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CARPENTER, JANE: Files, 1981-1986


Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of: Secretary


OA 12398


Agency Response

American Bar Association

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Antitrust Liabilities


Attitude on Government and Taxes

Bios - Cabinet

Briefing Attendees

Legislators 70 Years and over

Bob Gleason Employment and Financial Interest

Calendar - Key Events 1984

Calendar IGA

Calendar Memos

State Legislative Calendars

California Leaders Meeting

Capitol Hill

Caribbean Basin Initiative

Central American Speech Mailing

Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Enforcement - Issue

Child Support Enforcement - Seminar

Christmas Cards

Citizen Initiated Legislation

Civil Rights Commission

Comparable Worth

Conference Calendar


Governors Conference


Congressional Budget Office

Construction Workers


Crime Control Legislation (1)(2)

CSPA (Council of State Planning Agencies)

County Line

Deficit Reduction Bill (1)(2)

Douglas Report

Domestic Content Legislation

Drug Enforcement

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Ceremony

Economy Testimony

Enrolled Legislation

Enterprise Zones


OA 12399

Ethnic Issues

EZ Gazette (Enterprise Zones)

Executive Work Station


Federal Advisory Committees

Federal Aid - A Study

Federal Land Ownership


Fifty States Project


Follow - up Pending

Written Response Requested

Gender Gap

Grace Commission

Mrs. Reagan's Greeters


National Hispanic Conference


Illinois Event

Jewish Legislators

Joe Lewis Event



E-Mail (1)-(5)


Enterprise Zones

Foreign / Defense

Gay Rights

Grove City

IGA Bills


Oil Overcharge

OWL 84 Meeting, (Order of Women Legislators)

OWL's Background

Revenue Sharing

Social Security


Picture Requests Completed

Picture Requests Pending

PIG Upcoming Meeting (Public Interest Group)

Policy Information

Political Speech


Speech Planning Schedule

President's Radio Talk

Private - Public Partnerships

Private Sector Initiatives

Productivity - Growth

Product Liability

Math - Science Programs

Ronald Reagan - Remarks

IGA Weekly Reports 1983-1984


OA 12400 (01/07/1986)

Priority Issues

Scheduling Requests

Senior Staff - Weekly Summary

Schedule of LLV (Lee L.Verstandig)

Signing Ceremonies

Special Messages - Completed October 1983-April 1984


State Laws

Follow - up Special Messages

LLV Phone Calls

State of the Union [1985]

Steel Letters

Strategic Planning

White House Talking Points

Bob Gleason Travel Authorizations

Clearwater Trip

NCSL Mary's Expenses (National Conferences of State Legislators)

GR Travel Vouches and Authorizations

San Diego Trip

San Antonio Trip

Order of Women Legislators 1984 Meeting Follow - up (OWL)

Trip LLV (Lee L. Verstandig) Illinois

LV ( Lee Verstandig) Travels

Lee L. Verstandig Pennsylvania Trip

Unitary Tax (1)(2)

Vice President's Greeters

Greeters for Mississippi for Vice President Bush

Veterans Speeches

Veterans of Foreign War

Western Forestry Task Force

White House Staff - IGA

Women Key

Women Leadership

Women Legislators - GOP List

Women's Mailings

Mailings - General

Key Women Biographies Project

Working Partners

Youth Employment Opportunity Wage Legislation

Youth Unemployment


OA 12401 (01/09/1986) Ronald Reagan Greeters:

















North Carolina

New Jersey

New York




South Carolina





West Virginia


(American Commission on Intergovernmental Relations) ACIR 1981-1984

ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)

ALEC Publications

Budget 1983

Budget 1984

Procedure Instructions:





Election Outlook 1983

Election Follow - up

Election IGA Involvement

Education National Forum Invitees December 1983

Case Work

Federalism 1981-1984


OA 12402 (01/09/1986):

Line Item - Veto

Legislative Veto

(National Conference of State Legislators) NCSL Annual Meeting

NCSL Letters Receive 1984

NCSL OMB Budget Meeting

SFA (State - Federal Assembly)

SFA Sep Resolutions 1984

NCSL - SFA December 1984 (National Conference of State Legislators - State / Federal        


NCSL - SFA, May 1984

Capitol to Capitol

State Legislators (Magazine)

Judy Peachee

Peachee - Personal Correspondence

Scheduling Requests

Office of Management and Budget

Agriculture (Issues)

