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COYNE, JAMES K.: Files, 1981-1985


Office of Private Sector Initiatives


          OA 8870

          Chron File (12/21/1981-03/24/1982)

Chron File (03/25/1982-04/19/1982)

Chron File (04/20/1982-05/10/1982)

Chron File (05/11/1982-05/31/1982)

Chron File (06/01/1982-07/14/1982)

Chron File (07/15/1982-08/16/1982)

Chron File (08/17/1982-09/15/1982)

Chron File (09/16/1982-10/06/1982)

Chron File (10/07/1982-11/02/1982)

Chron File (11/03/1982-11/22/1982)

Chron File (11/23/1982-01/05/1983)

Chron File (01/06/1983-01/27/1983)

Chron File (01/28/1983-03/07/1983)

Chron File (03/08/1983-03/22/1983)

Chron File (03/23/1983-04/21/1983)

Chron File (04/22/1983-05/04/1983)

Chron File (05/05/1983-05/18/1983)

Chron File (05/19/1983-06/09/1983)

Chron File (06/10/1983-07/27/1983)

Chron File (07/28/1983-08/30/1983)

Chron File (08/31/1983-10/04/1983)

Chron File (10/05/1983-11/15/1983)

Chron File (11/16/1983-03/09/1984)     


OA 9987

Peace Corps Briefing - 04/18/1983 Rose Garden

American Advertising Federation

Volunteerism Stamp Announcement

Math Counts

Miscellaneous Memos (Unfoldered)

American Express / PIC / NY Project Homebound

National Women's Employment & Education Model (Lupe-Anguian)

[World Communications Year Conference] (1)-(3)


The National Council for Urban Economic Development (Unfoldered)

General Motors Cancer Research Foundation (Unfoldered)

American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Inc. (Unfoldered)


OA 9988

Schools that Want to Be Adopted

Flag Potential Recipients


Requests for PIE Packets

Responses to PIE Mailings

Facts on PIES

[Remaining material is untitled and unarranged]


OA 9989

Adopt-A-School Sample Programs (No apparent arrangement)


OA 9990

President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives

Projects by State Listing (AK-WY)

President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives Project Book Listing (By ID#)

Adopt-A-School Sample Programs (No arrangement)


OA 9991

Central America and the Caribbean

Photos of Grenada (Unfoldered)

Grenada Memos

Grenada Press

Grenada Directory 06/01/1984

Miscellaneous Unfoldered Material

Grenada Regatta

Grenada Correspondence


Temp Grenada

Miscellaneous Unfoldered Material

Grenada Correspondence

Grenada Background

Grenada Correspondence




OA 9992

Voice of America Tape (Helms, W. Clyde Jr.)

Staff Weekly Reports January 1984

Staff Weekly Reports February 1984

Staff Weekly Reports March 1984

Staff Weekly Reports April 1984

Staff Weekly Reports May 1984

Staff Weekly Reports June 1984

Staff Weekly Reports July 1984

M. Castine - Travel Vouchers

Grenada 01/05/1984-01/13/1984

Miami December 1983

MPC Travel Vouchers

Congressional Awards

Miscellaneous Information and Material on Energy (Unfoldered)

Brokerage / Financial PSI's

[Volunteer Week]


August/September [empty]


June 1983

July 1983

August 1983

September 1983

October 1983 [empty]

November 1983 [empty]

December [empty]


OA 9993

Improving Student Performance in California (binder)

A Catalog of Business and Community Programs in Support of Local Education (2


Adopt-A-School Program (binder)


OA 9994

Local, State & Regional Executives with Membership in ASAE [2 Data Sheets]

Governor Atiyeh's Corporate Voluntarism Commission Public-Private Partnership     

          September 1982

Corporate Social Responsibility "Minnesota Strategies" (Binder)

Cassette - "VIPs Business / School Partnerships"

Slide Carousel - Terry Charche, VIPs Business / School Partnership


OA 10069

A Better Chance, Inc.

All American Cities Awards

American Bar Association,

American Enterprise Institute

American Medical Association

American Recreational Coalition

American Red Cross

American Society of Association Executives

American Society for Training and Development

American Woman's Economic Development Corporation (AWED)


Apple Bill

Airbus Community

Arts and Community

Arts and Humanities

Asian Studies Foundation

Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies

Bank of Boston

BDM International, Inc.

