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DARMAN, RICHARD G.: Files, 1981-1984


Office of the Chief of Staff: Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy to the Chief of Staff, January 1981-August 1981

Office of the Chief of Staff: Assistant to the President and Deputy to the Chief of Staff, September 1981-Janaury 1985


Biographic Information


Richard Darman had no formal association with Ronald Reagan prior to the 1980 Presidential campaign, and was viewed with suspicion by many political conservatives. However, he became a highly influential member of the White House staff during President Reagan’s first term.


Darman, the son of a New England textile magnate, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 10, 1943. He grew up primarily in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. Darman graduated from Harvard University in 1964, and earned an M.B.A. degree from Harvard Business School in 1967. In 1970 he took a position in the Nixon administration’s Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW). He became part of the inner circle of HEW Secretary Elliot Richardson, a noted moderate Republican. Richardson went on to serve as Secretary of Defense (1973), Attorney General (1973), Secretary of Commerce (1975-77), and Ambassador-at-Large (1977), with Darman as his assistant in all these positions. When Richardson resigned as Attorney General rather than carry out President Nixon’s order to fire Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox, Darman also resigned. While serving with Richardson in the Commerce Department, Darman met James Baker, who was then Under Secretary of Commerce. Baker became a senior adviser to Reagan during the 1980 Presidential campaign, and appointed Darman to help Ronald Reagan prepare for his Presidential debates. After Reagan won election as President, Darman became Executive Director of the 1980-1981 Reagan transition.


Darman’s primary responsibility in the Reagan White House was management of the Presidential paper, coordinating the flow of staff work intended for the President or issued on his behalf. He served as the de facto “Executive Secretary/Secretariat” for the first administration, although this title/position was never actually used during the first Reagan administration.


Darman took on many tasks beyond his Secretariat role. He was responsible for managing the different components of the White House Office. He advised Baker on many policy issues, especially domestic policy, and worked with the Executive Branch and Congress on budget, tax, and Social Security legislation. He coordinated the work of the Budget Review Board, a panel consisting of Baker, Stockman, and Counsellor to the President Edwin Meese. This Board approved all ongoing Executive Branch requests for increases in spending. Darman was also coordinator for the Legislative Strategy Group, an informal White House committee headed by Baker coordinating the development of Administration legislative strategy. He attended most meetings of the Cabinet and National Security Council, and accompanied the President on most official trips.


In September 1981, Darman was promoted from Deputy Assistant to full Assistant to the President, with increased responsibility for the coordination and integration of White House staff activities. In January 1984 Darman was assigned overall supervision of the Speechwriting Office, as part of the reorganization of the White House staff undertaken for the 1984 campaign season. His role in the Reagan re-election effort included coordinating Administration input on the 1984 Republican Party platform, and preparing the President for his televised debates with Democratic Presidential candidate Walter Mondale.


In 1985 Baker left the White House to become Secretary of the Treasury, and Darman went with him to become Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. Darman left the Treasury Department in April 1987.


Baker become George H.W. Bush’s 1988 Presidential campaign manager and Darman continued in his role of assisting Baker. Darman played an active role in the 1988 Presidential campaign, portraying Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis in practice debates with Bush. Darman served as Director of OMB for the entire George Bush Presidency (1989-1993) – though his advocacy of tax increases and budget cuts to reduce the ongoing budget deficit left him unpopular with both liberals and conservatives.


After Bush left office, Darman became a partner of The Carlyle Group, a private equity firm. In 2003 he became Chairman of the Board of AES Corporation, a Washington, DC-area power company. He was also a professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In 1996 Darman published a book, Who’s in Control: Polar Politics and the Sensible Center, which dealt with much of his long public service to two presidents – Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Darman died from a form of leukemia on January 25, 2008.


Collection Scope and Content Notes


Darman’s files are arranged in five series.


SERIES I: SUBJECT FILE, January 1981-January 1985 (2.2 l.ft., Boxes 1-6)

Material consists of alphabetically arranged files on a wide range of domestic issues, and select foreign policy topics. There are materials on the federal budget, tax policy, Social Security, conservative organizations, foreign Presidential trips, and selected Cabinet and Cabinet Council meetings (see Series IV for a fuller set of Cabinet and Cabinet Council meeting materials). Additional topics include White House administrative procedures, White House-Congressional relations, Presidential decisions on various matters, long-range policy planning, selected Reagan speeches from 1983-1984, and unsolicited resumes and position recommendations.


