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          SERIES I. U.S. COURT OF APPEALS.  1981-1989

          CFOA  758

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit - Misc.

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit  A-C

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit D-F

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit G-I

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit J-L

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit M-O

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit P-R

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit  S-U

          U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit V-Z

          D.C. Circuit

          Bateman, Herbert H. (USCJ, D.C. Cir.)

          Bator, Paul, USCC, D.C. Circuit

          Bork, Robert (USCC, D.C. Circuit)

          Burnett, Arthur L. (USCC, D.C. Cir.)

          Fein, Bruce, USCC - Dist. of Columbia

          Finesilver, Sherman (USCC, D.C.)

          Gilbert Alice, USCC, Dist. of Col.                  

          Jorgensen, James, USCC

          Harris, Stan (USCC, D.C.)

          Harvey, James (USCJ, D.C. Cir.)

          Kennedy, Neal (USCC D.C. Cir.)

          Murphy, Betty, USCC, Dist. of Col.

          Richey, Charles, USCC, District of Columbia

          Scalia, Antonin (USCC, D.C. Circuit)

          Shuker, Robert, USCC - D.C.

          Smith, Loren, USCA, D.C. Circuit

          Starr, Kenneth, USCC, D.C. Circuit

          Tauro, Joseph, USCA, D.C. Circuit

          Whelan, Judge Roger M. (USCJ, D.C. Cir.) See File for (USDJ - D-DC)

          Wiggins, Chuck (USCJ, D.C. Cir.)

          Williams, Stephen, USCC, D.C. Circuit

          Misc. First Circuit

          Douglas, Charles, USCC, 1st Circuit

          Torruella, Juan, USCC, 1st Circuit

          Misc. 2nd Circuit

          Angeloff, Carl, 2nd Circuit

          Cardamone, Richard J. (USCJ, 2nd Cir.)

          Neaher, Edward (USCJ, 2nd Cir.)

          Pierce, Lawrence W. (USCJ, 2nd Cir.)

          Pratt, George C. (USCJ,  2nd Cir.)

          Winter, Ralph (USCJ, 2nd Cir.)

          Werker, Henry F. (USCC, 2nd Cir.)

          Misc. 3rd Circuit USC Appeals

          Becker, Edward Roy (USCJ 3rd Cir.)

          Holtzman, Mark L. (USCJ, 3rd Cir.)

          Shertz, Perry J. (USCJ, 3rd Cir.)

          4th Circuit Misc.

          Bryan, Albert S. Jr. - 4th Circuit

          Chapman, Judge Robert F. (USCJ, 4th Cir.)

          Clarke, J. Calvitt - 4th Circuit

          Hamilton, Clyde H. (USCC, 4th Cir.)

          Fowler, Dulcey, Munsell, Elsie L., Marshall, Gail S., Keyes, Geraldine - 4th Circuit

          Nebeker, Frank 4th Circuit

          Sneeden, Emory 4th Circuit

          Starr, Kenneth 4th Circuit

          Stokes, William 4th Circuit

          Wilkinson, J. Harvie 4th Circuit (1)(2)

          Williams, Glen, Fourth Circuit


          CFOA  759

          5th Circuit Misc.

          Barnett, James Arden (USCC 5th C.)

          Davis, Eugene (5th Circuit)

          Garwood, William L. (USCJ, 5th Cir.)

          Gholson, Hunter 5th Circuit

          Gordon, Jack Fifth Circuit

          Higginbotham, Patrick (5th Circuit)

          Hill, Robert  USCC 5th Circuit

          Hittner, David (Fifth Circuit)

          Hughes, Lynn (USCC 5th Circuit)

          Jolly, E. Grady (5th Circuit)

          Jahn, Leroy (USCC 5th Circuit)

          Jones, Edith H. (US Circuit Court, 5th Circuit)

          Lee, Richard Fifth Circuit Ct. of Appeals

          Lykos, Patricia (USCC 5th Circuit)

          Morse, George 5th Circuit

          Pressler, Paul (USCC 5th Cir.)

          Steen, Jerome B. (USCC 5th Circuit)

          Stevens, Phineas (USCC 5th Circuit)

          Toledano, Benjamin 5th Circuit

          Uddo, Basile USCC 5th Circuit

          Misc. 6th Circuit

          Black, Robert L., Jr. (USCJ, 6th Cir.)

          Contie, Leroy (USCJ) 6th Dist.

          Duncan, Robert M. (USCC 6th Cir.)

          Goodman, N. Victor USCA 6th Circuit

          Krupansky, Blanche USCA 6th Circuit

          Krupansky, Robert (USCJ 6th Cir.)

          Lloyd, John USCC 6th Circuit

          McCree, Wade (USJC) 6th Cir.

          Milburn, Herbert Theodore USCA 6th Circuit

          Weick, Paul (6th Circuit)

          Wellford, Harry W. 6th Circuit

          Williams, Ed III (USCJ 6th Cir.)


          CFOA 760

          7th Circuit Misc.

          Bua, Judge Nicholas J. (USCJ, 7th Cir.)

          Coccia, Michael A., Seventh Circuit

          Coffey, Justice John L. (USCJ, 7th Cir.)

          Easterbrook, Frank, USCC, 7th Dist.

          Eschbach, Judge Jesse E. (USCJ, 7th Cir.)

          Flaum, Joel (USCJ), 7th Circuit

          McMillen, Thomas, 7th Circuit

          Mills, Judge Richard (USCJ, 7th Cir.)

          Nordberg, John (USCJ, 7th Cir.)

          Posner, Richard (USCC, 7th Cir.)

          Ripple, Kenneth, USCC, 7th Circuit

          Siegel, Jack M. (USCJ, 7th Cir.) Filed under (USDJ, N.D, ILL.)

          8th Circuit Mis.

          Battey, Richard, 8th Circuit

          Barnett, Joseph, 8th Circuit

          Bethune, Ed, Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

          Blackmar, Charles (USCJ, 8th Cir.)

          Bowman, Pasco, 8th Circuit

          Bork, Robert, 8th Circuit

          Crow, Judge John C. (USCJ, 8th Cir.)

          Donielson, Allen L., Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

          Eisele, Thomas., Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

          Fagg, George (8th Cir.)

          Gibson, John R. (USCJ, W.D.Mo.) 8th Cir.

          Kerr, James, 8th Circuit

          Loken, James, Eighth Circuit

          Mickelson, George, 8th Circuit

          Nelson, James S. (USCC, 8th Cir.)

          Nelson, James;  Barnett, Joseph, 8th Circuit

          Somerville, Judge  Ronald L. (USJC, 8th Cir.)

          Stuart, William C, 8th Cir..

          Walker, Judith , Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

          Whittaker, Judith, 8th Circuit

          9th Circuit Misc.

          Anderson, James, USCC 9th Cir.

          Ashford, Clinton, USCA 9th Circuit

          Beezer, Robert, USCC, 9th Circuit

          Brunetti, Melvin, USCC Circuit

          Ellis, William, 9th Circuit

          Finesilver, Sherman, USCC, 9th Circuit

          George, Ron (USCC, 9th Cir.)

          Hall, Cynthia, USCC, 9th Circuit

          Hewitt, James O. (USCC, 9th Cir.)

          Kim, Frank (USCJ, 9th Cir.)

          Kozinski, Alex, USCC, 9th Circuit

          McCampbell, Thomas (USCJ, 9th Cir.)

          Miller, James O. (USCJ, 9th Cir.) See File for N.D. Cal. - USDJ

          Nares, Gilbert, USCC, 9th Circuit

          Panner, Owen, USCA, 9th Circuit

          Siegan, Bernie, 9th Circuit

          Utter, Robert, USCC, 9th Circuit

          Wiggins, Charles, USCC, 9th Circuit

          Enoch, David W. (USCC, 10th Cir.) (USDJ D. Col.)

          Erickson, William, 10th Circuit

          Moore, John, USCC, 10th

          Rogers, Richard, USCCA, 10th Dist.

