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DUGGAN, JUANITA: Files, 1988


Office of Public Liaison



          OA 17955

          Administration-Sponsored Legislation (02/06/1986)

          Adolescent Family Life Act

          Adolescent Family Life (PL 97-35)

          Adoption Information

          Agency Liaison Meetings


          Air Conditioner


          Alternatives to Abortion

          American Catholic Committee

          American Family Institute

          American Legion Auxiliary

          American Medical Association

          American Political Report

          Americans Against Abortion Rally, 05/01/1986

          Americans for Tax Reform

          Americans United for Life

          Amicus Curiae Briefs

          Joan Andrews Case


          Association of Americans Resident Overseas

          Association of Private Pension and Welfare Plans (APPWP)

          "A" Miscellaneous

          Baldwin, Don

          Ball, William Bentley

          Bennett, William (Department of Education)

          Bible Pathways – General Information


          Biomedical Ethics

          Black Americans

          Blackwell, Morton 29 p.


          Bowen, Otis

          Bret, William

          PJB [Patrick J. Buchanan] Bishops’ Mailings (1)(2)

          "B" Miscellaneous

          U.S. Catholic Conference

          Catholic Correspondence A-F (1)(2)

          Catholic Correspondence G-N (1)(2)

          Catholic Correspondence O-Z (1)(2)

          Catholic Eye

          Catholic Organizations [Puebla Institute]

          Cavazos, Lauro (Secretary of Education)

          Central Files


          OA 17955A (Hollinger Box)

          Child Care


          OA 17956

          Christian Public Policy Council

          Coalition for Women’s Appointments

          Coalition for Religious Freedom

          Cole, Jay D.

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Commission on Children (Bios) March 1988

          Congregation of Mother Coredemptrix

          Congregation of the Mother Coredemptrix – Barnabas Thiep

          Conservative Digest

          Constituency Positions

          Consumer Product Safety Commission

          Conventions and Meetings 1988

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: California – San Diego

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: California – San Francisco

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Delaware –Wilmington

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Florida – Orlando

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Florida – Whole State

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Idaho – Boise

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Kentucky – Lexington

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Kentucky – Louisville

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Louisiana – New Orleans

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Massachusetts – Norwood

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Massachusetts – Saugus

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Michigan – Ann Arbor

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Michigan – Grand Rapids

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Michigan – Marquette

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Minnesota – Mankato

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Minnesota – Minneapolis

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Missouri – St. Clair

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: New Mexico – Santa Fe

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: New York – New York

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: North Carolina – Winston-Salem

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Oklahoma – Oklahoma City

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Pennsylvania – Erie

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Tennessee – Memphis

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Texas – El Paso

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Texas – San Antonio

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Utah – Salt Lake City

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Virginia – Roanoke

          Conventions and Meetings 1988: Virginia – Virginia Beach

          Counsel’s Office

          "C" Miscellaneous

          Daly, Anne Carson

          Days, Weeks, and Months

          Dechant, Mr.

          Department of Justice

          Devon House

          Diamond v. Charles

          Dominican Republic Adoption Case

          Donnan, Geoffrey (Rev.)

          Drug Event List

          Drug Free America Information

          Drug Letter List

          Drug Subject File


          [Drugs]: Response Forms – Drugs + Other

          [Drugs]: Response Forms – Drugs Only

          [Drugs: Output List]


          OA 17957

          "D" Miscellaneous

          Education Groups

          Egan, Bishop Edward (1)(2)


          Eternal Word Television Network

          Ethics and Public Policy Center

          Euthanasia – OTA Report [empty]

          Evans-Novak Tax Report

          Event Invitations

          "E" Miscellaneous

          [Fair Housing Act (H.R. 1158)] (1)-(4)

          [Fair Housing Act (H.R. 1158) – Fact Sheets and Talking Points] (1)-(3)

          Family Executive Order

          Family of the Americas Foundation

          Family Planning Funding / Abortion (1)-(3)