SERIES II: 1984 CAMPAIGN FILE, April 1983-November 1984 (1.2 l.ft., Boxes 6-9)

This series contains material pertaining to President Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign. It includes: draft versions of the 1984 Republican platform, that were routed to White House and Administration staff for comment; schedules and staff lists pertaining to the 1984 Republican National Convention; the final 1984 Democratic Party platform; draft versions of the 1984 Democratic Party platform that were discussed openly at the Democratic convention; analyses of Democratic proposals on the budget, US-Soviet relations, and other issues; scripts for campaign commercials and documentary films; lists of people involved in the Reagan re-election campaign; reports and memos pertaining to the upcoming Presidential candidate debates; a Lee Atwater report on the history of the South in presidential elections; and guidance and regulations pertaining to the White House role in the campaign, the dividing of travel expenses between the White House and the campaign, and the holding of Presidential debates.



(11 l.ft., Boxes 10-36)

This series consists largely of photocopies of material from the collection Office of the President: Presidential Briefing Papers. The materials in the Briefing Papers were drafted by the various White House offices in advance of each day’s scheduled events. During President Reagan’s first term, Darman was responsible for compiling these materials for presentation to the President.


For a given day, there may be: a one or two-page “Daily Schedule of President Ronald Reagan,” listing event times and locations; memos, agendas and background papers describing the persons and issues involved in the day’s meetings; talking points for the President’s possible use during his appointments and telephone calls; schedules, movement diagrams, and background materials for trips away from the White House; political briefings on states to be visited; advance texts of speeches and taped statements; and notes and memos on last-minute changes to the President’s schedule. In a few instances where President Reagan was away from the White House overnight, the original Daily Schedules were retained in this series, and copies were transmitted to the President. The last set of documents includes a Presidential schedule that extends to January 2, 1985.


Since this series pertains to scheduled appointments and events, it has little information on President Reagan’s activities at Camp David or his California ranch (Rancho del Cielo). Some documents in the Presidential Briefing Papers collection, such as certain security classified reports, are not included in this series.



This series consists of three subseries pertaining to meetings of the Cabinet and Cabinet Councils. More complete files on these bodies may be found in other Reagan Library collections, particularly the White House Office of Records Management (WHORM) Subject File category FG010 (Cabinet) or the staff and office files from the Office of Cabinet Affairs. However, many documents in this series contain handwritten notes which may not be found elsewhere.


Subseries A: Cabinet Meeting File, January 1981-July 1982 (0.6 l.ft., Boxes 36-37)

This subseries consists of selected documents pertaining to Cabinet meetings, including agendas, background papers, and lists of meeting attendees. Some material pertains to meetings that were postponed or canceled. Most documents are also in the WHORM Subject File subcategory FG010-01 (Cabinet Meetings). The material is arranged chronologically by meeting date (or proposed meeting date).


Subseries B: Cabinet Council File, March 1981-August 1982 (2.3 l.ft., Boxes 37-43)

This subseries consists of selected material pertaining to six of the seven Cabinet Councils of the first Administration, which discussed and made recommendations on virtually all domestic policy matters. There is no material within this subseries regarding the last Cabinet Council formed in October 1982, the Cabinet Council on Management and Administration. Topics include tax and economic policy, the state of the US economy, the status of the thrift industry, business policy, trade policy toward various countries, environmental issues, agricultural policy, food exports, immigration, food safety, the proposed dismantlement of the Departments of Education and Energy, and oil drilling and leasing.


This subseries is largely organized into case files which carry six-digit numbers assigned by the White House Office of Records Management (WHORM). Materials are in case file number order (roughly chronological). Most documents are also in the WHORM Subject File subcategory FG010-02 (Cabinet Councils), though they may be filed there under other case file numbers. Additional material on some meetings may be found in the material with national security markings contained in Subseries C: Classified Cabinet and Cabinet Council File.


Subseries C: Classified Cabinet and Cabinet Council File, February 1981-August 1982

(0.3 l.ft., Boxes 43-44)

This material consists of records pertaining to meetings of the Cabinet, Cabinet Councils, and related bodies, which were maintained separately in a binder because they included sensitive national security information. Topics include Poland, US-Soviet relations, international economic and trade policy, maritime policy, and satellite commercialization. Copies of most documents are in the White House Office of Records Management (WHORM) Subject File subcategories FG010-01 (Cabinet Meetings) or FG010-02 (Cabinet Councils). The non-classified material related to these meetings may be found in Subseries A & B. This material is arranged by the WHORM case file number (roughly chronological).


SERIES V: REPORTS, 1981, 1983. (2 folders, Box 44)

Originally, this series consisted of reports that were commissioned for the President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (known popularly as the “Grace Commission”). The Reagan Library staff transferred all of these bound reports to the Library’s Book Collection, leaving transfer sheets in their place. In 2011, the Reagan Library discovered additional reports in its holdings which had been sent to Mr. Darman during his time on the White House staff. These reports were still closed as security classified at the time of processing.