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation

Boro Park

Braddock Publications


Center for New ERA Philanthropy

Christmas Drive 1982

Community Colleges and Meetings

Community Revitalization

Compatible Computer Software Program


Congressional Award 1983 Report

Council for Financial Aid to Education (CFAE) / Profile of

Corporate Contributions

Council on Foundations

Criminal Justice


OA 10070

Displaced Worker Project



Endow-a-Dream (W. Clement Stone Foundation) Expo 1985

Family Resources Coalition (Linda Lipton)

Food Bank Meetings

Foremost - McKesson

G.I.V.E.  (Government Involvement in Volunteer Efforts)

Ideas Sweeping Across America

International Center for Entrepreneurs, Inc


Job Search Club

Harold Krents

Math Counts

Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association

National Association of Towns and Townships

National Information Bureau

National Urban Coalition

Neighborhood Housing Services


OA 10071

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Organ Transplant / Donors


Oil Storage

OMB Circular A-122

Panama Canal Joint Commissioner

Percent Canal Joint Commissioner

Percent Giving Programs

Philadelphia Opera company


Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies


Project Transport

Putting America Back to Work

Readers; Digest

Regulatory Relief


Small Business Administration

Space Transportation Company, Inc.

Start Up America

Tandy Corporation (Computer Bill)


OA 10072

United Negro Fund

United Way

Voice of America

Volunteer Stamp (Lying Flat on Bottom of Box)

Warren Center for Learning

Windfeather Project

Working Group on Urban Policy Coordination

Working Partners

World Communication Year 1983

Youth Service USA

Michael Castine Files on PSI


OA 10073

Material from President's Task Force for Private Sector Initiatives

1981-1982 Meetings

Various Material for Task Force/1981-1982 PSI Office


OA 10074

Same as above


OA 10547

Small Business Challenge Forums Brochures/New Jersey 09/12/1984


OA 10548

PSI Task Force Incoming Correspondence January 1982-December 1982

PSI Task Force Outgoing Correspondence January 1982-April 1982


OA 10549

PSI Task Force Outgoing Correspondence May 1982-December 1982


OA 10550

James K. Coyne Outgoing Correspondence September 1983-October 1983

James K. Coyne Incoming Correspondence January 1983-October 1983


OA 10551

James K. Coyne Outgoing Correspondence January 1983-August 1983


OA 10552

Notebook of PSI Newspaper Clips April 1981-January 1982

Notebook of PSI Newspaper Clips January 1982-April 1982

Notebook of PSI Newspaper Clips September 1982-November 1982

Operations Guide: Summer Jobs for Youth/1982 New York City Partnership

Notebook of National Volunteer Workshop on Volunteerism 03/09/1982

New Orleans, Louisiana / Cosponsored by the White House and Action


OA 12480

News clippings Notebook on Community Development Partnership

Awards Ceremonies

Summer Jobs 1983 Administrative Guide

Slide and Tape Show "Gallery of American Winners"

"The Program / Charitable Giving Through Life Insurance" Video Cassette

HUD CDBG Awards (1982) "A Gallery of American Winners"

Copies of Complete Report and Appendix of Committee on Impediments to Private

          Sector Initiatives

Report on Federal Regional Councils Task Force on Public / Private Partnership

1983 Presidential Recognition Award for Community Service

1982 Banquet of the Golden Plate Book

[PSI Binder Containing Agency Lists and Status Reports for:  Agriculture, A.I.D.,

          Commerce, Education, HHS, HUD, Justice, Labor, National Endowment - Arts,        

          National Endowment - Humanities, SBA, DOT, Veterans Administration]

Arlie House, 05/10/1982-05/11/1982

Full Task Force Meeting, Baltimore, May 25-26

          Final Report, City of Cleveland / Operations Improvement Task Force

CPHA’s Baltimore Neighborhood Self Help Handbook

A Report on Promoting Volunteerism, October 1982


OA 12481

CH Correspondence and Press

ARCO Participants List


Cabinet Notebook Material, Original 03/01/1982

Action Agency

Requests for P.S.I. Task Force Members

Task Force Services, Federal Express

Task Force Review of Advisory Commission

Travel Requests / Reimbursements / Task Force Newsletters

Task Force, Printing Fees

Dec Michael Chron

Task Force Repair Requests

Compensation Waivers for Task Force Volunteers

Task Force Budget

Task Force Services, Carpet


Task Force Luncheon/ WH Bills

2% & 5% Club Information

Task Force, Photographs

Task Force, Postage

Statewide Task Forces

RR Letter to Governors and State Responses


OA 12482

"President's Citation Program for PSI" Brochure (ASAE: C-Flag Info)


OA 12483

09/06/1985 PSI "President's Citation Program for PSI" Brochure (ASAE: C-Flag Info)


OA 12484

09/06/1985 "President's Citation Program for PSI" Brochure (ASAE: C-Flag Info)


OA 12485

"Partnerships in Education" Brochure (Adopt a School)


OA 12486

Copies of  "A Nation At Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform"


OA 12487

Copies of "A Nation At Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform"


OA 12488

Copies of "A Nation At Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform"