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COUNCIL OF ECONOMIC ADVISERS: Staff Economists Records, 1981-1989


White House Records Management identified certain boxes with specific CEA Staff Economists.

The Library has provided these specific names directly under the OA numbers. 


The Library has been able to identify the following staff economists for the Council of Economic Advisors:


Lincoln Anderson

Martin Asher

Chris Ballenger

Peter Barlerin

Lisa Berstein

David Bizer

Bill Boehn

Cathy Bonser

Hayden Boyd

Phillis Braun

Steve Brooks

Bob Chambers

John Cochran

Paul Courant

Steve De Canio

Jim Denaut

William Dobson

Roger Felman

Jeff Franke

Ken Froot

Diana Furchtgott-Roth

Tony Gomez-Ibanez

Marvin Goodfriend

Suzanne Greenspan

Edward Gullason

Robert Hahn

Ellen Hanak

Steve Hanke

William Haraf

David Henderson

Ann-Marie Hillberg

John Hird

David Hyman

Gail Ifshin

Douglas Irwin

Betsy Jensen

Randy Jones


Andrew Klett

Kim Kowalewski

Randy Kroszner

Paul Krugman

Even Kwerel

Larry Lindsay

Michael McKee

Steve McNees

Randy Maringer

Robert Murphy

Robert Myer

Andrew Myers

John Navratil

Glenn Nelson

Susan Nelson

Steve O'Connell

Jonathan Parker

Allen Parkman

Perry Quick

Gordon Rausser

Dan Roberts

David Romer

Paul Rubin

Scott Schuh

Joel Slemrod

Andrew Strenio

Charles Stuart

Dan Sumner

Peter Taylor

Bill Tiechner

David Teitman

Adrian Throop

Robert Turner

Chris Varvares


Katharine Warne

Susan Woodward

Martin Zimmerman

Benjamin Zycher


CFOA 367

(Robert Murphy)

Chron Files - June 1981

Chron Files – July 1981

Chron Files – August 1981

Chron Files – September 1981

          Chron Files – October 1981

          Chron Files – November 1981

          Chron Files – December 1981

          Chron Files – January 1982

          Chron Files – February 1982

          Chron Files – March 1982

          Chron Files – April 1982

          Chron Files – May 1982

          Chron Files – June 1982

          Chron Files - July 1982


OA 3999

(Michael J. McKee, David Romer, Betsy Jensen, Perry Quick)



OA 4000

(Michael J. McKee, David Romer, Betsy  Jensen, Perry Quick)

Unidentified material


OA 4001

(Michael J. McKee, David Romer, Betsy Jensen, Perry Quick)

Unidentified material


OA 4002

(Michael J. McKee, David Romer, Betsy Jensen, Perry Quick)

Unidentified material


OA 4730 (Martin Asher, Larry Lindsey, Robert Turner)

Chrons, 01/21/1981-03/11/1981 [Asher]

Chrons, 03/12/1981-04/05/1981 [Asher]

Chrons, 04/06/1981-06/16/1981 [Asher]

Chrons, 06/17/1981-07/31/1981 [Asher]

DRI [Lindsey]

Environment [Lindsey]

Federalism [Lindsey]

Chrons, 01/27/1981-03/09/1981 [R. Turner]

Chrons, 03/10/1981-04/15/1981 [R. Turner]

Chrons, 04/16/1981-05/04/1981 [R. Turner]

Chrons, 05/05/1981-06/18/1981 [R. Turner]

Chrons, 06/19/1981-06/30/1981 [R. Turner]

Chrons, 07/01/1981-07/24/1981 [R. Turner]

Chrons, 07/25/1981-07/31/1981


OA 6730

(Michael McKee)

OMB press release, booklet (additional details on budget savings)

Food and Agriculture

Budget and Tax Indexing, 07/28/1981

Money Demand, 01/20/1981

Financing SPR, 04/15/1981

Statistical Policy, 01/20/1981

The Solomon Report

Export Administration Act, 06/16/1981

Energy, 01/20/1981-07/15/1981

Commerce Reorganization


S 881 - Small Business Innovation Act of 1981

Budget Indexing, 05/25/1981-07/27/1981

R and D, 01/20/1981

Indexing Entitlements, 01/20/1981-05/23/1981

Indexing - Carter Administration Background

A New Posturing, 03/15/1981-07/25/1981 EPAB Briefing and Testimonials

A New Posturing, 02/18/1981-03/04/1981 Testimonials

A New Posturing, 01/20/1981-02/12/1981 The Audit Speech

Reagan Tax Program 07/24/1981-08/07/1981

Reagan Tax Proposal 01/20/1981-07/28/1981 (1)-(4)

