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Defense Policy Directorate, NSC


Some boxes within this collection are shared boxes with the Donald Snider collection. The Library has not determined the creator of these records at this time.


Box 90370

Navy Readiness and O&N [1984, Sen. Test.]

Army, Navy, and Air Force Program Planning [1981]

Readiness Messages

Central America, Caribbean Trip

Horn of Africa: Overview and Country Papers - Nunn, 3 of 3

Arabian Peninsula: Overview and Country Papers - Nunn, 2 of 3

Indian Ocean: Overview Papers, CoDel Nunn Briefing Book, 1of 3

Budget Proposals

DOD Testimony: DOD Responses in Testimony on Hill


Box 90958

Peace Institute Book [Binder]

Geneva Cables [to Wood, March 1985-July 1985]

[Speech by Robert C. McFarlane, 03/07/1985, to Overseas Writers Association re SDI]

Press Briefings

Bob Wood [Cables to Wood, May 1985-Jun 1985]

Wood Chron Files February 1985-July 1985

Peace Institute

2513 [8602513 re: US Institute of Peace FY87 & 88, Authorization of Appropriations Draft Bill]

Peace Institute [accordion envelope]


Box 90959 - The Material in this box belongs to Michael Donley and Robert Wood. The Library has not made a determination of ownership by folder at this time.

CW [Chemical Warfare] - Policy NSDD's and Documents

Abshire CW Request

CW Cables

CW Material - General

CW [1982-1983]

CW [1982-1985]

US-Canada [Permanent Joint Board on Defense]

President's Chemical Warfare Commission

CW Items FY86 - Includes Actual Meeting 6/17, CW Legislative Actions

Congressional Testimony on CW


Box 90960 - The Material in this box belongs to Michael Donley and Robert Wood. The Library has not made a determination of ownership by folder at this time.

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 1. Actions Required

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 2. Copies of Prepared Memorandum

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 3. General Observations

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 4. Summaries of Articles

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 5. Intelligence Summaries

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 6. CW Program Justification

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 7. FY 86 Binary Chemical Program & Allied


Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 8. Binary Program FY 86 Funding

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 9. Chemical Warfare Review Commission

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 10. Point Counterpoint Papers

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 11. Chemical Stockpile

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 12. Binary Hardware Specifics

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 13. Demilitarization Program

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 14. CW Arms Control

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 15. CW Soviet Threat

Bob Wood's CW Notebook [w/index]: 16. CW Defense Program

[Binder: Army Issues, 1984-1988; includes Defense Guidance Planning Process, Joint

Strategic Planning Document for FY86-93; FY87-94; FY 86-90 [Bob Wood's]

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 1. Executive Orders

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 2. Congressional Lineup

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 3. Executive Order Authorizing Chemical

Warfare Review

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 4.Press Announcement

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 5. Cables

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 6. Memorandum on White House

Involvement in CW

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 7. Ambassador Stoessel's Meeting

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 8. CW Action Plan

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 9. [blank]

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 10. Federal Advisory Committee Act

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 11. FY 86 Budget Request

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 12. Report Track

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 13. Memorandum on Commission Meeting

with the President, 04/26/1985

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 14. ??? Same as the above No13

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 15. Commission's Summary of Findings and


Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 16. Memorandum on Briefing for

Congressional Leadership

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 17. Report of Chemical Warfare Review

Commission - Congressional Record

Chemical Warfare Commission [w/index]: 18. Memorandum on Briefing for

Congressional Leadership

[Binder: Army Light Division, Low Intensity Warfare Planning]

[Accordion folder: ACIS (Arms Control Impact Statements); FY87 Budget materials;

DOD 1987 Budget]

DOD Material Readiness Report FY 1985, Vol. II Force Readiness Report

Analysis of Arms Control Impact, Statements Submitted in Connection with FY 1978

Budget Request - Committee on Foreign Relations, US Senate, Apr 1977

FY83 Arms Control Impact Statements, March 1982

FY81 Arms Control Impact Statements, May 1980


Box 90961

Policy Paper: Readiness, et. al.