          Williams, Stephen F., 10th Circuit


          SERIES II.  U.S. DISTRICT COURTS.  1981 - 1989

          OA 10864

Alabama – North / U.S. Attorney

Donaldson, Frank W. [AL-North: U.S. Attorney]

Howell, William A., III  [AL-North: U.S. Attorney]

Johnson, David C. [AL-North: U.S. Attorney]

Parker, William H., III  [AL-North: U.S. Attorney]

Alabama – North / U.S. Marshal

Green, Thomas Christian [AL-North: U.S. Marshal]

Teas, James E. [AL-North: U.S. Marshal]

Alabama – North / U.S. District Court [empty folder]

Acker, William [AL-North: U.S. District Court]

Donaldson, Frank [AL-North: U.S. District Court]

Alabama – Middle / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Bell, John C. [AL-Middle: U.S. Attorney]

Alabama – Middle / U.S. Marshal [empty folder]

Jones, Melvin E. [AL-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

Alabama – Middle / U.S. District Court

Alabama – South / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Sessions, J.B. III [AL-South: U.S. Attorney]

Alabama – South / U.S. Marshal

Adair, Howard V. [AL-South: U.S. Marshal]

Alabama – South / U.S. District Court [empty folder]

Acker, William [AL-South: U.S. District Court]

Bagwell, David Ashley [AL-South: U.S. District Court] (1)-(3)

Cox, Emmett R. [AL-South: U.S. District Court]

Hocklander, Joseph M. [AL-South: U.S. District Court]

White-Spunner, Charles S. Jr. [AL-South: U.S. District Court] (1)-(3)

Alaska / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Spaan, Melvin R. [AK: U.S. Attorney]

Alaska / U.S. Marshal [Opel, William H.]

Olson, Robert [AK: U.S. Marshal]

Trump, Marcie [AK: U.S. Marshal]

Alaska / U.S. District Court

Russell, H. Holland [AK: U.S. District Court]

Arizona / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

McNamee, Stephen M. [AZ : U.S. Attorney]

McDonald, A. Melvin [AZ : U.S. Attorney]

Arizona / U.S. Marshal [Nassif, O. J.]

Roberts, John W. [AZ: U.S. Marshal]

Arizona / U.S. District Court [Patterson, Cecil B.]

Bowen, Ann [AZ: U.S. District Court]

Browning, William D. [AZ: U.S. District Court]

Rosenblatt, Paul [AZ: U.S. District Court] (1)(2)

Arkansas-East / U.S. Attorney [Garner, Herschel R.]

Proctor, George [AR-East: U.S. Attorney]

Arkansas-East / U.S. Marshal [Gray, Charles]

Blaylock, Len E. [AR-East: U.S. Marshal] (1)(2)

Gray, Charles H. [AR-East:  U.S. Marshal]

Arkansas-East / U.S. District Court [empty folder]

Proctor, George W. [AR-East: U.S. District Court]

Arkansas-West / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Fitzhugh, Mike [AR-West : U.S. Attorney]

Hutchinson, W. Asa [AR-West : U.S. Attorney]

Klock, George Edwin [AR-West : U.S. Attorney]

Arkansas-West / U.S. Marshal [empty folder]

Baker, David D. [AR-West: U.S. Marshal]

Eubanks, Jerry      [AR-West: U.S. Marshal]

Farrar, Melvin [AR-West: U.S. Marshal]

Patterson, J.C.      [AR-West: U.S. Marshal]

Arkansas-West / U.S. District Court

Britt, Henry M. [AR-West: U.S. District Court]

Coffman, Eldon [AR-West: U.S. District Court]

Waters, H. Franklin [AR-West: U.S. District Court] (1)-(3)


          OA 10865

California-North / U.S. Attorney

Anderson, James H. [CA-North : U.S. Attorney]

Diaz, Stephen A. [CA-North : U.S. Attorney]

Granucci, Bob [CA-North : U.S. Attorney]

Hamblin, Rodney H. [CA-North : U.S. Attorney]

Horner, Jeffrey W. [CA-North : U.S. Attorney]

LeGrier, Marvin-Michel [CA-North : U.S. Attorney]

Russoniello, Joseph P. [CA-North : U.S. Attorney]

Tennant, Paula A. [CA-North : U.S. Attorney]

California-North / U.S. Marshal

Berman, Leo Rick [CA-North: U.S. Marshal] (1)-(5)

Cobb, Vaughn [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Condiff, Everett [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Frink, Roland [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Green, Stewart [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Kerrigan, John F. [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Mountanos, Lou [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

O’Connor, Matthew M. [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Parises, Dan [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Randol, Earl [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Richards, Margaret D. [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Robinson, Glen E. [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Striepeke, Donald [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Van Court, Arthur F. [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

Zent, John [CA-North: U.S. Marshal]

California-North / U.S. District Court

Allen, Judge Bruce [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Bea, Carlos [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Bertain, Joseph [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Booth, John W. [CA-North: U.S. District Court].

Campilongo, Judge Victor M. [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Fannin, Judge Coleman F. [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Kim, Frank [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Legge, Charles [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Long, James [CA-North: U.S. District Court] (1)-(3)

Lynch, Eugene [CA-North: U.S. District Court] (1)(2)

Miller, James O. [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Robinson, Ned [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Schwab, Douglas [CA-North: U.S. District Court]

Vukasin, Judge John P., Jr. [CA-North: U.S. District Court] (1)(2)

California-Central / U.S. Attorney [Bonner, Mark Healy]

Bonner, Mark Healy [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney]

[Bonner, Robert C.] [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney]

Bradbury, Michael [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney]

Brosio, Robert [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney]

Dunn, Jim [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney]

Knapp, James [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney]

Rushford, James [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney]

Schacter, David M. [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney]

Trott, Stephen S. [CA-Central: U.S. Attorney] (1)(2)

California-Central / U.S. Marshal

Banks, Arthur J. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Burnett, William [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Campbell, Gaylord L. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Craw, Tucker [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Fernandes, Alfred [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Gonzalez, Julio [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Jarrell, James T. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Keith, Billie L. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Landi, Joseph R. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Lawrence, Charles W. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Martino, Bernard [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Nielsen, Arnold E. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Roberts, Lee M. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Samuels, Jack [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Stone, Kendall J. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

Trembly, Alfred W. [CA-Central: U.S. Marshal]

California-Central – U.S. District Court (1)(2)

Costello, Edward [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

DiBernardo, Fred [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Dunn, James R. [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Eckhoff, Robert G. [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Fairfield, William Dunbar [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Falcone, Dewey Lawes [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Gadbois, Richard [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Hall, Judge Cynthia [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Holroyd, Ira W. [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Hupp, Harry L. [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Ideman, James [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Keller,William [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Kellogg, L. Edmund [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Kratz, Bryson [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Margolis, Alfred [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Martin, Robert [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Meshot, Charles [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Rafeedie, Edward [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Rea, Judge William J. [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Ricks, Everett [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Rymer, Pamela [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Stotler, Alice Marie [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Tassopulos, Venetta [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Thomas, David A. [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]

Waddington, Larry [CA-Central: U.S. District Court]


          OA 10866

California-South / U.S. Attorney

Huffman, Richard D. [CA-South: U.S. Attorney]

Kennedy, William H. [CA-South: U.S. Attorney] (1)-(3)

Marcus, Michael D. [CA-South: U.S. Attorney] [empty folder]

Nunez, Peter K. [CA-South: U.S. Attorney]

Wittman, Sandra J. [CA-South: U.S. Attorney]

California-South / U.S. Marshal [empty folder]

Howard, Jimmie [CA-South: U.S. Marshal]

Laffoon, James [CA-South: U.S. Marshal]

Small, Charles H., Jr. [CA-South: U.S. Marshal]

California-South / U.S. District Court

Baxley, Robert [CA-South: U.S. District Court]

Brewster, Rudi [CA-South: U.S. District Court]

Fekete, George [CA-South: U.S. District Court]

[Irving, J. Lawrence] [CA-South: U.S. District Court]

Laffoon, James [CA-South: U.S. District Court]

Rhodes, John [CA-South: U.S. District Court]

Watson, Maurice [CA-South: U.S. District Court]

California-East / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Ayer, Donald B. [CA-East: U.S. Attorney]

Barber, Michael [CA-East: U.S. Attorney]

Burrows [, Charles] [CA-East: U.S. Attorney]