Forecast - Fall Review, 10/01/1981

Post-Midsession Outlook, 07/15/1981-10/01/1981, FY 1982 Budget Review


OA 6731

(Michael McKee)

Midsession Review Outlook, 04/15/1981-07/15/1981

The Outlook, 03/15/1981-04/15/1981

March Review, 1981, Forecast

Reagan Budget Cuts, 01/20/1981-08/31/1981

CPI Projections, 01/21/1981-10/01/1981

Decontrol of Natural Gas, 01/21/1981-01/16/1982

Conference of Business Economists, 02/05/1981-02/06/1981

EPC/Ministerial/Summit 1981

OECD - WP 1 Ad Hoc Experts on Economic "Modeling," 03/02/1981 ff

CWPS Administrative, 01/20/1981

OECD - WP 1, November 1981

OECD Ad Hoc Meeting of Experts on Energy and Economic Performance,


OECD WP 1, 04/22/1981-04/24/1981

IMF Article IV Consultations, June 1981

Reagan Budget Cuts, 09/01/1981

CPI Forecasting, 10/01/1981

Monetary Policy, 01/20/1981

1981 Farm Bill, 10/20/1981


Small Business, 01/20/1981

ERP 1982

A New Posturing, 07/26/1981

Energy, 07/15/1981


ERDC Consultations, 10/11/1981


National Productivity Advisory Commission

Deregulation FHA

Analysis of the Effects of Indexing For Inflation on Federal Expenditures (booklet)

Two copies Fall Budget Program Press Release Packets (1981) (booklet)

1982 Budget Midsession Review (booklet)

Report on Indexing Federal Programs (booklet)

Measurement of Home Ownership Costs In the Consumer Price Index Should Be Changed (booklet)

President Reagan's Bipartisan Plans for Tax and Spending Restraint (booklet)

Midyear Monetary Policy Report to Congress Pursuant to the Full Employment &

          Balanced Growth Act of 1978 (booklet)


OA 8249

(Susan Nelson)

Chron Files – January  1981-July 1982


OA 8250

(William Dobson, Paul Rubin, Andy Strenio, Bill Boehn, Perry Quick)

Chron Files [undated]


OA 8251

(Jerry Jordan)

Subject Files for the Gold Commission - July 1981-July 1982


OA 9816

(John Cochran, Adrian Throop, Chris Varvares)

Chron Files - June 1981-November 1983


OA 9817

(David Teitman, Katherine Warne, Benjamin Zycher, Robert Myer)

Chron Files - July 1981- August 1983


OA 10240

(Larry Lindsey)

Chron Files - October 1981- February 1984


OA 10241

(Steve Brooks, Steve O'Connell, Tony Gomez-Ibanez)

Chron Files – January 1981-June 1982


OA 10242

(Steve Hanke, Dan Roberts, Steve McNees)

Chron Files - July 1981-June 1983


OA 10243

Allen Parkman-Chron File-August, 1981

Allen Parkman-Chron File-September, 1981 (1)-(3)

Allen Parkman-Chron File-October, 1981 (1)-(2)

Allen Parkman-Chron File-November, 1981 (1)-(2)

Allen Parkman-Chron File-December, 1981

Allen Parkman-Chron File-January, 1982 (1)-(2)

Allen Parkman-Chron File-February, 1982

Allen Parkman-Chron File-March, 1982 (1)-(3)

Allen Parkman-Chron File-April, 1982

Allen Parkman-Chron File-May, 1982

Allen Parkman-Chron File-June, 1982 (1)-(2)

Allen Parkman-Chron File-July, 1982


OA 10844

(Chris Ballenger, Jeff Frankel, Ken Froot, Andrew Kleit, Paul Krugman, Even Kwerel,

John Navratil, Glenn Nelson)

Chron Files – September 1982-April 1985


OA 11156

(Larry Lindsay)