Rosenblum File [Mat. re: Morris v. Rosenblum]

[Unfoldered re: Peacekeeper Missile]

DOD Force Structure Chart

[President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management, Unfoldered

material re:] (1)-(9)

[Unfoldered re: Defense Guidance; Defense Management including Commission headed

by David Packard (See above); Budget/Expenditures; Defense Data Network; Meeting

with Senator Tower, 12/20/1984]

P/Cabinet Meeting, 12/19/1984

[Packard Meeting with President, 2/10/1986]

Proposed DOD Reorganization Signing Ceremony and President's Meeting with Godwin

[Unfoldered DOD Program Review, Budget, Defense Data Network] [1986]

SASC Hearings on DOD Reorganization, Fall 1985 (1)(2)

OMB Budget Briefings [1985]

[Unfoldered DRB (Defense Resources Board) Meeting, October 1985; Paper on

Reforming Joint Military Establishment; Presidential Radio Address, SDI and

Arms Control; Strategic Balance; Defense Coalition]

[Briefing for New Members of Congress]

[Remainder of Box Contains Unfoldered Material re: Presidential Radio Address, March

1985; Defense Program Review; Meeting Outlines - Advisory Board; Defense

Coalition; ACIA (Arms Control Impact); National Security Strategy; Draft FY86

Annual Defense Report]


Box 90962

[This box contains material that is completely unfoldered & unarranged. It includes: Defense Guidance FY87-91 (1985); Arms Control Impact Statement (1985); Space Defense; Selected Acquisition Report (1985); Defense Events with Presidential Involvement (1986); Defense Guidance Steering Group (1985); Budget (84); Five Year Defense Program Procurement Annex (1984); DOD Program Review FY88-92 (1986); Classified Documents Register; NSDD-91: Strategic Forces Modernization; Mobilization; Readiness (1984); Defense Guidance FY87-91 (1984); DOD The Journal (1985) [Summary of Military and Security Assistance to Foreign Countries]; Intell Notes]


Box 90963

[Arms Control Impact Statement] [ACIS]

[Defense Guidance FY87-91 (1984)]

FY86 PDMs [Program Decision Memo] (1984)

DOD Program Review FY1988-1992

DOD Defense Guidance 1987-1991

DOD Annual Report FY81

[ACIS; Space Defense]

ACIS February 1986 Material

ACIS - Material from Before 1986


DOD Program Review FY86-90

[ICBM Modernization]

SARs - Selected Acquisition Reports


Box 90968

Chron, July 1984-May 1985


Box 90969

Chron, June 1985-December 1985


Box 91722

Soviet Procurement Process

Soviet Response to NATO CDI

Threat Briefings

Soviet Tank Modernization

Soviet Shipbuilding Infrastructure

Threat Briefings [Divider]

Carlucci Confirmation

200,000 Call-up Authority

Army Force Structure Plans, 2-84

Conventional Defense Improvements

Dept of Energy

DOD/DOE Budget / PGMs

Second Term Defense Priorities

DOD Master Mobilization Plan

DOD Views on Tax Issues

EO 12514 - Order of Succession, DOD

Les Aspin Correspondence

NASA - Space

National Communications System

Packard Meeting with DTR re: Education

DOD Persian Gulf Report, June 1987

President's Defense Speech, 03/23/1983

Republican Platform

Retirement COLA

Retirement Reform

Rules of Engagement

National Airlift Policy


Box 91723

[Soviet Military Tech; NATO Summit Mtg; USSR - Egypt; Mil. Debt Resolution;

Qadhafi's Domestic Dilemma] (Unfoldered)

[Conventional Force Comparisons & Trends]

DOD Budget Brief September 1986

Keel Project re: Long-term Defense Requirements Fall 1986

Nat'l Defense Transportation (Airlift)

[Soviet Union Strategic Forces]

Nat'l Defense Transport System

Defense Resources Board (DRB) Fall 1987 Implementation Review, Vol II

DRB Implementation Review, Part I

DRB Implementation Review

General Defense Intelligence Program (GDIP) FY 90-94 PMGM (Program Manager

Guidance Manual)

