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DORN, NANCY: Files, 1988

Legislative Affairs, White House Office of

OA 17431 (This box contains some material carried over from Lyn Withey , whom Dorn replaced)

"Comparison of Tax Reform Provisions of H.R. 3838 as Passed by the House and the

Senate", 07/15/1986

[H.R. 3 - Trade Subconferences Chart]

Administration Core Positions

Conference on H.R. 3 Business & Press

H.R. 3 / Trade Bill Vote List & Comment (Vote 04/21/1988)

Conference Status Reports

H.R. 3 / Trade Bill Veto

H.R. 3 Vote Lists 04/27/1988 & Veto Override

Subconference Ways & Means / Finance

Trade Conf. Letters

Administration Letters / Statements

Conference Organization

H.R. 5 - Education

Trade - Brazil 1988


Trade Bill / CVD/AD (Countervailing Duty / Antidumping Duty)

Trade Bill - TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance)

Subconference: Agriculture

Subconference: Banking; For. Affairs; Energy/Commerce

Subconference: Education/Labor; Misc.


OA 17433

Congressional Yellow Book Summer 1987 Nancy Dorn

[El Salvador Notes of Discussion] (Binder)


Nicaragua - Public Diplomacy 1988

Nicaragua Votes 1985 (1)-(4)

Nicaragua Administration Statements 1987

Nicaragua 1985 Member Reactions & Stands

Central America 1984 WH, Congressional Press Stints

Nicaragua Votes 1986

Arms Control Observers Group


Central America

Nicaragua Codels 1987

Central America Updates 1987

[Central America Handouts]

Veterans - GI Bill

Nicaragua 1983 & 1984 Votes

Computer Security


OA 19386

Nancy P. Dorn - Chron Files (January 1988-December 1988)


Contra Vote 03/23/1988

[Contra Vote]

Congressional Rcgistr, Wednesday 03/11/1987

Contra Vote 03/03/1988

Appropriations Labor, HHS, Education

Appropriations Legislative Branch

Appropriations Military Construction

Appropriations Rural Development, Agriculture, and Related Agencies (1)(2)

Appropriations FY 1988 Supplemental Appropriations Bill

Appropriations Transportation

Appropriations Treasury, Postal Service, General Government

Appropriations Commerce, Justice, State, Judiciary (1)(2)

Appropriations Defense

Appropriations District of Columbia

Appropriations Energy and Water Development (1)(2)

Appropriations Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs


Appropriations HUD Independent Agencies

Appropriations Interior


OA 19389

[Central America]


[Nicaragua Briefing]

[Contra Aid]

Contra Vote 05/26/1988

[AMK Desk File on Contras]

[Requests for Further Nicaraguan Aid]


Appropriations (1)-(3)


Ways and Means


OA 19406

[Omnibus Anti-Drug Abuse Bill] I

[Omnibus Anti-Drug Abuse Bill] II

H.R. 3, Omnibus Trade Bill, Including Plant Closings (1)-(17)