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CASTINE, MICHAEL: Files, 1986-1987


Office of Private Sector Initiatives: Deputy Director, 1984-1985 (see separate inventory)

International Communications and Information Directorate, NSC: Director, 1986-1987


OA 91259

"Democracy Building through Private Sector Resources" (white binder)

"Democracy Building through Private Sector Resources July-December 1986" (3 blue binders)

American Security Council

Thor Ronay

John Walsh


1715 [Contains Democracy Building Plan]

Haiti January 1986

Loose Papers


OA 91660

Central America: State Dept.

Central America: UNO [United Nicaraguan Opposition]

VOA [Voice of America]

Central America: Aggression against the Church

Central America: Captured Weapons (also see Scheduling Requests)

Central America: Chamber of Commerce

Central America: Congress

Central America: European

Central America: Graphs

Central America: Funding

Central America: Guatemala

Central America: Haiti

Central America: International Court of Justice

Central America: Meetings/Agenda

Central America: NED [National Endowment for Democracy]

Central America: Notes/Raymond

Central America: Press/Interviews/RR

Central America: Public Diplomacy Items

Central America: Publications S/LPD [State]

Central America: Request for Assistance to Nicaraguan Resistance [Nicaragua]

Central America: Secretariat Traffic

Central America: Scheduling Memoranda

Central America: 60 Day Plan/990 Day Plan


Nicaragua Religions

Central America II: Contras

MPC Chron. - August 1986

CBI [Caribbean Basin Initiative] (1)(2)

Correspondence - No Reply Needed

Correspondence - Castine

MPC Chron. - July 1986