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DANNER, DONALD: Files, 1985-1988  


Office of Public Liaison – Business Groups



          OA 14457

          Acid Rain - I

          Acid Rain - II

          American Society of Association Executives - I

          American Society of Association Executives - II

          American Society of Association Executives - III

          American Trucking Association

          Association for Commuter Transportation

          Association for Regulatory Reform

          Association for Systems Management

          Briefing Requests Declined


          Budget Deficit: POTUS Letter to Chief Executive Officers on Budget

          Budget Event

          Budget Info

          (Business Community) 1988 Agenda Input

          Canadian Free Trade

          Clean water Act of 1986

          Comet File

          Comparable worth


          Competitiveness Mailings

          March Credit Reform


          Ginsberg, Judge Douglas H.

          Health Care

          Highway Bill (1)-(4)

          Institute of Internal Auditors (The)

          Interagency Committee on Women’s Business Enterprise

          Invitations Accepted

          Invitations Declined

          Japan Aluminum

          Labor Issues

          Mandated Costs / Labor Issues

          Manufactured Housing Institute

          Mass Mailings

          McCarran - Ferguson Act


          OA 15703

          Completed POTUS Messages

          POTUS Message Regrets

          National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1986 – Memo of Disapproval

          National Association of Fleet Administrators

          National Association of Plumbing - Heating – Cooling Contractors

          National Association of Realtors

          National Association of the Remodeling Industry

          National Association of Women in Construction

          National Conference of Standards and Laboratories

          National Farm Safety Week 09/20/1987-09/26/1987

          National Retail Merchants Association

          New England Council

          News Releases on POTUS Speech

          Offshore Leasing

          Oil Import Fee

          Photograph Request

          Completed Photo Requests


          Product Liability - I

          Product Liability - II

          POTUS Remarks

          South Africa

          Speakers Bureau – Republican National Committee

          Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association - I

          State Dinner - Prime Minister of Canada and Mrs. Mulroney

          State Dinner for Chancellor Kohl (Suggested Invitees) October 1986

          State Dinner for Prime Minister Chirac of France March 1987

          State Dinner for Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan April 1987

          State Dinner for President Evran of Turkey – Suggested Invitees May 1987

          State Dinner for Prime Minister of Sweden and Mrs. Carlsson September 1987

          State of the Union Suggestions

          State of the Union Address Mailing

          Steel Industry


          Superconducting Super Collider


          Tax Bill Signing Ceremony (Requests to Attend Ceremony)  (1)(2)

          Tax Reform

          Telecommunications (WH Out Card – Ellen Marrin 05/18/1988)

          Textile Apparel Trade Enforcement Act

          Textiles - Talking Points

          Tobacco - Distribution of American Cigarettes in Japan

          Tort Reform


          Trade Bill

          Trade Case Actions

          Trucking Deregulations


          SERIES II:  EVENTS

          OA 15704

          05/16/1984 Printing Industries of America

          02/19/1986 Briefing - Tort Reform (ATRA)

          05/20/1986 Amusement and Music Operators Association,

          08/07/1986 Don Regan's office on Product Liability with Business Leaders

          09/11/1986 Names Submitted to Fred Ryan for his Briefing

          09/15/1986 Briefing - Jaycees Event with POTUS

          09/17/1986 Briefing - Anti Drug Initiatives

          09/18/1986 Speech - B – Government Relations Council Annual Fall Meeting at


          09/23/1986 Briefing - Supporters for Tax Reform

          09/25/1986 Briefing – United Auto Workers – General Motors Paid Education Leave


          09/29/1986 Briefing - Flexible Packaging Association

          October Concert in East Room Suggested Invitees

          10/06/1986 List to Carl Anderson for Drug Abuse Signing Ceremony

          11/07/1986 Post Election Briefing for Business People

          10/09/1986 Northern Virginia Board of Realtors

          10/16/1986 Briefing - Top Executives of Hyatt (18) Per Bob Tuttle

          10/22/1986 Tax Reform  Bill Signing Ceremony (1)(2)

          10/28/1986 Speech - Independent Petroleum Association of America

          11/21/1986 Briefing - Baltimore Gas

          11/25/1986 Meeting - Heads of Agency Liaisons

          12/11/1986 Briefing – General Motors – Paid Education Leave Program

          12/17/1986 Meeting - Acid Rain

          12/19/1986 Meeting - Small Business Representatives

          01/08/1987 Budget Briefing (Miller)

