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DEWHIRST, MARY K.: Files, 1982-1989


Office of Public Liaison: Executive Assistant; Associate Director


Mary Dewhirst joined the Office of Public Liaison in early September 1987 as an Executive Assistant to the Director of the Office, Rebecca Range.  She was later promoted to an Associate Director and is one of the staff members who remained through the end of the administration.


Her collection also contains the work product of Mildred Webber.



          OA 17791

          Agricultural Credit Act Working Group on Farm Credit

          American Dairy Goat Association

          American Farm Bureau Federation

          Association of General Contractors

          Favorite Bible Verse


          Biography of Ronald Reagan


          Boy Scouts of America Message 12/04/1987

          Members of the Cabinet

          Canada Free Trade Agreement

          Century III Leaders Program

          Chief of Staff Overdue Mail

          Columbus Day

          100th Congress Forms

          Congressional Youth Leadership Council

          Computer Reference Guide

          Continental Grain Company

          Cuesta College

          Funding – Drug Enforcement Administration

          Administration Drug Initiatives

          Establishing a Performance Management System for Targeted Welfare Programs

          Farm Bill Credit System Signing

          Mary Dewhirst File List - July 1988

          Future Farmers of America Annual Report - 1987

          Future Farmers of America Request for Presidential Photo-Op

          State Future Farmers of America President's Conference

          Future Homemakers of America (Request for Presidential Event)

          Congressman Gingrich Letter


          Ginsburg, Douglas H.

          Ginsburg News Summary

          Gorbachev Photo

          Grove City

          Guidance on Putting a Brief Together

          Huron Heights Secondary Schools

          I Have a Dream Foundation Presidential Photo-Op

          INF Treaty – Question and Answer Brochures

          International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

          International Center for Peace

          International Child Abduction Remedies Act H.R. 3971

          Italian American Bar Association

          Italian Americans

          Legal Services Corporation

          National Association of Secondary School Principals – Presidential Message Request

          National Cattlemen's Association

          National Dairy Board – Presidential Video Request

          National Farm City Week

          National 4-H Council - I

          National 4-H Council - II

          National Italian American Foundation

          Ngay Thanh Mace Xi – 1988 Marian Day (Videocassette)

          Nightingale Bamford School

          Olympics - Anchorage 1994

          OPL Budget FY 1988

          OPL Out of Town Engagements

          OPL Policies and Procedures

          Lists of OPL Records June 1988

          Presidents of  the U.S.

          Powers and Duties of the President

          Checklist for Presidential Events

          Presidential Series Duck Stamps

          [Press Releases]

          Pro-life File [National Right to Life News, 10/20/1988]

          Purdue University

          Racine All Stars - Presidential Photo-Op

          Rancho Del Cielo

          Reason Foundation

          Schedule Proposals

          Seal of the President

          Spirit of Freedom / Joe Funk

          Staff Mess Bills

          State of the Union 1988

          Students for America Photo

          Summit Press Releases

          Talking Points

          Taxi Receipts

          Trueman, Laura Clay

          U.S. Department of Agriculture Executive Notes

          U.S. Global Strategy Council

          Vatican Embassy

          Washington Legal Foundation

          Weekly and Outweekly Schedules

          West Wing Tour Highlights

          White House Political Activity

          Williams, David

          Women Involved in Farm Economics

          World Affairs Council of Philadelphia – Police Athletic League



          OA 18276

          American University  - 10/27/1987 Washington Seminar Briefing

          American University Briefing 11/18/1987

          National Turkey Federation 11/23/1987

          Future Farmers of America 12/17/1987 POTUS

          Senator Baker - Farm Bureau 01/11/1988

          William Penn House – 01/12/1988

          Boy Scouts of America 02/09/1988

          Ohio Farm Bureau Briefing 03/10/1988

          Agricultural Economics Students Clemson University 03/24/1988

          Kentucky Farm Bureau Briefing 04/15/1988

          William Penn House Tour 05/07/1988

          People to People 1988 (General)

          People to People Tour 05/27/1988

          People to People 06/09/1988

          People to People 06/14/1988

          People to People 06/16/1988

          People to People 6/28/1988

          President's Executive Exchange 06/10/1988

          Fund for American Studies (The) 06/16/1988

          POW Event 06/24/1988

          Young Cattlemen's Association 06/24/1988

          National YMCA Youth Governor's Conference 06/26/1988-07/02/1988

          American Coalition for Traffic Safety 06/29/1988

          National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 07/09/1988-07/13/1988

