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DRIGGS, MICHAEL A.: Files, 1981-1989


Office of Policy Development


CFOA 692

Trade Policy Staff Committee Meeting Materials, 1985, 1986 and Part of 1987


CFOA 693

Trade Policy Staff Committee Meeting Materials - 1987

[TPSC 1987 Chron Files, 09/09/1987-09/18/1987]

[TPSC 1987 Chron Files, 08/14/1987-08/24/1987]


CFOA 694

Trade Policy Staff Committee Meeting Materials - 1988

Trade Policy Review Group Meeting Materials 1985, 1986 and 1987


CFOA 1318

Korea (1)-(9)



IA Review - FY 1987

Toyota - CHAD/Libya


Commercial Space (1)-(6)


CFOA 1322

Shuttle Pricing


National Space Policy

SIG (Space)

Miscellaneous Trade

US/Mexico Trade

Nuclear Energy - Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia Trip

Critical Materials 232 Study


International & Economic Weekly

CIA Background - Africa

SSA Decision Memo & NSSD 3/86

SSA - Poindexter/Svahn Memos

Machine Tools 232

CCCT - Steel


IG (Space)


OA 12238

          Auto: Auto Industry Report June 1982

          Auto: Mazda

          Auto: Miscellaneous Letters to Michael A. Driggs

          [Auto:] Voluntary Export Restraints: Letters from Auto Industry to the President

          Auto: General Motors’ Saturn Corporation

Auto: General Motors and Toyota: Briefing Papers for Smith Visit and Background Papers

Auto: Comparisons Between Japan and U.S. Auto Companies

Auto: Senate Finance Committee Summary of Reciprocity Bill (S.2094)

Auto: JAMA Report on Japanese Tax Situation (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.)

[Auto:] VRA: Press Conference with President – Detroit 1984

          Auto: Prices in Japan – Memo of 02/01/1985

          Auto: Consumer Preferences – 01/31/1983 Memo

          Auto: Unemployment in Auto Industry

          Auto: U.S. Customs Report on Importing a Car

          Auto: CAFE Papers (Corporate Average Fuel Economy)

          Auto: CAFE

          Auto: Papers Concerning Domestic Content Legislation

          Auto: Automobile Domestic Content Legislation

          Auto: Status Report on U.S. Auto Industry (Baldridge) (1)-(9)

VRA:  Papers Discussing Issue of the 4th Year of VRA

Agricultural Export Policy


Aviation Policy


[Foreign Investment Review Agency (FIRA)/National Energy Program (NEP)


Caribbean Basin Initiative (1)-(4)


OA 12239

DISC (Domestic International Sales Corporation)

Energy Reorganization

National Productivity & Innovation Act (1)-(5)

President's Council on Industrial Competitiveness


OA 12240

Postal Service

Press Conference and Releases

Process Patents and Legislation


Reciprocity Legislation

Research and Development

Rural Enterprise Zones

Reduction of Duties on Imported Sugar

201 Process

Section 232


Services Legislation

Set Asides

Dade County, Florida Set Asides

Small Business

[Space: Commercial Space Initiatives] (1)-(3)

[Space:] Commercialization of Expandable Launch Vehicles


OA 12241

Steel Industry



Technology & Innovation

U.S. Mexican Trade Relations

Telecommunications: Japan Compliance Approval Scheme

[Telecommunications:] Cabinet Council Documents (1)-(5)

[Telecommunications:] NTIA Filing (binder) (1)-(3)

[Telecommunications] (1)-(8)

Telecommunications: Danforth Bill

Telecommunications: Issues Between U.S. and Japan

Telecommunications: TPRG Paper – Danforth Bill Discussion

Telecommunications: [Stanton] Anderson Letter re the Danforth Bill

Telephone Rates


OA 12242

Textiles: Textile Trade Paper for Ed Rollins 03/05/1985

[Textiles: Interagency Working Group Report]

