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Office of Public Liaison: Associate Director (Eastern European groups)


Katherine Chumachenko served on the White House staff for the last seven months of Ronald Reagan’s presidency (June 1988-January 1989). In her work, she utilized many files and documents created or maintained by her predecessors, Jack Burgess and Linas Kojelis, as Eastern European liaison. Many of these earlier materials were incorporated into Chumachenko’s files. Chumachenko’s collection also includes material created by Rita Bureika, who served under Kojelis and Chumachenko from July 1986- October 1988. The Library has separated the work product of Kojelis and Burgess from this collection.


Chumachenko was born in Chicago in 1961, to Ukrainian parents who had left the Soviet Union five years earlier. She grew up in Chicago’s large Ukrainian-American community. Chumachenko was active in Ukrainian and human rights organizations starting in high school, holding leadership positions in several such groups prior to joining the Reagan White House. She received a degree in international economics from Georgetown University in 1982, attended Harvard University’s Ukrainian Summer Program in 1985, and received an M.B.A. degree from the University of Chicago in 1986. She then served in the Department of State, under the Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, until March 1988.


Following her time in the Reagan White House, Chumachenko worked in the Treasury Department, and as an economist for the Joint Economic Committee of Congress. After Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Chumachenko moved to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and took a position with KPMG, an international accounting firm. She co-founded the US-Ukraine Foundation, which translated laws and texts for use by the Ukrainian government. In 2005, she became a Ukrainian citizen.


Chumachenko married Ukrainian politician Viktor Yushchenko in 1998. He went on to serve as Prime Minister of Ukraine from 1999 to 2001, and was elected the country’s President in 2004.




          OA 18287

          ABM Treaty

          Afghanistan - I

          Afghanistan - II

          American Indians

          American Security Council


          Antibolshevik Bloc of Nations

          Armenian (1)(2)

          Arms Reduction Clippings - START


          Baltic Freedom Day 1988

          [Baltic Independence Letters & Petitions, December 1988] (1)-(6)

          [Letters Urging Presidential Action on Baltic Independence, December 1988] (1)-(3)

          Baltic States

          Captive Nations - Background

          Captive Nations Week 1988

          Central Europe


          Czech-Americans (1)-(5)

          Czech-American Issues (1)(2)


          Defense -  I

          Defense - II

          Defense Budget

          [Defense-Foreign Policy Lists – Name Lists] (1)-(4)

          Defense List




          Estonian-American Issues (1)(2)

          Ethnic: Economic Status

          [Name Lists – Ethnic Groups] (1)-(6)

          Frostburg State University 1988


          Helsinki Human Rights Day 1988


          Human Rights (1)(2)

          Human Rights Advocates

          Human Rights Day 1988 (1)-(6)

          Human Rights Day Lists

          Hungarian-Americans (1)-(3)


          Hungarian Issues (1)-(5)

          Hungary (1)-(3)

          Institute on Religion and Democracy

          Jamestown Foundation

          Jefferson Education Foundation

          Korean Vets Proclamation


          Latvian-American Issues

          Latvian Americans

          Lithuania - I (1)-(3)

          Lithuania - II

          Lithuanian American Issues

          Lithuanian American Community (1)-(8)


          Macedonia [1988 Annual Convention]

          Makar Trial

          Mazewski, Aloysius



          Moscow Summit

          Moscow Summit 1988 (1)-(9)

          National Forum Foundation

          Nicaragua - II

          Office of Special Investigations Active File

          Poland and the International Monetary Fund


          Polish [Polish American Heritage Month 1988]

          Polish American Congress (1)(2)

          Polish-American Issues (1)-(4)

          Polish Americans

          Polish Sanctions

          POTUS Messages

          Presidential Medal of Freedom (re: Ambassador Rowny)

          Religious USSR

          Republican Convention

          Resumes - I

          Resumes - II

          Religious Intolerance – General

          Romania - I

          Romania - II

          Rules and Regulations

          Russian-American Issues

          Russian-Americans - I

          Russian-Americans - I: St. Sergius School

          Russian-Americans - I: "White" Russians

          Russian Americans - II


          Schedule Proposals

          Slavic [Slavic-American Culture Week 1988]

          Slovak American Issues (1)(2)


          OA 18288

          South Africa (1)-(7)

          Soviet Hare Krishnas

          Soviet Human Rights

          Soviet Issues

          State Dinner

          State Dinners

          Strategic Defense Initiative - I

          Strategic Defense Initiative - II

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Clippings



          Ukrainian-American Issues (1)-(4)

          Ukrainian Catholics

          Ukrainian Issues (1)-(7)

          Ukrainian Millennium

          Ukrainian [Presidential Message 11/25/1988]

          Ukrainian/Russian Millenniums of Christianity

          Ukrainian Weekly

          United Nations


          USSR – Religion (1)(2)

          USSR: Religion / Human Rights

          Voice of America/Board for International Broadcasting Outreach



          OA 18288 (Continued)

          Lithuanian Youth Association 02/05/1988

          Polish American Congress 06/08/1988

          Chao Swearing-in 06/17/1988

          Foreign/Defense/Ethnic OPL Events: July Dec. 1988

          Captive Nations 07/13/1988

          Vice President - Captive Nations [Week] 07/20/1988

          Knights of Lithuania 07/30/1988

          South Africa Briefing 08/03/1988

          Hungarian Briefing 08/05/1988

          Polish Scouting Organization 08/19/1988

          Foreign Affairs Network 09/16/1988

          World Affairs Council of Philadelphia 09/29/1988

          American University Washington Seminar 10/12/1988

          Baltic Conference 10/14/1988

          Latvian-American Briefing 10/21/1988

          Latvian Conference 10/21/1988

          Human Rights Day POTUS 12/08/1988 (1)(2)

          Jefferson Education Foundation 12/09/1988

          Russians [Photo Op 12/19/1988]

          Armenian Presidential 12/22/1988

          Memos of 1989 Events



          OA 18288 (Continued)

          Correspondence 06/18/1988-07/12/1988

          Correspondence 07/13/1988-07/17/1988

          Correspondence 07/18/1988-07/25/1988

          Chron In

          Chron Out