          01/21/1987 Chief Executive Officers Meeting with Don Regan

          01/27/1987 Briefing - New England League

          01/30/1987 Briefing - POTUS Clean Water Act

          02/03/1987 Briefing - Business Leaders from Mississippi

          02/05/1987 Speech -National Association of Manufacturers - Boca Raton, FL

          02/17/1987 Briefing - Competitiveness Initiatives

          02/17/1987 POTUS Luncheon Competitiveness Initiatives

          02/19/1987 Chamber Leadership Photo Op

          02/24/1987 Briefing - National American Wholesale Grocers Association

          02/26/1987 Briefing – United Auto Workers – General Motors – Paid Education Leave


          02/26/1987 and 04/09/1987 General Motors – United Auto Workers

          03/08/1987 Suggested Invitees for "In Performance at the White House"

          03/10/1987 New England Council

          03/13/1987 Balanced Budget / RR

          03/13/1987 Briefing – POTUS Budget Briefing

          03/16/1987 Briefing - Business Council of Alabama

          03/19/1987 National Office Products Association

          03/24/1987 Briefing - POTUS – Ameerican Business Conference re: Budget

          03/24/1987 Meeting - Mars and Other Business Leaders re: Highway Bill

          04/03/1987 POTUS Event Regarding Sale of Contrail

          04/07/1987 Meeting - American Consulting Engineers Council

          04/07/1987 American Consulting Engineers Council

          04/08/1987 Briefing - The Executive Club of Chicago

          04/08/1987 Executives' Club of Chicago

          04/15/1987 Speech - National Stone Association

          04/22/1987 Speech - Industrial Energy Users Forum - U. S. Chamber

          04/23/1987 Briefing - President's Trade Policy

          04/27/1987 Briefing - Florida Chamber of Commerce

          04/27/1987 Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting / Constitution Hall

          05/01/1987 Speech -American Legislative Exchange Council

          05/05/1987 Speech - Greater Waterbury Chamber of Commerce - Cancelled

          05/05/1987 Luncheon with Dirk Van Dongen and Board of Directors


          OA 15705

          05/06/1987 Harley Davidson Event

          05/11/1987 Meeting - Mandated Costs

          05/13/1987 Briefing - Board of Directors of American Retail Federation

          05/13/1987 Speech - West Virginia Chamber of Commerce

          05/21/1987 POTUS Event (Signing of Fuel Use Act)

          05/27/1987 Speech - -National Association of Manufacturers

          06/01/1987 Pre - Summit Event (Linas)

          06/02/1987 Speech - Continental Beverage Packaging

          06/15/1987 United Shareholders Association

          06/17/1987 Speech - Independent Bakers Association

          06/24/1987 Speech – Republican National Committee Speakers Bureau - Republican

                   Club - Camp Springs, MD

          07/03/1987 POTUS Star Spangled Salute to America (Jefferson Memorial)

          07/10/1987 Briefing - POTUS - Tax Coalitions on No New Taxes

          07/22/1987 Meeting - Chief Executive Officers re: Mandated Benefits/Labor Issues

          08/13/1987 POTUS Trip to North Platte, Nebraska

          08/18/1987 Madison Group

          09/09/1987 Speech - NASSTRAC Fall Membership Meeting

          09/14/1987 National Alliance of Business

          09/15/1987 Speech - American Society of Association Executives Quarterly Briefing

          09/15/1987 Speech - Hispanic Businessmen / Women

          09/17/1987 Speech - Republican National Committee / Association of Steel Distributors

          09/21/1987 Speech - National Society of Professional Engineers

          09/21/1987 Briefing - Interlake

          09/24/1987 Meeting - POTUS with U. S. Jaycees

          09/24/1987 Speech - U. S. Chamber of commerce - Senior Corporation Executives from


          09/28/1987 Briefing - Support for Bork / 100 Business Leaders

          10/01/1987 Meeting - POTUS with Chief Executive Officers

          10/02/1987 Speech - American Consulting Engineers Council Breakfast

          10/06/1987 Speech – Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association

          10/20/1987 Speech - American Supply Association - New York City

          10/21/1987 Speech - Better Business Bureau - Cancelled

          10/28/1987 Briefing - Fertilizer Institute

          10/29/1987 Supreme Court Nominee Announcement

          Supreme Court Announcement

          Supreme Court Nominee Event

          11/03/1987 Labor Announcement 

          11/10/1987 Speech - Unilever (Chesebrough-Ponds) - National Press Club

          11/16/1987 POTUS - American Council of Life Insurance

          11/17/1987 Speech - American Mining Congress

          11/20/1987 Invest to Compete Alliance (American Society of Association Executives re:

                   Investment Income)