Defense Guidance 90-94

Merchant Marine

Nat'l Military Strategy

[Envelope: Intelligence Notes 01/14/1988; Argentine's Defense Industry, 1987]


Box 91724

Federal Republic of Germany








PRC Defense Budget [China]


Sub-Saharan Africa



United Kingdom (July 1984-October 1984)

United Kingdom (November 1984-July 1985)

United Kingdom (August 1985-January 1987)

United Kingdom (February 1987-November 1987)

Chron, January 1986-April 1986


Box 91725

Current Budget Analysis / Trends [Divider]

FY87 Budget

DOD Brief for FCC, 02/05/1987

Defense Speech, 02/26/1986

FY88 Defense Budget

Donley's Travel File

Michel/Latta Letter

FY87 Defense Supplement

Task Force on Defense Budget

FY86 Defense Budget

FY85 Defense Budget

US Defense Spending - Historical


Box 91726

OSD Organization Study of the Secretary of Defense (Meeting in Situation Room,


Packard Commission

Defense Reorganization (1)(2)

Eisenhower's DOD Reorganization Plan, 1958

Presidential Commission - Personnel

Cox Group, 10/22/1985

Packard Commission File (1985)

Special Message to Congress - Packard (1986)

Congress and Defense Reorganization (1986)

(System I - 8508782) 8782 [11/01/1985 NSC Executive Secretariat Staff Meeting Folder]

NSDD DOD Reorganization

(System I - 8503318) 3318 [04/24/1985 NSC Executive Secretariat Action Folder] (1)-(3)

[Implementation of Recommendations of President's Commission on Defense Management]

[Implementation of Recommendations of President's Commission on Defense

Management - Selected Documents]

Foreign Defense Programs: Foreign Military Expenditures, 1982-1985









Box 91727

Chron, May 1986-December 1986


Box 91728

Chron, January 1987-April 1987

Chron, August 1987-December 1987

Chron, January 1988


Box 91729

Donley DOD 8 A-41

JCS Response to NSDD 250 re: ICBMs (1)-(5)

NSDD re: Philippines 02/11/1987

[Defense Priorities for FY 1989-1994 (1987)

[Appeal Letter to Appropriations Conferees]

[Draft pg. re: SDI]

[Binder: Budget Mtg. w/CINCS 12/18/1987]

Floppy Disk NSDD

IBM Ribbons


Box 91730

JCS Exercise Plan for Exercise Patriot Pride - 88 (JCS EXPLAN 0033) [November


National Defense Authorization Act for FY88 & 89, Report

Journal of Defense Research, vol. 18, no. 2, Summer 1986

DOD Management Improvement Plan FY87-88 [August 1986]

CY 1987 Debt Ceiling / Budget GRH Reform

Hopkins' Amendment (re: Navy)


Gramm-Rudman-Holling[s] no. II

Trends, 01/21/1988; Foreign Broadcast Information Service

[Memo re: Egyptian President's Aircraft Request, 1987]

[Intelligence Morning Summary, 01/22/1988]

[Intelligence Notes, 01/21/1988]

[DOD Draft Defense Guidance Report, 1990-1994] 8709149

[Powell Address, Bnai Brith 01/25/1988, 8800332]

[National Security Strategic Report, NSSR]

[Strategic Planning]

[Defense Priorities, 1989-1994]

[Budget, 1985]

[IRS Ruling 83-3: Taxable Housing Allowances]

FY85 Budget Preparation


Box 91731

[Remarks by Deputy Secretary Taft to the Armed Forces Communications and

Electronics Association, 10/08/1987, 16 pgs.]

Hearing - Commission on Merchant Marine and Defense, 02/07/1987 (Publication)

DOD Authorization Act 1985, Conference Report (GPO)

First Concurrent Resolution on Budget FY86; Report on Budget, US Senate;

S. Con. Res 32 (GPO)

DOD Appropriation Bill 1987, Senate Report (GPO)


Two Boxes of 8" disks

[PROF Notes from Donley, June 1985-January 1986]

[PROF Notes to Donley, June 1985-January 1986]

Box of IBM Ribbons, Disk.


