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COOKSEY, SHERRIE M.: Files, 1981-1986


Counsel to the President, Office of

Legislative Affairs, White House Office of (See Separate Inventory)


This collection is arranged into 7 series.  The series are: SERIES I: Subject File; SERIES II: Enrolled Bills and Resolutions; SERIES III: Environmental Protection Agency Investigation ; SERIES IV: Judicial Selection; SERIES V: Non-Judicial Appointments; SERIES VI: Presidential Travel; and SERIES VII: Chronological File



          OA 11720

          SMC/Abramoff, Jack

          SMC/Administration's Accomplishments (1981-1984)

          SMC/Administrative Law Reform Program (Loren Smith )

          SMC/Administrative Office Requests

          SMC/Advance Office Memos

          SMC/Advance Seminar (12/03/1983-12/04/1983)

          Advance Staff

          SMC/Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

          SMC/Aikens, Joan D.

          SMC/Air Force 1, Use of Picture

          SMC/Alaskan Lands Giveaway


          Ambassadors and State Department

          Ambassadors to Review

          SMC/Americans Abroad

          SMC/American Bar Association (ABA) Correspondence

          SMC/American Bar Association President's Address, 08/01/1983

          SMC/American Federation of Government Employees v. K. William O'Connor

          SMC/AFL / CIO, et al, v. K. William O'Connor, Special Counsel Merit Systems

                   Protection Board

          SMC/American Program Bureau

          American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) Rate Increase Requests

          SMC/Americans to Reelect President Reagan

          SMC/Antenucci, Alfred [Assassination Attempt on President Reagan] (1)(2)

          SMC/Anti-Crime Package (1)-(4)

          SMC/Anti- Lobbying Act

          Appointees – Central American Commission

          SMC/Appointment Clause

          SMC/Articles, (Magazine, Journal)

          SMC/Association of American Trial Lawyers - Timmons

          SMC/Auctions / Fundraising

          Augmentation of Appropriations

          Baker, James A. III

          SMC/Bakker, Jim

          Bankruptcy [I]


          OA 11721

          Bankruptcy [II]

          Bankruptcy [II]: Bankruptcy Act of 1978 (File in Sherrie’s Office)

          SMC/Banzhaf v. Smith [Appointment of Special Prosecutor]

          SMC/Barbour, Haley

          SMC/Baroody Memos

          SMC/Baseballs for Olympic Team

          SMC/Berliner, Harry

          SMC/Bessent, Carl - Request to Present Award to President

          SMC/Bilingual Ballots Correspondence.

          SMC/Blind Trusts

          SMC/Blind Trust Forms

          SMC/Board for International Broadcasting

          SMC/Board of Visitors, U. S. Naval Academy

          SMC/Bob Jones University v. The United States

          SMC/Borders v. Reagan

          SMC/Braddock Publications - Use of Presidential Seal

          SMC/Brady, Sarah and Jim

          SMC/Briefing Book

          Briefing Book - Response to Albosta Letter


          SMC/Business and Health Article

          SMC/Cabinet Council Material Public Release

          SMC/Cabinet Council on Legal Policy

          Candidate Status

          SMC/Canons of Legal Ethics (American Bar Association)

          SMC/Central America Outreach Program

          SMC/Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Authorization Bill

          SMC/Central States Pension Fund

          SMC/Chapman, Bruce - Article on Fairness

          SMC/Chappell, David - Freedom of Information Act Request


          OA 11722

          SMC/Chicago Trip - Federal Election Commission Complaints - MUR 1790

          SMC/Chicago World's Fair 1992, Age of Discovery

          SMC/China Trip Documentary

          SMC/Christensen, Alton – Correspondence Regarding Deficit

          Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission

          SMC/Church - State Separation Correspondence

          SMC/Citizens For Reagan

          SMC/Citrus Section 301 Petition (Trade)

          SMC/Civil Procedure, Response Time for Complaints against Government Employees

          SMC/Civil Rights Commission

          SMC/Civil Rights Task Force, Executive Branch Participation

          [Combined Federal Campaign]

          SMC/Commercial Discounts

          SMC/Commission on Executive Exchange

          SMC/Common Cause

          SMC/Comparable Worth

          SMC/Comptroller General Opinions

          SMC/Conflicts of Interest (Revolving Door Remarks)

          SMC/Consumers Union of U.S. v. Federal Trade Commission (FTC Rules on Used Cars)

          SMC/Confidentiality of Financial Filings, GS 13-15's

          SMC/Contempt of Congress Vote by House of Representatives

          SMC/Cornelius, Sam - Question about Awards Banquet

          SMC/Cost of Living Adjustments

          SMC/Cotton Dust Regulations

          SMC/Council of Economic Advisers - Acting Chairman

          SMC/Council of Economic Advisors - Request for Data for Privacy Act Report

          SMC/Cowboy Memorial

          SMC/Craft, Christine

          SMC/Crime Control Act of 1983

          SMC/Crittenton Mission Week

          SMC/Customs and International Trade Bar Association

          SMC/Darrow, Shelley Correspondence re Temporary Restraining Order for Band in


          SMC/Death of a Presidential Candidate or President Elect

          SMC/"Death Valley Days" Ad

          SMC/Deaver Book Contract

          SMC/Deaver Correspondence

          SMC/Debate Text, Reagan / Mondale

          SMC/Debt Limit and Impoundment Authority

          [Defense Preparedness Bond Act]

          SMC/Deficit Reduction 1985

          Delegation of Authority [Not in box - Out Card to Astrue – December 1988]

          SMC/Denver, John

          SMC/Department of Defense Directive - Use of Military Transport

          SMC/Department of Energy Reports on Prior Employment

          SMC/Department of Justice Comments on H.R. 1579 - A Bill to Change the Jurisdiction

                   of the Northern SMC/Detailees to White House

          District of Illinois

          [Deputy Comptroller General, Appointment of ]

          SMC/Derivados Acrilicos v. Reagan (Production of Cabinet Council Documents)

                   [Textile Working Group] (1)-(13)

          SMC/Don Devine, Renomination as Director of Office of Personnel Management

          SMC/Dialcom White House News Service

          SMC/Dingell Request re: John Scruggs

          SMC/Directors and Boards

          SMC/Disaster and Emergency Declarations


          OA 11723

          SMC/Disneyland Message Requests

          SMC/District of Columbia Bench - Resignation Letters

          SMC/Dixon / Lee County Hometown Heritage Foundation

          SMC/Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising Copy

          SMC/Do's and Don'ts Paper

          SMC/Dole, Elizabeth

          SMC/Donation to Reduce National Debt

          SMC/Raymond Donovan

          SMC/Donovan (1)-(3)

