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Office of Policy Development


          OA 13695

[Telephone Messages] (1)-(22)


OA 15002

Stop Drugs at the Source - Ken Krauttner (1)-(5)

Straight (1)-(3)

Treatment [“Of Substance” Newsletter, Summer 1981]

Treatment Centers (General)


Turnoff, Inc. - Desert Hot Springs, California

Washington Hospital Center

Welcome House

South Florida Task Force Working Group 05/26/1982

Vice President Task Force Meeting, 02/11/1982 3:30, 03/02/1982 9:00

Vice President Task Force on South Florida I (1)(2)

Vice President Task Force on South Florida II

Thad Garrett

Ortiz De Zevallos, Peru

Knabe, Sweden

VOF Conference - Peru, 04/11/1982

Bjorn Skau, 04/11/1982

Colombian Delegation, 10/20/1981

South African Minister / Munnik 10/20/1981 In Office

Karin Soder, 10/21/1981

Donnelly UNFDAC - (United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control)

Peter Lee - Hong Kong, 09/08/1981

Customs - Thailand and U.S., 09/22/1981

EJG Meeting, 10/21/1981

Response to President's Drug Initiatives Meeting 12/16/1981 (1)-(3)

Review of Drug Abuse Policy Initiatives by OWG [Department of Defense]

Prevention / Action (1)-(3)

Keebler - “I Believe In Me”

Prevention Materials, Miscellaneous (1)-(12)

[Prevention: National Federation News, May 1986]

Target Newsletter - Mrs. Reagan

Kansas City: Appreciated Advertising - Ron Mears

Kansas City: Chief of Police - Stickers

Miscellaneous Projects / Miscellaneous Programs (1)-(3)

[Substance Abuse Education (Edwardsville, KS)] (1)(2)


OA 15003

Ann Baker

ASAP (Americans for Substance Abuse Prevention)

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training Systems, Inc.

American Council on Marijuana Education 12/04/1981 [and American Council on

          Drug Education, December 1985] (1)(2)

Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol Prevention Program - New York

Born to Choose Ministries

Dope Open - Mary Mulholland

Congressman Erdahl

Century III Foundation

Channel One / Prevention (1)-(4)

Committees of Correspondence (1)(2)

Scott Newman Foundation (packet)

The Fellowship Center - Alcohol Service Center

Gain Awareness through Education (GATE) Florida (empty)

Get High on Life / Albert Spanoff

Get High on Yourself (1)-(3)

Just Say No Foundation

Mendey Foundation - 1987

National Drug Institute / Elliott-Lowell, Massachusetts

National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth / Joyce Nalepka (1)(2)

National Partnership to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Youth

Parents for Drug-Free Youth, Silver Spring, Maryland

Peer To Peer [Alcohol / Drug Abuse Prevention Training Systems]

PRIDE (Parent Resource Institute for Drug Education) (1)(2)

National PTA

SPECDA (School Programs to Educate and Control Drug Abuse) - New York City


Recovery Addicts in Action against Drug Abuse / Ben Williams

Tough On Drugs

Sarasota County Informed Parents (packet)

Texans’ War On Drugs (1)-(3)

Cenikor (1)(2)

Project Cope - Redding, California

DARE, Archdiocese of New York (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

The Door - Youth Center

Day Top Village - William O’Brien (1)(2)

Dekalb Families in Action (1)(2)

DREAM (Drug Research and Education Association in Mississippi, Inc.) (1)-(3)

DREAM [Nancy Reagan Trip to Jackson, Mississippi, 09/27/1982]

Glenbeigh Adolescent Hospital (Treatment Program, Cleveland, Ohio)

Habilitat - Hawaii


Hogar Crea Lehigh Valley, Inc. - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (1)(2)

Julio Martinez - Therapeutic Committees

Memphis House Ext, - Addicts in Action

Odyssey Institute

Operation PAR (Parental Awareness and Responsibility), Florida Alcohol and Drug

          10/15/1981-10/16/1981 St. Petersburg, Florida

Pascagoula - Stephens Treatment and Rehabilitation

Phoenix House

Quest International

Rubicion Odyssey House

Second Genesis / Rehabilitation (1)-(3)

SPARK Program (School Prevention of Addiction through Rehabilitation and


Straight, Inc.