January 1983-July 1984


OA 12495

(Suzanne Greenspan, Andrew Myers, David Henderson)

September 1982 - July 1984


OA 14788

(Marty Zimmerman)

1980 Staggers Act – Miscellaneous (1)-(3)

1980 Staggers Act - DOE Report (Department of Energy)

1980 Staggers Act, Glenn R. Schleede

1980 Staggers Act – Deregulation (1)(2)

1980 Staggers Act - Statistics

1980 Staggers Act - Testimony

1980 Staggers Act - Barenekov Memo

1980 Staggers Act - EEI Report/AAR Response (Edison Electric Institute)(Apollo

Applications Research)

1980 Staggers Act - Hearings

Regulation: Rail - Staggers


FCC Spectrum Auctions

EIA (Energy Information Administration) - Forecasts

Coal Leasing

Cafe (Corporate Average Fuel Economy)

Cafe: Light Trucks

Gray Market: Meetings Memo

Airlines: buy/Sell

Airlines: International Slots

Airlines: International Route Authority



OA 14789

(Marty Zimmerman)


CAFE - CEA Comments (Council of Economic Advisers)

National Energy Plan

Tax Credits: Renewables / Conservation (H.R. 2001)

Intellectual Property Rights

Natural Gas Markets

Natural Gas Market - EIA Reports

R&D (Research and Development) Initiatives

Orange Footed Pearly Mussel

Energy Working Group

Western Power

Synfuels Memos

Synfuels News Articles (1)-(3)

Shipping: Miscellaneous

Shippers National Freight Claim Council


CAFE - 1985 OPA Report



Railroad Issues


OA 14790

(Marty Zimmerman)

Petroleum Refining

Law of the Sea


Box Cars

Tax Reform

Natural Gas - DOE Report (Department of Energy)

Natural Gas - DOE Model

Trucking (1)-(5)

Trucking Deregulation (1)-(5)

Emissions Trading

Legislation FVA (*Could be FWA?*)

Legislation NGPA (Natural Gas Policy Act)

Legislation EPCA (Energy Policy and Conservation Act)


Privatization: Alaska Power

Privatization: Sallie MAE

Privatization: Working Group

Privatization: Municipal Services

Privatization: Miscellaneous


OA 14791

(Marty Zimmerman)

UMTA (Urban Mass Transportation Administration)

EPC Oil Working Group (Economic Policy Council)

Trade Imports

Commercial Space Working Group

OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation)

R&D Working Group (Research and Development)

Worker Adjustment Option

Postal System - International Diamond

Sallie MAE

Oil and Macroeconomy: Article


Domestic Oil Package

OECD Meetings (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developments)


R&D Working Group


Black Lung Fund

House Wednesday Group

Republican Study Committee

Treble Damages / Sharing, S. 1300

International Trade Administration Strategy


Antitrust Testimony: Matt Beverage Intrabound Competition

Physical Fee Freeze: Lexicon Study

Design Copyright Legislation

Auto Import Segments

Local Cable Deregulation

Comparable Worth

Federalism Working Group

Agricultural Marketing Orders

Agriculture: Farm Product Security Interests

Railroads: Staggers


CAFE: Draft Final Rule Import Analysis


OA 14792

(Marty Zimmerman)

CAFE: Early Drafts

Auto Industry

GM - Toyota Imports Domestic Content

CAFE: DOE Comments


CAFE: Background Materials

CAFE: Background Papers

CAFE: Standards


OA 15069

(David Henderson, Roger Feldman, Susan Nelson, Allen Parkman, Paul Courant)


DH: Federal Employees’ Health Benefits program, 1982 (1)(2)

DH: Chron File, 1982 (1)(2)

DH: Chron File, 1983 (1)-(4)