          SMC/Donovan: Special Prosecutor's Report (1)(2)

          SMC/Dow, Lohnes, & Albertson v. USIA

          SMC/Drunk Driving - Extension of Commission

          SMC/Duberstein Memoranda

          SMC/Dupont Caribbean Inc. Claim against the Government of Haiti

          SMC/Education Issues

          SMC/Education Proclamation

          SMC/Election Crimes / Public Corruption Seminar Memorandum

          SMC/Electronic Mail

          SMC/Ellingwood, Herb

          SMC/Energy, Regional Reserve Report

          SMC/EPA - Assistance of in Clean-up of Boston Harbor

          SMC/Environmental Protection Agency Semi-Annual Inspector General Report

          SMC/Equal Time

          SMC/Ethics In Government Act of 1978

          SMC/Ethics in Government Act, Conflicts of Interests

          SMC/Ethics In Government Act - Special Prosecutor Provisions

          SMC/Amendments to the Ethics in Government Act - H.R. 1650

          SMC/Amendments to the Ethics in Government Act - H.R. 5719

          SMC/Amendments to the Ethics in Government Act, S.641

          SMC/Amendments to the Ethics in Government Act, White House Memos

          [Office of Government Ethics - Digest of Selected Letters 1984]

          SMC/Eureka College

          SMC/Executive Level Pay Increases

          SMC/Executive Order - Amending the Generalized System of Preferences

          SMC/Executive Order Designating a Federal Retirement System under Public Law



          OA 11724

          SMC/Executive Order Entitled Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

          SMC/Executive Order Entitled East / West Foreign Trade Report

          SMC/Executive Order Entitled "Level IV of Executive Schedule"

          SMC/Executive Order Entitled Presidential Advisory Council on Peace Corps.

          SMC/Executive Order Entitled Transfer of Functions Relating to Vessels for Pollution Liability.

          SMC/Executive Order No. 11222 Revisions [Financial Reporting within Executive Branch]

          SMC/Executive Order No. 12401 Presidential Commission on Indian Reservations Economics

          Executive Order on Classification

          SMC/Executive Order on Regulatory Planning Process

          SMC/Executive Order on Women's Business Ownership

          SMC/Executive Order on Women's Business Ownership: Advisory Committee on

                   Women’s Business Ownership

          SMC/Executive Order - World Tourism

          SMC/Executive Orders - General

          SMC/Executive Orders Reviewed by Counsel's Office

          SMC/Executive Privilege

          SMC/Executive Privilege Energy Department

          SMC/Executive Privilege - General Dynamics

          SMC/Executive Privilege U.S. v. Nixon

          SMC/Exploratory Committees

          SMC/Fairness Doctrine (1)-(3)

          SMC/Father's Day Proclamation

          SMC/Federal Advisory Committee Act

          SMC/Federal Communications Commission

          SMC/Federal Comptroller, Pedro San Juan / Guam

          SMC/Federal Contribution for the Presidential Nominating Conventions, H.R. 5950

          SMC/Federal Council on Aging

          SMC/Federal District Court Organization Act of 1984 - H.R. 6163

          SMC/Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments

          SMC/Federal Election Commission

          SMC/Federal Election Commission Presidential Primary Matching Fund Regulations

          Federal Election Commission Proposed General Election Regulations (for 1984)

          SMC/Federal Election Commission v. National Conservative Political Action Committee


          SMC/Federal Election Law - General

          SMC/Federal Election Law Proposals - 1983

          SMC/Federal Elections - Day - Time, Etc. - H.R. 39, and H.R. 640

          SMC/Federal Employees, Safety and Health Program Initiatives

          SMC/Federal Financial Aid Funds

          SMC/Federal Funds Allocated to Former Presidents and Families

          SMC/- Federal Grants to Assist Voter Registration - HR 4367

          SMC/Federal Incentive Awards Program


          OA 11725

          SMC/Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission

          SMC/Federal Strategy re: Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking

          SMC/Federal Tort Claims Act Amendments


          SMC/Fee Cap Legislation

          SMC/Feldman, Martin (Judge) Habeas Corpus

          SMC/Feldstein, Martin

          SMC/Fetridge, Harrison (Vrdolyak)

          SMC/FFF Speeches

          SMC/Financial Disclosure Reports

          SMC/Floppy Disks / Memo to Fuller

          SMC/Food Stamp Documents

          SMC/Foreign Agents

          SMC/Fowler / McCracken Commission

          [Freedom of Information Act - H.R. 4805]

          Freedom of Information Act Amendments

          Freedom of Information Act Background

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Background

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act / Central Intelligence Agency / S. 1324

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Litigation - Pearson v Ronald Reagan et. al.


          OA 11726

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Requests / Appeals (March 1981 - December 1982)

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Requests / Appeals (January 1983-September 1983)

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Requests / Appeals (October 1983-December 1983)

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Requests / Appeals for White House Records

(January 1984-June 1984)

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Requests / Appeals for White House Records

(July 1984-Decenber 1984)


          OA 11727

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Requests / Appeals for White House Records

(January 1985-June 1985)

          SMC/Freedom of Information Act Requests / Appeals for White House Records

(July 1985-December 1985)

          SMC/Fremd, Robert E. -Offer of Help ($$)

          SMC/Gift Policy

          SMC/Gifts to Presidential Library

          SMC/Ginsburg, David

          SMC/Government Contract Indemnification

          SMC/Grenada Events

          SMC/Grove City

          SMC/Guinea - Presidential Letter to President of

          SMC/Gunn, Wendell Wilkie

          SMC/Hackett, Jim

          SMC/Hall, Lydia Cable - Correspondence re: Cook's Camp, NC.