          Federal Communications Commission Letters February 1987

          Federalism Information

          Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas

          Federation of International American Clubs

          Fellowship of Catholic Scholars (1)(2)

          Fetal Experimentation

          Fetal Experimentation Information

          First Friday Group

          Free the Priests

          "F" Miscellaneous

          Gasper, Joann - I

          Gasper, Joann - II

          Gasper, Joann Letters

          Gasper, Joann Matter

          General Office Meetings (with Constituents) July 1988

          Grace Commission

          Grove City

          Grove City Bill


          OA 17958

          Grove City – Legislation/Floor Debate

          Grove City Materials 1988 (1)-(5)

          Grove City Miscellaneous

          Grove City Opinions and Letters

          Grove City – Vote

          Guatemala Bishop

          "G" Miscellaneous

          Hague Child Abduction Convention Information (The)

          Heart of the Nation TV Interview 08/07/1985

          Heritage Foundation 29 p.

          Heritage Foundation Backgrounders 56 p.

          Hickey, Archbishop

          Higgins, Anne

          Homeless Information

          Human Rights Event

          Hunger Project

          "H" Miscellaneous

          Intern Applications

          [Intern:] Tom Ball

          [Intern:] Rust, Kathryn

          [Intern:] Barry White


          International Union of Police Associations

          "I" Miscellaneous


          "J" Miscellaneous

          Kennedy, Judge

          Kiwanis International

          Knights of Columbus (General) (1)-(3)


          Koop, C. Everett (1)(2)

          "K" Miscellaneous

          La Leche League

          LaRouche, Lyndon

          Law, Bernard Cardinal (1)(2)

          Law Week, The United States

          Leaves of Gold

          Lebanon Information

          Legal Services Corporation (1)-(7)

          Legionnaires of Christ



          Lions Club International

          [Lists:] Christmas Card Lists

          [Lists:] State Dinner Lists

          Lombardi Award 08/08/1988

          Low Income Advisory Board

          Loyal Order of Moose Meeting 10/09/1985

          Lubachivsky, Miroslav Ivan

          Lutheran Church/Missouri Synod

          "L" Miscellaneous

          March for Life [Education and Defense Fund]

          Marine Corps Reserve Officer's Association 11/12/1986 – cancelled

          McGuigan, Patrick


          Meese, Edwin  III Attorney General – American Bar Association Speech

          Melvin, Arthur

          Morlion, Fr. Andrew

          Mother Teresa

          "M"  Miscellaneous


          OA 17959

          National Association of Evangelicals] – Insight Publication

          National Association of Trade and Technical Schools

          National Association of Trade and Technical Schools 02/28/1985

          National Catholic Education Association

          National Council of Catholic Women

          National Organization of Episcopalians for Life (NOEL)

          National Right to Life

          [National Right to Life:] International Right to Life Federation

          [National Right to Life:] Right to Life (1)(2)

          [National Right to Life:] National Women’s Coalition

          National Thanksgiving Foundation       

          Natural Family Planning

          Neamon, Anne

          Novak, Michael 58 p.

          “N” Miscellaneous

          O’Connor, John Cardinal


          “O” Miscellaneous

          Paralyzed Veterans of America (packet)

          Persuasion at Work

          Pilot Club International

          Place Cards

          Police Organizations

          Police Week Message

          Policy Agenda 1987

          Political Affairs


          President’s Trust Foundation

          Press Conference Briefing Materials

          [Pride In America] (packet)

          Pro-Life (1)-(5)

          Prolife [President’s Remarks at 07/30/1987 Briefing]


          “P” Miscellaneous (Empty)

          “Q” Miscellaneous


          Reagan Achievements

          Reagan, Nancy

          Religion and Society Report

          Religious Freedom – USA

          Religious Persecution 6 p.