Groh, R. James Jr. [CA-East: U.S. Attorney]

James, Duncan M. [CA-East: U.S. Attorney]

Morrison, Fred K. [CA-East: U.S. Attorney]

Peterson, Kenneth G. [CA-East: U.S. Attorney]

White, Steven [CA-East : U.S. Attorney]

California-East  / U.S. Marshal

Baker, Gilbert Y. [CA-East: U.S. Marshal]

Burrows, Charles [CA East: U.S. Marshal]

Gregory, Patrick [CA East: U.S. Marshal]

Halasz, Joseph J. [CA East: U.S. Marshal]

Paul, Emil J. [CA East: U.S. Marshal] [empty folder]

Swim, David [CA East: U.S. Marshal]

Van Court, Art [CA East: U.S. Marshal] (1)(2)

Vaughan, Cobb [CA East: U.S. Marshal]

California-East / U.S. District Court (1)-(3)

Coyle, Robert E. [CA-East: U.S. District Court] (1)(2)

Dibiaso, Nick [CA-East: U.S. District Court]

Eckhoff, Robert [CA-East: U.S. District Court]

Friedman, Janet [CA-East: U.S. District Court]

Fox, James [CA-East: U.S. District Court]

Garcia, Edward [CA-East: U.S. District Court]

Kim, Frank [CA-East: U.S. District Court]

Long, James L. [CA-East: U.S. District Court] (1)-(8)

McCampbell, Thomas [CA-East: U.S. District Court] [empty folder]      

Shubb, William [CA-East: U.S. District Court]

Canal Zone / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Canal Zone / U.S. Marshal [empty folder]

Canal Zone / U.S. District Court [empty folder]      

Colorado / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Miller, Robert N. [CO: U.S. Attorney]

Colorado / U.S. Marshal [empty folder]

Arden, Michael [CO: U.S. Marshal] (1)-(7)

Dunahue, Charles [CO: U.S. Marshal]

Hopper, Leonard F. [CO: U.S. Marshal]

Colorado / U.S. District Court [Brumbaugh, Judge Roland J.]

Moore, John Porfilio [CO: U.S. District Court]

Connecticut / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Iannoth, Lawrence W. [CT: U.S. Attorney]

Nevas, Alan H. [CT: U.S. Attorney] (1)-(3)

Gerety, Miles [CT: Assistant U.S. Attorney]

Connecticut / U.S. Marshal [empty folder]

Baran, Stephen M., Jr.  [CT: U.S. Marshal]

Mangini, P. A.        [CT: U.S. Marshal]

Post, Anthony J. [CT: U.S. Marshal]

Povinelli, Henry A. [CT: U.S. Marshal]

Connecticut / U.S. District Court [empty folder]

Dorsey, Peter [CT: U.S. District Court]

Eisenman, Carl [CT: U.S. District Court]

Delaware / U.S. Attorney [empty folder]

Farnan, Joseph J., Jr. [DE : U.S. Attorney]

Delaware / U.S. Marshal

Denney, O. Evans [DE: U.S. Marshal]

Delaware / U.S. District Court

Longobardi, Joseph J. [DE: U.S. District Court]


          OA 11487

          District of Columbia - US Attorney

          Barnett, David [DC : U.S. Attorney]

          Becker, Benton L. [DC : U.S. Attorney]

          Bucklin, Donald T. [DC : U.S. Attorney]

          Di Genova, Joseph [DC : U.S. Attorney]

          Friedman, Paul [DC : U.S. Attorney]

          Harris, Stanley S. [DC: U.S. Attorney]

          Puccio, Thomas P. [DC : U.S. Attorney]

          Tuohey, Mark [DC : U.S. Attorney]

          District of Columbia / US Marshal

          Banta, Ronald [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          Bonneville, Charles [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          Clouser, John [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          De Novi, Carmen J. Sr. [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          Eluhow, Raymond [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          Golden, James O. [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          Hall, Earnest Jr. [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          Jones, James [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          Taylor, Durwood [DC: U.S. Marshal]

          District of Columbia - US District Court

          Bork, Robert H. [DC:: U.S. District Court]

          Burnett, Arthur [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Chapman, Clinton [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Cooper, Jean [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Cotter, B. Paul [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Del Real, Juan [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Dwyer, Jean F. [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Ford, Albert [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Ford, Robert          [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Gerson, Stuart [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Gilbert, Alice [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Goodrich, George [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Harris, Stanley [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Hogan, Thomas [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Jackson, Thomas Penfield [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Kerr, James [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Kleiboemer, Alex [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Margolis, Lawrence S. [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Moore, Jean [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Morrison, Alexia [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Nettesheim, Christine [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Revercomb, George [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Richey, Charles R. [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Scott, Bob [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Shannon, Edward [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Shuker. Robert [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Sporkin, Stanley [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Stanmeyer, Bill [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Taylor, Durwood [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Urbina, Ricardo M. [DC: U.S. District Court]

          Whelan, Judge Robert M. [DC: U.S. District Court]


          OA 11488

          Florida - Miscellaneous

          Florida - North / US Attorney

          Camper, William L  [FL-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Dillard, Thomas      [FL-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Moore, Kevin                   [FL-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Florida - North / US Marshal

          Castorina, Richard J.       [FL-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Delting, Harold C.  [FL-North: U.S. Marshal]

          McLendon, Wallace L. [FL-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Nelson, Robert O.   [FL-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Florida - North - US District Court

          Booth, John                    [FL-North: U.S. District Court]   

          Crongeyer, Robert [FL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Moore, Judge John H. II   [FL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Paul, Maurice M.    [FL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Steinmeyer, F. E.III          [FL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Vinson, Roger        [FL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Florida - Middle / US Attorney

          Betz, Gary L.                   [FL-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Bowden, Aaron K.  [FL-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Merkle, Robert W. [FL-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Newberger, Mitchell A.[FL-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Rast, G. Mackenzie          [FL-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Florida - Middle / US Marshal

          Cox, Richard Lafayette [FL-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Florida - Middle - US District Court

          Booth, John                    [FL-Middle: U.S. District Court]

          Kovachevich, Elizabeth A.  [FL-Middle: U.S. District Court]

          McClain, David H.  [FL-Middle: U.S. District Court]

          Moore, John H. II   [FL-Middle: U.S. District Court]  

          Sharp, George        [FL-Middle: U.S. District Court]

          Walsh, Michael       [FL-Middle: U.S. District Court]

          Florida - South / US Attorney

          Boswell, Don R.      [FL-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Marcus, Stanley     [FL-South: U.S. Attorney]

          Shepherd, Frank     [FL-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Steinberg, Marty     [FL-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Wampler, Atlee      [FL-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Florida - South / US Marshal

          Callahan, Leo         [FL-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Cruz, Carlos           [FL-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Horgan, Daniel       [FL-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Florida - South - US District Court

          Nesbitt, Lenore      [FL-South: U.S. District Court]

          White, Robert        [FL-South: U.S. District Court]

          Georgia - North / US Attorney

          Read, Charles Day Jr        [GA-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Sandwich, Robert H.        [GA-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Still, Richard H.      [GA-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Thompson, Larry    [GA-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Georgia - North / US Marshal

          Duncan, Lynn H.     [GA-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Sawyer, Forrest      [GA-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Georgia - North - US District Court

          Forrester, J. Owen           [GA-North: U.S. District Court]

          Hansen, E. Lewis    [GA-North: U.S. District Court]

          Harris, Robert Brittain  [GA-North: U.S. District Court]

          Nix, Kenneth O.      [GA-North: U.S. District Court]

          Strother, John R., Jr.       [GA-North: U.S. District Court]

          Thompson, C. E.    [GA-North: U.S. District Court]

          Georgia - Middle / US Attorney

          Whitley, Joe Dally [GA-Middle : U.S. Attorney]       

          Georgia - Middle / US Marshal

          Johnson, Wllm.      [GA-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          O'Kelley, Charles    [GA-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Stokes, John W.     [GA-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Georgia - Middle - US District Court

          Georgia - South / US Attorney

          Pierce, Hinton R     [GA-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Georgia - South / US Attorney

          Nettles, M. Clifton III [GA-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Georgia - South - US District Court