          SMC/Hance, Kent - Switch to Republican Party

          SMC/Harges, Barbara -Correspondence with FFF

          SMC/Harper, Paul - Department of Justice Referral for Marshal in Central District of CA

          SMC/Harry R.E. Hampton Visitor Center - S. 1889

          SMC/Hatch Act

          SMC/Health and Human Services - Order of Succession

          SMC/Hiestand, O. S. Esquire

          SMC/Higgins Questions

          SMC/Hispanic Leadership Luncheon

          SMC/Historic Preservation (Advisory Council)


          SMC/Honorary Memberships / Chairmanships

          SMC/House Democratic Caucus "Blueprint for Future" - Office of Policy Development Review

          SMC/Hutton, Debbie - Requests

          SMC/Immigration Matters ("Charlie Two Shoes")


          SMC/Inaugural Address - 1985

          SMC/Incentive Pay for Hazardous Duty

          SMC/Independent Expenditures

          SMC/Independent Retirement Accounts

          SMC/Indiana Congressional Seat

          SMC/Insanity Defense (1)(2)

          SMC/Inspector General Act

          SMC/Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 1986

          SMC/Inter-American Foundation

          SMC/Intercircuit Tribunal

          SMC/Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education

          SMC/Intergovernmental Affairs

          SMC/Intergovernmental Affairs Mailings- 1985

          SMC/International Business Machines (IBM) Family Day

          SMC/International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas

          SMC/International Trade Commission

          SMC/International Trade Commission - Investigation of Generalized Systems of

                   Preferences - Two Year Review

          [Investigations: Meese Memo to File re: Telecon Fielding/Martin]

          SMC/Jackson, John W. - Letter Referred to Secret Service

          SMV/Jacobson, Shawna - Correspondence re: How to Prepare for Presidential Election

          SMC/Japanese Trade

          JFK Center for the Performing Arts

          SMC/Judicial Inaugural Invitations

          SMC/Keating, Robert Ambassador to Madagascar

          SMC/King, Martin Luther - Sealed Government Records on

          SMC/King, Mercedes

          SMC/Kirkpatrick, Jean


          OA 11728

          SMC/Labor Solicitor's Office

          SMC/Larouche, Lyndon

          SMC/Laubach, Vincent

          SMC/Law Enforcement Activities (Background Paper)

          SMC/Legal Fee Cap Bill

          SMC/Legal Services Corporation (1)(2)

          SMC/Legislative Veto

          SMC/Lehrman, Lew

          SMC/Lenox China

          SMC/Letter Carriers / Correspondence

          SMC/Lobbying Act Amendments of 1984

          SMC/Mailings - Review of

          SMC/Manatt, Charles Correspondence

          SMC/Manson, Bruce D. (Train Museum)

          SMC/Markey Request for Department of Energy Documents

          SMC/Marriott, Phyllis

          McClure Volkmer

          SMC/McDonald v. Smith

          SMC/Medal of Freedom

          SMC/Meese, Ed

          SMC/Melnick, - Irving Correspondence re: Hotel in Hawaii

          SMC/Message Requests

          SMC/Michigan State Chairman / Correspondence

          SMC/ 1982 Minority Business Procurement Goals

          SMC/Montana, Great Falls Centennial

          Montreal Protocols  Cooksey

          SMC/Multiple Sclerosis Read-A-Thon


          SMC/Naming of National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee Building for

                   President Reagan

          National Capital Planning Commission

          SMC/National Endowment for Democracy

          SMC/National Labor Relations Board

          SMC/National Narcotics Border Interdiction System (Deconcini)

          SMC/National Security Information

          SMC/National Security Council Conflicts of Interest Questions

          SMC/National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

          New Variable Rate Savings Bond

          SMC/New York Times v. Sullivan


          Nicaragua: Legal Basis for Aid to the Contras

          SMC/Nicaragua:  Legislation (S. 960)

          SMC/Nicaragua "Money Mail"

          SMC/Nimmo, Robert  - Veterans Administration

          SMC/98th Congress - Message for

          SMC/Non-Rubber Footwear - Section 301 of Trade Act of 1974

          SMC/Nuclear Freeze

          SMC/O'Brien, Thomas

          SMC/O'Callaghan, Mike

          SMC/O'Connor, William - re: Naval Submarine Base in CT

          SMC/Office of Government Ethics

          SMC/Office of Government Ethics - Financial Disclosure Filers

          Office of Government Ethics Materials

          SMC/Office of Government Ethics Testimony by Martin (April 1985)

          SMC/Office of Management and Budget Circular A-122

          SMC/Office of Personnel Management - Administration Personnel Policy

          SMC/Oglesby, Roukema Correspondence

          SMC/Olympic Games China

          SMC/Olympic Torch Relay



          OA 11729

          [Organized Crime]: SMC/Executive Order on Organized Crime

          [Organized Crime]: SMC/Organized Crime Task Force

          [Organized Crime]: President's Commission on Organized Crime

          SMC/Orientation Program for Presidential Appointees

          SMC/Outreach Program to Key Supporters

          SMC/Overseas Citizens Voting Rights Act - Correspondence

          Political Action Committee Contributions

          Paperwork Reduction Act

          Paperwork Reduction Act: Paperwork Reduction Act

          SMC/Pardons Process

          SMC/Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation


          SMC/Pension Equity Act

          SMC/Photo Requests

          SMC/Planned Parenthood

          SMC/Pocket Veto (1)(2)

          SMC/Pocket Veto Litigation Barnes v. Kline (1)-(4)

          (Political Activities) Intergovernmental Affairs

          Political Activity by Public Liaison Staff

          Political Activity by White House Staff

          SMC/Political Affairs Requests -1985

          SMC/Political Contributions by Federal Employees (18 U.S.C.S. 603)

          SMC/Political Fundraising

          Political Mail


          Post Employment Conflicts of Interest

          Presidential Acceptance Speech at Convention

          SMC/Presidential Addresses

          SMC/Presidential Articles

          SMC/Presidential Articles in Leaders Magazine

          SMC/Presidential Classroom

          SMC/Presidential Letters (General)

          SMC/Presidential Letters - Christian Voice

          SMC/Presidential Messages

          SMC/Presidential Pardons


          OA 11730

          Presidential Proclamations

          SMC/Presidential Radio Talks

          SMC/Presidential Records Act

          SMC/Presidential Remarks (1984) I

          SMC/Presidential Remarks (1984) II

          SMC/Presidential Remarks (January 1985-July 1985]

          SMC/Presidential Speech Planning Schedule

          SMC/Presidential Speeches

          SMC/Presidential Statements

          SMC/Presidential Supporters Correspondence

          SMC/Presidential Talking Points

          SMC/Presidential Tapings

          SMC/Presidential Transition Trust and Foundation

          SMC/President's Committee on Arts and the Humanities

          SMC/President's Committee on Mental Retardation

          SMC/President’s Expense Allowance

          SMC/President's Export Council


          OA 11731

          SMC/President's News Conferences

          SMC/Press Briefings in Residence

          SMC/Press Calls

          SMC/Press Requests

          SMC/Princess Grace Foundation

          SMC/Privacy Act

          SMC/Privacy Act Requests

          Private Sector Initiatives

          SMC/Private Sector Survey on Cost Control

          SMC/Pro Bono Services by Federal Government Attorneys

          SMC/Proclamation Inquiries

          SMC/Productivity Bill

          Products Liability Legislation

          SMC/Public Debt Limit

          SMC/Public Liaison Questions

          SMC/Reagan, Maureen

          SMC/Reagan, Nancy: Dedication of Play on Drug Abuse

          SMC/Reagan, Nancy: Foster Grandparents' Program

          SMC/Reagan, Nancy: Portrait in a Magazine Ad

          SMC/Reagan, Nancy: Requests for Participation in Outside Events

          SMC/Reagan, Ronald - Charitable Contributions

          SMC/Reagan, Ronald Reads Stories from the Old Testament

          SMC/Reagan Soft Drink

          SMC/Recess Appointments

          Recusal Letters

          SMC/Regan, Donald - Letter to Editors and Publishers [April 1985]