          Republican National Committee Liaison File

          Republican National Committee Speakers Bureau

          Retired Officers Association

          Reyes Carlin, Francisco

          Robertson, Pat

          Rockford Institute

          Rotary International

          “R” Miscellaneous

          Salvation Army

          [Sasaki, Carol] - HOME Administration Manual (Helping Ourselves Means Employment

                   in Education)

          [Sasaki, Carol] - The HOME Manual

          Schlafly, Phyllis

          SOS Children’s Villages

          Speech and Better Hearing Information

          Speech – Citizen Groups (President)

          Stamp Recommendations

          Strategic Defense Initiative


          Swaggart, Jimmy

          Sweet, Robert

          Swoap, David

          “S” Miscellaneous


          OA 17960

          Teen Pregnancy

          Teen Suicide

          Thomas Aquinas College

          Thornburgh - Attorney General

          Title X

          “T” Miscellaneous

          Up From Dependency

          Up From Dependency (Welfare Report - Domestic Policy Council)

          “U” Miscellaneous



          Veterans Administration - Cabinet Position

          Veterans Affairs

          [Veterans] Air Borne Ranger – Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrols Association

          [Veterans] American Legion

          [Veterans] American Legion – Central America (1)(2) 109 p.

          [Veterans] Bravo 05/04/1987-05/10/1987 – Regret

          Veteran’s Concerns re: Gramm-Rudman-Hollings

          Veterans Day

          [Veterans] Disabled American Veterans

          [Veterans] Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers and Admiral Spiro

          [Veteran] Korean War Memorial (1)-(4)

          Veterans of Foreign Wars

          Veterans of the World War I

          [Veterans] Paralyzed Veterans of America

          Veterans – Pending

          [Veterans] Scabbard and Blade

          Veterans – Schedule Proposals – Pending

          [Veterans - Veteranotes]

          Veterans – Yellow Sheets [Scheduling Requests]

          Vice President


          “V” Miscellaneous

          Walentynowicz, Leonard

          Wallison, Peter

          Washington Legal Foundation

          Webster v. Reproductive Health Services

          Welfare - America at Risk 02/09/1987

          Welfare Reform Information

          White House Conference on Libraries

          Wilson, Ambassador William (1)(2)

          [Women] Talking Points on Issues of Interest to Women – February 1984

          Women’s Issues – Clippings (1)-(14)

          [Women’s Issues – Policy Papers]

          Worker and Visitor Entrance System

          World Vision Information

          “W” Miscellaneous

          Year of the Unborn Child

          “X-Y-Z” Miscellaneous


          SERIES II:  EVENTS

          OA 17961

SP Pending Events / JD

          Meeting with Russian Orthodox Church Leaders 12/10/1987

          1988 OPL Briefings – Domestic Policy Division

          Miranda Briefing 01/11/1988

          Lions Club Photo Op 01/14/1988

          Prolife Leadership Meeting 01/22/1988

          Photo op for ProLifers with RR 01/22/1988 (1)-(3)

          March for Life Phone Call / Ronald Reagan 01/22/1988

          Catholic Hispanic – Editors (Contra Aid/INF) 01/25/1988 – Cancelled

          National Association of Independent Schools 02/01/1988

          National Prayer Breakfast 02/04/1988 (1)(2)

          POTUS Photo-op National Women’s Sports Foundation 02/04/1988

          National Association of Secondary School Principals 02/05/1988

          POTUS Phone Call/Bishop Bevilacqua 02/10/1988 – Time To Be Announced

          National Easter Seal POTUS 02/25/1988 Photo-Op

          POTUS Leaders of Service Organizations 02/26/1988

          NAACOG [Organization for Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nurses] Briefing –

                   White House Briefing  03/03/1988

          National Association of Evangelicals – Orlando, FL 03/08/1988-03/10/1988

          Grove City Briefing 03/10/1988 POTUS (All Groups Represented) (1)(2)

