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DEKOK, ROGER G.: Files 1987-1988


Space Programs Office, NSC


Box 91672

Chron Files April 1987-December 1987

Chron Files January 1988-March 1988

One Disk Marked Dekok (8* Floppy)

One Box of 10 Disks Marked Dekok (8* Floppy)

NSDD 91054 (Snider)

NSDD 91390 (Dekok) Space

Press Release - Space Q & A

Press Release - Space Docs


Box 92030

U.S.-USSR Space Cooperation

1987 Space Policy Review - Clearance Info / Admin

1987 Space Policy Review - IG Meeting 08/19/1987

1987 Space Policy Review - Summary / Policy Issues

1987 Space Policy Review - Background Papers: Policy Advocacy

1987 Space Policy Review - "Kickoff" NSC Tasking Memo

1987 Space Policy Review - IG Space Meetings July 1987-September 1987

1987 Space Policy Review - IG Space Meeting - 25 Sep

1987 Space Policy Review - 1987 Review of National Space Policy Correspondence

1987 Space Policy Review - News Articles

State of the Union / Press Release - Q & As

State of the Union / Press Release - SOU Address

State of the Union / Press Release - Distribution / Implementation

State of the Union / Press Release - Legislative Message

State of the Union / Press Release - News Articles

State of the Union / Press Release - Full Press Release

State of the Union / Press Release - Highlights

Space Policy: Future Projections

Infrastructure TOR

DMSP - NOAA Conference [Polar Satellite Convergence Report, June 1987]

Commercial Space Launch Info

Commercial Spaceports

CDSF Correspondence / Materials [Commercially Developed Space Facility] 1988


Box 92032

U.S. / Soviet Space Talks

Space Station Legislation

Space Station NRC Review / Correspondence

Space Station Negotiation August 1987-September 1987

Soviet Space Programs Information

PRC Space Programs Information

Other Nation's Space Programs Info

European Space Programs Info

Japanese Space Programs Info

Intel Soviet Civil Space

Separate Systems Issue

Earth Science

Commercial Space



OA 92037

Space Station Tech Transfer

Space Station Funding / Advocacy

Space Station Misc - Space Station IGA

Space Station Misc - Space Station MOU

Space Station Misc - Space Station Negotiations

Space Station Misc - Space Station Programmatics

Iran Air 655

Commerce License

STS Flight Charge

Delta Star

Security Manager Material

Radio Determination System

Space Station II 1987 (January 1987-March 1987)


ASAT Material


July 14 SIG Space - Foreign Launch Vehicles

August 25 SIG Space - 1988

PRC Launch Question

COSMOS 1900 - State

COSMOS 1900 - Public Media


COSMOS 1900 - Intelligence

COSMOS 1900 - Correspondence / Status


NASA Budget

Launch Recovery / Manifests

Space Station III (1987 Apr - )

Space Technology Transfer / Process - ITAR


OA 92057

SL-X-17 Data and Intelligence

Long March Decision - Implement

Long March Decision - Press Reference

Long March - End Game

Long March Correspondence to CLP / Congress / REOs

Chron File September 1988

Chron File - October 1988

Chron File - November 1988

Chron File - December 1988


OA 92063

Chron Files May 1988-August 1988

Security Folder

Box Document Receipts


OA 92165

Space Cooperation: TOR - U.S.-USSR

Space Cooperation: NET Assessment

NET Assessment

Agency Comments Used to Prepare Rev3 - NSDD in Space Policy

1987 Space Leadership Material

NSP Charts - National Space Policy

Leadership Brief to President - NASA / CIA

Agency Comments 19 Oct (Rev2) - Including Working Group Meetings, Space Policy


U.S. / USSR Space Cooperation - Experiments

International Space Year

International Space University

SDI Info

AP Production - Ammonia Perchlorate (Solid Rocket Fuel)

Foreign Launch Policy [unlabelled]

Long March [China's Expendable Launch Vehicle]

Long March Cable Traffic

Israel Space Actions

Shuttle Range Safety


OA 92342


Space Disarmament / Arms Control

HIST July 1987 [SIG (Space) Meeting 04/18/1986 and Challenger Accident February


Mil - Mil Space Cooperation [Military Uses of Space - France]

General Defense Policy

Space Legislative Strategies

December 1988 [Chron]

November 1988 [Chron]

DOD Budget - DRB

Interagency Overview on Chinese Launch Issue