Box 91732

National Guard

Presidential Speeches

SIG-DP (Defense Policy) [07/25/1984 Meeting]

Weinberger's Weekly Reports

[Weinberger's Speeches, 1984-1985]

Defense Guidance, 1987-1991

JSPD FY88-95 [Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Joint Strategic Planning Document]

NSDD-13 [Nuclear Weapons Employment Policy]

Draft NSDD re: LIC [Low Intensity Conflict] (1986)

National Security Strategy Report

NSDD's Planning Documents [Divider]

NSDDs - Authors [List by Number/Subject/Staffer] [Copied]

Special Operations [SOF - Special Operations Forces Command]

Defense Guidance, 1988-1992

Defense Planning Review (DPQ), 1984

DOD Program Review, 1988-1989

EUCOM OP Plan re: Special Operations

JLRSA FY96-FY05 [JCS, Joint Long-Range Strategic Appraisal, FY96-FY 05]

NSDD 192 re: ABM - SDI


Box 91761

Chron, July 1987

Chron, May 1987

Chron, June 1987

Soviet Worldwide Presence

Soviet Military Leadership

Soviet Defense Spending / Programs [Divider]

Soviet Economy

Readiness of US Forces [Divider]

Readiness Reports (Miscellaneous)

Warfighting Improvements 1980-1984 [Report]

Readiness of First I.D.

Soviet Defense Burden

$ Cost Comparisons: US/Soviet Defense Efforts

Estimating Soviet Defense Expenditures, William T. Lee, et al.

1979 Hearings on Soviet Defense Expenditures


Box 91762

[Binders and Unfoldered Material]

Defense 1989 Fall Director's Review [Binder]

[Binders re: Arms Control, SALT, ASAT, Chem-Bio Weapons, Disarmament, Testing,

START] [1982-1984] Vol. I and II [SDI, INF]

Packard [Commission] (1)-(5)

Implementation of Goldwater / Nichols & NSDD-(1)-(3)

[Defense Budget Facts] [1988(?)]

[Senate Hearing on DOD Budget, 01/13/1987; SASC Hearings re: Sec. Strategy,

01/13/1987-02/04/1987; Hearings on Manpower and Personnel, 03/24/1987]


Box 91857

[Joint Chiefs of Staff] JCS Meeting w/the President, 03/22/1985

[Joint Chiefs of Staff] JCS Quarterly Meeting w/ President, 08/09/1985

[Joint Chiefs of Staff] JCS Quarterly Mtg., 08/01/1986

[Joint Chiefs of Staff] JCS Meeting w/the President, 12/19/1986 (1)(2)

[Joint Chiefs of Staff] JCS Meeting w/the President, 04/08/1987

[Joint Chiefs of Staff] JCS Quarterly, 08/11/1987

[Joint Chiefs of Staff] JCS Quarterly Meeting, 12/07/1987

[Joint Chiefs of Staff] JCS Meeting Pres 09/21/1988 (1)(2)

NATO Affairs

Interagency Review of NSDD-32 - Admin.


NDU National Security Strategy Conference - July 1986

Ikle: Also Integrated Long-Term Strategy

USMA Lecture, October 1985

Unified, Specified Commands

"Base Closures" (Envelope)

Admiral Crowe Visit with Pres. / Vessey Transition

JCS Meeting with President, 12/06/1985 re: Defense Budget


DOD Budget Brief, May 1986-June 1986

[Internal NSC Review of NSDD-32] NSC Staff Comments 06/23 June Draft

[Internal NSC Review of NSDD-32] NSDD-32 Rewrite: Early Drafts

[Internal NSC Review of NSDD-32] Introduction/General Comments

[Internal NSC Review of NSDD-32] General Purpose Forces

[Internal NSC Review of NSDD-32] Strategic & Nuclear Forces (inc. SDI)

Interagency Comments, NSDD-32, July 14

SIG-DP Interagency Review - NSDD-32

[SIG-DP Interagency Review - NSDD-32] DOD/JCS Comments on NSDD-32 Review


RAC Box 11

[Strategic Defense]

ACIS on SDI and Space Defense (1)-(7)