          Washington Center Briefing 03/11/1988

          American Dental Association – White House Tour 03/12/1988

          Princeton University Students 03/15/1988

          American Legion Briefing 03/23/1988

          Presentation of Cancer Courage Award 03/29/1988

          POTUS Video – Millennium of Christianity [in Kiev Rus’] 03/31/1988

          Child Help USA 04/14/1988

          POTUS – Meeting - Millennium of Christianity – James Madison Foundation –


          Photo with Cardinal Lubachivsky 05/03/1988

          USSR Religious Rights Event 05/03/1988

          POTUS Phone Call – Archbishop Marino 05/04/1988

          Briefing for Rolling Hills School 05/11/1988

          Inter-Agency Task Force on Adoption Report 05/12/1988

          Carol Sasaki Meeting 05/12/1988-05/13/1988

          Loyal Order of Moose Video 05/15/1988

          Covenant House Briefing 05/16/1988

          Wheaton College Briefing 05/18/1988

          Foreign Student Service Council 05/19/1988

          Family Research Council 05/20/1988

          Washington Christian School 05/20/1988

          POTUS Phone Call – O’Connor 05/23/1988 [John Cardinal O’Connor]

          Reseda Baptist School Briefing 05/24/1988

          St. Louis Event – JD 06/17/1988-06/19/1988 – Out-of-Town Speaking

          Event File – Call to Archbishop Hickey 06/22/1988

          POTUS – Lebanese Patriarch 06/24/1988

          Briefing for Lawyers 06/28/1988 – CA/JD

          POTUS Catastrophic Health Bill Signing 07/01/1988

          Video – Knights of Columbus 07/01/1988

          Canonization of Duchesne 07/03/1988 – St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

          Attorney General Announcement 07/12/1988 [Richard Thornburgh]

          San Diego Event – Juanita Duggan 07/16/1988-07/18/1988 – Out-of-Town Speaking


          Lithuanian Catholic Priests 07/27/1988

          Daughters of Isabella - Florida – Out-of-Town – JD – 08/01/1988-08/02/1988

          POTUS / Catholic Priests 08/05/1988 – 12:00 Roosevelt Room – 1:00 Cabinet JD - Cancelled


          OA 17962

          Fair Housing 09/13/1988 [Bill Signing Ceremony]

          Cavazos Swearing-In 09/20/1988 (1)(2)

          Amundsen Institute on US/Mexico Studies 09/22/1988

          POTUS – Education Summit" 09/28/1988 JD – Cancelled

          POTUS Lunch with Bevilacqua, Philadelphia 10/12/1988

          Welfare Bill Signing Ceremony 10/13/1988

          POTUS  – Archbishop Carroll High School 10/17/1988 (1)-(4)

          POTUS Meeting with Michael Sabbah 10/18/1988



          OA 17962 (Continued)

          Juanita Duggan Chronological File (December 1987–June 1988) [A–E]

          Juanita Duggan Chronological File (December 1987– June 1988) [F–M]

          Juanita Duggan Chronological File (December 1987– June 1988) [Mc–R(part)]

          Juanita Duggan Chronological File (December 1987– June 1988) [R(part)]

          Juanita Duggan Chronological File (December 1987– June 1988) [R(part)–Z]



          OA 17974


          America’s Waiting Children" [Interagency Task Force on Adoption Report 03/31/1988]

          Briefing Check List

          Briefing Check-List

          (Briefing) Confirmation Letter

          Briefing Paper Forms

          Briefings Sample File

          Building Services Request Form

          Cabinet Room Planning Forms

          Civil Rights Restoration Act (1)(2)

          Computer Information File

          Conference Room Reservation Request

          Constituency List Forms

          Domestic Policy Constituents for OPL [Office of Public Liaison] (1)-(4)

          Domestic Policy Check List

          [Drugs] War on Drugs

          [Drugs: President’s Remarks on Drug Abuse 03/07/1988]

          [Drugs] POTUS and FLOTUS Remarks – White House Conference on Drug Free


          Duties of the President

          Evans-Novak Political Report

          Facilities Request Forms

          Facility Request Forms

          [Fair Housing Act (HR 1158)] (1)-(4)

          [Fair Housing Act (HR 1158) Fact Sheets and Talking Points] (1)-(3)

