End Stage Renal Disease Program

          CCHR - Education

CCHR - Kidney Dialysis

CCHR - Food Safety

         CCHR - HR 5600

CCHR - Meeting on Urban Policy

CCHR [Cabinet Council on Human Resources] - Meeting on Pro-Competition

          Health (1)-(6)

Action Volunteer Outreach Program for Vietnam Vets

CCHR - Federal Employee Health Benefits

Nursing Homes

Me harry Medical Colleges

Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board Working Group

Social Services


OA 9601

March 1983

Harper Action Completed, February 1983

Harper, March 1983

Harper, January 1983

Action Items Other then Harper, May & June

Welfare (1)(2)

Colorado Welfare (1)(2)

Welfare - Massachusetts (1)(2)

White House Fellows

Press Articles on White House Staff



CCHR - Working Group on Education Issues

Infanticide Working Group

CCHR - Working Group on Lead Poisoning

School Discipline Working Group

Working Group on Southwestern Boarder States

Working Group on Alternatives to Federal Regulation

Working Group on Children


OA 9602

Miscellaneous Files

Enterprise Zones (1)-(4)

Food and Nutrition Service

Indian Policy Statement 08/19/1982

Indian Policy Statement - White House Working Group on Indian Policy 08/19/1982


Working Group on Food Safety, 01/20/1983

Drug Abuse Prevention

Cabinet Council information

1983 Massachusett's Nutrition Survey

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Cabinet Councils Fairness Issues, 06/01/1983

Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program (1)(2)


OA 9603

Miscellaneous Files

Loose Papers


OA 9604

Miscellaneous Files

Loose Papers


OA 9605

Miscellaneous Files

1984 Budget Directors Review - Entitlement Programs

[Social Security Reform] (1)-(4)


Federalism Background

Federalism Workbook

1984 Fall Director's Review - HUD, HIMD Book #2, Labor,VA, Education

1984 Spring Review - Health


OA 9606

Miscellaneous Files

Loose Papers

Fred Nold’s Paper on Waste and Fraud in AFDC [Aid to Families with Dependent Children]

Working Group on Alternatives to Federal Regulation [10/14/1982 Meeting] (1)-(4)

Working Group on Social Services - National Plan of Action

National Emergency Preparedness Plan Review

Indian Policy Statement

Routine Reading File

Total Patient Care, Inc. - Application to Establish A Home Health Agency


OA 9607

Miscellaneous Files

Renaissance for Federalism - Block Grants

1983 Review - Health and Income Maintenance

Enterprise Zones (1)-(4)


Federal Programs

Entitlements - HHS, December 1981

1983 Spring Planning Review - HIMD

CCNRE 09/15/1983 -Acid Rain

Federalism Steering Group

CCEA - Programs Revenue Source

Pontiac, Michigan Enterprise Zone (1)(2)

Enterprise Zone – Miscellaneous (1)(2)

Loose Papers


OA 9608

Miscellaneous Files

Managing on Aging Workforce

Task Force on Food Assistance (1)-(8)

Entitlements Meeting 12/15/1982

Block Grant Implementation (1)(2)

Presidential Commission - Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine... Second Biennial Report

on the Adequacy and Uniformity of Federal Rules and Policies and of

Their Implementation for the Protection of Human Subjects, March 1983

1984 Fall Directors Review - Department of Education

SSI [Supplemental Security Income] Regulations Simplification Work Group (binder) (1)-(5)

Enterprise Zones (1)-(9)

Loose Papers


OA 9609

President's Entitlement I Decisions - 12/22/1982

Miscellaneous Files:

Conference for Federal Executives on Perspectives on

Public Policy, Williamsburg, Virginia, December 1983

Disorder in Public Schools

Child Support Enforcement

Loose Papers


OA 9610

Miscellaneous Publications


OA 9611

Miscellaneous Publications


OA 9612

Miscellaneous Publications


OA 9613

Miscellaneous Publications


OA 11308

[Enterprise Zones I] (1)-(4)

[Enterprise Zones II] (1)-(4)

Enterprise Zone Requests