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COBB, TYRUS W.: Files, 1983-1989


European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, NSC, 1983-1988 - See separate inventory

International Programs/Technology Affairs, 1988-1989 (Special Assistant to the President)


Dr. Cobb was a professor at West Point and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army in the years just prior to the Reagan Administration. He consulted with the National Security Council during the later half of the Carter administration and the early Reagan administration on international energy issues. At the start of the administration, Dr. Cobb was on an exchange in the Soviet Union.


After the change in National Security Advisor to William Clark and Deputy Robert "Bud" McFarlane, Cobb was asked to submit strategy papers regarding the long-range strategic position of the United States vis-a-vis the Soviet Union. As a result of these papers he was asked to join the NSC staff as a member of the European and Soviet Affairs Directorate to work on European issues, Canada, and provide some input to long-range strategic Soviet policy. He took Dennis Blair's slot within this directorate. Cobb worked very closely with Peter Sommer and they divided responsibility for 34 countries among themselves. Cobb was responsible for France, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, the Vatican, etc. As part of his Soviet responsibilities, Cobb attended the Geneva and the Reykjavik summits. Please see the separate inventory for Cobb material from this office.


In 1988, Cobb took Robert Dean's place as the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of the International Programs and Technology Affairs Directorate with responsibility for science & technology agreements, export policy, United Nations issues, and the environment.


This collection consists of two series: SERIES I: Subject File (RAC Boxes 1-5); and SERIES II: Chronological File (RAC Boxes 6-7).





RAC Box 1

Aircraft Sales to Bloc

Antarctic Mineral Resources (1)(2)

ACDA-PRC Arms Control Talks, 1988

Canon Mask Aligner (1)-(3)

CASTAR (1)(2)

China Lib (1)(2)

China Missile Sales (1)-(3)

China Telecom (1-(8)

Clean Air Act

Combustion Engineering

COCOM China Liberalization (1)-(5)

COCOM Computer Liberalization (1)-(4)

COCOM IL: Atomic Energy List

COCOM IL: Industrial List (1)-(6)

COCOM IL: Munitions List



RAC Box 2

Critical Materials

DOD Three Country Review (1)-(3)

Dispute Resolution TTSG India Cases (1)-(4)

Dispute Resolution TTSG India Cases II (1)(2)

Dispute Resolution TTSG Iran Cases (1)-(5)

Environment: General (1)(2)

Environment Ozone and Acid Rain (1)-(8)

Export Control Regulations

Fisheries: General

Foreign Availability (1)-(3)

Forest Line

German Minisub

Global Climate Change (1)(2)

Honeywell-Bailey Cases No Exceptions Policy (1)(2)

India STI (1)(2)

Industry (1(2)


IIASA [International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis] (1)-(4)

Iraq Cases


RAC Box 3

Long March

Meeting Clearances (1)(2)

Missile Proliferation Israel/Egypt

Missile Proliferation NSDD 315

Missile Proliferation Policy Directive (1)-(5)

Missile Proliferation U.S.-China Bilaterals

Missile Proliferation U.S.-Soviet Bilaterals (1)-(10)

MTCR General Info (1)-(4)

Moscow Summit (1)(2)


National Bureau of Standards (1)(2)

NSDD Strategic Trade Controls

NOx Protocol (1)(2)


Nuclear Energy General

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) South Africa (1)(2)

Nuclear Terrorism


Reagan Record on S&T

Streamlining (1)-(5)

Streamlining Socrates

RAC Box 4

Subseabed Disposal Program

Supercomputer Brazil (1)(2)

Supercomputer CERN (1)(2)

Supercomputer China (1)-(4)

Supercomputer India (1)(2)

Supercomputer Policy Definition (1)-(3)


[Superconducting] Super Collider (SSC) (1)-(3)

Survival of Humanity Foundation

Territorial Sea (1)-(6)

Toshiba: Action (1)-(3)

Trade Bill

US-Japan Nuclear Ad Hoc Committee (1)-(3)

US-Japan Nuclear Congress (1)-(5)

US-Japan Nuclear General (1)-(4)


RAC Box 5

US-Japan Nuclear Agreement Text (1)-(5)

US-Japan Nuclear Agreement Transportation Issues (1)-(6)

US-Japan S&T Agreement (1)-(5)

US-PRC Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

US-Soviet Space Cooperation

US-USSR General

US-USSR Maritime Search and Rescue

US-USSR Radio Navigation (1)(2)

Whales Iceland (1)(2)

Whales IWC

Whales Norway

Whaling (1)-(8)



RAC Box 6

Cobb Chron July 1988 (1)-(7)

Cobb Chron August 1988 (1)-(10)

Cobb Chron September 1988 (1)-(15)

Cobb Chron October 1988 (1)-(8)

Cobb Chron November 1988 (1)-(9)


RAC Box 7

Cobb Chron December 1988 (1)-(7)

Cobb Chron January 1989 (1)-(3)