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White House Conference on Productivity: Director


OA 10218

July 1983 Courtemanche Chrons

August 1983 Courtemanche Chrons

September 1983 Courtemanche Chrons

[December 1983-February 1984 Chrons]

[June 1984-December 1984, March 1985 Chrons]

Oct 1983 Administrative (empty), Recommendation for Awards, Courtemanche

Resume, Courtemanche

Travel, White House Conference on Productivity Budget,

Secretarial Candidates, Courtemanche, Jack L.

Personal, Administrative

CD 45'S (Supply, equipment or Service order forms for Department of Commerce),


Coffee Man (empty), Administrative

Office Supplies

Dictation Equipment, Administrative

Leave Requests, Administrative

Federal Express Bills, Administrative

Mail room, Administrative

Newspapers, Administrative

Treasury Overtime Forms, Administrative

Telephone Billing, Administrative

Printing, Administrative

Taxi Vouchers, Administrative

Travel Authorizations

Commerce, Administrative

Travel Advance Forms

Treasury (empty), Administrative

Travel Vouchers

Commerce, Administrative

Travel General / All Staff / Misc., Administrative Xerox Machine, Administrative

Personnel, Administrative

Personnel, WHCP

Final Conference

General Info, WHCP Final Conferences Expenses, WHCP Agendas

Pres. Conferences, WHCP Agendas

Pres. Conferences, WHCP Reimbursement Requests (empty),

WHCP Schedule / Calendar, WHCP Countdown Schedule, WHCP NPAC Mailout


Press Release, WHCP

Press Coverage National Productivity Advisory Council,

National Productivity Advisory Council

Press Release National Productivity Advisory Council

Executive order, National Productivity Advisory Council

Members List, National Productivity Advisory Council

Members Final Conference