          Guam / US Attorney

          Wood, David          [GU : U.S. Attorney]

          Guam / US Marshal

          Guam - US District Court


          OA 11489

          Hawaii / US Attorney

          Bent, Daniel           [HI : U.S. Attorney]

          Mossman, Boyd P.           [HI : U.S. Attorney]

          Quinn, Stephen D.            [HI : U.S. Attorney]

          Hawaii / US Marshal

          Evans, Faith                    [HI: U.S. Marshal]

          Wolff, H. Ezra        [HI: U.S. Marshal]

          Hawaii - US District Court

          Carroll, John                   [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Chang, T. Irving      [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Chinen, Jon J.       [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Doi, Masato USDJ   [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Fong, Harold M.     [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Heen, Walter M.     [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Moon, Albert I. Jr.           [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Sapienza, Maruice [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Sutton, Richard      [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Young, Thomas P.            [HI: U.S. District Court]

          Idaho / US Attorney

          Hurlbutt, Guy                  [ID : U.S. Attorney]

          Idaho / US Marshal

          Skinner, Blaine       [ID: U.S. Marshal]

          Idaho - US District Court

          Ryan, Harold L.      [ID: U.S. District Court]

          Illinois - North  / US Attorney

          Donnelly, James L. Jr. [IL-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Fitzsimmons, J. Michael  [IL-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Mulack, Donald G.            [IL-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Webb, Daniel K.     [IL-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Illinois - North  / US Marshal

          Brown, Herbert D.  [IL-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Fisher, Robert B.    [IL-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Roberts, Harold      [IL-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Runnels, George H. Jr.  [IL-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Illinois - North - US District Court

          Duff, Brian             [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Hart, William T.     [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Holderman, James           [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Nordberg, John A. [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Norgle, Charles     [IL - North: U.S. District Court]

          Plunkett, Paul E.    [IL - North: U.S. District Court]

          Rovner, Ilana                   [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Siegel, Jack           [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Sklodowski, Robert          [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Thompson, Jayne   [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Williams, Ann                  [IL-North: U.S. District Court]

          Illinois - South  / US Attorney

          Evers, Charles                  [IL-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Hess, Frederick K. [IL-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Weber, Phillip        [IL-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Illinois - South  / US Marshal

          Courtright, Thomas          [IL-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Dethrow, Richard T [IL-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Klincar, Paul J.       [IL-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Nettles, William J.  [IL-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Illinois - South - US District Court

          Beatty, William      [IL-South: U.S. District Court]

          Illinois - Central  / US Attorney

          Fines, Jerry           [IL-Central : U.S. Attorney]

          Fritz, Ed                [IL-Central : U.S. Attorney]

          Illinois - Central  / US Marshal

          Durst, Quentin J.    [IL-Central: U.S. Marshal]

          Fyke, James L.       [IL-Central: U.S. Marshal]

          Garnier, Howard P.          [IL-Central: U.S. Marshal]

          Hedrick, Everett     [IL-Central: U.S. Marshal]

          Klage, John (Jack) Russell  [IL Central: U.S. Marshal]

          Illinois - Central  - US District Court

          Harrod, Sam III       [IL Central: U.S. District Court]  

          Katz, Martin                    [IL Central: U.S. District Court]

          Mihm, Michael       [IL Central: U.S. District Court]

          Swain, Timothy      [IL Central: U.S. District Court]


          OA 11490

          Indiana - Miscellaneous

          Indiana - North  / US Attorney

          Steele, R. Lawrence Jr.[IN-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Indiana - North  / US Marshal

          Perkins, J. Jerome [IN-North: U.S. Marshal]  

          Indiana - North  - US District Court

          Kanne, Michael S.   [IN-North: U.S. District Court]

          Lee, William C.      [IN-North: U.S. District Court]

          Moody, James T.   [IN-North: U.S. District Court]

          Indiana - South  / US Attorney

          Barker, Sara Evans [IN-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Tinder, John D.      [IN-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Wilson, Alan                    [IN-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Indiana - South  / US Marshal

          Morgan, Ralph Dayton [IN-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Indiana - South  - US District Court

          Barker, Sarah Evans         [IN-South: U.S. District Court]

          Iowa - North  / US Attorney

          Beck, Joseph S.      [IA-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Gritzner[, James E.]        [IA-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Hultman, Evan       [IA-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Iowa - North  / US Marshal

          Jonker, James                 [IA-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Short, William F.    [IA-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Iowa - North  - US District Court

          Iowa - South  / US Attorney

          Davis, James C.     [IA-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Ella, Vincent G.      [IA-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Turner, Richard      [IA-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Iowa - South  / US Marshal

          Barton, Duane L.    [IA-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Nehring, Richard W.         [IA-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Stump, Warren       [IA-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Iowa - South  - US District Court

          Kansas  / US Attorney

          Belot, Monti L.       [KS : U.S. Attorney]

          Bish, Millan            [KS : U.S. Attorney]

          Burgess, Benjamin [KS : U.S. Attorney]

          Comer, Douglas     [KS : U.S. Attorney]

          Lester, Stephen K. [KS : U.S. Attorney]

          Marquez, Jim J.     [KS : U.S. Attorney]

          Miller, Bruce E.      [KS : U.S. Attorney]

          Thomas, Judge Paul L.  [KS : U.S. Attorney]

          Kansas  / US Marshal

          [Gaunt, Floyd E.]    [KS: U.S. Marshal]

          Pekarek, Kenneth Lee [KS: U.S. Marshal]

          Kansas - US District Court

          Crow, Sam A.        [KS: U.S. District Court])

          Kentucky - East / US Attorney

          Defalaise, Louis G.           [KY-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Trefey, Robert F.             [KY-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Winchester, Jerry            [KY-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Kentucky - East / US Marshal

          Dougherty, James K.        [KY-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Pennington, Charles         [KY-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Raney, Winston C.  [KY-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Kentucky - East - US District Court

          Baker, Judge John  [KY-East: U.S. District Court]

          Brooks, Arthur L.   KY East: U.S. District Court]

          Cook, James F.      [KY East: U.S. District Court]

          Griffin, G. Robin     [KY East: U.S. District Court]

          Hogg, F. Byrd         [KY East: U.S. District Court]

          Pennington, Henry V.    [KY East: U.S. District Court]

          Wilhoit, Henry R. Jr.     [KY East: U.S. District Court]

          Kentucky - West / US Attorney

          Huber, David L.      [KY-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Meredith, Ronald H.         [KY-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Ricketts, Charles E.          [KY-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Kentucky - West / US Marshal

          Boling, Ralph                   [KY-West: : U.S. Marshal]

          Parsely, Andrew Gus Jr. [KY-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Roland, Sammie E.          [KY-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Kentucky - West - US District Court

          Louisiana - East / US Attorney

          Volz, John P.                   [LA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Louisiana - East / US Marshal

          Campbell, Rufus     [LA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Maselli, Joe           [LA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Serio, James                   [LA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Louisiana - East - US District Court

          Feldman, Martin     [LA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Hamilton, Charles [LA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Hughes, Kenneth    [LA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Livaudis, Marcel    [LA - East: U.S. District Court] (1)(2)

          McNamara, A. J.    [LA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Mentz, Henry                   [LA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Porteous, William [LA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Louisiana - Middle / US Attorney

          Baker, John                     [LA-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Bardwell, Stanford O. Jr. [LA-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Louisiana - Middle / US Marshal

          Meyers, James L.             [LA-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Louisiana - Middle - US District Court

          Louisiana - West / US Attorney

          Brun, Roy               [LA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Cage, Joseph S., Jr.         [LA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Louisiana - West / US Marshal

          Louisiana - West - US District Court

          Little, F. A.            [LA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Walter, Donald      [LA - West: U.S. District Court]

          Maine / US Attorney

          Cohen, Richard S.  [ME : U.S. Attorney]

          Maine / US Marshal

          Jordan, Emery R.   [ME: U.S. Marshal] 

          McIntosh, Donald L.         [ME: U.S. Marshal]

          Maine - US District Court

          Carter, Gene         [ME: U.S. District Court]

          Cyr, Conrad K.       [ME: U.S. District Court]


          OA 11717

          Maryland / US Attorney

          Hester, Bob H.       [MD : U.S. Attorney]

          Motz, J. Frederick [MD : U.S. Attorney]

          O'Connor, Sandra  [MD : U.S. Attorney]

          Gerstung, Judge Robert J. [MD : U.S. Attorney].