Department of Defense

Department of Education

Department of the Interior

Department of Labor

Department of State

Department of the Treasury

Department of Transportation

Letters Mailed to Constituents October 1984

Letters Mailed to Constituents November 1984

Letters Mailed to Constituents December 1984

Legislative Issues Pending 1981-1984


OA 12403 (01/14/1986):

Appointments and Scheduling Requests

Cabinet Council

(Council of State Governments) CSG Resolutions 1984

CSG White House Briefing 1984

CSG - Annual Meeting 1984

CSG - Southern Legislative Conference 1984

CSG - Western Legislative Conference 1984

CSG 1981-1984

CSG 1981-1984

National Black Caucus of State Legislators 1981

Memos to Williamson 1981

General Memos (Job Training Partnership Act)

JTPA Article

(National Republican Legislators Association) NRLA 1981-1984

NRLA Annual Meeting

Nutrition 1984

Newspaper Articles - General 1984

Outreach - Steel August 1984

Olympics 1984

Pension Equity


OA 12790 (01/07/1987):

(American Commission on Intergovernmental Relations) ACIR 1985

Farm Issue 1985 (Agriculture)

Farm Credit 1985

(American Legislative Exchange Council) ALEC Briefing, 03/11/1985

ALEC (General) 1985

ALEC Annual Meeting 1985

ALEC Publications 1985

Appointments 1985

California Legislators Briefing 1985

Balanced Budget – January 1985

Balanced Budget – February 1985

Budget 1985

Deficit 1985

(Center for American Women and Politics) CAMP 1985

(Council of State Governments) CSG General 1985

GSG Western Legislative Conference 1985

CSG Publications 1985

CSG History 1985

CSG Conference Calendar 1985

(General Revenue Sharing) GRS Federalism 1985

Economic Policy Council 1985


OA 13791 (01/07/1987):

Letters Mailed January 1985

Letters Mailed February 1985

Letters Mailed March 1985

April 1985

May 85

June 1985

July 1985

August 1985

September 1985

October 1985

November 1985

December 1985

Environmental Issues 1985

Federalism 1981-1984

Federalism 1985

Federalism Articles 1985

Federalism Advisory Committee I 1985

Fifty - Five MPH 1985

General Memos 1985

Garcia General 1985

Garcia Correspondence 1985

Line - Item Veto 1985

Mailings 1985 (1)

Mailings 1985 (2)

Mailings 1985 (3)

Medicaid 1985


OA 13792 (National Conference of State Legislators) NCSL Letters Received 1985:

NCSL Sample Packet 1985

NCSL / SFA Oval Office Picture (12/13/1985)

NCSL Executive Committee 1985

NCSL Executive Committee Meeting 1986

NCSL Leader - to - Leader Meeting

NCSL Press Releases 1985

Capital to Capital 1985

NCSL State Legislative Magazine 1985

NCSL Seattle Annual Meeting 1985

NCSL Annual Meeting 1985 (Travel, Hotel, etc.)

(Southern California Association of Governments) SCAG 1985

(State - Federal Assembly) SFA 1985

(National Republican Legislators Association) NRLA 1985

Resumes I A - L 1985

Resumes II M - Z 1985

Anniversary Card Requests 1985

Scheduling Requests 1985

Congratulatory Requests 1985

Birthday Card Requests 1985

Requests Miscellaneous 1985

Dolores G. Cooper Requests 1985

Presidential Photo Requests 1985

Presidential Releases 1985

Press Clippings 1985


OA 13793

Publications 1985

Seat Belts 1985

South Africa Correspondence 1985 (1)-(3)

State Statistics 1985

Trade 1985

Planning Process - Switcher 

Final Invitee List

Press and Remarks

Correspondence and Mailing

Switcher - Background and Profiles

06/27/1985 Planning [Tax Reform]

Background Material, Remarks  [Tax Reform]  (1)–(3)

Invitees 06/27/1985  Tax Briefing  (1)–(3)

Mailings:  Correspondence 06/27/1985  Tax Briefing

Tax 1985

Tax Reform Mailing

Tax Reform Correspondence  (1)–(3)

Tax  Reform - General  (1)–(4)

President’s Remarks:  Tax Reform

Tax Reform Articles

Treasury Study

(Urban Development Action Grants) UDAG 1985

(Unemployment Insurance / Established Section) UI / ES 1985