          Box 1

          Auto Industry

Briefing Book for Long Range Planning Meeting, Camp David, 02/05/1982 (1)(2)

Budget “Alerts” (binder) (1)-(4)

          [Budget Appeal Procedures]

1983 Budget Decisions (1)(2)

Budget/Economic Meeting Attendees [January 1982-February 1982]

          1983 Budget Meetings [Budget for Fiscal Year 1983] (1)-(3)

          Budget Process

[Budget Reform 1984:] Reagan Revolution II (1)-(5)

[Cabinet and Cabinet Council Memos, January 1981 – March 1982: Cabinet] (1)


          Box 2

          [Cabinet and Cabinet Council Memos, January 1981 – March 1982: Cabinet] (2)

[Cabinet and Cabinet Council Memos, January 1981 – March 1982: Cabinet Councils] (1)-(3)

          Cabinet Decisions

          Camp David Briefing 02/05/1982 (1)(2)

Cancun 10/22/1981 – 10/23/1981 [Travel]

          CEA [Council of Economic Advisers]

          Central America/Nicaragua [1984]

          Citizens for America (1)-(4)

          [Citizens for America: Federal Reserve Board Policy]

          Crime [05/13/1981 Letter from Senators]

          [Crisis Center Proposals]

          Debt Limit

          [Defense Budget Meeting 09/09/1981] (1)-(3)

          Defense Budget [1982]

          Economic Outlook

          [Economic Outlook:] Taxes – Economic Situation


Box 3

          Economic Summit – London (1)-(3)


Executive Orders

[Export Administration Act]

          First Lady

Foreign Trip Preparations

          Global Negotiations [1981]

          Gold (1)(2)


          International Debt Situation NSDD

          Ireland [June 1984 European Trip – Speeches]

          June 1984 European Trip (1)-(3)


          Legislative Reports

          Legislative Strategy Group – PR

          Legislative Veto

          Long Range Planning

 Meetings with Foreigners [List of US-Canada Meeting Participants, 07/10/1981]


 Box 4

[Messages to President after Business Hours; Overdue Briefing Papers Notices (1983)] (1)-(8)

          Nuclear Freeze

          [Office] Space (1)(2)

Outreach Strategy Group (1)(2)


          Perquisites (“Perks”) (1)(2)

          Personnel Policies and Law

Presidential Decisions File (1)(2)


Box 5

Presidential Decisions File (3)(4)

Presidential Records

Promises, Promises [Ralph Nader Congress Watch Paper]

Radio Speech Candidates [December 1983 – August 1984]

Reorganization [Copy of Reorganization Act of 1977]

Resumes (1)-(3)

                   Social Security Commission

Social Security Task Force

Speech Candidates

Speech – Re Aging/Aged

Speech – Re Economic (September 1984)

Speech – Re Health (1)(2)

Speechwriting and Research, Office of (1)(2)

State of The Union [Address, 1984] (1)(2)

Task Forces and Interagency Committees [Establishment of Task Force on Immigration and Refugee Policy]

1982 Tax Act [Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act] (1)(2)


Box 6

1982 Tax Act [Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act] (3)-(5)

Tax Simplification [1982-1984] (1)-(6)

White House Budget, Organization and Staffing (1)(2)

White House Management Systems [1981]

White House Organization: Presidential Messages


SERIES II: 1984 CAMPAIGN FILE, 1983-1984

Box 6, cont.


Campaign Advertising

Campaign Debates

[Campaign Debates: Broadcast Issues]

Campaign Impact on Office of Administration

Campaign Letters Approved for Ronald Reagan Signature (1)(2)

Convention Documentary (1)(2)


Box 7

Democratic Platform (1)-(7)

[Documentary Transcripts]

[Family Issue]

Mondale Budget Material (1)(2)

[National Republican Senatorial Committee]

1984 Campaign [Legal Issues; Mondale Critique of Economy]

1984 Campaign/Convention

NSC Edits on Foreign Policy Section of Mondale Book

Politics 1984 [Lee Atwater Reports, 1983] (1)(2)

[Republican] Platform (1)(2)

[Republican Platform – Comments]

Republican Platform [March 1984 – May 1984] (1)


Box 8

Republican Platform [March 1984 – May 1984] (2)-(9)

Republican Platform [May 1984 – July 1984] (1)-(11)


Box 9

Republican Platform [May 1984 – July 1984] (12)-(17)

Republican Platform [July 1984 – August 1984] (1)-(11)

[The Tuesday Team, Inc.]