          Maryland / US Marshal

          Johnson, Walter I.  [MD: U.S. Marshal]

          Maryland - US District Court

          Bell, Rosalyn Blake [MD: U.S. District Court] 

          Black, Walter E.     [MD: U.S. District Court]

          Hargrove, John      [MD: U.S. District Court]

          Ingolia, Joe           [MD: U.S. District Court]

          Jones,         Shirley B.     [MD: U.S. District Court]

          Smalkin, Frederic [MD: U.S. District Court]

          Ware, Charles        [MD: U.S. District Court]

          Massachusetts / US Attorney

          Harrington, Edward F       [MA : U.S. Attorney]

          Krasnoo, James B.           [MA : U.S. Attorney]

          McIntyre, Ronald   [MA : U.S. Attorney]

          Wolfe, Mark L.       [MA : U.S. Attorney]

          Weld, William F.    [MA : U.S. Attorney]

          Trimarco, Thomas           [MA : U.S. Attorney]

          Massachusetts / US Marshal

          Hansen, Christian, Jr.      [MA: U.S. Marshal]

          Leach, Edward J.   [MA: U.S. Marshal]

          Libby, David T.       [MA: U.S. Marshal]

          Murray, Richard A. [MA: U.S. Marshal]

          O'Neil, Albert L. (Dapper) [MA: U.S. Marshal]

          Perenick, Charles   [MA: U.S. Marshal]

          Pollis, Edward J.    [MA: U.S. Marshal]

          Roche, James B.    [MA: U.S. Marshal]

          Massachusetts - US District Court

          Young, William       [MA: U.S. District Court]

          Michigan-East / US Attorney

          Cartwright, John F.          [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Clarkson, S. James          [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Dance, William H.            [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Durant, W. Clark    [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Gilman, Leonard R.          [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Haber, Kenneth Joel        [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Hayes, Roy C.        [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Hurlbert, Robert P  [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Mester, Fred M       [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Padzieski, Richard J.        [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Van Dam, Phillip     [MI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Michigan-East / US Marshal

          Ballentine, Krim     [MI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Bertoni, Anthony    [MI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Caygill, James A.   [MI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Slaughter, Robert   [MI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Stewart, James Y.  [MI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Stump, Richard      [MI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Vida, Julius            [MI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Watt, Justin A.                [MI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Michigan-East - US District Court

          Gage, Hilda            [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Giovan, William     [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Hackett, Barbara    [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Harvey, James       [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Hayes, Roy            [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          La Plata, George    [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Parker, Dona                   [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Riley, Dorothy        [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Stacey, Michael      [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Suhrheinrich, Richard  [MI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Woods, George      [MI-East: U.S. District Court]


          OA 11718

          Michigan-West / US Attorney

          Grimmer, William T         [MI-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Kamm, David G.     [MI-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Koldys, Mark E.                [MI-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Smietanka, John A.         [MI-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Webb, Rodney S.    [MI-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Michigan-West / US Marshal

          Bertoni, Anthony    [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Chambers, Mark S. [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Drobny, William J. [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Halverson, George J.       [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Helman, Larry        [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Kendall, John R.     [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Ketchem, Doreen C.         [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Metcalf, Andrew     [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Stearns, Lloyd G.    [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Whitcomb, Robert J.        [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Yerrick, Donald P.  [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Zalsman, Michael Dale [MI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Michigan-West - US District Court

          Minnesota / US Attorney

          Arnold, Jerome G.           [MN : U.S. Attorney]

          Kelly, Douglas A.    [MN : U.S. Attorney]

          Rosenbaum, James M.[MN : U.S. Attorney]

          Minnesota / US Marshal

          Clemens, Dick                  [MN: U.S. Marshal]

          Mingo, Bernard      [MN: U.S. Marshal]

          Pavlak, Robert                 [MN: U.S. Marshal]

          Minnesota - US District Court

          Anderson, Catherine        [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Dreher, Nancy        [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Gage, Kelton                   [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Hutchens, Rita       [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Kelly, Helen I.        [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Magnuson, Paul      [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Maxwell, Stephen L.         [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Norton, Elizabeth W.       [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Segell, Hyman        [MN: U.S. District Court]

          Mississippi-North / US Attorney

          Davidson, Glen H   [MS-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Mississippi-North / US Marshal

          Brumfield, James   [MS-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Williams, Dwight    [MS-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Mississippi-North - US District Court

          Biggers, Neal                   [MS-North: U.S. District Court]

          Mississippi-South / US Attorney

          Phillips, George Landon  [MS-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Mississippi-South / US Marshal

          Breazeale, Marvin  [MS-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Mississippi-South - US District Court

          Barbour, William    [MS-South: U.S. District Court]

          Lee, Tom               [MS - South: U.S. District Court]

          Patterson, Howard           MS-South: U.S. District Court]

          Missouri-East / US Attorney

          Dittmeier, Thomas           [MO-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Missouri-East / US Marshal

          Vaughn, William S.           [MO-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Missouri-East - US District Court

          Limbaugh, Stephen          [MO-East: U.S. District Court]

          Missouri-West / US Attorney

          Bertram, Karl L.    [MO-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Robertson, Edward D. Jr. [MO - West : U.S. Attorney]

          Ulrich, Robert G.              [MO-West : U.S. Attorney]  

          Missouri-West / US Marshal

          Vaughn, William S.           [MO-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Cunningham, Marvin L.[MO-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Koury, Lee             [MO-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Turner, James                 [MO-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Missouri-West - US District Court

          Bartlett, D. Brook   [MO-West: U.S. District Court]

          Limbaugh, Stephen          [MO-West: U.S. District Court]

          Roberts, Ross T.     [MO-West: U.S. District Court]

          Stevens, Joseph E. Jr       [MO-West: U.S. District Court]

          Montana / US Attorney

          Dunbar, Byron H.   [MT : U.S. Attorney]

          Ramirez, Jack        [MT : U.S. Attorney]

          Sande, Charles B    [MT : U.S. Attorney]

          Vidal, James                    [MT : U.S. Attorney]

          Montana / US Marshal

          Alles, Ronald                   [MT: U.S. Marshal]

          Montana - US District Court

          Markus, Richard     [MT: U.S. District Court]

          Shanstrom, Jack    [MT: U.S. District Court]

          Nebraska / US Attorney

          Lahners, Ron          [NB : U.S. Attorney]

          Nebraska / US Marshal

          O'Hara, Thomas     [NB: U.S. Marshal]

          Nebraska - US District Court

          Bean, C. Arlen        [NB: U.S. District Court]

          Murrow, William E. Jr. [NB: U.S. District Court]

          Strom, Lyle E.        [NB: U.S. District Court]

          Nevada / US Attorney

          Mills, Lamond        [NV : U.S. Attorney]

          Nevada / US Marshal

          Sampson, Danny L. [NV: U.S. Marshal]

          Nevada - US District Court

          McKibben, Howard           [NV: U.S. District Court]

          New Hampshire / US Attorney

          Thayer, Stephen     [NH : U.S. Attorney]

          New Hampshire / US Marshal

          Daniels, Ronald D.  [NH: U.S. Marshal]

          New Hampshire - US District Court


          OA 11719

          New Jersey / US Attorney

          Brown, Garrett E. Jr         [NJ : U.S. Attorney]

          Dumont, Hunt                  [NJ : U.S. Attorney]

          Koch, Conrad N      [NJ : U.S. Attorney]

          Zauber, Kenneth P. [NJ : U.S. Attorney]

          New Jersey / US Marshal (Empty)

          Liss, Eugene G. (United States Marshall, D. New Jersey)

          New Jersey - US District Court

          Alley, Edwin                    [NJ: U.S. District Court]

          Barry, Maryanne     [NJ: U.S. District Court]

          Bissell, John W.     [NJ: U.S. District Court]

          Greenberg, Morton          [NJ: U.S. District Court]

          Moore, Jerome A. [NJ: U.S. District Court]