Textiles: Task Force on Textile and Apparel

Textiles: Imus Memo re Product Sensitivity and Import Increases

Textiles: Imports of Textile and Apparel vs. 1982

Textiles: White House Press Releases

Textiles: Memo re Global Quotas

Textiles: Gunn 12/15/1983 Memo to Svahn/Porter re Baldridge

Textiles: Miscellaneous Letters (1)(2)

Textiles: The Making of Textile Trade Policy 1935-1981

Textiles: Memo from Ronald Reagan re CITA (Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements)

Textiles: Geneva Talks

Textiles: CCCT Related Material (Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade)

Textiles: Executive Order re Textile Import Program

Textiles: Imus Memo to Gunn re Issues in Textile Industry

Textiles: Textile Trade Policy Group Material

Textiles: Rules of Origin

Textiles: Customs Material

Textiles: Textile and Apparel Trade Issue (1)-(4)

Textiles: Miscellaneous 

Textiles: Lenahan Memos (1)-(3)

Textiles: Multifiber Arrangement (MFA) Working Group

Textile Regulations – 01/02/1985 Memo to Svahn

Textiles: Rules of Origin – Memo of 02/07/1985

Textiles: International Trade Agreements

U.S. Cigarette Exports to Japan: A Continuing Controversy, Fall 1983

Trade Law Revisions

Strategic Trade

Trade - Miscellaneous

East West Trade

Trade Policy Committee

Trade Policy Review Committee

Trademark Counterfeiting

TRIS Indemnification



Urban Development Action Grant Program

Unemployment Compensation

Wine Equity


OA 12243

Airline Industry

Aluminum Industry

Auto: Auto Parts Industry and Japan

          Automobile Service Industry Association (1)(2)

          Auto Industry: Erickson Transport Material

Brookings Institute


Canadian Trip

Clayton Act

CCCT Issues






OA 12244

Cabinet Council Documents

Industrial Mobilization


Federal Laboratory Review


OA 12245


Export and Import Administration


Federal Reserve and Development Lab



OA 12246

Cabinet Council Documents

Working Groups

Home Video and Audio Recorders

Increased Efficiency & Market Concentration Mergers

Industrial Adjustment Problems

AFL - CIO Meetings

Intellectual Property



OA 12247

[International Communications Information Policy]: Cabinet Council Documents (empty)

International Communications and Information Policy (1)-(4)

Interstate Highway

Cabinet Council

Campaign Statements

Working Group



OA 12248

Cabinet Council Documents

Multi Fibre

Manufacturers:  UJMA

Product Liability

Airline / Aerospace Industries

January 1984 - Chron

March 1984 - Chron

April 1984 – Chron


OA 16040

301 Pasta and Tobacco

301 Brazilian Informatics

Timber Set - Aside Program

Trade Bill 1985

Trade Bill 1986

Trade Bill 1987

Administrative Trade Actions 1985-1986

1985 Trade Issues Memo

1982 Statement on U.S. Trade Policy


OA 16236

May 1981 Statement of U.S. Trade Policy

Miscellaneous Memos

1969 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Trade Reorganization

12/17/1982 Command GNP and Terms of Trade (Gross National Product)

1985 Presidential Trade Issues

Canadian Trip

All American Pipeline

Chemical Trade Issues

Aug Trade Package of J. Svahn

Memo to Jack Svahn Regarding 05/25/1985 Meeting

Trade Policy Statement

European Barriers to U.S. Citizens

Trade Issues: Citrus Case – TPRG [Trade Policy Review Group]

Trade Policy Strategy

Trade Act Report - Motorcycles

Global Trade Imbalances CIA

Communications Strategy

U.S. Trade Achievements

S. 1404 (Trade)

Trade - Yugoslavia

Acid Rain


Airbus (1)-(3)

Alaskan Oil

Aramind Fiber

Cabinet Council


OA 16237

Burlington Northern Strike

1986 Budget Review

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)

Canadian Cultural Policy

Canada FTA (Free Trade Agreement)

Canadian Lumber and Wine

Carbon Black


CVD / AD (Countervailing Duties / Antidumping)

DPC (Domestic Policy Council)

