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DAVIS, RICHARD A.: Files 1985-1987


Office of Cabinet Affairs. Associate Director.


Richard Davis was a detailee from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to the White House.  He began working in the Office of Cabinet Affairs in early August 1985 and left in March 1987.  His collection consists of a single subject file arranged alphabetically.


OA 15699

          55 MPH


          Abortion Memo 01/23/1987

          Academy for State and Local Government February 1987

          Agent Orange

          AIDS - I

          AIDS - II

          AIDS Education – Koop Statement

AIDS Patent Dispute - Jonas Salk Proposal

          American - Chinese Cultural Exchanges

          American Energy Products "Thinking Cap System"

          American Political Report – 05/30/1986


          [Areas of Responsibility] (Binder)

          [Areas of Responsibility] (Binder):  R. Davis

          Aviation Safety

          Brady, Gordon Resume

          Burke, Tom

          Cabinet / Cabinet Councils Meeting Issues

          Cabinet – Clippings April 1986-May 1986

          Cabinet Members' Schedules September 1985

          Capital Proposal

          Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards

          Catastrophic [Health Care]

          Catastrophic Health Care – I

          Catastrophic Health Care - II

          Catastrophic Health Care - III

          Catastrophic Health Care – IV

Catastrophic Illness – Peter Ferara Testimony

          Catastrophic Illness Expenses – Health and Human Services Report November 1986

          Catastrophic Illness - Insurance Executives

          Catastrophic Memo to DTR 01/23/1987

          Catastrophic / Steelman

          Catastrophic and Long Term Health Care – Private Sector Task Force Report (1)(2)

          Chicago, IL – 08/12/1986 - Presidential Briefing Material

          Communications Satellite Corporation

          Competitiveness February 1987

          Competitiveness Fact Sheet

          Congressional Members Supporting Reduction in Corporate Average Fuel Economy

                   Standards for 1987-1988 as of 07/22/1986

          Conrail - I

          Conrail – II

          Conrail - III

          Contel Corporation and Communications Satellite Corporation Vol I (Merger) November


          Contel Corporation and Communications Satellite Corporation Vol II (Merger)

                   November 1986

Cushing, Harvey – Commemorative Stamp

          [Davis - Bacon Act Applicability]

          [Department of Education Calendar – May1986

          Department of Transportation Action

          Department of Transportation on the Budget February 1986

          Department of Transportation - Set-Asides


          OA 15700

Disaster Assistance

          Disaster Operations Manual – Federal Emergency Management Agency

          Domestic Policy Council (Binder)

          Domestic Policy Council

          Domestic Policy Council [September 1985-November 1985] (1)-(3)

          Domestic Policy Council - Drug Abuse Policy September 1986 (1)-(3)

          Domestic Policy Council - Drugs 1986

          Domestic Policy Council Reports 1986

          Domestic Policy Council – Potential Agenda Items – 05/20/1986

          Domestic Policy Council – Tort Policy Working Group Report – February 1986

          [Domestic Policy Council] Welfare

          Domestic Policy Council / Economic Policy Council Meetings July 1985-October 1985


          Drought Assistance

          Drug Abuse - File I

          Drug Abuse Policy

          Working Group on Drug Abuse Policy (1)-(3)

          Drug Abuse Working Group Report - Draft September 1986

          Drug Bill Signing

          [Drug Legislation]

          Drug Package 09/12/1986

          Department of Education on Drugs 1986

          Drugs/Department of Education (1)-(4)

          [Drugs – General]

          Earth Science Research in the Civil Space Program

          Earthquake Preparedness November 1986

          Eastern / Air Safety

          Report: The Economic Impact of the President's Tax Proposals on Second - Home and

                   Related Industries August 1985

          Economic Development Administration

          Economic Policy Council - Space


          Education – Bell Report

          Educational Issues – Nebraska

          Electrocardiology 13th International Congress

          Emergency Board No. 210, June 1986

          [Employee Stock Option Plan Issues with Department of Labor


          OA 15701

          Family Support Administration

          Federal Holiday Commission

          Federal Home Loan Bank Board

          Federal National Mortgage Association (Housing and Urban Development) January 1987

          [Federal Task Force on the Homeless] (1)-(4)

