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EBERLY, DONALD: Files, 1985-1986


Public Liaison, White House Office of


Donald Eberly was an Executive Assistant to Linda Chavez from May 1985 through January 1986. At the beginning of February 1986 he was promoted to Associate Director. He left the White House in mid-April 1986.


OA 12805

American Studies Program (Jerry Herbert)

Arab American Institute

Armey, Dick (Congressman)

Boulter, Beau (Congressman) [Article regarding Reagan Revolution]

Contra Aid (1)(2)

[Diskette "Chavez" and Index]

[Diskette "Eberly" and Index]

Eastern Mennonite College White House Briefing 10/16/1985 - Eberly

Family Violence, AG's Task Force Report (Lois Herrington)

Focus on the Family

Free Congress

Gallagher, Jayne (HUD)

Hallett, Carol (Citizens for America)

Hispanic Coalition for Free Central America (Briefing) (06/19/1985)

Hollinger, Paul R. (WDAC - Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Hope for Life (Stoltzfus, J. Myron)

Kerrigan-Roberts, Janis (Tenera Corporation)

Key Business Groups ["CORE List"]

Ligoniear Ministries

Lutheran Academy (The)

Memos re: Agriculture, Georgetown Senior Auction, Buckley Dinner, State Dinner

Request, Outreach Lunch, Solzhenitsyn, Texas Farm Bureau Request

Public Liaison, Office of

Presidential Proclamations

Republican National Committee

South Africa

Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)

Tax Reform (1)(2)

Van Der Linden, Frank (The Historical Research Foundation)

Wendt, John F. (Federation of International American Clubs)

Willett, Gary (Young Political Leaders from the Caribbean)


OA 12805 (Continued)

Chron File: May 1985

Chron File: June 1985

Chron File: July 1985

Chron File: August 1985

Chron File: September 1985

Chron File: October 1985

Chron File: November 1985

Chron File: December 1985

Chron File: January 1986

Chron File: February 1986

Chron File: March 1986

Chron File: April 1986


OA 12806

James F. Agnew, III

Ted E. Amick

Carl A. Anderson

Mitzi Ayala

Charles E. Bacarisse

Christy Bakaly

Brent H. Baker

Michael J. Bayer

David M. Becker

B. Jean Bell

John Lee Bellinger

Joseph Benham

Bruce L. Bennett

Christopher P. Berns

Lan Bethune

Sally G. Bloom

Mary Beth Bloomberg

William R. Bode

Mark Bentlinger

Sheridan Brinley

Robert J. Brown

Jim Brulet (Recommendation Letter Only - Resumes not included)

Margaret P. Calhoun

David Cannon

Thomas M. Carhart, III

Lauria M. Castellanos Del Valle

Rafel I. Castellanos

Darrell Castillo (Recommedation Letter Only - Resume not included)

Cynthia Garaza Chatfield

Gilbert J. Chavez

John H. Chen

David W. Christopher

Susan Decamp Conger

Leonor R. Conway

Joy D. Cothran

C. Christopher Cox

Richard C. Crawford

Cindy Daub

Rosa V. Degomez

Judith Deleo

Dona H. Delon

Georgia L. Delyannis

Diana D. Deman

Sandra Donaldson

Paul J. Donatelli

Joan E. Donohue

Clifford L. Downen

Norton Dunlop

Rosanne Durian

Wilfred L. "Wil" Ebel

Timothy L. Elder

Richard H. Endres

John Fales, Jr.

Darrly K. Fountain

Edie Fraser

Marguaerite L. Fry

Jan Gabriel

Roan Antonio Garcia-Quintana

James E. Geoffrey, II

Michael Giere

Scott W. Gordon

Carolyn D. Gray

Howard D. Greyber

Mariana E. Griesmer

Carol B. Hallett

Barbara S. Hammond

Donald R. Hannaford

Richard P. Hansen

Steven A. Hemmat

Edwin A. Hernandez

Bonita (Bonnie) Hickey

Harle;y E. Hickling

James E. Hinish, Jr.

Susan Lynn Hopkins

Colby A. Hostetler

Donald S. Howell

Katherine B. Hudson

E. Stephen Hunt

Gregory S. Hyatt

Brenda K. Jones

Roy C. Jones

George S. Karalekas

Nancy Hart Keever

Mary Claire Kendall

Linden Heck Ketttlewell

Patricia Stewart Keys

Kirk Kidwell

Donna Knight

Thomas L. Knight

Michael N. Korbey

Agnes L. Koury

Kathleen W. Lawrence

Michael G. Lawrence

Andre E. Letendre

Thomas E. Lorentzen

Jacklyn Giles Macinnis

John P.Mackey

Robert L. Madok

Catherine R. Maier

Bruce P. Majors

Stephen D. Marlow

Dana M. Marshall

Ronald L. Martinson

Raymond Massie (Recommendation Letter only - Resume not Included)

Shirley S. McClintock

Joseph H. McHugh

Stewart D. McLaurin

Maria B. McMurray

Carolyn Sue Melby

Robert S. Michaels

Johnathan S. Miller

Particia M. Lmilitzer

Robert E. Moffit

Susan Prado Morris

Colleen T. Morrow

James P. Muldoon, Jr.

Teresa L. Napier

Charles E. Nunley

David R. Oakley

Monica J. Owen

Miguel B. Parajon

Eliza Paschall

Glulanaetatin Pahta

William H. Peterson

Alan J. Pinkett

Patrick Pizzella

John Podhoretz

Deborah P. Prochaska

Julie Fang Ming Ho Rao

Daniel M. Rathbun

James E. Rich, Jr.

Carol Rittner, (Recommendation Letter Only - Resume not included)

Julia M. Romero

Thomas A. Rose

Donald Rumsfeld

Gregory A. Sahd

Alberto Sanchez

Vicki Lynn Sands

Marty Schnepper (Recommendation Letter Only - Resume not included)

Donald J. Senese

Doug Shaddix

John T. Sheehan

Andrea Sheldon

Robert M. Shirilla

Patricia Glaser Silversmith

Lawrence J. Sisking

Curt Smith

Janie M. Smith

Jennifer Kirk Smith

Nelson Smith

Doriene Steeves (Recommendation Letter Only - Resume not included)

Ruth Horn Steinberg

David H. Ingles Stone

Pamela Brett Struhi

Amy M. Sullivan

Dallas R. Sweezy

Allan R. Swendiman

Jane Cressey Stmmes

Mark Tapscott

Joyce Thoman (Recommendation Letter Only - Resume not included)

Michael O. Tognalli

Arnold R. Tomkins

John G. Treitz, Jr.

Lawrence A. Uzzell

Myrna Wahlquist

June Griffin Walsh

Michael Warder

Valdean M. Watson (Recommendation Letter Only - Resume not included)

Caroline S. Westerhof

Royden J. Wheller, III

F. Clinton White, Jr.

Steven D. Whitener

Phillip D. Winn

Ronald J. Wylie

Gina Bessey Zimmerman