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DUGGIN, THELMA P.: Files, 1981-1983 (7.88 l.ft., Boxes 1-18)


Office of Public Liaison: Deputy Special Assistant to the President, 1981-1982

Office of the Public Liaison: Special Assistant to the President and Director of the 50 States Project, 1982-1983


Born in Mobile, Alabama, in 1949, Thelma P. Duggin received a bachelor’s degree in education from Edgewood College in 1971.  From 1971-1973 she worked with the Catholic school system in Mobile, Alabama, as a teacher at Holy Family Elementary School.  She also served as a member of the mayor’s Community Relations Commission in Columbus, Georgia, and served on the board of governors for the Georgia Health System Agency.  During 1973-1977 Ms. Duggin served as a senior merchandise manager for the J.C. Penney Company in Columbus, Georgia.  From 1978-1981 she worked as a field coordinator for Wright/McNeill & Associates in Columbus, Georgia, where she was a consultant to the Republican National Committee and helped design strategy and campaign plans, and formed community coalitions for republican candidates across the country.  During the 1980 presidential general election she was a volunteer in the national black voters program as a liaison for the Republican National Committee.


Thelma Duggin joined the Office of Public Liaison in February 1981 as a deputy special assistant where she was responsible for liaison between the White House and black, vocational student, and volunteer organizations.  Her general responsibilities included keeping in contact and setting up briefings for these groups, as well as finding organizations that would be supportive of the President’s programs.  In June 1982 Ms. Duggin became a special assistant to the President for Public Liaison and Director of the 50 States Project, where she worked on correcting state laws that discriminated against women, research the legal processes of states, while also focusing on child support and daycare practices.  However, she continued to spend a large amount of time working with the black community. Within the Office of Public Liaison staff file collections, most of the material pertaining to the 50 States Project is currently located in the Eliza Paschall and Trudi Morrison collections.


Duggin was one of six Public Liaison Special Assistants who left when Faith Whittlesey succeeded Elizabeth Dole as Director of the Public Liaison office. Dole left to become Secretary of Transportation, and in March 1983 Ms. Duggin worked as Coordinator of Minority Affairs in the Department of Transportation.  Trudi Morrison succeeded Duggin as head of the 50 States Project. Duggin left the Department of Transportation in early 1985 and became the Director of Government Relations for the Comprehensive Benefits Corporation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Ms. Duggin is a former fellow at the Harvard University Institute of Politics.


Duggin’s files consist of four series: SERIES I: African-Americans; SERIES II: Youth; SERIES III: Chronological files; and SERIES IV: Appointment Books and Telephone Logs.


SERIES I: AFRICAN-AMERICANS, 1981-1983 (5.5 l.f., Boxes 1-13)


This series of alphabetically arranged files pertain to issues in which Duggin was involved. Topics include affirmative action cases and policy; Executive Order 12320; historically black colleges and universities; domestic policy issues of interest to blacks; Reagan/Bush 1980 news releases; information on various black organizations; transcripts from the “Tony Brown Journal” television program; articles on the role of blacks within the White House; minority business proposals/statements; invitations to attend and give speeches at meetings and conferences; and routine administrative matters.


SERIES II: YOUTH, 1981-1983 (1.3 l.f., Boxes 13-16)


Alphabetically arranged files that include informational packets, conference programs, and requests for meetings.


SERIES III: CHRONOLOGICAL FILES, 1981-1983 (1.0 l.f., Boxes 16-18)


This series contains chronologically arranged correspondence from Ms. Duggin to various organizations and White House staff members regarding topics such as thank you letters, voting rights, messages and addresses by staff members and the President, meeting recommendations, and various black concerns.5


SERIES IV: APPOINTMENT BOOKS AND TELEPHONE LOGS, 1981-1983 (0.2 l.f., Boxes 18-19)


This series contains appointment books, and logs of telephone messages for Ms. Duggin.