          Salman, Robert      [NJ: U.S. District Court]

          Rodriquez, Joseph [NJ: U.S. District Court]

          Shebell, Thomas     [NJ: U.S. District Court]

          N. Mariana / US Attorney

          N. Mariana / US Marshal

          N. Mariana - US District Court

          New Mexico / US Attorney

          Lutz, Wllm. L.                  [NM : U.S. Attorney]

          Svet, Don               [NM : U.S. Attorney]

          New Mexico / US Marshal

          Miller, Rudolph G.  [NM: U.S. Marshal]

          Martinez, Lino       [NM: U.S. Marshal]

          New Mexico - US District Court

          Baldock, Bobby Ray          [NM: U.S. District Court]

          Conway, John        [NM: U.S. District Court]

          Parker, James A.    [NM: U.S. District Court]

          Riordan, Wllm.       [NM: U.S. District Court]

          New York-North / US Attorney

          Armani, Frank H.    [NY-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Dearie, Raymond   [NY-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Scullin, Frederick    [NY-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Smith, Ralph W. Jr.          [NY-North : U.S. Attorney]

          New York-North / US Marshal

          Caruso, Michael     [NY-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Dillon, John L.                 [NY-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Enders, Richard      [NY-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Peo, Francis K.       [NY-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Weiler, John          [NY-North: U.S. Marshal]

          New York-North - US District Court

          Miner, Robert J.     [NY-North: U.S. District Court]

          White, James M.    [NY-North: U.S. District Court]

          New York-East / US Attorney

          Dearie, Raymond J.         [NY-East : U.S. Attorney]

          New York-East / US Marshal

          Healey, Charles      [NY-East: U.S. Marshal]

          York, Henry           [NY-East: U.S. Marshal]

          New York-East - US District Court

          Altimari, Frank       [NY-East: U.S. District Court]

          Brown, Edward       [NY-East: U.S. District Court]

          Glasser, Israel Leo [NY-East: U.S. District Court]

          McLaughlin, Joseph Michael  [NY-East: U.S. District Court]

          Schacher, Nancy Mottola   [NY-East: U.S. District Court]

          Wexler, Leonard     [NY-East: U.S. District Court]

          New York-South / US Attorney

          Flynn, Claudia                  [NY-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Giuliani, Rudolph   [NY-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Klieman, Rikki J.    [NY-South : U.S. Attorney]

          New York-South / US Marshal

          Delaney, Thomas J.         [NY-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Imundi, Romolo     [NY-South: U.S. Marshal]

          La Perch, Alfred     [NY-South: U.S. Marshal]

          New York-South - US District Court

          Drake, Richard       [NY-South: U.S. District Court]

          Hellerstein, William          [NY - South: U.S. District Court]       

          Kram,          Shirley         [NY-South: U.S. District Court]

          Keenan, John F.     [NY-South: U.S. District Court]

          Leisure, Peter                  [NY-South: U.S. District Court]

          Sprizzo, John E.     [NY-South: U.S. District Court]

          Stanton, Louis       [NY-South: U.S. District Court]

          Washington, Ruth V.        [NY-South: U.S. District Court]

          New York-West / US Attorney

          Martoche, Salvatore R.  [NY-West : U.S. Attorney]

          New York-West / US Marshal

          Wright, Daniel                 [NY-West: U.S. Marshal]

          New York-West - US District Court

          Bergin, Eugene W.           [NY-West: U.S. District Court]

          Buttararzzi, Ronald J.      [NY-West: U.S. District Court]

          Fritsch, Joseph G. [NY-West: U.S. District Court]

          White, James M.    [NY-West: U.S. District Court]

          Telesca, Michael A.          [NY-West: U.S. District Court]

          North Carolina-East / US Attorney

          Currin, Samuel T.   [NC-East : U.S. Attorney]

          North Carolina-East / US Marshal

          Berryhill, William I. [NC-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Leggett, Clarence Gene  [NC-East: U.S. Marshal]     

          North Carolina-East - US District Court

          Boyle, Terrence W.          [NC-East: U.S. District Court]

          Currin, Samuel                 [NC-East: U.S. District Court]

          Fox, James C.        [NC-East: U.S. District Court]

          Howard, Mack       [NC-East: U.S. District Court]

          North Carolina-Middle / US Attorney

          McAllister, Kenneth [NC-Middle : U.S. Attorney]               

          North Carolina-Middle / US Marshal

          McBane, George L. [NC-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Parker, Robert C.   [NC-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          North Carolina-Middle - US District Court

          Bullock, Frank   [NC-Middle: U.S. District Court]

          North Carolina-West / US Attorney

          Brewer, Charles R.  [NC-West : U.S. Attorney]

          North Carolina-West / US Marshal

          Parker, Robert C.   [NC-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Wilson, Max E.       [NC-West: U.S. Marshal]

          North Carolina-West - US District Court

          Potter, Robert D.   [NC - West: U.S. District Court]

          North Dakota / US Attorney

          Webb, Rodney S.   [ND : U.S. Attorney]

          North Dakota / US Marshal

          Muir, Kenneth Baker         [ND: U.S. Marshall]

          Wood, Errol Lee     [ND: U.S. Marshall]

          North Dakota - US District Court

          Moody, James T.   [ND: U.S. District Court]


          OA 12281

          Ohio-North / US Attorney

          Petro, J. William    [OH-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Ohio-North / US Marshal

          Baker, Donald G.    [OH-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Patterson, C. Fred  [OH-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Perk, Ralph            [OH-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Rife, Earl L.            [OH-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Ohio-North - US District Court

          Angelotta, John     [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Batchelder, Alice    [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Bell, Sam               [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Buchmann, Elizabeth Moody (See Elizabeth Moody)

          Dowd, David                    [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Glasser, George     [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Harper, Sara                    [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Henderson, Robert           [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Krenzler, Alvin I.    [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Krupansky, Blanche          [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Markus, Richard     [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Marsh, Benjamin    [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          McMonagle, James           [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          McQuade, Richard [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Moody, Elizabeth  [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Nahra, Joseph J.    [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Neal, Earl               [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Potter, John                    [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Robinson, Sandra   [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Simmons, Donald   [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Weick, Paul            [OH-North: U.S. District Court]

          Ohio-South / US Attorney

          Barnes, Christopher K [OH-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Frank, David K.      [OH-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Knowlton, Peter M. [OH-South : U.S. Attorney]

          McFarland, Mary Jane [OH-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Ohio-South / US Marshal

          Foster, Robert                 [OH-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Silver, Jacques J.   [OH-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Ohio-South - US District Court

          Duncan, Robert M. [OH-South: U.S. District Court]

          Kane, Lawrence     [OH-South: U.S. District Court]

          Weber, Herman      [OH-South: U.S. District Court]


          OA 12282

          Oklahoma-East / US Attorney

          Richardson, Gary    [OK-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Oklahoma-East / US Marshal

          Beard, Laurence C. [OK-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Oklahoma-East - US District Court

          Oklahoma-West / US Attorney

          Price, William S.    [OK-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Russell, David L.     [OK-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Oklahoma-West / US Marshal

          Booker, Charles     [OK-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Earnest, Stuart E.   [OK-West: U.S. Marshal]

          McDonald, John     [OK-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Oklahoma-West - US District Court

          Hunter, Judge Stewart     [OK-West: U.S. District Court]

          Oklahoma-North / US Attorney

          Keating, Francis Anthony  [OK-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Oklahoma-North / US Marshal

          Bingham, Calvin C. [OK-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Burris, Charles L.    [OK-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Connolly, Harry      [OK-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Oklahoma-North - US District Court

          Russel, David A.     [OK: U.S. District Court] (North, East & West)

          Oregon / US Attorney

          Collins, John L.      [OR : U.S. Attorney]

          Lezek, Sidney                  [OR : U.S. Attorney]

          Hall, Beverly B.      [OR : U.S. Attorney]

          Horton, J. Pat                 [OR : U.S. Attorney]

          Rutherford, Bill       [OR : U.S. Attorney]

          Turner, Charles H.  [OR : U.S. Attorney]

          Oregon / US Marshal

          Brouillette, James P         [OR: U.S. Marshal]