          SMC/Removal Authority of President

          SMC/Removal of Appointees Prior to End of Term of Appointment

          SMC/Removal of Names from Armed Services Promotion Lists

          SMC/Republican Fundraising Efforts - Response to Letters  (Higgins)

          SMC/Republican National Committee

          SMC/Republican National Committee Presidential Activity

          SMC/Republican Women's Leadership Forum

          SMC/Requests for Donations from White House, President

          SMC/Request for Intervention 1982-1983

          SMC/Requests for Intervention 1984


          OA 11732

          SMC/Requests for Intervention 1985

          SMC - Requests for Intervention (Eugene Connelly)

          SMC/Requests for Presidential Participation

          SMC/Resale Price Maintenance Proposal

          SMC/Review of Draft Proclamations

          SMC/Riley, Wally - Correspondence

          SMC/Republican National Committee - State and Local Committee's Support of Federal


          SMC/Rose, David - Correspondence re: Treasury's Energy Tax Proposals

          SMC/Royal Doulton

          SMC - Ruppe, Loret

          SMC/Rustoven Speech

          SMC/Sanchez-Espinoza v. Reagan

          Saunders, George - Questions

          SMC/Schedule Proposals

          SMC/School Prayer (1)-(8)

          SMC/Scientology Church v. Federal Bureau of Investigation

          SMC/Secret Service Referrals

          SMC/SES Awards - Memorandum to Heads of Departments and Agencies

          SMC/Shelton College Case

          SMC/Showalter, English - Correspondence re: New National Endowment for the

                   Humanities (NEH) Chairman

          SMC/Smith, Roger - General Motors Chairman - RR Letter

          SMC/Snow, Olympia - Federal Communications Commission Matter

          SMC/Social Security

          SMC/Social Security Effect on Senior Judges

          [Solar Bank Litigation - Dabney v Reagan

          SMC/Sony Corporation of America v. Universal Studios, Inc.

          SMC/South Carolina Senate Reapportionment Proposal - Department of Justice

          SMC/Special Government Employees

          SMC/Special Inquiry Background Investigations (SPIN) Report

          SMC/Statute of Liberty

          SMC/Status Reports on Assignments

          SMC/Student Request

          SMC/Summit (Economic) - Payment of Expenses by Host Nations

          SMC/Sundseth, Carolyn

          SMC/Talking Points for Office of Policy Development

          SMC/Talking Points on the Reagan Record

          SMC/Tapings for Political Candidates - Review of

          SMC/Tax Bill - To Relieve Burden on Presidential Appointees

          SMC/Tax Exempt Organizations  501 (c) (3)

          SMC/Tax Proposal

          SMC/Teeley, Pete

          SMC/TERA’s Automated Record Management System

          SMC/Terrorist Activities - Rewards Legislation

          SMC/Testimony re: H.R. 3919 - "Carmack Amendment" and Location of Federal Courts

          SMC/Testimony / Statements - Review of

          SMC/Review of Administration Testimony, etc. to Congress

          SMC/Third Branch Interview

          Thurmond, Strom


          OA 11733

          SMC/Federal Timber Contracts: Congressional Document Request

          SMC/Tourism Week - Billboard Request

          SMC/Troxler, Lee

          SMC/Trudeau - Presidential Letter to

          SMC/Truman Centennial Birth Celebration

          SMC/Tuition Tax Credits

          Tustin, City of - Request for Meeting with President

          SMC/Tuttle, Bob - Requests for Information on Federal Appointees

          [United Nations Fund for Population Activities]

          [United Nations Fund for Population Activities]: PJR/A.I.D. Population Policy

          SMC/Unsolicited Proposals and Comments

          SMC/U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council

          SMC/United States / Japan Commission

          SMC/U.S. v. Daniel Brewster

          SMC/U.S. v. Hansen

          SMC/United States v. Woodley (Ninth Circuit Opinion)

          SMC/Use of President’s Name, Likeness, etc. for Commercial Purposes (1982-83)

          SMC/Use of President’s Name, Likeness, etc. for Commercial Purposes (January 1984-June 1984)

          SMC/Use of President’s Name, Likeness, etc. for Commercial Purposes (June 1984-December 1984)


          OA 11734

          SMC/Use of President’s Name, Likeness, etc. for Commercial Purposes (January 1985-August 1985)

          SMC/Use of President’s Name, Likeness, etc. - "Double Eagle" Commemorative Medallion

          SMC/Use of President’s Name, Likeness, etc. - Statue of Liberty Centennial

          SMC/Use of President’s Signature

          SMC/Use of the Presidential Seal and Great Seal

          SMC/Use of Pres. Seal and Pres. Name in National Republican Congressional Campaign

                   Fundraising Letters

          SMC/Use of White House Name

          SMC/Vacancy Act

          SMC/Vice President’s Residence - Refurbishing

          SMC/Victims of Crime Materials

          SMC/Videotapes (Presidential), Use of 

          SMC/Vision Week Proclamation

          SMC/Volunteer Action Awards

          SMC/Volunteers, Use of

          SMC/Von Damn, Helene

          SMC/Voter Registration Program

          SMC/Voter Registration Speeches

          SMC/Wallop / Breaux Fund and Administration FY 1986 Budget Proposals

          SMC/Walt Disney Studio Request to Photograph White House

          SMC/War Powers

          SMC/Washington Legal Foundation

          SMC/Watergate and Post Watergate Campaign "Ethics" Reforms

          SMC/Watkins,  Ralph - Switch to Republican Party

          SMC - Watt - Remarks Review

          SMC/Watt, James

          SMC/Webster, William

          SMC/Wetterman / Shadrin Correspondence

          SMC/ Weyrich, Paul


          OA 11735

          SMC/White House Employees: Ethics Questions

          SMC/White House Talking Points

          SMC/White House Vigil for the ERA Committee v. William P. Clark

          SMC/Wilderness Legislation, June 1984

          SMC/Wilderness / Wild & Scenic Rivers Legislative Proposal

          SMC/Wilson Questions (Ed)

