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CRIPPEN, DAN L.: Files, 1987-1988


Office of the Chief of Staff: Deputy Assistant to the President, 1987-1988.


In May 1987, Dan Crippen (1952- ) joined the White House staff to assist Chief of Staff Howard Baker with economic and budget policy, trade policy, and related matters. Crippen had been Baker’s chief counsel and economic policy adviser when Baker was Senate Majority Leader during President Reagan’s first term (1981-1984). From 1985 to 1987 Crippen was Executive Director of the Merrill Lynch International Advisory Council, a group of prominent people – including Baker – that provided the brokerage house Merrill Lynch with advice and support.


Crippen, a South Dakota native, earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Dakota. During the 1970s he held positions in NASA, the Brookings Institution (a Washington, DC think tank), the South Dakota state budget office, and the Department of the Treasury. He did his postgraduate work at Ohio State University. He received a Ph.D. in public finance in 1981.


Crippen left the White House staff shortly after Baker resigned in July 1988. However, he returned to the White House in September 1988, as Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, and remained until the end of the Reagan Administration. (See the separate finding aid for Crippen’s files from the Office of Domestic Affairs.) Crippen later served as Director of the Congressional Budget Office (1999-2003), and as chairman of a panel that advised NASA in the wake of the 2003 space shuttle Columbia disaster. He currently lives in the Washington, DC area, where he works as a consultant, speaker, and writer, and serves on the board of directors of several corporations.


The records in this collection are concerned mostly with budget, tax, and trade policies, including aspects of business or agriculture related to these policies. A large portion pertains to the work of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), and the Department of the Treasury. There is a small amount of material dated before Crippen’s arrival which he utilized in the course of his work.



SERIES I: SUBJECT FILE. 1987-1988. (5.0 l.ft., Boxes 1-13)

This series consists of alphabetically arranged files pertaining to policies and events, including the Federal budget and deficit, trade relations with Canada and Japan, trade sanctions against South Africa, the 1987 and 1988 Economic Summits, the Federal Reserve Board, tax policy, the stock market and other financial markets, meetings of the Domestic Policy Council and Economic Policy Council, the 1988 drought, housing policy, the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, catastrophic health insurance, Medicare, Social Security, the 1988 State of the Union Address, AIDS, airline legislation, overall legislative strategy, and long-range policy planning. The series also includes Crippen’s appointment books from his time in the Chief of Staff office.


Some folder titles in this series contain dates, which for the most part appear to be the dates that the folders were created. Where these dates differ substantially from the dates covered by the folder contents, the Reagan Library staff has added the date span of the folders’ contents to the folder titles.


SERIES II: WHITE HOUSE STAFFING MEMORANDUMS. May 1987- July 1988. (1.4 l.ft., Boxes 13-17)

This chronologically arranged series contains copies of materials routed to Crippen and others in the White House. A “White House Staffing Memorandum” form is attached to most of the routed material. This form was used to indicate the intended recipients, and to note whether each recipient was receiving a copy in order to act on it, or for strictly informational purposes.


Most routed items pertain in some way to a topic covered in Crippen’s Subject File (e.g., budget, tax, trade, or agricultural policy), while a few pertain to other issues of the day. Types of items include: White House memos discussing policy issues; drafts of material intended for eventual public use or distribution, such as speeches, reports, and bill signing and veto statements; background papers for Economic Policy Council meetings (see WHORM Subject File category FG010-04); drafts of Presidential talking points for meetings; periodic reports on the work of  White House staff, that were included in the President’s Weekly Update (see WHORM Subject File category FG001); routine memos to the President recommending public statements on foreign trade, such as proclamations of unfair trade practices by other countries; and some daily and monthly Presidential schedules. Many of the Staffing Memorandums and accompanying documents contain handwritten notations by Crippen and others.


SERIES III: BUDGET FILES. 1987-1988. (1.1 l.ft , Boxes 17-19)

This series is divided into two subseries pertaining to the preparation of the Federal budget. Each budget covered one fiscal year (FY), which ran from October 1 to the following September 30. Thus, the budget for FY 1988 covered the period from October 1987 through September 1988, and the budget for FY 1989 covered October 1988 through September 1989.