[The Vietnam Generation]




Box 10

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/21/1981-01/28/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/29/1981-02/03/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/04/1981-02/05/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/06/1981-02/09/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/10/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/11/1981-02/12/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/13/1981-02/18/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/19/1981-02/23/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/24/1981-02/25/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/26/1981-02/27/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/28/1981-03/03/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/04/1981-03/05/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/06/1981-03/08/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/09/1981-03/11/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/12/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/13/1981-03/17/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/18/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/19/1981]


  Box 11

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/20/1981-03/22/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/23/1981-03/25/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/26/1981-03/27/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/28/1981-03/31/1981]

          [The Vice President’s Schedule (04/01/1981-04/06/1981)]

          [The Vice President’s Schedule (04/07/1981-04/13/1981)]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/14/1981-04/29/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/30/1981-05/01/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/02/1981-05/04/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/05/1981-05/07/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/08/1981-05/12/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/13/1981-05/16/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/17/1981-05/18/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/19/1981-05/21/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/22/1981-05/27/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/28/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/29/1981-06/02/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/03/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/04/1981-06/07/1981]


Box 12         

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/08/1981] (1)(2)

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/09/1981-06/11/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/12/1981-06/15/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/16/1981-06/17/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/18/1981-06/22/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/23/1981] (1)(2)

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/24/1981-06/29/1981] (1)(2)

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/30/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/01/1981-07/02/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/03/1981-07/06/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/07/1981] (1)(2)

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/08/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/09/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/10/1981-07/13/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/14/1981-07/15/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/16/1981-07/21/1981]


          Box 13

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/22/1981-07/23/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/24/1981-07/26/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/27/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/28/1981] (1)(2)

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/29/1981-07/30/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/31/1981-08/03/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/04/1981-08/05/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/06/1981-08/17/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/18/1981] (1)(2)

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/19/1981-08/21/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/22/1981-09/06/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/07/1981] (1)(2)

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/08/1981-09/10/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/11/1981-09/13/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/14/1981] (1)(2)


 Box 14

 [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/15/1981-09/16/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/17/1981-09/21/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/22/1981-09/23/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/24/1981-09/27/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/28/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/29/1981-09/30/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/01/1981-10/04/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/05/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/06/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/07/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/08/1981-10/12/1981]

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/13/1981-10/14/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/15/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/16/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/17/1981-10/19/1981] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/20/1981-10/25/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/26/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/27/1981-11/01/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/02/1981-11/03/1981]


 Box 15

 [Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/04/1981-11/06/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/07/1981-11/09/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/10/1981-11/12/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/13/1981-11/16/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/17/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/18/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/19/1981-11/20/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/21/1981-11/30/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/01/1981-12/02/1981]


[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/03/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/04/1981-12/07/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/08/1981-12/10/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/11/1981-12/14/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/15/1981-12/16/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/17/1981-12/20/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/21/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/22/1981]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/23/1981 – 01/06/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/07/1982-01/10/1982]


Box 16

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/11/1982-01/12/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/13/1982-01/15/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/16/1982-01/20/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/21/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/22/1982-01/26/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/27/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/28/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/29/1982-02/01/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/02/1982-02/03/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/04/1982-02/07/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/08/1982-02/09/1982] (1)-(3)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/10/1982-02/11/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/12/1982-02/17/1982]


Box 17

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/18/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/19/1982-02/21/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/22/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/23/1982-02/24/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/25/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/26/1982-03/01/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/02/1982-03/08/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/09/1982-03/10/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/11/1982-03/14/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/15/1982-03/16/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/17/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/18/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/19/1982-03/22/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/23/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/24/1982-03/25/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/26/1982-03/29/1982]


Box 18

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/30/1982-03/31/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/01/1982-04/04/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/05/1982-04/06/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/07/1982-04/12/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/13/1982-04/14/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/15/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/16/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/17/1982-04/19/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/20/1982-04/21/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/22/1982-04/25/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/26/1982-04/27/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/28/1982-04/29/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/30/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/01/1982-05/02/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/03/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/04/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/05/1982-05/06/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/07/1982-05/10/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/11/1982-05/12/1982]


Box 19

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/13/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/14/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/15/1982-05/20/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/21/1982-05/24/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/25/1982-05/30/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/31/1982-06/14/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/15/1982-06/16/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/17/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/18/1982-06/21/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/22/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/23/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/24/1982-06/27/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/28/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/29/1982-06/30/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/01/1982-07/11/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/12/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/13/1982] (1)(2)


Box 20

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/14/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/15/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/16/1982-07/19/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/20/1982-07/21/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/22/1982-07/25/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/26/1982-07/28/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/29/1982-08/01/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/02/1982-08/03/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/04/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/05/1982-08/08/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/09/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/10/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/11/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/12/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/13/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/14/1982-08/16/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/17/1982]


Box 21

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/18/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/19/1982-09/07/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/08/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/09/1982-09/10/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/11/1982-09/13/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/14/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/15/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/16/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/17/1982-09/19/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/20/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/21/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/22/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/23/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/24/1982-09/26/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/27/1982-09/29/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/30/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/01/1982-10/05/1982]


Box 22

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/06/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/07/1982-10/12/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/13/1982-10/14/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/15/1982-10/17/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/18/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/19/1982-10/21/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/22/1982-10/24/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/25/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/26/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/27/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/28/1982-10/31/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/01/1982-11/05/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/06/1982-11/09/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/10/1982-11/11/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/12/1982-11/14/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/15/1982-11/21/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/22/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/23/1982-11/29/1982]