          Fisk University May 1986

          Food and Drug Administration: A Plan for Action, 1985

          Footwear Retailers of America

          Foundation for American Communications May 1986

          Future Farmers of America

          Glassboro, NJ High School Graduation

          Grenada Visit 02/20/1986

          Harvard 12/12/1985-12/14/1985

          Hawaiian Airlines September 1985

          Health and Human Services Action

          Health and Human Services Medicare Supplemental Insurance Report

          Health and Human Services on Drugs February 1987

          Health Policy [1985] (1)(2)

          Memo on Heritage Foundation - Executive Seminars

          Historically Black Colleges and Universities

          Homelessness – 2nd Street Shelter Remodeling

          Homelessness / Shelters

          Hunger / Homeless (1)-(6)

          Homeless Deal [April 1986] (`1)(2)

          Homeless[April 1986-August 1986] (1)-(3)

          Federal Task Force on Homeless Briefing Book [1986] (1)-(4)


          Housing and Urban Development

          Housing and Urban Development Action

          [Housing and Urban Development Material – 1985]

          [Housing and Urban Development Resistance to OMB Activities]

          Housing Issues October 1986

          Issues List – 05/07/1986

          Knights of Columbus 08/07/1985 (1)(2)

          Koop Testimony on Cigarette Advertising 07/18/1986

          Legislative Message

          Lifesavers 5 Conference Videotape

          Maine Central Strike [Department of Transportation]

          McAuliffe Fellowship

          Medicare Issues

          [Meeting Notes – Possibly Domestic Policy Council]

          Michigan State Cabinet Secretary

          National Academy of Sciences: AIDS 1986

          National Advisory Council on Women's Education Programs

          National Aeronautics and Space Administration

          National Aeronautics and Space Administration

          National Aeronautics and Space Administration June 1986

          National Aeronautics and Space Administration Action

          National  Aeronautics and Space Administration (Miscellaneous) 1986

          National Business Aircraft Association Inc.

          National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

          National Issues Forums 1985-1986

          National Science Foundation

          National Security Strategy

          National Strategy Act – S.2064 (1)(2)

          1986 National Urban Policy Report - Draft

          Natural Gas Policy Act

          Naval Observatory

          Nuclear Waste - Texas

          Office of Personnel Management Training for Political Appointed Executives April 1985

          Passive Restraints Judicial Review

          Pension and Welfare Benefits (Scott and Fetzer Company) July 1985

          Pew, Robert

          Presidential Appointees Orientation (1)-(4)

          [Presidential Briefing Materials – Draft – June 1986

          Presidential Medal of Freedom

          [Presidential] Radio Talk - Education August 1985

          Presidential Radio Talk – Trade 06/28/1986

          Presidential Recognition Awards for Community Service

          President’s Dinner Table List

          Briefing Papers / Private Sector Activities June 1985

          Public Agenda Foundation November 1985

          1984 Annual Report - Administration of the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act

                   of 1968 - April 1985

          Reagan Administration Achievements

          Rogers Commission May 1986

          Seat Belt Use by Federal Employees

          Seniors Projects

          Space Commercialization August 1986

          Space Commercialization – Entrepreneurs

          Space Commercialization – Transpace Carriers, Inc.

          Space Commission

          Space Shuttle (1)-(3)

          Space Shuttle / Centaur

          [Space Station Management]


          OA 15702

          1987 State of the Union Address: Talking Points

          1987 State of the Union Address 10/28/1986

          1987 State of the Union Address: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

          1987 State of the Union Address: Education

          1987 State of the Union Address: Health and Human Services

          1987 State of the Union Address: Transportation

          1987 State of the Union Address: Housing and Urban Development

          [1987 State of the Union:] SOTU Fact Sheets

          State of the Union

          State of the Union 01/22/1987

          Strategic Petroleum Reserve


          Surface Transportation Assistance September 1985

          Sutter, Joseph

          Taylor, Jeffferson

          Texas Air Corporation

          Texas and NASA, August 1986

          Title X Guideline Changes

          Transcranial –Electro-Stimulation Therapy

          Trucking Deregulation

          Unitary Tax

          Vricella, Geraldine

          Weaver, Samuel James

          Welfare Papers

          Youth Conference – 06/10/1986 (1)(2)