          Presidential Classroom 07/12/1988

          American Farm Bureau 07/13/1988

          Captive Nations Week 07/13/1988

          Foundation for America's Citizen's Athletes 07/13/1988

          Washington Semester Program 07/14/1988

          American Legion Boys Nation 07/25/1988

          Junior Statesman Departure 07/29/1988

          Meese Departure Ceremony 07/29/1988

          Eastern High School 08/01/1988

          Austin College Students 08/09/1988

          Drought Bill 08/11/1988

          Legal Services Briefing 09/21/1988

          Boys Clubs of America – POTUS 09/23/1987

          Farm Bureau – POTUS 09/23/1987

          POTUS Lift-off 09/23/1988

          Boys Clubs of America 09/28/1988

          Congressional Families for a Drug Free America 09/28/1988

          Columbus Day 1988 10/03/1988

          Columbus Day 1988 10/03/1988: Columbus Day 10/12/1988

          Mali Arrival / Congressional Youth Guests 10/06/1988

          Carroll High School POTUS 10/17/1988

          Aurora High School 10/20/1987

          Aurora High School 10/23/1987

          Fort McNair Grenada Speech 10/25/1988

          POTUS Meeting with Cardinal Bravo 11/09/1988

          Drug Bill Signing 11/18/1988 (P)

          National Turkey Federation 11/18/1988

          Future Farmers - POTUS 12/15/1988

          Knights of Malta POTUS 01/13/1989



          OA 18277

          Aging Organization Presidents September 1988

          Agriculture Lists MD

          American Farm Bureau Federation Directory

          American Association of Christian Schools – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          American Association of Retired Persons September 1988

          Key Black Pastors – MB – Domestic Policy June 1988

          Black Priests – Domestic Policy June 1988 RR44

          Black Pro Family – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          Business and Professional Women’s Club Directory 1987-1988

          Catholic Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops LC 56, 57, 58 June 1988

          Catholic Golden Age Presidents RR30 (93) September 1988

          Catholic Leaders – OPL – Domestic Policy 175 LC21 June 1988

          Catholic Media Lists RR40 - JD

          Christian Media – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          Conservative Mailing List – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          Diocesan Council of Catholic Women RR41- JD (empty)

          Education Officials – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          General Constituent Mailing List (Pornography, Pro-Life, Grove City) June 1988

          Governors List

          Healthcare / Aging List (Kevin) September 1988

          Hispanic Apostolate Diocesan - JD

          Law Enforcement Groups – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          National Day of Prayer List

          National Religious Broadcasters June 1988

          National Religious Broadcasters 45th Convention Attendees

          Key Pastors – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          Pro-Life Organizations List

          Religious Liberty List – MB – Domestic Policy June 1988

          Service Leaders – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          Senior Citizens List – OPL – Domestic Policy June 1988

          Youth Organizations Lists

          Lists Available on Computer



          OA 18277 (Continued)



          Resumes - I

          Resumes - II

          Pending Resumes

          Fall Interns

          Summer Interns

          Prospective Interns

          Anderson, Curt

          Bolton, Roger

          Chumachenko, Catherine

          Cocking, Jane

          Crowder, Sheryl  - Intern

          Duggan, Juanita

          Erwin, Bethany M. ,

          Field, Lisa

          Fowers, David - Intern

          Gallegos,Christopher D.  - Intern

          Goldberg, Catherine

          Graham, Dona

          Henry, DeLynn

          Kelley, Colleen – Intern

          Kruke, Kevin

          Kugath, Suzanne

          Linn, Richard

          MacDonald, Nicole Ann - Intern

          Mancer, Anne H.

          Marrin, Ellen

          Mattis, Deborah - Intern

          Murphy, Robert

          Overy, Richard

          Rust, Kathryn

          Sutherland, Scott

          Sutherland, Scott - Intern

          Waldman, Benjamin



          OA 18691

          Mary Dewhirst Chron File 1988


          To Be Regretted

          Correspondence [Catholic – 1985-1988] (1)-(11)]

          Agency Correspondence Referrals






          L (empty)





          W (empty)

          Z (empty)