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CRISPEN, ELAINE O.: Files; 1981-1988


Office of the First Lady


OA 10718

Video Tape / NBC / "Hard Knox"

Miscellaneous (Misc.) Photos State Dinner etc.

Misc. Photos State Dinner etc.

Reagan/Bush Campaign Information / State Offices / Contributors and Volunteers /

Proposed State Chairman

Draft Letters for Various Issues (Orange Folder)

File for Letters on Nancy (Book), Berkley Books

General Book Promotion / Mrs. Reagan / Hunter Books

Mrs. Reagan / Book Promotion

First Lady / Special Project / Joffrey Ballet / Honorary Chairman

Mrs. Reagan Special Project Awards Program

Mrs. Reagan Special Swimming Pool Birthday 1981

First Lady Special Project Smithsonian Inaugural Gown

Mrs. Reagan - Special Projects - PBS 1981/1982 Season - 03/07/1982 Event

Special Files Hoover Institution

Nancy Reagan Clippings

Ronald Reagan General Federal Election Committee

Nancy Reagan / My Life Story

Nancy Reagan / Clippings

Federal Election Commission

Nancy Reagan / Speeches

Nancy Reagan Lecture Circuit

Convention Dallas 1984

Mrs. Reagan's Book / Rough Draft


OA 11161

Correspondence 1981-1984

[Photo Album for WH Christmas Party 1984]


OA 11162

Mrs. Reagan's Correspondence 1981-1984


OA 11163

Mrs Reagan's Miscellaneous Files

1985 Inaugural Files

Parsons Design

Biographic Information

Princess Grace Foundation

OA 11164

Mrs. Reagan's Personal and State Christmas Gifts 1981-1984

Phoenix Photo

Christmas 1983

Miscellaneous Photos

Europe 1982

Special Projects Files

Princess Grace Foundation

Photo Logs 1981-1984

Reagan Children Miscellaneous

Citizens for America


OA 13781

Elaine Crispen Correspondence January 1985-March 1985

Elaine Crispen Correspondence April 1985

Elaine Crispen Correspondence May 1985-June 1985

Elaine Crispen Correspondence July 1985

Elaine Crispen Correspondence August 1985 (1)(2)

[Robert Bruce Williams Portrait Painter]