Box 23

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/30/1982-12/06/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/07/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/08/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/09/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/10/1982-12/12/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/13/1982-12/15/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/16/1982] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/17/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/18/1982-12/22/1982]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/23/1982-01/02/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/03/1983-01/04/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/05/1983-01/06/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/07/1983-01/11/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/12/1983-01/18/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/19/1983] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/20/1983-01/24/1983]


Box 24

          [Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/25/1983-01/27/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/28/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/29/1983-01/31/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/01/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/02/1983-02/03/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/04/1983-02/06/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/07/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/08/1983-02/10/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/11/1983-02/14/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/15/1983-02/16/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/17/1983-02/20/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/21/1983-02/22/1983] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/23/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/24/1983-03/27/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/28/1983-03/07/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/08/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/09/1983-03/10/1983]


Box 25

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/11/1983-03/14/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/15/1983-03/16/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/17/1983-03/20/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/21/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/22/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/23/1983-03/24/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/25/1983-03/28/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/29/1983-03/31/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/01/1983-04/05/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/06/1983] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/07/1983-04/10/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/11/1983] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/12/1983-04/13/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/14/1983-04/17/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/18/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/19/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/20/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/21/1983]


Box 26

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/22/1983-04/24/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/25/1983-04/26/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/27/1983-04/28/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/29/1983-05/01/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/02/1983-05/03/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/04/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/05/1983-05/09/1983] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/10/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/11/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/12/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/13/1983-05/16/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/17/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/18/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/19/1983] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/20/1983-05/22/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/23/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/24/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/25/1983-05/31/1983]


Box 27

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/01/1983] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/02/1983-06/06/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/07/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/08/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/09/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/10/1983-06/13/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/14/1983-06/15/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/16/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/17/1983-06/20/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/21/1983-06/22/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/23/1983-06/24/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/25/1983-06/28/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/29/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/30/1983-07/06/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/07/1983-07/11/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/12/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/13/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/14/1983]


Box 28         

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/15/1983-07/18/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/19/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/20/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/21/1983-07/24/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/25/1983-07/27/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/28/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/29/1983-07/31/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/01/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/02/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/03/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/04/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/05/1983-08/09/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/10/1983-08/11/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/12/1983-08/14/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/15/1983-09/05/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/06/1983-09/07/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/08/1983-09/11/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/12/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/13/1983-09/14/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/15/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/16/1983-09/18/1983]


Box 29

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/19/1983-09/20/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/21/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/22/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/23/1983-09/25/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/26/1983-09/27/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/28/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/29/1983-10/02/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/03/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/04/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/05/1983-10/06/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/07/1983-10/13/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/14/1983-10/18/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/19/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/20/1983-10/23/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/24/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/25/1983-10/27/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/28/1983-10/31/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/01/1983-11/02/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/03/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/04/1983-11/07/1983]


Box 30

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/08/1983-11/15/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/16/1983-11/17/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/18/1983-11/22/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/23/1983-11/27/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/28/1983-11/30/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/01/1983-12/05/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/06/1983-12/07/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/08/1983-12/11/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/12/1983-12/13/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/14/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/15/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/16/1983-12/21/1983]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/22/1983-01/02/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/03/1984-01/04/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/05/1984-01/08/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/09/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/10/1984-01/11/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/12/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/13/1984-01/17/1984]


Box 31

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/18/1984-01/19/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/20/1984-01/23/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/24/1984-01/26/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/27/1984-01/29/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/30/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 01/31/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/01/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/02/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/03/1984-02/05/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/06/1984-02/12/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/13/1984-02/15/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/16/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/17/1984-02/20/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/21/1984-02/22/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/23/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/24/1984-02/26/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/27/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 02/28/1984-02/29/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/01/1984]


Box 32

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/02/1984-03/05/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/06/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/07/1984-03/08/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/09/1984-03/12/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/13/1984-03/14/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/15/1984-03/18/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/19/1984-03/21/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/22/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/23/1984-03/25/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/26/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/27/1984-03/28/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 03/29/1984-04/01/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/02/1984-04/03/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/04/1984-04/06/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/07/1984-04/09/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/10/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/11/1984-04/12/1984] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/13/1984-04/15/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/16/1984]


Box 33

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/17/1984-04/18/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 04/19/1984-05/02/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/03/1984-05/07/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/08/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/09/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/10/1984] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/11/1984-05/14/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/15/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/16/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/17/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/18/1984-05/22/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/23/1984-05/24/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/25/1984-05/30/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 05/31/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/01/1984-06/13/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/14/1984-06/17/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/18/1984-06/19/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/20/1984-06/21/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/22/1984-06/25/1984]