          Bagley, Kernan H.   [OR: U.S. Marshal]

          Irvin, Jimmy C.      [OR: U.S. Marshal]

          Oregon - US District Court

          Crookham, Charles          [OR: U.S. District Court]

          Leavy, Edward       [OR: U.S. District Court]

          Pennsylvania-East / US Attorney

          Dennis, Edward      [PA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Jerome, Judge Domenic D.  [PA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Robreno, Eduardo [PA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Scirica, Anthony [PA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Pennsylvania-East / US Marshal

          Kane, Eugene B.     [PA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Rapone, Thomas    [PA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Schaffer, Edward D.         [PA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Pennsylvania-East - US District Court

          Katz, Marvin [PA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Kelly, James [PA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Ludwig, Ed [PA-East: U.S. District Court]

          O'Neill, Thomas [PA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Palladino, Madeline         [PA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Scirica, Anthony [PA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Pennsylvania-Middle / US Attorney

          Queen, David D.     [PA-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Pennsylvania-Middle / US Marshal

          Chabal, Matthew    [PA-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Henry, Thomas      PA-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Pennsylvania-Middle - US District Court

          Caldwell, William W. [PA - Middle: U.S. District Court]

          Rowland, James     [PA-Middle: U.S. District Court]

          Pennsylvania-West / US Attorney

          Johnson, J. Alan    [PA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Malone, James F. III         [PA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Webb, William A.   [PA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Pennsylvania-West / US Marshal

          Marzullo, Eugene Vincent  [PA-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Simon, Paul           [PA-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Pennsylvania-West - US District Court

          Mansman, Carol     [PA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Mencer, Glenn E.    [PA-West: U.S. District Court]

          O'Kicki, Joseph F. (USDJ West District Pennsylvania)

          Wekselman, I. Martin  [PA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Puerto Rico / US Attorney

          Lopez -Romo, Daniel       [PR : U.S. Attorney]

          Puerto Rico / US Marshal

          Camara, Luis                   [PR: U.S. Marshal]

          Puerto Rico - US District Court

          Acosta, Raymond   [PR: U.S. District Court]

          Castellanos, Jesus A.       [PR: U.S. District Court]

          Cordova, Roberto   [PR: U.S. District Court]

          Hartman, Merrill L.          [PR: U.S. District Court]

          Laffitte, Hector      [PR: U.S. District Court]

          Pieras, James (Jaime)     [PR: U.S. District Court]

          Rhode Island / US Attorney

          Almond, Lincoln C.          [RI : U.S. Attorney]

          Rhode Island / US Marshal

          Wyatt, Donald W.   [RI: U.S. Marshal]

          Rhode Island - US District Court

          Gorham, Bradford [RI: U.S. District Court]

          Selya, Bruce                    [RI: U.S. District Court]  (Out Card - 1986)

          South Carolina / US Attorney

          McMaster, Henry Dargan [U.S.A., D.S.C.]

          South Carolina / US Marshal

          Carter, Michael R.  [SC: U.S. Marshal]

          Huguley, Mark W.   [SC: U.S. Marshal]

          Whitworth, William          [SC: U.S. Marshal]

          Wilson, L.L.           [SC: U.S. Marshal]

          South Carolina - US District Court

          Hamilton, Clyde H. Jr.  [SC: U.S. District Court]

          Mason, Thomasine           [SC: U.S. District Court]

          Wilkins, William W. Jr. [SC: U.S. District Court]


          OA 12283

          South Dakota / US Attorney

          Hogen, Phillip N.    [SD : U.S. Attorney]

          Srstka, William Jr.  [SD : U.S. Attorney]

          Viken, Jeff             [SD : U.S. Attorney]

          South Dakota / US Marshal

          Abdullah, Gene George [SD: U.S. Marshal]

          Gribbon, Patrick     [SD: U.S. Marshal] 

          Jones,         John            [SD: U.S. District Court]

          Nelson, James       [SD: U.S. District Court]

          Tennessee-East / US Attorney

          Gill, John               [TN-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Tennessee-East / US Marshal

          Montgomery, Bruce R  [TN-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Tennessee-East - US District Court

          Edgar, R. Allan       [TN-East: U.S. District Court]

          Hull, Thomas                   [TN-East: U.S. District Court]

          Inman, William H.            [TN-East: U.S. District Court]

          Jarvis, James                  [TN-East: U.S. District Court]

          Milburn, H. Ted      [TN-East: U.S. District Court]

          Reyling, Paul M.     [TN-East: U.S. District Court]

          Tennessee-Middle / US Attorney

          Brown, Joe Blackburn      [TN-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Goggin, Charles F. III        [TN-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Medley, Beverly M. [TN-Middle : U.S. Attorney]

          Tennessee-Middle / US Marshal

          Castleman, Clydell  [TN-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Goggin, Charles F.III         [TN-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Money, A. L.          [TN-Middle: U.S. Marshal]

          Tennessee-Middle - US District Court

          Higgins, Thomas   [TN-Middle: U.S. District Court]

          Tennessee-West / US Attorney

          Ewing, Wllm. H.     [TN-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Tennessee-West / US Marshal

          Callery, John Thomas      [TN-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Tennessee-West - US District Court

          Gibbons, Julia        [TN-West: U.S. District Court]

          Texas-North / US Attorney

          Rolfe, James A.      [TX-North: U.S. Attorney]

          Texas-North / US Marshal

          Peoples, Clint T.    [TX-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Texas-North - US District Court

          Fish, Allen              [TX-North: U.S. District Court]

          Hoffman, Leonard [TX-North: U.S. District Court]

          Texas-East / US Attorney

          Wortham, Robert J.         [TX-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Texas-East / US Marshal

          Barton, James G.   [TX-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Lawrence, James H.        [TX-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Texas-East - US District Court

          Cobb, Howell                   [TX-East: U.S. District Court]

          Dies, Jack              [TX-East: U.S. District Court]

          Foster, Joe Davis             [TX-East: U.S. District Court]

          Texas-South / US Attorney

          Briscoe, Frank                 [TX-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Hedges, Daniel K.   [TX-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Texas-South / US Marshal

          Anderson, Robert V.         [TX-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Baker, Basil S.                 [TX-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Crowder, Wallace E.        [TX-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Klevenhagen, John J. Jr  [TX-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Racamontes, Tony [TX-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Schottie, Michael Charles  [TX-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Walker, W. W. "Buddy"[TX-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Texas-South - US District Court

          Gonzalez, Raul       [TX-South: U.S. District Court]

          Harris, Paul            [TX-South: U.S. District Court]

          Head, Hayden Jr.   [TX-South: U.S. District Court]

          Hinojosa, Ricardo [TX-South: U.S. District Court] (1)(2)

          James, Jimmy                 [TX-South: U.S. District Court]

          Smith, John           [TX-South: U.S. District Court]

          Texas-West / US Attorney

          Eversberg, Helen    [TX-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Ewing, William H.   [TX-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Prado, Edward C.   [TX-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Texas-West / US Marshal

          Jonas, William J.   [TX-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Texas-West - US District Court

          Culver, Barbara      [TX-West: U.S. District Court]

          Lowry, Peter                    [TX-West: U.S. District Court]

          Nowlin, James R.  [TX-West: U.S. District Court]

          Prado, Ed              [TX-West: U.S. District Court]

          Sims, Jack             [TX-West: U.S. District Court]

          Smith, Walter                  [TX-West: U.S. District Court]

          Utah / US Attorney

          Sykes, Robert                  [UT : U.S. Attorney]

          Ward.Brent            [UT : U.S. Attorney]

          Utah / US Marshal

          Davis, Eugene H.    [UT: U.S. Marshal]

          Utah - US District Court

          Vermont / US Attorney

          Cook, George Wallace F.[VT : U.S. Attorney]

          Vermont / US Marshal

          Hansen, Christian   [VT: U.S. Marshal]

          Lowrey, Russell C.  [VT: U.S. Marshal]

          Vermont - US District Court

          Billings, Franklin S.           [VT: U.S. District Court]

          Crowley, Arthur      [VT: U.S. District Court]

          Wright, Lawrence   [VT: U.S. District Court]

          Virgin Islands / US Attorney

          Diehm, James                 [Virgin Islands : U.S. Attorney]