EC Meeting

EPC & DPC Working Groups (Economic Policy Council)


OA 16238

Economic Policy Council 1985

Farm Bill

FCC Access Charges

Food Day


Export Administration

Export - War Chest

Footwear Letters - Against Restrictions



OA 16239

Glass - Steagall Act

Gray Market

GSP - Chili (Generalized System of Preferences)

GSP - Graduation

Guilford Strike

Harley Davidson

Hazardous Products Exports

Homeless (1)-(7)

Import Administration

Indonesian Trip


OA 16240

Insurance 301

Intellectual Property

Iran / Contra Investigation

Issues - 1984

Issues - 1985

Issues - 1987



Japanese Action Plan

Japanese Economic Vision

Japanese Leather

Law of the Sea



Minimum Wage

MOSS Talks


1985 Merchandise Trade Deficit

Manufacturing Clause

Legislative Issues

Kansai Airport


OA 16241

Multifibre (Continued)

National Grocers Association

Natural Resource Subsidy

New GATT Round (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)

OPD Budget - Congressional Budget Questions

Panhandle Eastern Interrogation

PCIC Recommendations (President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness)

President's Economic Policy Advisory Board, 11/20/1986 (PEPAB)


Presidential Trips


Proposition 65

Railroad Issues - CNW Strike  (Chicago and Northwestern Railroad)

Railroad Issues - Secondary Picketing

Railroad Issues - Portland Terminal Company

Rice 301

National Track Estimate Report


OA 16242


Semiconductors 301

Shake Shingle 201

Shipping Issues

Shuttle Policy

Small Business Administration

Soviet Grain Sales

State of the Union - 1988 (1)-(5)

Steel Industry

Soda Ash

Semiconductor Industry


OA 16243

Steel Industry (Continued)

Sugar Imports


Telecommunications [Trade Restrictions] (1)(2)

Telecommunications [Bell Business Restrictions] (1)-(4)

Telecommunications I (1)-(3)

Telecommunications [Trade – Competition] (1)-(3)

Telecommunications [National Telecommunications and Information Administration]

Telecommunications II (1)-(4)

Telecommunications III (1)(2)

Telecommunications [FCC Docket 87-215: Economics and Technology Inc.] (1)(2)

Telecommunications [FCC Docket 87-215: ADAPSO] (1)(2)


Tender Offer Reform Act


OA 19296

Jack A. Svahn Material

May 1984 Chrons - GUNN

August 1984 Chrons

September 1984 Chrons

October/November 1984 Chrons

December 1984 Chrons

January 1985 Chrons

February 1985 Chrons

March 1985 Chrons

April 1985 Chrons


OA 19297

May 1985 Chrons

June 1985 Chrons

July 1985 Chrons

August 1985 Chrons

September 1985 Chrons

October 1985 Chrons

September 1985 Chrons

October 1985 Chrons

November 1985 Chrons

December 1985 Chrons

January 1986 Chrons

February 1986 Chrons

March 1986 Chrons

April 1986 Chrons

May 1986 Chrons

June 1986 Chrons

July 1986 Chrons

August 1986 Chrons

September 1986 Chrons

October 1986 Chrons

November 1986 Chrons

December 1986 Chrons

Trucking Deregulation


OA 19298

Sub-Saharan Africa Coordinating Committee

Auto Industry (1)-(8)

[Auto Industry]: Auto Regulations

Chicago and Northwestern Strike

Immigration Working Group

Commercial Space (1)-(4)

Space IG (Interagency Group)


