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OA 8246

Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981

Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981: Effects (1)(2)

Taxation Records (uninventoried)


OA 8247

Taxation Records (uninventoried)


OA 8248

Taxation Records (uninventoried)


OA 8251

Gold Commission (Prepared Texts) (1)-(7)

Gold Commission: [Publications]  (1)-(6)

Gold Commission: File #2 (1)-(9)

Gold Commission Meeting (1-8-82) (1)(2)

[March 1982 Draft Gold Commission Report]  (1)(2)

[Report to Congress: Gold Commission]  (1)-(5)


OA 8252

Senate Small Business Committee

Beta Max

Merger / Acquisition Legislation

Auto Safety Data

Post Office

Electronic Mail Meeting – Post Office (1)(2)

Electronic Mail (1)-(5)

Bus Deregulation (1)-(3)

AT & T Agreement

Taxation Files - Accelerated Depreciation

Taxation Files - Americans Living Abroad

Taxation Files - CCCT - Senate Tax Bill

Taxation Files - CCEA - Federal Debt Collection and Tax Refund Offsets - July 1980

Taxation Files - Charitable Contributions

Taxation Files - Economic Recovery Act of 1981

Taxation Files - Excise Taxes

Taxation Files - Human Capital and Taxation

Taxation Files - Interest and Dividend Withholding

Taxation Files – IRA’s Kennedy Tax Cut

Taxation Files- Larry Lindsey

Taxation Files - Leasing Revenue Raisers - Fall 1981

Taxation Files - Tax Shelters

Taxation Files - User Fees

Taxation Files - Balanced Budget Amendment - 1981 Version

Taxation Files - Blocks Grants

Taxation Files - House Budget Committee Proposals - April 1981

Taxation Files - FY 82 Budget

Taxation Files - District of Columbia Economic Report - 1983

Taxation Files - Food Stamps

Taxation Files - The Poor, ETC.

Taxation Files - UDAG