Box 34

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/26/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/27/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/28/1984-06/29/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 06/30/1984-07/03/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/04/1984-07/08/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/09/1984] (1)(2)

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/10/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/11/1984-07/12/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/13/1984-07/17/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/18/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/19/1984-07/22/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/23/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/24/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/25/1984-07/26/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/27/1984-07/29/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 07/30/1984-08/16/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/17/1984-08/20/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/21/1984-08/23/1984]


Box 35

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/24/1984-08/29/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 08/30/1984-09/03/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/04/1984-09/05/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/06/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/07/1984-09/10/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/11/1984-09/12/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/13/1984-09/14/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/15/1984-09/18/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/19/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/20/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/21/1984-09/24/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/25/1984-09/26/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 09/27/1984-09/30/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/01/1984-10/03/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/04/1984-10/07/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/08/1984-10/09/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/10/1984-10/14/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/15/1984-10/16/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/17/1984-10/18/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/19/1984-10/23/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/24/1984]


Box 36

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/25/1984-10/29/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 10/30/1984-10/31/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/01/1984-11/11/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/12/1984-11/13/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/14/1984-11/26/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/27/1984-11/28/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 11/29/1984-11/30/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/01/1984-12/05/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/06/1984-12/09/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/10/1984-12/12/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/13/1984-12/18/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/19/1984-12/21/1984]

[Presidential Briefing Papers: 12/27/1984-01/02/1985]



Subseries A: Cabinet Meeting File

Box 36, cont.

[Cabinet Meeting 01/21/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 01/22/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 01/23/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 01/27/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 02/04/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 02/10/1981]

[Cabinet Meetings 02/18/1981-02/26/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 03/05/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 03/13/1981] (1)


Box 37

[Cabinet Meeting 03/13/1981] (2)(3)

[Cabinet Meeting 03/19/1981 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 04/02/1981 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 04/16/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 04/20/1981 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 04/24/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 05/14/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 06/02/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 07/01/1981 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 07/07/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 07/13/1981] (1)(2) (includes material from Cabinet Council on

          Economic Affairs and Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade)

[Cabinet Meeting 07/16/1981]

[Cabinet Meeting 08/04/1981] (1)-(3)

[Cabinet Meeting 09/10/1981 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 10/26/1981 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 11/04/1981 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 11/23/1981 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 01/07/1982 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 01/12/1982]

[Cabinet Meeting 02/25/1982]

[Cabinet Meeting 03/18/1982]

[Cabinet Meeting 03/26/1982 (agenda and participants list only)]

[Cabinet Meeting 05/06/1982]

[Cabinet Meeting 05/20/1982]

[Cabinet Meeting 07/15/1982]

[Cabinet Meeting 07/20/1982]


Subseries B: Cabinet Council File

Box 37, cont.

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/06/1981 (case file 000129)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/09/1981 (case file 000131)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 03/13/1981 (case files 000154 and 000163)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/20/1981 (case file 000169)]

[Cancelled Meetings 03/16/1981 and 03/17/1981 (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/18/1981 and 03/20/1981 – Minutes

          (case file 000173)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 03/16/1981 (case file 000174)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 03/19/1981 (case file 000175)]


Box 38

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/26/1981 (case file 000188)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/23/1981 (case file 000197)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/31/1981 (case file 000200)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 04/02/1981 (case file 000205)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 04/03/1981 (case file 000206)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/07/1981 (case file 000211)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/09/1981 (case file 000216)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 04/15/1981 (case file 000228)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/16/1981 (case file 000236)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 04/22/1981 (case file 000301)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 04/29/1981 (case file 018521)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/28/1981 and 04/30/1981 (case file 018524)]

          Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 05/05/1981 (case file 018532)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 05/06/1981 (case file 018543)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/07/1981 (case file 018547)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 05/20/1981 (case file 018557)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/07/1981 – Minutes (case file 018564)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 05/13/1981 (case file   018565)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/12/1981 (case file 018567)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 05/20/1981 (case file 018586)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 05/28/1981 (case file 018600)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/28/1981 – Cancelled (case file 018607)

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 05/29/1981 (case file 018612)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/02/1981 (case file 018623)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/04/1981 (case file 018625)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 06/08/1981 (case file 018632)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 06/09/1981 (case file 018636)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 06/10/1981 (case file 018645)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 06/16/1981 (case file 018650)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/16/1981 (case file 018654)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/18/1981 (case file 018657)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/18/1981 and 06/23/1981 – Minutes (no case

file numer)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 06/19/1981 (case file 018659)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 06/23/1981 (case file 018664)] (1)(2)

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 06/24/1981 (case file 018668)]


Box 39

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade (with Cabinet) 06/23/1981 (case file 018670)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 07/28/1981 (case file 018745)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 07/08/1981 (case files 018902 and 018906)] (1)(2)

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/25/1981-07/07/1981 – Minutes (case files