Trade Agreement Program

Trade Agreement Report

Executive Order #11490

Initiatives Tracking

Budget Working Group

Budget Initiative

Maine Central Railroad

Transportation, Commerce and Justice Review - FY 1989


OA 19299

OPM Review - FY 1989

NRES Review - FY 1989

Transportation, Commerce and Justice Review - FY 1989

1988 Credit Review


1988 Spring-Review - Credit

Labor/HHS Review - FY 1989

Productivity Review

M. Driggs Issues - 1986

CCCT Secretariat

Potomac River Hydrilla

Summer Credit Review - FY 1988

HTP Review FY 1988


OA 19300

Uruguay Round Notebook


OA 19301

CCCT January 1985-March 1985

CCCT July 1984-January 1985

CCCT August 1983-October 1983

CCCT October 1985-May 1984

CCCT Issues Papers

Commerce and Trade 1984 Legislative Agenda

Troubled Industries Report

Legislative Reports

PCIC Recommendations

PCIC Report

DOT Review FY 1987

Commerce Review FY 1987

PCIC Briefing

Intellectual Property Working Group

President's Export Council Recommendations


OA 19302

SSA Report Drafts

Africa Background

Korea-Indonesia Trip Expenses (1)(2)

DOT Review FY 1988

Regulatory Task Force

DOJ Review FY 1988

Energy Review FY 1988

Budget Commission

Yeutter Transition Book - 1985

Africa Budget


OA 19303

Africa - Public Statements


Africa - Policy Development

SSA Workplan

SSA Names

SSA Working Groups

SSA Task Force

SSA Presidential Statement

SSA Maps

SSA Mass Mailing

SSA Background and Memos

State of the Union 1987 [November 1986 – December 1986] (1)(2)

State of the Union 1987 [January 1987 I] (1)-(4)

State of the Union [1987 – Hobbs-Regan Memo 12/10/1986]

[State of the Union 1987 (January 1987 II)] (1)-(6)

State of the Union [1987 – Request for Items to Include]

1987 Agenda

SSA Report

SSA Background


OA 19304

TPC August 1981-June 1982

TPC – February 1981-July 1981

Export Council

Commerce Review FY 1986

Other Cabinet Council Minutes

CCEA Minutes

CCCT December 1982-March 1983

CCCT September 1982-November 1982

CCCT June 1982-September 1982


OA 19305

CCCT December 1981-May 1982

CCCT March 1981-July 1981

CCCT August 1981-December 1981

Issues Papers

OPD Initiatives

Correspondence Log 1982

Cabinet Schedules

Steel Working Group

PCIC Recommendations

Agricultural Issues - 1984


OA 19306

Telephone Logs 1984-September 1987 (42 binders)


OA 19307

January 1988 Chron File

December 1987 Chron File

November 1987 Chron File

October 1987 Chron File

September 1987 Chron File

August 1987 Chron File

July 1987 Chron File

June 1987 Chron File

May 1987 Chron File

April 1987 Chron File

March 1987 Chron File

February 1987 Chron File

January 1987 Chron File

Congressman Young Business Group

Chicago Trip 1985

Brookings Briefing April 1987

St. Louis Growth Association March 1987

Dallas Trip November 1985

Constitutional Bicentennial

European Trip November 1988


OA 19308

Accepted Appointments 1984

Monthly Report 1982

Early Warning Report

January 1989 Chron File

December 1988 Chron File

November 1988 Chron File

October 1988 Chron File

September 1988 Chron File

August 1988 Chron File

July 1988 Chron File

June 1988 Chron File

May 1988 Chron File

April 1988 Chron File

March 1988 Chron File

February 1988 Chron File

Appointment Center

"A" General File

Howard Baker Clearance Comments

"B" General File

Staff Bios

"C" General File

Debt Ceiling 1986

Executive Orders

"E" General File

"F" General File

"G" General File

Habibe Meeting September 1988

European Trip February 1988

"I" General File


OA 19309

"J" General File

MIT Trip May 1988

"K" General File

"N" General File

"O" General File

Partners in Progress Gala January 1988

Presidential Proclamations (1)-(5)

Presidential Messages

"P" General File


"R" General File

Speaking Engagements

Staffing Memorandum

"S" General File

"T" General File

Talking Points

Tracking Sheets


"U" General File

"W" General File

West Virginia


OA 19310

"X" "Y" "Z" General Files

Sub-Saharan African Files

Steel Working Group Meeting April 1985

Scientific and Technical Positions Working Group

Task Force to End Hunger in Africa Task Force Meeting September 1986