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DAVIS, RANDALL E.: Files 1982-1985


Office of Policy Development


OA 12580


Emergency Preparedness, Energy Response Working Group, Oil

Methanol Working Group

Environment, Natural Resources and the Interior

Indians (1)(2)

Indians [Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies Progress Report]

[Interior Indians - non-Indian Prob.]

[Natural Resources - Indians - President's Commission on Indian Reservation


[Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies - Report and Recommendations to the President of the U.S. November 1984]

Natural Resources Interagency Working Group on Ocean Policy and Law of Sea (1)-(3)


OA 12581

Environment, Natural Resources and the Interior

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Working Group: Costal Zone Management

Federal Consistency (1)-(3)

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Working Group: OCS Leasing

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Working Group: Cabinet Council on Natural

Resources & Energy (CCNRE) 06/29/1984 (1)-(3)

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Working Group

Environment - Superfund: Background papers

Environment - Superfund: Draft Language (1)-(5)

Environment - Superfund: Federal Cause of Action

Environment - Superfund: Financing Options (1)-(2)

Environment - Superfund: General (1)-(7)

Environment - Superfund: Options

Environment - Superfund: Press Statement and Transmittal

Environment - Superfund: Victim's Compensation


OA 12582

Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment Minutes 01/28/1982-03/22/1986

Inventory Attached (Includes Background Papers, Meeting Announcements,

Clearance Lists, etc.)

Cabinet Council on Natural Resources: 01/28/1982, CM054 Water Resource


02/19/1982, CM199 - Clean Water Act

04/15/1982, CM201 - Public Utility Holding Company Act and CM238 OCS Leasing Program

04/22/1982, CM199 - Clean Water Act and CM 200 Global Environment Resources Issues

04/29/1982, CM 238 - OCS Revenue Sharing and CM 200 Global Environment Resources Issues

05/13/1982 & 05/18/1982, CM 201 - Report of Electric Utility Working Group and CM 054 Cost Sharing of Water Projects

06/15/1982 & 06/23)/1982, CM 258 - Safe Drinking Water Act

09/30/1982, CM 285 - Midterm Planning Review

11/17/1982, CM 086 - SPR Drawdown and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

12/03/1982, CM 329 - EEZ, Natural Gas, International Energy Security

12/08/1982, CM 258 - Safe Drinking Water Act

01/06/1983, CM053 - Natural Gas and CM276 - Synfuels

01/18/1983, CM054 - Water Cast Sharing and CM276 - Synfuels

01/28/1983, CM276 - Synthetic Fuels

02/08/1983 (Full Cabinet), CM053 - Natural Gas Decontrol

02/09/1983, Environmental Legislative Agenda

02/24/1983, CM053 - Natural Gas Deregulation (with President)

03/01/1983, CM353 - Nuclear Licensing

03/04/1983, CM238 - (Outer Continental Shelf) OCS Revenue Sharing and CM121 - Coal Slurry

03/09/1983, CM238 - OCS Revenue Sharing and CM199 - Clean Water, and CM049

Clean Air (Never Got Around To)

03/25/1983, CM200 - Global Issues, CM049 - Clean Air (Acid Rain) and CM121 - Coal Slurry

04/07/1983, CM121 - Coal Slurry, and CM109 - Clean Water Act

05/12/1983, (Full Cabinet), CM040 - Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) (Synfuels

Postponed for Discussion)

06/21/1983, (Joint CCNRE / CCFA), CM276 - Synfuels (with President)

06/23/1983, CM371 - Federal Timber Contract Relief

07/11/1983, CM371 - Timber Contract relief (without President)

07/21/1983, CM371 - Timber Sale Contract Relief (with President)

09/15/1983, CM398 - Scientific Briefing on Acid Rain (with President)

09/21/1983, CM398 - Acid Rain (without President)

01/17/1984, Water Projects Cost - Sharing (with President)

02/27/1984, CM456 - Nuclear Industry Briefing (without President)

03/19/1984, National Energy Policy Perspective (without President)

03/22/1984, National Energy Policy Perspective (Canceled)

03/26/1984, National Energy Policy Perspective (With President)

06/12/1984, OCS Revenue Sharing, (Coastal Zone Management Act) CZMA & Section 8 (G) (without President)

06/13/1984, Natural Resources and Environmental Areas (Canceled)

06/14/1984, OCS (with President)

07/09/1984, Environment, Natural Resources (with President)

09/21/1984, Naval Petroleum Reserves (without President)

11/19/1984, Discussion of Upcoming Agenda (without President)

11/30/1984, Continuation of 11/19/1984 Topic (without President)

12/12/1984, OCS Section 8 (G) and State of The Union, (Initiatives and Critical and Strategic Minerals) - (without President)

12/19/1984, Biotechnology and Natural Gas (without President)

01/09/1985, Coastal Zone Management Act / OCS Revenue Sharing (Without President)

01/16/1985 - Canceled

02/12/1985, Superfund / Overview of World Petroleum Prices (With President)

Clean Water / Endangered Species (without President)

03/22/1985, EPCA Extension / (Completion of ) Clean Water Act (without President)

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 01/11/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 01/25/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 02/16/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 04/12/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 04/19/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 04/27/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 05/10/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 07/13/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings - 09/27/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 11/12/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 11/22/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 11/30/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 12/06/1982

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 01/03/1983

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 01/14/1983

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 01/24/1983

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 02/04/1983

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 03/01/1983

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 05/10/1983

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 06/21/1983

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 02/21/1984

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 02/29/1984

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 03/05/1984

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 06/08/1984

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 09/18/1984

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 12/04/1984

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 12/17/1984

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 01/17/1985

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 02/01/1985

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 02/25/1985

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 03/08/1985

CCNRE Secretariat Meetings 03/19/1985

State of The Union Message - 1985

Weekly Issue Papers (1984-1985)

Working Group Activities


OA 12616

Great Plains Coal Gasification Project, 1983 (1)-(3)

Great Plains Coal Gasification Project, 1985 (1)-(7)