018905, 018900, 018667)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/29/1981 (case file 018919)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/09/1981 and 07/14/1981 – Minutes (case files 018907 and 018910)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 06/10/1981-06/24/1981 –

Minutes (case file 018908)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 07/08/1981-07/15/1981 –

Minutes (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 07/15/1981 (case file 018911)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 07/22/1981 and 07/30/1981 (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 07/22/1981 (case file 018915)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/23/1981 (case file 018916)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/28/1981 (case file 018917)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 07/28/1981 (case file 018918)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 07/30/1981 (case file 018920)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/31/1981 (case file 018922)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 08/04/1981 (case file 018923)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 08/05/1981 (case file 018925)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade – Background Paper 08/04/1981 (case file 018926)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 08/12/1981 (case file 018929)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/16/1981-07/29/1981 – Minutes (case file


[Cabinet Council Minutes 07/31/1981 – 08/12/1981 (case file 018933)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 09/03/1981 (case file 018935)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/08/1981-09/24/1981 (case file 018936)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 09/08/1981 (case file 018938)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 09/10/1981 (case file 018939)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/15/1981 (case file 018941)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 09/16/1981 (case file 018944)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/17/1981 (case file 018945)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/22/1981 (case file 018948)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/24/1981 – Cancelled (case file 018949)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 09/23/1981 (case file 018950)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/23/1981 (case file 018951)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/24/1981 (case file 018952)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 09/29/1981 (case file 018953)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 10/01/1981 3:00pm (case file 018955)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 10/01/1981 8:45am (case file 018956)]


Box 40

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 10/08/1981 (case file 018960)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 10/07/1981 (case file 018961)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 10/08/1981 (case file 018962)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 10/13/1981 (case file 018963)]

[Office of Cabinet Affairs Issue Tracking Reports 10/19/1981-11/30/1981 (case file

018965)] (1)(2)

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 10/15/1981 (case file 018967)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 10/20/1981 (case file 018969)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 10/20/1981 (case file 018970)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 10/26/1981 (case file 018971)]

[Office of Cabinet Affairs Issue Tracking Reports 11/02/1981 (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 11/03/1981 (case file 018975)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 11/03/1981 (case file 018976)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 11/05/1981 10:30am (case file 018977)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 11/05/1981 11:15am (case file 018978)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 11/04/1981 (Cancelled) (case file 018979)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 11/06/1981 (case file 018980)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 11/10/1981 (case file 018981)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 11/05/1981 (case file 018982)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 11/10/1981 (case file 018985)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 11/12/1981 (case file 018988)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 11/12/1981 (case file 018989)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 11/13/1981 (case file 018990)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 11/13/1981 (case file 018991)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 11/13/1981 (case file 018992)]

[Cabinet Council Minutes (Various) 10/07/1981-11/10/1981 (case file 018993)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 05/11/1981 (case file 026567)]

[Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 04/02/1982 (case file 044412)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 12/04/1981 (case file 050102)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 12/08/1981 (case file 050103)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 12/08/1981 (case file 050104)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 12/15/1981 (case file 050105)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 12/09/1981 (case file 050107)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 12/10/1981 (case file 050108)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 12/22/1981 (case file 050110)]


Box 41

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 11/24/1981 and 11/25/1981 (case file 050111)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 12/15/1981 (case file 050112)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 12/16/1981 (case file 050113)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 12/17/1981 (case file 050117)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 12/18/1981 (case file 050119)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 12/22/1981 (case file 050120)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 12/21/1981 (case file 050121)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 12/30/1981 (case file 050123)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs Minutes 12/18/1981-12/22/1981 (case file


[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/07/1982 (case file 050126)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade Minutes 12/02/1981-12/22/1981 (case file


[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 01/08/1982 (case file 050129)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/08/1982 (case file 050130)]

[Office of Cabinet Affairs Issue Tracking Reports 01/10/1982 (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/14/1982 (case file 050133)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 01/15/1982 (case file 050134)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/13/1982 (case file 050135)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/21/1982 (case file 050137)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 01/21/1982 (case file 050139)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 01/28/1982 (case file 050141)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs Minutes 01/21/1982 – Minutes (case file 050142)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/28/1982 (case file 050143)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 01/29/1982 (case file 050144)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/29/1982 (case file 050145)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 02/02/1982 (case file 050146)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 02/03/1982 (case file 050147)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/28/1982 and 01/29/1982 – Minutes (case file 050149)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 02/05/1982 (case file 050150)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 02/10/1982 (case file 050153)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 02/11/1982 (8:45am and 10:45am) (case file


[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 02/23/1982 (case file 050157)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 02/19/1982 (case file 050158)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 02/23/1982 (case file 050161)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 02/05/1982 and 02/08/1982 – Minutes (case file 050162)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 02/24/1982 (case file 050163)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/03/1982 (case file 050170)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 03/03/1982 (case file 050171)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 02/23/1982-03/09/1982 (case file 050174)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 03/10/1982 (case file 050175)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/12/1982 (case file 050178)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/16/1982 (case file 050179)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/09/1982-03/12/1982 – Minutes (case file