          Vialet, Fred            [Virgin Islands : U.S. Attorney]

          Virgin Islands / US Marshal

          Virgin Islands - US District Court

          Campbell, Roger L.          [VI: U.S. District Court]

          Finch,          Raymond L. [VI: U.S. District Court]

          O'Brien, David V.    [VI: U.S. District Court]

          Patterson, Eileen   [VI: U.S. District Court]


          OA 12284

          Virginia - Miscellaneous

          Virginia-East / US Attorney

          Davis, William F.    [VA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Foran, Kenneth L.  [VA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Munsell, Elsie L.     [VA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Poretz, Barry                   [VA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Williams, Justin     [VA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Virginia-East / US Marshal

          Hylton, Isaac                   [VA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          McKinney, Louie T. [VA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Rutherford, Hubert [VA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Virginia-East - US District Court

          Cacheris, Judge James C  [VA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Cohen, Harvey B.   [VA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Doumar, Robert George  [VA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Echols, M. Patton Jr.       [VA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Kellam, Richard      [VA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Morgan, Henry C.   [VA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Slenker, Norman    [VA-East: U.S. District Court]

          Virginia-West / US Attorney

          Alderman, John Perry      [VA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Mallesco, David      [VA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Virginia-West / US Marshal

          Beaman, Wayne D. [VA-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Bird, Towsen                   [VA-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Virginia-West - US District Court

          Davis, Beverly A.              [VA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Dotson, J. Ray                 [VA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Kiser, Jackson L.  [VA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Moon, Norman       [VA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Poff, William                   [VA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Stone, Phillip                   [VA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Sweeney, William W.   [VA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Washington-East / US Attorney

          Lamp, John E.                 [WA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Miller, Richard W.   [WA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Richard, Richard     [WA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Robinson, Richard  [WA-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Washington-East / US Marshal

          Gonzalez, Abelardo         [WA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Nolan, Paul R.                  [WA-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Washington-East - US District Court

          Washington-West / US Attorney

          Anderson, Gene     [WA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Kennedy, James E. [WA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Robinson, Richard C.       [WA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Schaefer, Steven    [WA-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Washington-West / US Marshal

          Corr, Eugene                   [WA-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Washington-West - US District Court

          Coughenour, John C. [WA - Western: U.S. District Court]

          Hendry, Ronald L. [WA-West: U.S. District Court]

          Bailey, John Preston        [WV-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Curry, Roger D.      [WV-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Francis, Michael     [WV-North : U.S. Attorney]

          Kolibash, William   [WV-North : U.S. Attorney]

          West Virginia-North / US Marshal

          Bechtold, Leroy      [WV-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Bumgardner, Rex    [WV-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Crouser, Bradley    [WV-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Donnell, Ron          [WV-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Durocher, Leo                 [WV-North: U.S. Marshal]

          Marion, James                 [WV-North: U.S. Marshal]

          McKenzie, Arthur L [WV-North: U.S. Marshal].

          Miller, Wm. Blane   [WV-North: U.S. Marshal]

          West Virginia-North - US District Court

          West Virginia-South / US Attorney

          Charnock, John N. Jr.      [WV-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Farber, David                   [WV-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Lane, Charlotte      [WV-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Rich, Wayne A.     [WV-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Miller, Steven L.     [WV-South : U.S. Attorney]

          Sinclair, Wayne      [WV-South : U.S. Attorney]

          West Virginia-South / US Marshal

          Hickman, James P. [WV-South: U.S. Marshal]

          Humphreys, Irvin W.        [WV-South: U.S. Marshal]

          West Virginia-South - US District Court

          Brewster, Harold    [WV-South: U.S. District Court]

          Daugherty, D. B.     [WV-South: U.S. District Court]

          Hallanan, Elizabeth          [WV-South: U.S. District Court]

          Kingery, Don                    [WV-South: U.S. District Court]

          Redd, William        [WV-South: U.S. District Court]

          Scott, George        [WV-South: U.S. District Court]

          Wisconsin-East / US Attorney

          Stadtmueller, Joseph P  [WI-East : U.S. Attorney]

          Wisconsin-East / US Marshal

          Howard, Raymond J.       [WI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Keating, Robert T.  [WI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Taubel, Rodney J.  [WI-East: U.S. Marshal]

          Wisconsin-East - US District Court

          Curran, Thomas     [WI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Fine, Ralph            [WI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Fiorenza, John       [WI-East: U.S. District Court]

          Wisconsin-West / US Attorney

          Byrnes, John R.      [WI-West : U.S. Attorney]

          Wisconsin-West / US Marshal

          Falk, Nelson F.       [WI-West: U.S. Marshal]

          Wisconsin-West - US District Court

          Boll, James                     [WI-West: U.S. District Court]

          Shabaz, John C.     [WI-West: U.S. District Court]    

          Thompson, Robert M.      [WI-West: U.S. District Court]

          Wyoming / US Attorney

          Horn, Vincent J. Jr.         [WY : U.S. Attorney]

          Stacy, Richard A.    [WY : U.S. Attorney]

          Wyoming / US Marshal

          Lee, Theodore R.   [WY: U.S. Marshal]

          Roberts, Delaine    [WY: U.S. Marshal]

          Wyoming - US District Court



                   INTERNATIONAL TRADE, BANKRUPTCY).   1981-1989.

          CFOA 761

          Federal/Claims - Misc.

          Federal /Claims - "Misc."

          Anthony, Robert A., U.S. Court of Claims

          Banner, Donald, Fed Circuit/Court of Claims

          Blair, Homer O., Court of Claims

          Branfman, Eric

          Brandt, Harold

          Breiling, John

          Chadwick, H. Beatty, Court of Claims

          Child, Ramon (Ct of Claims)

          Colaianni, Joseph V.

          Coldren, John I., U.S. Claims Court

          Cooper, Jean, Court of Claims

          Cotter, B.Paul, U.S. Claims Court

          Dreifus, Jordan, Claims

          Duvall, Charles, Claims

          Duvall, Donald

          Foster, Lynn G. (Mr.), Court of Claims

          Garza, Carlos, U.S. Court of Claims

          Gasque, Thomas, Court of Claims

          Gibson, Reginald, Claims Court

          Goodsell, Glen R. (Claims Court)

          Harvey, James, U.S. Court of Claims

          Harkins, Kenneth, Fed. Claims

          Henderson, Douglas B., Fed. Circuit

          Horn, Marian, Claims

          Joost, Robert H.

          Kerr, James W., Federal/Claims

          Keever, James, Ct. of Claims

          Kozinski, Alex

          Ladd, David, "Claims"

          Ludwig, Edmund, Fed.  Claims

          McGranery, Regina, Claims Court

          Margolis, Larry

          Mayer, Haldane Robert

          Merow, James, U.S. Court of Claims

          Miller, Jack, Claims

          Newman, Pauline, Fed. Claims

          Nilsson, Byard, Claims Court

          Page, Vincent

          Nettesheim, Christine, Claims Court

          Railsback, Thomas

          Ross, Rebecca, Court of Claims


          CFOA  762

          Saxon, Janet D. (Court of Claims)

          Schepers, Jean (Claims Court)

          Schifter, Richard

          Seto, Robert M.M., Court of  Claims

          Sommer, Evelyn,  Fed. Claims

          Spector, Louis, U.S. Ct. of Claims

          Stokes, William, Claims

          Swift, Stephen J., Claims

          Thompson, Joan, Federal Claims

          Tidwell, Moody, Claims Court

          Unger, Sherman

          Ware, Thaddeus, Ct. of Cl.

          White, Mastin, U.S. Claims

          White, William C. (Claims Court)

          Wiese, John, Court of Claims

          Witherspoon, John (Fed. Claims)

          Yock, Robert J., Federal / Claims

          Yock, Robert J., U.S. Court of Claims

          09/11/1981 - For FFF to Sign from DEW

          U.S. Court of Military Appeals

          Court of International Trade

          Bankruptcy Judges

          Bankruptcy Judges - Illinois - Central District 

          Bankruptcy Judges - Ohio - Northern District 

          Judicial Selection Process



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          Judicial Selection - Attorneys/Marshals

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