          Box 1

          Reverend Abernathy

          Affirmative Action I

          Affirmative Action II (1)-(6)

          African Methodist Episcopal Church

          Alaska Black Caucus

          American Savings and Loan League

          Assault on Illiteracy Program

          Association of Black Airline Employees (The)

          Black Appointments

          Black Clergy Luncheon (1)(2)

          Black College Event 09/22/1982

          Black College Initiatives (1)(2)


Box 2

Black College Initiatives (3)-(6)

Black College Initiatives: President’s Black College Initiative for Fiscal Year 1979


Black Colleges – I (1)-(8)

          Black Colleges - I: Black College Luncheon


Box 3

          Black Colleges – II (1)-(10)

          Black Colleges - II: Black College Day

          Black Colleges - General Information (1)-(6)

Black Fraternities and Sororities

          Black History Month 1983


          Box 4

          Black Issues (1)(2)

          Black Issues #2

          Black Issues / General Correspondence (1)-(3)

          Black Issues – Miscellaneous (1)-(3)

          Black Media, Inc. (1)(2)

          Black Organizations (1)-(3)

          [Black-Owned Businesses] (1)(2)


          Box 5

          Black Policy Agenda (1)(2)

          Black Press (1)-(3)

          Black Republicans (1)-(3)

          Black Supporters/Mailing Lists (1)(2)

          Blacks in Government

          Blacks in Government: 1981 Convention and Background on 1980 Convention

          [Birmingham Urban League, Inc.]

          Tony Brown (1)(2)

          Business Policy Review Council

          Citizens Commission on Civil Rights

          Civil Rights Act [1981-1982] (1)(2)


          Box 6

Civil Rights Act [1981-1982] (3)

          Clippings / Blacks (1)-(7)

          Congressional Black Caucus

          Council of 100

          Devon Cunningham – Request to Paint Portrait

          County of Cuyahoga, OH

          Delta Sigma Theta

          Enterprise Zones I

          [Enterprise Zones] II (1)-(3)


Box 7

[Enterprise Zones] II (4)-(6)

          Equal Employment (1)(2)

          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Enforcement (1)(2)

          Equitable Life Insurance

          Mayor Charles Evers

          Executive Order 12320 (1)-(5)

          Hampton Institute

          [Historically Black Colleges Mailing Lists]


          Howard University (1)(2)

          Joint Center for Political Studies


          Box 8

          Ku Klux Klan

          Martin Luther King’s Birthday 01/15/1982

          Labor Contracts

          Leadership Education and Development Program

          Livingstone College

          Meharry Medical College (1)-(4)

          Minority Small Business (1)-(7)

          Minority Business (Initiatives) (1)(2)


          Box 9

          Minority Business (Initiatives) (3)

          Miles College

          National Advisory Committee on Black Higher Education and Black Colleges and

                   Universities (1)(2)

          National Alliance of Business (1)(2)

          National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (1)(2)

          National Association for the Advancement of Colored People I (1)(2)

          National Association for the Advancement of Colored People II

          [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Convention in

                   Denver, 06/29/1981-07/03/1981] (1)(2)

          National Association of Black County Officials

          National Association of Black Manufacturers

          National Association of Black Publishers

          National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice

          National Association of Minority CPA Firms

          National Association of Minority Contractors

          National Association of Negro and Professional Women

          National Association of Real Estate Brokers

          National Bankers Association


Box 10

          National Black Republican Council

          National Black Republican Council/General (1)-(3)

National Black Republican Council Briefing 01/28/1982

          National Business League

          National Colored Women’s Clubs

          National Conference of Black Mayors, Inc. (1)(2)

          National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (1)-(4)

          National Medical Association (1)(2)

          [National Minority Purchasing Council News] (1)(2)

          National Minority Suppliers

          National Patriotism Week (1)


          Box 11

          National Patriotism Week (2)

          National Urban Coalition

          National Urban League (1)-(4)

[National Urban League Convention in Washington, DC, 07/19/1981-07/22/1981]


          New Coalition

          Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc. #2 (1)-(3)

          [Opportunity Fair for Minority and Women Owned Businesses] (1)(2)

[Opportunity Funding Commission] (1)-(3)

          Floyd Patterson

          Prairie View A & M University

          SERTOMA [Service to Mankind] Award Ceremony

          Sickle Cell Anemia (1)(2)


          Box 12

          Small Business Administration 8 (a) [Aid for Disadvantaged Small Business] (1)-(5)

          Sonicraft Inc.