          Family Assessment Statement

          Family Issues

          Family Protection Report

          [Family] Report on the Family

          Fax Forms

          Files – Sent to Archives [Juanita Duggan and Carl Anderson file inventories]

          Form 171 (Application for Federal Employment)

          [Form Letter Templates] (1)-(7)

          Forms for Requesting Reimbursement

          General Requests – 1988

          General Requests for Presidential Greetings

          [Gift Policy]

          GOP Convention


          OA 17976

          Moscow Summit

          [Moscow Summit] Moscow Press Briefings Fitzwater and Gennady Gerasimov


          Moscow Summit] Moscow Interview 06/01/1988]

          Moscow Summit] POTUS Remarks to Students - Moscow State University

          Moscow Summit] POTUS Remarks to Students and Faculty Moscow State University

          Moscow Summit] INF Treaty Briefing

          [Moscow Summit] Complete List of Moscow Summit Speeches

          Office of Public Liaison Domestic Office Speaker Bios [A-DB]

          Office of Public Liaison Domestic Office Speaker Bios [DC-H]

          Office of Public Liaison Domestic Office Speaker Bios [I-M]

          Office of Public Liaison Domestic Office Speaker Bios [Mc-R]

          Office of Public Liaison Domestic Office Speaker Bios [S-Z]


          Out Weekly Schedules Completed [1986 to] 1988

          Overnight Delivery Request Forms

          Personal Staff Requests for Presidential Greetings

          Photo Mailing Request Forms

          Photo Order Request Forms

          Photo Requests Completed [January 1988-April 1988]

          Photo Requests Completed July 1988-September 1988

          [Requests for Photo/Mailing April 1988-September 1988]

          Photo Requests Pending

          Photographs – POTUS and FLOTUS [POTUS only]

          Pornography I (1)(2)

          Pornography [Mailing]

          POTUS Check List

          POTUS/FLOTUS Gift Forms

          POTUS/FLOTUS Gift Forms Completed

          [Presidential Fact Sheets]

          Presidential Messages

          Presidential Messages Sent - I

          Presidential Messages Sent - II

          [Presidential Messages November 1987–May 1988)]

          Presidential Messages Sent 1988


          OA 17979

          [Requests for Presidential Messages, May 1988-December 1988]

          [Summary of Presidential Message Requests – 10/18/1988]

          [Presidential Remarks to Coast Guard Academy 05/18/1988]

          [President’s Remarks at Seminar on Religious Rights in the USSR 05/113/1988]

          Reagan’s Cabinet

          Reagan’s Favorite Bible Verse [and Other Fact Sheets]

          Reagan’s Ranch

          [Request for Appointments (SSF Form 2037) - Blank]

          [Roosevelt Room Planning Forms]

          Sample Briefing Phone Calls

          Sample Photo Op Forms

          [Scheduling Memos (Samples)]

          Schedule Proposals – Juanita Duggan, Curt Anderson, Mariam Bell (Completed,

                   Pending, Regretted) (1)-(6)

          Scheduling Recommendations – Recommend Accept

          Scheduling Recommendations – Regret

          [Speaking Engagement Information Form]

          Staff Gift Forms

          Staff Gift Forms Completed

          Staff Requests – 1988

          Staffing Memos 1988

          Staffing Memos Summer 1988

          Carolyn Sundseth Index

          Telephone Call Recommendations

          Tour Requests

          Travel Arrangements Check Lists

          Travel Authorization Forms (Blank)

          Travel Information – JD OPL 1988

          Local Travel Reimbursement Form

          Out of Town Travel Reimbursement Form

          U.S.-Soviet Nuclear and Space Arms Control Negotiations

          Volunteer List

          [Weekly and Outweek Schedules (Five Week Projection)]

          Weekly Events

          Weekly OPL Schedule March 1986-October 1987

          [The White House Office Organization Chart 04/21/1988]

          Info on White House and OEOB Tours

          Subject File – Women’s Appointments/Women’s Groups (1)(2)