The FY 1988 and FY 1989 budgets were the first to be affected by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 (aka the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings or Gramm-Rudman Act). This law set yearly deficit targets that were to decline to zero by 1991, required that the President submit budgets to Congress that were consistent with these targets, and mandated automatic budget cuts if the targets were not met. However, the Supreme Court struck down some key provisions of the law, and efforts to meet the law’s deficit targets ultimately failed.


Subseries A: Fiscal Year 1988 Budget.  May 1987-August 1987. (0.8 ft., Boxes 17-18)

This subseries contains alphabetically arranged folders pertaining to the Executive Branch’s preparation of the FY 1988 federal budget, and related issues. It documents: proposals and statistical information pertaining to Federal spending, including plans to meet Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit targets; proposals pertaining to the budget formulation and legislation process; Congressional meetings and legislative budget strategy; the role of the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, Pete Domenici (R-NM); Congressional proposals to alter the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction goals; the mid-Congressional session review of the budget that was mandated by Gramm-Rudman-Hollings; and factual information prepared for President Reagan.


Subseries B: Fiscal Year 1988 Supplemental and Fiscal Year 1989 Budget.

 March 1988 – July 1988. (0.3 l.ft., Boxes 18-19)

In mid-1988, emergency supplemental budget laws were enacted that provided additional funds to keep certain Federal programs functioning. At the same time, planning was underway for the Federal budget for Fiscal Year 1989. This subseries contains alphabetically arranged folders pertaining to both the preparation of the FY 1989 budget, and the emergency supplemental items to the FY 1988 budget. Documents pertain to the various budget bills involved, Reagan Administration correspondence involving members of Congress, and materials on Administration legislative strategy.


SERIES IV: OMB FILE. 1987-1988. (0.5 l.ft., Boxes 19-20)

This series consists of reports, issue analyses, and other materials produced by OMB, including background reports used in periodic reviews of various issues. Topics include planning and legislation pertaining to the FY 1988 and FY 1989 budgets, problems in the banking and savings and loan industries, catastrophic health insurance legislation, and privatization. The material is arranged alphabetically.


SERIES V: CRIPPEN CLASSIFIED FILE. 1987-1988. (0.4 l.ft., Boxes 20-21)

Topics in this series include the 1987 and 1988 G-7 economic summits, trade relations with other countries, international economic policy, and other aspects of US foreign relations. The material in this series was originally stored in a safe in the White House, in an expansion (accordion) folder labeled “Crippen – Classified.” The Reagan Library has retained the records’ original order.


SERIES VI: SCHEDULE FILE. 1987-1988. (0.3 l.ft., Boxes 21-22)

This series contains draft and final monthly schedules for President Reagan, daily Presidential schedules, internal schedules from some White House units, and schedules pertaining to the 1987 OMB Director’s Review of the Federal budget. The material came to the Reagan Library in three sets, and the Library has retained the original order of these sets.




SERIES I: SUBJECT FILE. 1987-1988. 5.0 ft.

          Box 1

Agriculture Policy – U.S. (1)(2)

AIDS (1)(2)

          Airline Legislation

          Appropriations – Fiscal Year 1988 (1)-(4)

          Asset Sales

Banking Commission

Banking Legislation (1)-(4)

Big Rivers

          Bond Market

          Brady, et al. [Nicholas Brady/Treasury Department and Groups/Commissions] (1)-(3)


Box 2

Brady, et al. [Nicholas Brady/Treasury Department and Groups/Commissions] (4)(5)

[Brady Task Force on Market Mechanisms]

Budget Law/Legal Opinions

Canada Free Trade (1)-(7)

CFTA (Canada Free Trade Agreement) (1)-(5)

Catastrophic 03/27/1988 [Catastrophic Health Insurance – March 1988-July 1988] (1)-(4)


Box 3

          Catastrophic 03/27/1988 [Catastrophic Health Insurance – March 1988-July 1988] (5)-(7)

Child Care

Civil Service – Nondisclosure

Clean Air

CR (Continuing Resolution) Report Language (1)-(5)