Synanon - Rehabilitation

Teen Challenge / Rehabilitation

Therapeutic Communities   


OA 15017


Marijuana Reference

Marijuana Reference 1983

Marijuana Meeting

Marijuana Meeting

Marijuana Eradication Report

Oversight Working Group (OSWG)

Meetings: 05/01/1986, 04/09/1986, 06/11/19, 04/23/1985, 06/13/1984, 05/09/1984,

04/11/1984, 03/14/1984, 01/11/1984, 11/23/1984, November 1983, October 1983

07/14/1982, 06/02/1982, 04/14/1982, 03/10/1982, 02/10/1982, 01/13/1982,

Meetings: National Drug Policy Board 03/02/1986

Meetings: National Drug Policy Board 03/03/1986

Meetings: National Drug Policy Board 09/20/1985

Meetings: National Drug Policy Board 08/07/1985

Meetings: National Drug Policy Board 08/07/1985 [With Added Notes]

Drug Abuse Job Corps


OA 15018

NIAD Project Descriptions

ADAMHA Reference (Alcohol Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration)

Department of Transportation Reference

U.S. Customs Prevention Material

USIAD Information (United States Agency for International Development)

Department of Justice (DEA and FBI)

NIAA Project Descriptions Part II (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)

NIAA Project Descriptions Part I

Prevention ‘84-’85, US Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health


Public Health Service Report to Congress

Department of Interior Reference


OA 15019

Paraguay 1982

Oklahoma 1983

UN - CND (United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs)

Mexico 1986

Briefing Papers, Colombia President Betancur 05/06/1985 (1)-(9)

Senator Biden / Heroin 1981 (1)(2)

Parade Draft Article 1987

Meese / Congressional Meeting - 03/24/1982 1:30 p.m. (1)(2)

Black Tar Heroin

Pharmacist's Guide to Drug Abuse


Department of Defense Support to Drug Interdiction 1986 (1)-(3)

Pharmacy Times Articles 1986/1987

Agency Status Reports January 1987 – Implementation of 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse

          Act (1)-(4)

DPC (Domestic Policy Council) Briefing Notebook - 02/17/1987 (1)(2)

DPC (Domestic Policy Council) Working Group on Drug Abuse Policy 02/03/1987 –

          Briefing Book (1)-(4)

Anti - Drug Briefing Materials - Oregon Initiative 1986


OA 15063

Miscellaneous Files

Pharmacy Times Drug Abuse Issues 1983 and 1987 (Drafts and Proofs)

Full Copy of Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, Hand - Enrolled Version

Target / National Association of High School Associations (Includes Operation PROM

          and Mrs. Reagan as Honorary Chairman)

Proposed Drug-Free America Act of 1986 - Administration Initiative (Goes with

          Fall 1986 Presidential Anti-Drug Initiative)


OA 19346

This box contains 8-inch and 5 Ό-inch floppy diskettes. At this time, the Library does not have

the ability to access the files stored on these diskettes.

Accomplishments Report and Letters - Implementation Report


Comic Book Distribution

Comic Book Letters (Return to Dick)

Comics from 04/10/1984

Communications II, 01/28/1983

Communications II - Backup copy

Communications III (Pat) - Copied 07/25/1983

Communications III (Pat)

