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DJEREJIAN, EDWARD: Files 1985-1986


Office of the Press Secretary


OA 14737

Chron File, 07/08/1985-08/01/1986

Ed Djerejian - Personal Correspondence

Achille Lauro Hijacking

Beirut Airport

Middle East (Weir, Hostages) September 1985


Presidential Press Conference, 06/11/1986

Presidential Press Conference, 04/09/1986

Presidential Press Conference, 02/11/1986

Presidential Press Conference, 01/07/1986

Presidential Press Conference, 09/17/1985

Presidential Press Conference, 08/05/1985

Interview Requests, 1985

Don Regan - Notes from Backgrounders / Speech


OA 14738

BBC Radio Interview, 10/29/1985

Bild Zeitung Interview, 04/11/1986

Djerejian - Briefings at Foreign Press Center

European Print Interview, 01/10/1986

European Print Interview, 12/06/1985

European TV Interview, 11/12/1985

Geneva November 1985 Press Releases / Briefings

Grenada Trip, 02/20/1986

Handelsblatt Interview, 04/24/1986

Japanese Journalists Interview, 11/14/1985

Le Figaro Interview, September 1985

Le Point Interview, 06/30/1986

McFarlane (Speeches)

Mexico Trip, January 1986

New York Times Magazine (Les Gelb) Interview, 07/09/1985


Spanish Information Network, 09/16/1985

The Times of India, 10/22/1985

Tokyo Economic Summit, 05/05/1986

UNGA, September 1985 (United Nations General Assembly)

U.S. News and World Report Interview, 11/07/1985

Wire Service Interview, 11/06/1985

Yomiuri Shimbun Interview, 04/09/1986