Texas Southern University

          Title III / Black Colleges (1)(2)

          Tuskegee Institute (1)(2)

          United Negro College Fund

          Vice President’s Reception for Black Colleges (1)-(3)


          Box 13

          Virginia Union University

          Voting Rights Act

          Reverend Hosea Williams (1)(2)

          [Reverend Hosea Williams] Afro-American / Japanese International Economic Institute,

                   Inc. (1)(2)

          [Reverend] Hosea Williams/Japanese Venture (1)(2)

          [Reverend Hosea Williams: Metro Atlanta In-Town Farmer’s Cooperative Inc.] (1)(2)

Women in Municipal Government – 03/07/1983


          SERIES II:  YOUTH

          Box 13 (Continued)

          American Industrial Arts Students Association (1)(2)

          Big Brothers / Big Sisters of America Meeting with President 02/19/1982 (1)(2)

          Boy Scouts of America Meeting with President 02/04/1982 (1)(2)

          Boy Scouts of America / General Information (1)-(3)


Box 14

          [Boy Scouts] POTUS Phone Call – Eagle Scout 09/14/1982

          Campfire, Inc. (1)(2)

          Charles Edison Fund

          Convention II (1)(2)

Distributive Education Clubs of America

Future Farmers of America

          Future Farmers of America 07/27/1982 (1)-(3)

Future Farmers of America 12/16/1982 (1)(2)

          Future Homemakers of America

          Girl Scouts (1)(2)

          Health Occupations Students of America (1)(2)

          Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation

          Miscellaneous Correspondence [Thelma Duggin] (1)


          Box 15

          Miscellaneous Correspondence [Thelma Duggin] (2)

          National Association of Secondary School Principals (1)(2)

          National Youth Movement – Reverend Sharpton

          Office Education Association (1)(2)

Presidential Classrooms

          Student Aid (1)(2)

          Student National Medical Association, Inc.

          U.S. Senate Youth Program (1)(2)

          Vocational Students Organizations (1)(2)

          Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (1)(2)

          Young American Medals for Bravery (1)-(3)

          Young Americans for Freedom, Inc.


          Box 16

          Young Americans for Freedom 1981 Convention


          Youth Employment Programs (1)(2)

          Youth Issues/General Correspondence

Youth Issues/Miscellaneous (1)-(3)



          Box 16 (Continued)

          Thelma Duggin Chron File #1 [February 1981–September 1981] (1)-(6)

          Thelma Duggin Chron File #2 [September 1981–August 1982] (1)-(3)


          Box 17

          Thelma Duggin Chron File #2 [September 1981–August 1982] (4)-(14)

Thelma Duggin Chron File #3 [September 1982–October 1982] (1)-(7)


          Box 18

Thelma Duggin Chron File #3 [September 1982–October 1982] (8)

          Thelma Duggin Chron File #4 [October 1982–December 1982] (1)-(8)

Thelma Duggin Chron File #5 [December 1982- February 1983] (1)-(5)



          Box 18 (Continued)

          Appointment Book, 1982

          Appointment Book, 1983

          Telephone Log, 10/05/1981-01/11/1982

          Telephone Log, 01/12/1982-01/27/1982

          Telephone Log, 02/01/1982-04/22/1982

          Telephone Log, 04/22/1982-May 1982


          Box 19

          Telephone Log, 05/11/1982-06/09/1982

          Telephone Log, 06/09/1982-September 1982

          Telephone Log, September 1982-12/20/1982