[Communications] Pat’s Communication Disk IV – Copied 01/25/1984

[Communications] Pat’s Communication Disk IV – Back-up Disk

Communications IV (John), 05/05/1983

Communications V, 02/14/1984

[Communications] Pat Communications Disk VI, 05/16/1984

Congressional and Government Correspondence, 03/03/1983 – Verified/Copied

Congressional and Government Correspondence II, 06/01/1983

Congressional – LP, 04/27/1983

Congressional – General Correspondence, Memos, etc., 02/16/1984

Congressional II – LP, 05/23/1983

Daily Schedules for Staff Members

Daily Start-Up Diskette, 08/29/1981 PF

Dan's Correspondence I – Letters, Memos, Travel, Speeches, 11/30/1983

Dan's Document Disk - 05/09/1983


Data Disk, LP – Recreated from 05/04/1982 on 12/13/1982 by SD


Day from 05/11/1984

Day 2

Day 3 begin 01/08/1985

Deglamorization / Drugs – LP

Displaywriter System Diagnostics

Doc. Initialize Banana 01/31/1984

Document Disk – Copy of Original

Document Disk – Copy of #2

Document Disk – #2



General Correspondence

General Correspondence II – Initialized 10/13

General Correspondence II – Initialized 10/28

General Correspondence II, 02/06/1984

General Correspondence III

General Correspondence III, 05/10/1984

General Correspondence IV

General Correspondence V

General Correspondence VI

General Correspondence VII, 06/13/1983

General Correspondence VIII

General Correspondence VIII, 10/21/1983

General Correspondence IX, 10/12/1983

Group Memberships, Rolodex Info, 09/28/1983

Index – List of RR Speech w/ Alcohol and/or Drug Mentions, 07/31/1984

International – Inter-Office Memos, Correspondence, etc., 02/15/1984

Kiddie from 04/10/1984

Kiddie Letters (forms and actual) - 07/27/1983

Kiddies II


Leisure Document Disk


Mac's Phone Log



Mailing Lists – Strategy

Mailing Lists – Strategy (copy)

Mailing Lists – Strategy (copy 2)




Martin II

Media contacts since 08/12/1983

Mel from 11/25/1983, full 05/07/1984

Memos, Reports, Inter-Office Items

Memos, Reports, Inter-Office Items I, 12/07/1983-10/16/1984

Memos, Reports, Inter-Office Items II

Memos, Reports, Inter-Office Items II – IBM, 11/5/1984                

Memos, Reports, Inter-Office Items III

Memos, Reports, Inter-Office Items, etc. IV – Copied 09/06/1983

Memos, Reports, Inter-Office Items, etc. V, 09/01/1983

Memos, Reports, Intergovernmental Correspondence VII

Miscellaneous / Strategy / Practice, 12/02/1983


Moore II


[National Narcotics Intelligence Consumers Committee] NNICC Backup – Initialized 3/3

Nelson, 06/1985

News (Newstab Data) – AP, UPI, Etc.

OPD – Maria, 10/01/1986

Oversight Working Group – Memos, Notes, Agendas, etc., 02/15/1984

[Oversight Working Group] OSWG, CCWG-Health, CCWG-Drug Supply Reduction,

Deglamorize Drugs Working Group, Paraquat Working Group, Amyl and Butyl Nitrate

Working Group, etc.

PAGJCA – Textpack Six Program Diskette

PAGJCA – Combined Program Diskette, Textpack 6 Report Pack, 01/11/1984

Pat – “Fixed” Partial, 01/25/1984

Presidential Events, States Organization, Management Plan

Rae, January 1986

Rolodex, 12/28/1984

Rolodex Copy, 01/03/1985

Sharyn II – Working Groups



Testimony, etc., 09/28/1983

Text Pack 4

Text Pack Six – Asynch, Reportpack, Spelling Supplement, Chartpack

Text Pack Six – Asynch, Reportpack, Spelling Supplement


Travel, Itineraries, Related Correspondence

Travel, Itineraries, Related Correspondence I, 12/06/1983

Travel, Itineraries, Related Correspondence II

Travel, Itineraries, Related Correspondence II, 10/10/1986

Travel, Itineraries, Related Correspondence III

Travel, Itineraries, Related Correspondence IV

Trip Reports

[Turner, Carlton] CT Corr

[Turner, Carlton] CT Corr – A

[Turner, Carlton] CT Corr – B

[Turner, Carlton] CT Corr – C

[Turner, Carlton] CT Corr – D

[Turner, Carlton] CT Corr – E

[Turner, Carlton] CT Corr – F

[Turner, Carlton] CT Corr, 08/22/1986

[Turner, Carlton] CT Schedule – Monthly/Weekly, 04/11/1984

[Turner, Carlton] CT’s Travel Diskette – Initialized December 1983

Weekly Activity Reports

Weekly/Monthly Reports

Weekly/Monthly Reports II

Williams – Budget, September 1983, FY 1985

Williams Document Disk, December 1982 DW2

Williams Document Disk, January 1982 DW1

Williams Document – April 1983 #3

Williams Document Disk #2 – Copied 03/28/1983

[Williams] Duplicate Document Disk –Williams – Budget, August 1983

[Williams] Duplicate Document Disk, April 1984 #3

[Williams] 84 Strategy Working

[Untitled Disk I ]

[Untitled Disk II]

[Untitled Disk III]

[Untitled Disk IV] 08/17/1981

Williams - Lexitron Disks


Accretion 08/16/1990

Box 1

Drug Reference Materials


Box 2

JUST SAY NO and JUST SAY KNOW Ephemera - Posters, Pamphlets, T-shirts, etc.


Box 3

Drug Reference Materials