[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/19/1982 (case file 050183)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 03/22/1982 (case file 050184)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/22/1982 (case file 050186)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/16/1982 and Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 03/17/1982 – Minutes (case file 050187)]


Box 42

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 03/23/1982 (case file 050189)]

[Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 03/24/1982 (case file 050190)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/25/1982 (case file 050191)]

[Cabinet Council Minutes (Various) 03/30/1982-04/12/1982 (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 03/30/1982 (case file 050194)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs and Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade – Minutes 03/25/1982-03/31/1982 (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/02/1982 (case file 050197)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 06/12/1981 (case file 056773)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/05/1982 (case file 068891)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 04/07/1982 (case file 068893)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 04/13/1982 (case file 068895)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 04/15/1982 (case file 068896)]

[Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 04/16/1982 (case file 068899)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/20/1982 (case file 068904)]

[Cabinet Council Minutes (Various) 04/20/1982-04/30/1982 (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/21/1982 (case file 068905)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 04/21/1982 (case file 068906)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 04/21/1982 (case file 068907)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 04/22/1982 (case file 068908)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 04/26/1982 (case file 068911)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/28/1982 (case file 068915)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 04/29/1982 (case file 068916)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 04/29/1982 (case file 068918)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/30/1982 (case file 068919)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/03/1982 (case file 068923)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 05/05/1982 (case file 068929)] (1)(2)

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 04/29/1982 and Cabinet

Council on Commerce and Trade 05/05/1982 – Minutes (case file 068956)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 05/13/1982 (case file 068957)

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/17/1982 (case file 068963)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 05/19/1982 (case file 068964)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/18/1982 (case file 068965)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/13/1982-05/18/1982 – Minutes (case file


[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/25/1982 (case file 068976)]

[Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 05/24/1982 (case file 068977)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/20/1982 (case file 068979)]

[Cabinet Council Minutes (Various) 04/26/1982-05/25/1982 (case file 068984)]


Box 43

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/01/1982 (case file 068985)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 06/03/1982 (case file 068988)] (1)(2)

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 06/03/1982 (case file 077300)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/08/1982 (case file 077303)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 06/09/1982 (case file 077306)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs and Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 05/27/1982-06/08/1982 – Minutes (case file 077307)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 06/03/1982 – Minutes (Revised) (case file


[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 06/15/1982 (case file 077312)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/15/1982 (case file 077313)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 06/16/1982 (case file 077314)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 06/18/1982 (case file 077320)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/22/1982 (case file 077321)]

[Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment 06/23/1982 (case file 077321)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 06/23/1982 (case file 077327)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/23/1982 (case file 077329)]

[Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture 06/28/1982 (case file 077339)]

[Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 06/28/1982 (case file 077340)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/29/1982 (case file 077341)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/01/1982 (case file 077347)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 07/01/1982 (case file 077353)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 07/06/1982 (case file 077357)]

[Cabinet Council on Human Resources 07/12/1982 (case file 077369)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/13/1982 (case file 077370)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 07/15/1982 (no case file number)] (1)(2)

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 07/21/1982 (case file 077394)]

[Cabinet Councils on Economic Affairs and Cabinet Councils on Commerce and Trade 07/21/1982-07/29/1982 – Minutes (no case file number)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/29/1982 (case file 077405)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 08/03/1982 (case file 077406)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 08/06/1982 (case file 077411)]

[Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 08/05/1982 (case file 077413)]


Subseries C: Classified Cabinet and Cabinet Council File

Box 43, cont.

[Cabinet Meeting 02/04/1981 (case file 000076)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/09/1981 (case file 000151)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/23/1981 (case file 000171)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/18/1981 (case file 000173)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 04/24/1981 (case file 018506)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/22/1981 (case file 018591)]

[Cabinet Trade Policy Committee 05/11/1981 (case file 018592)] 


Box 44

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/26/1981 (case file 018599)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/23/1981 (case file 018667)] (1)(2)

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/08/1981 (case file 018937)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/10/1981 (case file 018940)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 09/18/1981 (case file 018947)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 11/30/1981 (case file 050100)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/11/1982 (case file 050177)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/17/1982 (case file 050180)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 03/29/1982 (case file 050193)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 04/20/1982 (case file 068902)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 05/20/1982 (case file 068967)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 06/24/1982 (case file 077330)]

[Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 07/19/1982 (case file 077387)]

[Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 08/04/1982 (case file 077408)]


SERIES V: REPORTS, 1981, 1983.

Box 44, cont.

[President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control Reports (Transfer Sheets)] (reports

          transferred to Reagan Library Book Collection)

[Reports July 1981]