          SMC/Winpisinger v. Watson

          SMC/Wire Services for White House Press Corps

          Women’s Issues (1)-(13)

          Woodruff Paintings

          SMC/Wyden - Correspondence with James Baker

          SMC/Wynette, Tammy - Private Sector Initiatives Project

          SMC/Young American for Freedom

          SMC/Young, John - Cleveland Old Stone Church Request for RR

          SMC/Youth Citizenship Award

          SMC/Youth Employment Opportunity Wage Legislation



          OA 11735 (Continued)

          SMC/Enrolled Resolutions

          Accelerated Release of Assassination Papers - H.J. Res.160

          SMC/African Famine Relief and Farm Emergency Credit - H.R. 1096

          SMC/African Famine Relief and Recovery Act - S. 689 - H.R. 1239

          Agriculture Appropriations Bill

          SMC/Alzheimer’s Disease Month H.J. Res. 451

          Amend U.S. Code Legal Services - H.R. 3233

          Amendment of the Economy Act - H.R. 2528

          Amendments - H.R. 2867 - Administration Position

          SMC/American Conservation Corps, H.R. 999

          SMC/Appropriation Act - Legislative Branch - H.R. 5753

          SMC/Authorization of Appropriations for the International Trade Commission, Customs

                   and U.S.Trade Representative - H.R. 6094

          Authorization of Appropriations - Smithsonian Museum of African Art - H.R. 5659

          Aviation Insurance Program Extension - H.R. 5930

          SMC/Bankruptcy Rules - H.R 3549

          Certification of Title 31, U.S. Code - H.R. 6128

          SMC/Chattahooche River National Recreation Area Amendments, H.R. 2645

          SMC/Cocopah Indian Tribe Land Transfer -  H.R. 730, H.R. 5760

          SMC/Combat International Terrorism, H.R. 6311

          Communications Amendments Act of 1982 - H.R. 3239

          Conveyance of Land Interests in Connecticut - H.R. 6422

          SMC/Conveyance of National Forest Land to Craig County, Virginia, H.R. 5183

          [Designation of the "Paul Findley Building" - H.R. 7406]

          SMC/Designation of Walter E. Hoffman U. S. Courthouse - H.R. 5027

          SMC/Education Day U.S.A., H.J. RES, 186

          SMC/Electoral Vote Count Day Change - H.R. 649

          Endangered Species Act Amendments - H.R. 6133

          SMC/Energy Policy and Conservation Act Amendment - H.R. 4194

          SMC/Fair Housing Month - H.R. Res.. 188

          SMC/Federal Communication Commission Authorization Act of 1983 - H.R. 2755

          SMC/Federal Employee Retirement Amendments - H.R. 2077

          SMC/Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act - H.R. 2785

          SMC/Federal Recognition of Cow Creek Indians - H.R. 6588

          SMC/Federal Recognition of the Coos, and Various Indian Tribes - HR 3697

          SMC/ Federal Recognition of Tribes of Grand Ronde Comm. of Oregon

          SMC/Federal Seed Act Amendments of 1982 - H.R. 7005

          SMC/Federal Water Pollution Control Effective Limitations - H.R. 7159

          SMC/Fire Island National Science Seashore Amendments, H.R. 3697

          SMC/Fishery and Ocean-Related Programs and Miscellaneous Amendments – H.R. 6342

          SMC/Florida Wilderness Act of 1983 - H.R. 9

          SMC/Florida Wilderness - H.R. 9

          SMC/Gatson, Carlos Mebrano, Relief of  - H.R. 724

          SMC/Interstate Compact for Salmon etc. - H.R. 3044

          SMC/Jonas E. Salk Day, H.J. Res. 258

          SMC/Land Conveyance in Seneca County, Ohio - H.R. 5716

          SMC/Land Exchange in Mono County, California - H.R. 2475

          Legislative Branch Appropriations - H.R. 3135

          SMC/Lithuanian Independence Day - H.J. Res. 655

          SMC/Makah Indian Tribe Lands - H.R. 3376

          SMC/McCoy Federal Building  H.R. 3402

          Military Construction Codification Act - H.R. 6451

          Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

          SMC/National Academy of Public Administration - H.R. 3249

          SMC/National Animal Health Week H.J. Res. 526 and Proclamation

          SMC/National Bureau of Standards, Authorization and Robotics, etc. H.R. 5172

          SMC/National Children's Week - H.J. Res. 153

          SMC/National Forest System Land Conveyance to the Sabine River Authority – H.R. 3150

          National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Authority - H.R. 6273

          SMC/National Hospice Month - H.J. Res. 334

          SMC/National Inventor's Day - H.J. Res. 271

          SMC/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Claims Authority - H.R. 594

          SMC/National Organ Donation Awareness Week, S..J. Res. 35

          SMC/National Week of the Ocean - H.J. Res. 478

          SMC/National Women Veterans Recognition Week - H.J. Res. 227

          New Hampshire - Vermont Solid Waste Compact - H.R. 5288

          No New Cost Tobacco Program Act of 1982 - H.R. 6590

          SMC/Nuclear Regulatory Commission FY 82 and 83 Appropriation - H.R. 2330

          Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1982 - H.R. 6955

          SMC/Omnibus Rail Amendments - H.R. 3420

          SMC/Omnibus Territories - H.R. 5561

          SMC/Osage Indian Technical Amendment - H.R. 6303

          SMC/Osage Indian Tribe Exempt form Oklahoma Estate Tax - H.R. 3971

          SMC/Patent Law Amendments - H.R. 6286

          SMC/Pike National Forest Boundary Modification - H.R. 3601

          SMC/Poll Projections and Media Restraint - H. Concurrent Resolution 321

          SMC/Postal Rates Reduced for House Candidates - H.R. 2005

          Poultry Inspection Amendments - H.R. 3863

          Preservation of Congressional Cemetery - H.R. 6033

          SMC/Private Relief for Certain Silver Dealers - H.R. 5858

          Private Relief for Sergeant Anne Fisher - H.R. 3127

          Private Relief for Shinji Oniki, Berendiana Van Kleff and Euk Ok Han

          Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge - H.R. 1486

          SMC/Public Debt Limit Increase, H.J. Res. 654

          SMC/Ratification of Reorganization Plans -H.R. 6225

          SMC/- Recodification of Title 49 U.S.Code - Transportation - H.R. 6993

          SMC/Relief of Dana Bradford Barretto - H.R. 5633

          Relief of Isabelita Clima Portilla - H.R. 1841

          SMC/Relief of Jean Willhelm Willrich - H.R. 2729

          SMC/Relief of Kin Chi Eng Sims - H.R. 4746

          SMC/Relief of Tomoko Jessica Kyan, H.R. 1152

          SMC/Relief of William D. Benoni - H.R. 1557

          SMC/Royalty Management - H.R. 5121

          SMC/Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Land Exchange - H.R. 3331