          11/23/1987 Briefing – Chief Executive Officers Luncheon and Meeting with President on


          11/30/1987 Budget Agreement - Washington Representatives


          OA 15730

          01/11/1988 Cleveland, OH

          01/12/1988 Speech - University Club - Washington Representatives Research Group


          01/14/1988 Speech - Jefferson Group

          01/15/1988 Speech - American Society of Association Executives Quarterly Briefing


          01/19/1988-01/21/1988 Washington Representatives / Duberstein – 1988 Agenda

          01/21/1988 Speech -Middletown Chamber of Commerce, Middletown, OH

          02/02/1988 Briefing - Mississippi Economic Council

          02/10/1988 Senator Baker Speech to U. S. Chamber Board of Directors

          02/17/1988 Lunch with Senator Baker and Washington Presidents of  Associations

          02/25/1988 Briefing - Chief Executive Officers

          03/01/1988 Meeting - American Waterworks Association

          03/09/1988 Speech - National Retail Merchants

          03/10/1988 Edison Electric Institute Board of Directors - Cancelled

          03/10/1988 Speech - National Association of Manufacturers Legislative Meeting, San

                   Antonio, TX

          03/11/1988 Briefing - POTUS - Trade Bill 

          03/17/1988 Speech – Calkins Newspaper (Pat Webber – Media Relations)

          03/23/1988 Speech - Employers Council on Flexible Compensation

          03/28/1988 POTUS Trip to Richmond, VA

          05/02/1988 - Ohio Business Group with Congressman Mike Oxley

          05/17/1988 Joliet Chamber of Commerce

          05/18/1988 Briefing - American Retail Federation - H. Baker



          OA 15730 (Continued)

          Luncheon and Meetings with Business People

          Dan Danner's List of Business People for Mary Maseng

          07/16/1986 Luncheon Hosted by Bob McLellan - B - GRC

          07/23/1986 Luncheon Hosted by Trade Association Liaison Council -Wayne Valis

          09/18/1986 Business Luncheon Hosted by John Kelly

          10/06/1986 Business Luncheon Hosted by Tom Thomason - Bechtel

          10/09/1986 Maris Ken Cen Guests 

          10/16/1986 Business Luncheon with Sandy Trowbridge – National Association of


          11/07/1986 Business Lunch in New York

          12/01/1986 Luncheon Speech - American Society of Association Executives

          12/08/1986 Luncheon – Tax Reform Action Coalition Group - Dirk Van Dongen

          12/10/1986 Luncheon Meeting with Business People - Roosevelt Room

          12/11/1986 Meeting - Business Leaders

          12/15/1986 Meeting - Business Leaders Regarding Mandated Benefits

          12/16/1986 Meeting - Trade Association Presidents

          12/18/1986 Meeting - Washington Corporate Representatives

          12/18/1986 Meeting - Top Associates of Major Corporate Offices in Washington



          OA 15730 (Continued)

          Donald A. Danner (Chron File) 1986  A - K

          Donald A. Danner (Chron File) 1986  L - Z

          Donald A. Danner (Chron File) 1987  A - G

          Donald A. Danner (Chron File) 1987  H - R

          Donald A. Danner (Chron File) 1987  S - Z

          Donald A. Danner (Chron File) 1988  A - Z


          OA 15731

          Memos from Timothy Archie

          Memos to Timothy Archie

          Memos from Linda Arey

          Memos to Linda Arey

          Carl Anderson Memoranda

          Baker (Senator) Memos

          Memos from Mari (Maseng)

          [Memos to] Mari Maseng

          Memos to Jim Miller - OMB

          Memo to Chief of Staff Regan

          Dan Danner's Weekly Wrap Ups

          Blue Tracking Form Letters (By Issue)  1

          Blue Tracking Form Letters (By Issue)  2

          Blue Tracking Form Letters (By Issue)  3

          Blue Tracking Form Letters (By Issue)  4

          Blue Tracking Form Letters (By Issue)  5

          Blue Tracking Form Letters (By Issue)  6

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          Diskette - IBMIRD - Coalition File, Coalition Shell, Gate Shell, Marty Gate - Marty –

                   Public Liaison

          Diskette - Report Pack  - Repack

          Diskette - Textpack 4 - NAGKBA - ASYNC, Reportpack

          Diskette - Shell, BJB (OPL File)

          Diskette - OPL Schedule Shell (Name: OPL Outweek Schedule Shell) (Name, Outweek)

          Diskette – JLA-13

          Diskette - Jean2

          Diskette Printouts – JEAN2 and JEAN3