DH: Chron File, 1984

DH: Manville Case, 1982

DH: Methanol

DH: Health Insurance Unemployed Data

DH: Health Policy Working Group: Long-Term Care

DH: Health Policy Working Group: Catastrophic

DH: Health Policy Working Group: Medicare

DH: Health Policy Working Group: Taxes

DH: Health Policy Working Group: Capital

DH: Health Policy Working Group: Meeting, 05/25/1984

DH: Health Policy Working Group: Medicaid


Health Policy Working Group: December 1984-February 1985

Health Policy Working Group: 11/29/1984

Health Policy Working Group: October 1984

Health Policy Working Group: Taxes Medicare

Health Policy Working Group: Maryland Payment

Health Policy Working Group: Technology

Vaccine Supply Working Group, 03/05/1985

Vaccine Supply Working Group: Manufacturers' Meeting, April 1985

Vaccine Supply Working Group: Final Report, April 1985


Mrs. Frank Kolski's Letter, November 1981

Indexing (CPI), February 1981-June 1981

Indexing (CPI), July 1981-1982

Pension Plans, 1979-1982

William Niskanen Social Security Test (Background), 09/14/1981

Life Expectancies

Social Security, 1981

Social Security, 1982

Social Security Options, May 1982

Pro Competition Health Proposals

Health Insurance


Miscellaneous, 1981-1982


Pro-Competitive Health Insurance


OA 15070

(Steve Decanio)


Airline Op-Ed

Cargo Preference

Chron File #1

Chron File #2

Competitiveness - Corporations

          Current Work and Notes

EPA SO2 - Acid Rain

ERP - Safety Chapter

Kidney Program

O3 Background - Calculations


O3 Benefits - DPC

O3 Briefing - WG

O3 Calculations

03 Trade Subgroup

Ozone - BWS (1)(2)

Ozone and Climate Change

Strategic Petroleum Reserve



Telephone Comments


OA 15323

(Marvin Goodfriend, William Haraf, Joel Slemrod)

Chron Files January 1984-June 1985


OA 18422

Lauren Feinstone Chron Files, 1988-1989

Lauren Feinstone Chron Files, 1988-1989

Gregory Crespi Chron Files, 1988-1989

Gregory Crespi Chron Files, 1988-1989

Gregory Crespi Chron Files, 1988-1989

Steven Plous Chron Files, 1988

Rob Scheinermann Chron Files, 1989

Andy Filardo Chron Files, 1987

Earl Grinols Chron Files, 1987-1988

Thomas Smith Chron Files, 1987-1988

Thomas Smith Chron Files, 1987-1988

David Germany Chron Files, 1986-1987

Steve Husted Chron Files, 1986-1987

Greg Sidak Chron Files, 1986-1987

Sandy Batten Chron Files, 1985-1986

Sandy Batten Chron Files, 1985-1986

Jack Muti Chron Files, 1985-1986

Tom Rumbaugh Chron Files, 1984-1985


OA 18423

Jim Brown Chron Files

Richard Clarida Chron Files

Lesley Cameron Chron Files

Debbie Danker Chron Files

Ellen Hughes-Cromwick Chron Files

Arlene Holen Chron Files

Carole Kitti Chron Files

Bob LaLonde Chron Files

Jonathan Leonard Chron Files

Steve Landefeld Chron Files

Carol Lisenenring Chron Files


Box  11050

(Peter Barlerin, Lisa Berstein, David Bizer, Hayden Boyd, Cathy Bonser, Phillis Braun,

Bob Chambers, Steve Decanio, Jim Denaut, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Edward Gullason,

Ann Marie Hillberg, John Hird, Gail Ifshin, Douglas Irwin, Randy Jones)

Chron Files – January 1984-July 1988


Box  11051

(Lincoln Anderson)

Chron Files – January 1982-November 1986


Box  11052

(Keleher, Randy Kroszner, Randy Mariger, Jonathan Parker, Gordon Rausser, Scott

Schuh, Charles Stuart, Dan Sumner, Bob Villanueva, Susan Woodward, Martin


Chron Files, June 1985-01/20/1989


Box  11053

(Robert Hahn, Ellen Hanak, David Hyman, Peter Taylor, Bill Teichner, Kim


Chron Files, November 1986-01/20/1989


Box 1-A94-03

(Sandy Batten, Gregory Crespi, Lauren Feinstone, Andy Filardo, David Germany, Earl

Grinols, Steve Husted, Jack Muti, Steven Plous, Tom Rumbaugh, Rob Scheinermann,

Greg Sidak, Thomas Smith)

Chron Files 1984-1989


Box 2-A94-03

(Jim Brown, Lesley Cameron, Richard Clarida, Debbie Danker, Arlen Holen, Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Carole Kitti, Bob LaLonde, Steve Landefeld, Jonathan Leonard, Carol Lisenenring)

Chron Files 1986-1989