          SMC/Second Session of Congress - H.J. Res. 421

          SMC/Seneca Indians - H.R. 3555

          Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - H.R. 3787

          SMC/Small Business Development Center Authorization - H.R. 4013

          South Dakota Water Resources Development - H.R. 4347

          SMC/Tennessee Wilderness - H.R. 4263

          SMC/Texas Wilderness - H.R. 3788

          Thrift Legislation - H.R. 6267

          SMC/Transportation of Passengers between Puerto Rico and U.S. on Vessels - H.R. 89

          SMC/Trust Land for Washow Indian Tribe of NV and CA - H.R. 5081

          SMC/Trust Lands for Navajo and Choctaw Indians - H.R. 5916

          U.S. Capitol Grounds - H.R. 6417 I

          SMC/United States Capitol Grounds - H.R. 6417 II

          Water Resources Development Study, Platte River - H.R. 6188

          SMC/Wildlife Authorizations - H.R. 1723

          SMC/William A. Steiger Post Office Building - H.R. 3835


          OA 11736

          Enrolled Bills - Senate

          SMC/Alcohol Fuels Loan Guarantee Commitments -  Extension of S. 781

          SMC/Amend the Public Buildings Act of 1959 - S.709

          Appropriations for: National Bureau of Standards, National Technical Information

                   Service, Office of Productivity. Technology and Innovation - S. 2271

          SMC/- Bicentennial of Air and Space Flight - S.J. Res. 270

          Bureau of Reclamation Emergency Fund Act Amendment - S. 1628

          SMC/Cable Telecommunications Act of 1983 - S. 66

          SMC/Cheaha Wilderness Act - S. 2955

          SMC/Clallam Indians Judgment Funds - S. 1340

          Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1982 - S. 2252

          Coastal Barrier Resources Act - S. 1018

          SMC/Conveyance of Federal Land Interests to Douglas County, Nevada, S. 1160

          Council on Environmental Quality Appropriations Authority - S. 1210

          SMC/Cumberland Island National Seashore Boundary Modification - S. 807

          Energy Policy and Conservation Act Amendment - International Energy Program - S. 2651

          SMC/Environmental Programs Assistance Act - S. 518 

          Environmental Research Development and Demonstration Act 1983 - S. 2577

          Federal Charter for National Federation of Music Clubs - S. 2317

          SMC/Fort Belknap Indian Community Compensation -  S. 1967

          Gladys Noon Spellman Dedication - S. 680

          SMC/Helsinki Human Rights Day - S.J. Resolution 15

          SMC/Indian Health Care Amendments of 1984 - S. 2166

          SMC/Kaw Indian Trust Lands - S.1168

          SMC/Lake Lowell, Boise Project - S. 577

          Land Conveyance in the Gallatin National Forest - S. 188

          SMC/Land Conveyance to Miles City and Custer County, MT - S. 187

          SMC/Mashantucket Pequot Indian Claims Act - S. 366

          SMC/Mashantucket Pequot Indian Claims Act - S. 1499

          SMC/Michigan Wild and Scenic Rivers, S. 2732

          SMC/Mississippi Wilderness, S. 2808

          SMC/Montana Wilderness - S. 96

          Naming the "Jack D. Watson Post Office Building" - S. 1797

          SMC/National Alzheimer's  Disease Month -S.J. Res. 65

          National Christmas Seal Month - S.J. Res. 262

          SMC/National Closed Caption Television Month - S. 258

          SMC/National Forest Land Conveyance - S. 598

          National Newspapers Carriers Appreciation Day - S. J. Res. 239

          SMC/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Research - S. 1097

          SMC/Nuclear Regulatory Commission Authorization - S. 1291

          SMC/Oregon Wild and Scenic Rivers - S. 416

          SMC/Paddy Creek Wilderness Area - S. 1965

          SMC/Pipeline Safety Authorization and Related Report Requirements - S. 2688

          SMC/Preferential Treatment Amerasian Children - S. 1698

          SMC/Preventive Health Amendments of 1984 - S. 2301

          SMC/Relief of Cesar Noel Jump - S. 1838

          Repeal of Size and Weight Limits on U.S. Mail - S. 2073

          Robert B. Griffith Water Project - S. 1681

          SMC/Rural Health Clinics Act - S. 2129

          SMC/Show Low, Arizona Land Conveyance - S. 597

          SMC/Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - S. 1868

          Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1982 - S. 881

          SMC/South Carolina Land Exchange - S. 648

          SMC/Special Congressional Gold Medals - S. 2597

          Student Financial Assistance Technical Act of 1982 - S. 2582

          SMC/- Technical Corrections to Banking and Related S.J. Res. 271

          SMC/- Tribally Controlled Community College Assistance Act - S. 2623

          SMC/Tribally Controlled Community College Assistance Act Amendments - S. 726

          Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs - S. 1808

          SMC/Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day - S.J. Res. 128

          SMC/Weather Satellite - 25th Anniversary - S. J. Res. 62

          SMC/World Health Week and World Health Day - S. J. Res. 50

          SMC/Wyoming Wilderness - S. 543



          OA 11736 (Continued)

          CM001 - Files to Be Looked at by S. Cooksey - No Gos

          Copies of Issue Alerts, etc. Which Formed Scheuer Submission

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [Gorsuch 1982]

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [Gorsuch 1983]

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [John Daniels 1982]

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [John Daniels 1983]

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [Lavelle Telephone


          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [Lavelle 1981]

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [Lavelle 1982]

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [Lavelle 1983]

          EPA Calendars, etc. Submitted to Hill, Courtesy Copies to WH [Lavelle /Etta

                   Janiszewski 1982-1983]

          SMC/Environmental Protection Agency Investigative Report

          SMC/Environmental Protection Agency - Judiciary Committee Inquiry into Department

                   of Justice Role (1)


          OA 11737

          SMC/Environmental Protection Agency - Judiciary Committee Inquiry into Department

                   of Justice Role (2)

          [Environmental Protection Agency - Judiciary Committee Inquiry into Department of

                   Justice Role (2) - 2nd Copy]