Davis Bacon

Debt Limit 05/15/1987

Debt Limit 07/17/1987

Debt Limit 09/23/1987


[Diskettes – Blank]

DPC (Domestic Policy Council) Minutes (1)-(4)

Drought (1)(2)


Box 4

Drought (3)-(7)                

Drug Legislation (1)-(4)

Economic Bill of Rights (1)-(8)

EPC (Economic Policy Council) (1)(2) 

[1987] Economic Summit / Venice (1)(2)


Box 5

[1987] Economic Summit / Venice (3)

[1988] Economic Summit / Toronto (1)-(4)

Energy Security (1)(2)


[Exchange Rate, Financial and Commodity Quotations (Selected) January 1988-February


[Exchange Rate, Financial and Commodity Quotations (Selected) March 1988-May


[Exchange Rate, Financial and Commodity Quotations (Selected) June 1988-August


Ex-Im Bank (Export-Import Bank)

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

Fair Housing 

Farm Credit (1)(2)

FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) – FSLIC Scoring 

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency – and Nuclear Power) (1)-(3)

(Federal Reserve Board) FRB Nomination

Financial Asset Sales

[Financial Markets, Working Group on – Interim Report] (1)


Box 6

          [Financial Markets, Working Group on – Interim Report] (2)(3)

Food Stamps

FSLIC (Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation) (1)(2)

          FY 1989 Budget

          Government of the Future [Working Group] (1)(2)

Gramm-Rudman 09/19/1987 [September 1987] (1)(2)

          G-R-H Impact on 050/150 [Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Bill Impact on

Defense/International Affairs Budget] (1)(2)


          Hatch Act

          Hunger Relief 

          IEEPA (International Emergency Economic Powers Act)

          INF [Treaty Ratification]

          International Capital Markets (1)(2)

Japan – Construction (1)(2)

          Japan Internment  

          Japan Stimulus Package

JapanTakeshita Trip

Labor-Related Legislation

          Legislative Strategy 03/12/1988


Box 7

Legislative Strategy 08/18/198708/20/1987 (1)-(3)

Legislative Strategy Meeting 08/20/1987Santa Barbara (1)(2)

          Line-Item Veto

          Medicare 05/23/1987 [May 1987-July 1987] (1)(2)

          Minimum Wage (1)-(3) 

          NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

          New Jersey Waiver

          New Production Reactor (1)-(3)

          [Old Executive Office Building – Preservation Office – Newsletter Summer 1988]


          PBGG (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) (1)-(3)


          Box 8

          Persian Gulf Oil

Plant Closings 

Polygraph (1)(2)

Pork Package(s) (1)-(6)

[President’s Weekly Update – For Discussion 02/08/1988]

[President’s Weekly Update – For Discussion 02/22/1988]

[President’s Weekly Update – For Discussion 06/13/1988]

[President’s Weekly Update – For Discussion 06/27/1988]

          [President’s Weekly Update – For Discussion 07/11/1988]

          Privatization (1)(2)


Revenues – Alcohol Equivalence

          Revenues – Gasoline Tax

          SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission – Resumes]

          Section 232 Oil Petition


Box 9

Semi-Conductor Sanctions (1)-(5)

Social Security Earnings Test (1)-(3)

          Social Security Trustees Report

South Africa 

          South Africa Sanctions 

Spending Threats

          [Spring Planning Review for Management (June 1988)]

          [Spring Planning Review for Privatization (June 1988)] (1)-(3)

          State and Local Governments

          State of the Union –1988 (1)-(3)


Box 10

State of the Union –1988 (4)-(6)

Stratospheric Ozone


          Super-Conductors (1)(2)

          Supplemental 03/17/1988 [March 1988] (1)-(5)

Supplemental Appropriations 04/28/1987 [April 1987-July 1987] (1)-(4)

          Takeover Legislation (1)-(4)


          Box 11

          Takeover Legislation (5)

Tax Policy – Capital Gains

Tax (Technical Corrections)

Taxes (1)(2)


          Trade Bill (1)-(3)

          Trade Conference 09/12/1987 [Omnibus Trade Bill September 1987-January 1988] (1)-


          Trade Statistics (1)(2)

          Trade – Veto Message (1)(2)


          Box 12

          Trade – Veto Message (3)-(8)


TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) (1)(2)

          Verity [Nomination as Secretary of Commerce]

          Weekly Appointments Book 1987

          Weekly Appointments Book 1988

          Welfare Reform (1)-(4)


          Box 13

Welfare Reform (5)-(9)

          Wisconsin Waivers



Box 13, cont.