          EPA Letters

          EPA Summaries of Congressional Requests

          SMC/Executive Privilege - Environmental Protection Agency  (1)(2)

          For Dick Hauser [EPA Calendar Bob Perry 1981]

          For Dick Hauser [EPA Calendar Bob Perry 1982]

          For Dick Hauser [EPA Calendar Bob Perry 1983]

          For Dick Hauser [EPA Calendar Perry’s Secretary 1981]

          For Dick Hauser [EPA Calendar Perry’s Secretary 1982]

          For Dick Hauser [EPA Telephone Logs] (1)(2)

          For Dick Hauser [EPA Telephone Logs Perry] (1)(2)

          SMC/Gorsuch - Executive Privilege (1)-(4)

          SMC/Gorsuch Legal Fees

          Intergovernmental Affairs Memos re: Contacts

          [Investigations:] Deaver

          [Investigations: Deaver]

          [Investigations:] Medas / Lavelle

          [Investigations:] Meese

          [Investigations:] Meese File

          Lavelle, Rita

          Master Set Scheuer Documents [April 1982-January 1983]

          No Gos

          Press File: Press Clips

          Press File: WH Press Briefings


          OA 11738

          Printouts Provided by Central Files

          Questions [Empty]

          Reports Received by IGA from EPA

          SMC/Rodino - Environmental Protection Agency Inquiry (1)-(4)

          Samples of Memos not Included

          Scheuer Letter & Responses

          Weekly Reports

          [Weekly Reports]



          OA 11738 (Continued)

          1st Circuit (1)(2)

          2nd Circuit (1)(2)

          3rd Circuit (empty)

          4th Circuit (1)-(3)

          5th Circuit (1)-(6)

          6th Circuit

          7th Circuit (1)(2)

          8th Circuit

          9th Circuit (1)(2)

          10th Circuit

          11th Circuit (empty)

          D.C. Circuit

          District of Columbia Courts

          [District of Columbia Superior Court]

          United States Tax Court

          Court of Appeals Federal Circuit

          United States Court of International Trade

          [U.S. Bankruptcy Judges]

          [New Jersey: U.S. District Judges]

          [New York: U.S. District Judges]

          [New York: U.S. Marshals]

          North Carolina: U.S. District Judges (1)(2)

          North Carolina: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          [North Dakota: U.S. Marshals]

          [Ohio: U.S. District Judges]

          [Oklahoma: U.S. Attorneys]

          Oregon: U.S. District Judges

          Oregon: U. S. Attorneys (empty)

          Oregon: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          Pennsylvania: U.S. District Judges

          Pennsylvania: U.S. Attorneys

          Pennsylvania: U.S. Marshals

          South Carolina: U.S. District Judges (empty)

          South Carolina: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          South Carolina: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          South Dakota: U.S. District Judges (empty)

          South Dakota: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          South Dakota: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          Tennessee: U.S. District Judges

          Tennessee: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          Tennessee: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          Texas: U.S. District Judges

          Texas: U.S. Attorneys

          Texas: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          Utah: U.S. District Judges (empty)

          Utah: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          Utah: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          Vermont: U.S. District Judges [1][2]

          Vermont: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          Vermont: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          Virginia: U.S. District Judges

          Virginia: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          Virginia: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          Washington: U.S. District Judges

          Washington: U.S. Attorneys [empty

          Washington: U.S. Marshals

          West Virginia: U.S. District Judges

          West Virginia: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          West Virginia: U.S. Marshals

          Wisconsin: U.S. District Judges

          Wisconsin: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          Wisconsin: U.S. Marshals (empty)

          Wyoming: U.S. District Judges (empty)

          Wyoming: U.S. Attorneys (empty)

          Wyoming: U.S. Marshals [empty

          District of Columbia: U.S. District Judges

          District of Columbia: U.S. Attorneys

          District of Columbia: U.S. Marshals

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: January 1985 (1)-(3)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: February 1985 (1)-(3)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: March 1985 (1)-(8)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: April 1985 (1)-(3)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: May 1985 (1)-(4)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: June 1985 (1)-(4)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: July 1985 (1)-(4)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: August 1985 (1)-(4)

          SMC/Circuit Courts: Ninth Circuit

          Judges: Correspondence – Conduct (1)(2)

          Judges: Correspondence – State Courts

          Judicial Agendas: March 1985 (1)-(3)

          Judicial Agendas: April 1985 (1)-(5)

          Judicial Agendas: May 1985 (1)(2)

          Judicial Agendas: June 1985 (1)-(7)

          Judicial Agendas: July 1985 (1)-(4)

          Judicial Agendas: August 1985 (1)-(3)

          Meeting in Ed Schmult’s Office, Sat., 01/29/1983 – 10:00am (1)-(7)

          President’s Federal Judicial Selections Committee: Statistics (1)(2)

          President’s Federal Judicial Selections Committee: Statistics (Women and

                   Minorities) (1)(2)

          SMC/Pro Life Judicial Appointees

          SMC/U.S. Supreme Court

          U.S. Attorney: Financial Disclosure



          OA 11738 (Continued)

          SMC/Appointees to Boards and Commissions

          [SMC/Nominees - Miscellaneous 1982

          Nominees – Miscellaneous 1983]

          Abrams, Morris - Civil Rights Commission

          Borcherdt [Acting Deputy Under Secretary of Education for Intergovernmental and

                   Interagency Affairs] (1)(2)

          SMC/Bright, Simeon

          Bryen, Stephen

          Haggerd, Joel E.

          SMC/Derwinski Nomination as Counselor, State Department.

          SMC/Heckler, Margaret - HHS (1)-(3)

          Heckler, Margaret  - Secretary - HHS

          Heckler, Margaret M. - Secretary - HHS

          Kingon, Al Asst Sec. of Commerce for International Economic Policy

          Lamboley, Paul H. Interstate Commerce Commission

          SMC/Martin, David - Director, Office of Government Ethics

          McGowan, William G. - National Security Telecommunications Advisory Group

          Montgomery, Michael B.

          Muchmore, Don M. -National Museum Service Board

          O’Connor, Harry -  Corporation For Public Broadcasting Board of Directors

          O’Donnell, Lawrence - Western Interstate Nuclear Board

          Pierce, Samuel R. Jr. - Saving Bond Committee

          Ridenour, James M. - Great Lakes Fishery Commission

          Riordan, Courtney - Environmental Protection Agency - Assistant Administrator for

                   Research and Development

          Ritcheson, Charles R. - National Council on the Humanities

          Schlitt, Lyn M. - Commissioner - International Trade Commission

          Setrakian, Robert  Federal Maritime Commission

          SMC/Simmons, J.J.  - Under Secretary - Department of the Interior

          Thurmond, Nancy - National Voluntary Service Advisory Council

          Winsor, Curtin Jr. - Ambassador to Costa Rica

          International Pacific Halibut Commission

          SMC/National Advisory Council on Indian Education

          National Security Telecommunications Advisory Group

          NSC Telecommunications Advisory Policy Board (1)(2)

          National Voluntary Service Advisory Council

          SMC/Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation



          OA 11738 (Continued)

          Allocation of Expenditures

          Briefing Folder Regarding Policy and Logistics for Determining Political Costs of

                   Presidential Trip During Campaign, 11/15/1983

          Cabinet Travel

          Political Travel I

          Political Travel I: Political Travel: Opinions and Memoranda

          Political Travel I: Treasury Dept Travel Reimbursement Memorandum

          Political Travel II

          [Political Travel]

          SMC/Political Travel by White House Staff


          OA 11739

          Travel - Background Info

          Trip Description

          President’s Trip to Los Angeles and Palm Springs, CA (12/27/1983-01/02/1984)

          Atlanta, Georgia 01/26/1984

          Chicago (01/31/1984)

          Dixon and Eureka, Illinois (02/06/1984)

          Illinois, Nevada and California (02/06/1984-02/12/1984)

          Iowa Trip (02/20/1984)

          Columbus, Ohio and New York, NY 03/06/1984

          New York – 04/05/1984

          Kansas City and Dallas 04/11/1984-04/12/1984

          Washington and California 04/19/1984-04/22/1984

          China Trip 04/22/1984-05/02/1984

          Colorado Springs, Colorado 05/29/1984-05/30/1984

          Europe – 06/01/1984-06/10/1984

          New York - 06/17/1984

          New Jersey and Connecticut 06/20/1984

          Florida, Alabama, Michigan and Texas – 07/04/1984-07/06/1984

          Chesapeake Bay – 07/10/1984

          Columbia, South Carolina 07/19/1984

          Texas, Georgia and New Jersey 07/25/1984-07/26/1984

          California 07/28/1984-08/15/1984

          Sedalia, Missouri - 08/19/1984

          Doylestown, Pennsylvania - 09/09/1984

          Buffalo, New York - 09/12/1984

          Nashville, Tennessee - 09/13/1984


          OA 11740

          Connecticut and New Jersey - 09/19/1984

          Iowa and Michigan - 09/20/1984

          New York - 09/23/1984-09/24/1984

          Ohio and Wisconsin - 09/26/1984

          Michigan, Mississippi and Texas 10/01/1984-10/03/1984

          Louisville, Charlotte, N.C., Baltimore, MD 10/07/1984-10/08/1984

          Michigan, 10/10/1984

          Ohio Train Trip 10/12/1984

          Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina 10/15/1984

          Will County, Illinois and Dupage County, Illinois 10/16/1984

          New York, New York 10/18/1984

          Kansas City, MO, Palmdale, CA, Medford and Portland, OR 10/21/1984-10/22/1984

          Nassau, County, NY; Fairfield County, CT., Hackensack, NJ 10/26/1984

          New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. 10/26/1984

          Pennsylvania and West Virginia 10/29/1984

          Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Arkansas 11/01/1984-11/02/1984

          Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois and California 11/03/1984-11/04/1984

          Sacramento / Los Angeles, California / San Diego, California 11/05/1984-11/06/1984

          Los Angeles and Palm Springs 12/27/1985-01/02/1985

          Santa Barbara, California, 02/13/1985-02/17/1985

          Orlando / Miami, FL (05/27/1985)

          Williamsburg, VA / Oshkosh, WI 05/30/1985

          Malvern, PA (05/31/1985)

          Oklahoma City, OK / Atlanta, GA / Birmingham, AL 06/05/1985-06/06/1985

          Bloomfield, N.J. 06/13/1985

          Indianapolis, IN 06/19/1985

          Dallas, TX 06/21/1985

          Chicago, IL 06/28/1985

          Santa Barbara / Los Angeles, CA 08/11/1985-09/02/1985

          First Lady - Trips to Phoenix, Los Angeles and Portland, 09/01/1984-09/05/1984



          OA 11741

          Chron Files June 1982-September 1982

          Chron Files October 1982-December 1982

          Chron Files January 1983-March 1983

          Chron Files April 1983-June 1983

          Chron Files July 1983-Sepember 1983

          Chron Files October 1983-December 1983


          OA 11742

          Chron Files January 1984-March 1984

          Chron Files April 1984-June 1984

          Chron Files July 1984-September 1984

          Chron Files October 1984-December 1984

          Chron Files January 1985-March 1985

          Chron Files April 1985-June 1985


          OA 11743

          Chron Files July 1985-August 1985



          OA 11743 (Continued)

          SMC/Campaign Advertising and Commercials

          SMC/Campaign Referrals

          Campaign Related Questions

          Candidate Questionnaires


          SMC/Convention Referrals


          Federal Communications Commission - Acquisition of Time

          [Federal Election Commission Complaint] MUR 1624

          SMC/Federal Election Commission (FEC) Complaint Regarding Helms

          SMC/FEC Complaint re: Helms Campaign Committee – [FEC Number] MUR 1788


          SMC/Film Footage - Requests

          Flynt, Larry

          Fundraising Letters

          Lacy v. Reagan - Bush '84 C-3-84-843 (N. D. Ohio, 10/10/1984)

          Moore, Roger Allan

          National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC) Correspondence

          Photographs (Empty)

          Platform Committee


          OA 12900

          [Political Activity - Fundraising Letters]

          Political Advertisement Offers

          Political Contributions

          SMC/Political Events - Foreign Trips

          Presidential Endorsement Letters

          SMC/Presidential Letter for Young Republican National Federation

          SMC/Presidential Letter to Fund for a Conservative Majority

          SMC/Presidential Letter to NCPAC [National Conservative Political Action Committee]

          SMC/Presidential Letter to New Jersey State Republican Party

          SMC/Presidential Letters NRCC [National Republican Congressional Committee]

          SMC/Presidential Letters National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Inner


          SMC/Presidential Letters (Political)

          Press Office

          [Reagan-Bush Financial Guidelines]

          Reagan Bush Memos

          Reagan - Bush Newsletter

          Republican Convention: Legal Matters

          Republican National Committee Advertisements

          SMC/Republican National Committee (RNC) Fundraising Letter

          Scheduling Office

          Telephones, Use of

          SMC/George Terezakis, et al v. U.S. Secret Service

          Tutwiler Memos

          White House Documents