[White House Staffing Memos: 05/13/1987-05/18/1987]

[White House Staffing Memos: 05/19/1987-06/24/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/25/1987-07/12/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 07/13/1987-07/28/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 07/29/1987-08/11/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 08/12/1987-08/31/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 09/01/1987-09/11/1987]

[White House Staffing Memos: 09/12/1987-09/28/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 09/29/1987-09/30/1987]


          Box 14

[White House Staffing Memos: 10/01/1987-10/06/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 10/07/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 10/08/1987-10/14/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 10/15/1987-10/20/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 10/21/1987-10/26/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 10/27/1987-11/02/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 11/03/1987-11/09/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 11/10/1987-11/19/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 11/20/1987-11/22/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 11/23/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 11/24/1987-11/30/1987]

[White House Staffing Memos: 12/01/1987-12/09/1987]

[White House Staffing Memos: 12/10/1987-12/14/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 12/15/1987] (1)(2)

          [White House Staffing Memos: 12/16/1987-12/17/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 12/18/1987-12/20/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 12/21/1987-12/31/1987]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 01/01/1988-01/11/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 01/12/1988-01/18/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 01/19/1988-01/21/1988]


Box 15

[White House Staffing Memos: 01/22/1988-01/31/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 02/01/1988-02/02/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 02/03/1988-02/07/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 02/08/1988-02/11/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 02/12/1988-02/17/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 02/18/1988-02/22/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 02/23/1988-02/25/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 02/26/1988-03/13/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 03/14/1988-03/15/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 03/16/1988-03/17/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 03/18/1988-03/23/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 03/24/1988-03/29/1988]

[White House Staffing Memos: 03/30/1988-03/31/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 04/01/1988-04/07/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 04/08/1988-04/10/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 04/11/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 04/12/1988-04/18/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 04/19/1988-04/24/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 04/25/1988-04/26/1988]


Box 16

[White House Staffing Memos: 04/27/1988-04/28/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 04/29/1988-05/04/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 05/05/1988-05/09/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 05/10/1988-05/12/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 05/13/1988] (1)(2)

          [White House Staffing Memos: 05/14/1988-05/17/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 05/18/1988-05/22/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 05/23/1988-06/01/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/02/1988-06/08/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/09/1988-06/13/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/14/1988-06/15/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/16/1988-06/20/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/21/1988-06/22/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/23/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/24/1988-06/27/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/28/1988-06/29/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 06/30/1988]

[White House Staffing Memos: 07/01/1988-07/10/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 07/11/1988-07/13/1988]


Box 17

[White House Staffing Memos: 07/14/1988-07/18/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 07/19/1988-07/20/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 07/21/1988-07/26/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 07/27/1988]

          [White House Staffing Memos: 07/28/1988]



Subseries A.: Fiscal Year 1988 Budget

          Budget – Mid-Session [Review] (1)(2)

          Budget Plans (1)(2)

          Budget Strategy 10/03/1987

          FY 1988 Budget Conference (1)(2)

          FY 1988 Budget – PVD Plan / SBC (Pete V. Domenici / Senate Budget Committee)


     FY 1988 Budget Strategy (1)-(3)

          Gramm-Rudman (1)-(3)


Box 18

Gramm-Rudman (4)-(8)

          Process Reform 06/05/1987 [Budget Process Reform Through End of FY 1987] (1)-(10)

          Ronald Reagan Budget Materials (1)-(5)


Subseries B. Fiscal Year 1988 Supplemental And Fiscal Year 1989 Budget

Box 19

          [FY 1988 and] FY 1989 Supplemental (1)(2) 

          FY 1989 Budget Estimates/Scoring (1)(2)

          FY 1989 Budget Strategy (1)-(8) 


SERIES IV: OMB FILE, 1987-1988

          Box 19, cont.

          Budget Aggregates FY 1989 Budget (White House) October 1987

          Director’s Spring Review – Problem Banks and Savings and Loans April 1987 (1)(2)

          FY 1988 Appropriations (1)-(3)

          FY 1988 Spring Review – Credit (1)


Box 20

FY 1988 Spring Review – Credit (2)(3)

FY 1989 Spring Review – Army Force Structure and Modernization 

          OMB Routing – Petroleum Reserves

          Privatization Spring Review June 1987

S.1127 Catastrophic Health

          S.1127 Catastrophic Health 09/14/1987

          S.1127 Catastrophic Health 09/14/1987 – S. 1127 Catastrophic Health

          SBC (Senate Budget Committee)/OMB Scoring – FY 1989 Appropriations (1)(2)

          Spring Economic Overview 1988

          [Spring Review Schedules and] Distribution List

          Wasteful Federal Spending [Report 09/04/1987] (1)-(5)



Box 20, cont.

[Note re Material]

[White House Summit Group]

[Energy Study]

[East Germany]

[Toronto Economic Summit Preparations]

[Economic Outlook]


Box 21

[Joint Ventures]

[White House Summit Group 02/11/1988]

Crippen – Classified

[Stoltenberg Meeting 02/11/1988]

[Stoltenberg Meeting Advance Briefing 02/03/1988]

[Takeshita Meeting 01/13/1988]

[Takeshita Meeting 01/13/1988: Economic Summit Talks]

[Toronto] Economic Summit

Takeshita Visit

[Economic Summit 1988]

[Material from Colin Powell 06/16/1987]

[Toronto Economic Summit]

Japan – Trade Policy


[Policy Review Group Meeting 03/25/1988]


Beef and Citrus Negotiations

Toronto [Economic Summit]

[Section 232 – Ball Bearings]

Moscow – Cables/Situation Room

Toronto Economic Summit

[Toronto Economic Summit Group]

[Toronto Economic] Summit Group Meeting 06/07/1988

[Venice Economic Summit]

[International Economic Policy, Retreat re]

Taiwan – Trade


[Canada Free Trade]



          SERIES VI: SCHEDULE FILE, 1987-1988

          Box 21, cont.

[Schedules: 1. Miscellaneous Schedules (June 1988-August 1988)]

          [Schedules: 2. President’s Long-Range Schedule (September 1987-February 1988)]     

          [Schedules: 3. President’s Long-Range Schedule (March 1988-June 1988)]

          [Schedules: 4. Speechwriting (09/14/1987-11/30/1987)]


Box 22

          [Schedules: 5. Speechwriting (12/01/1987-02/29/1988)]

          [Schedules: 6. Speechwriting (03/01/1988-03/31/1988)]

          [Schedules: 7. Speechwriting (04/01/1988-04/30/1988)]

          [Schedules: 8. Speechwriting (05/01/1988-05/18/1988)]

          [Schedules: 9. Speechwriting (05/19/1988-07/05/1988)]

          [Schedules: 10. Cabinet Affairs]

          [Schedules: 11. Public Liaison Weekly]

          [Schedules: 12. Legislative Agenda]

          [Schedules: 13. OMB Director’s Review]

          [Schedules: The Schedule of President Ronald Reagan, and Other Schedules (September

1987-October 1987)]

          [Schedules: The Schedule of President Ronald Reagan (October 1987-December 1987)]

          [Schedules: The Schedule of President Ronald Reagan (December 1987-January 1988)]

          [Schedules: The Schedule of President Ronald Reagan (January 1988-February 1988)]

[Schedules: The Schedule of President Ronald Reagan (March 1988-April 1988)]

          [Schedules: The Schedule of President Ronald Reagan (May 1988-June 1988)]

          [Schedules: The Summary Schedule/Weekly Update for 01/04/1988]

          [Scheduling: The Schedule of President Ronald Reagan (07/01/1988-08/08/1988)]

          [Scheduling: Various Schedules May 1987-September 1987] (1)-(4)