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ERKENBECK, JANE: Files 1985-1989


First Lady, Office of the: Special Assistant to the First Lady, 1985-1989


The Erkenbeck Files are broken down into three series: SERIES I: Correspondence, SERIES II: Subject Files, SERIES III: Social Office Schedules. SERIES III: Social Office Schedules is broken down into three subseries: SUBSERIES I: Block, SUBSERIES II: Briefing Papers, SUBSERIES III: Daily’s.


SERIES I: Correspondence June 1985–January 1989


This series contains material relating to Erkenbeck’s work and life during her time on the White House Staff. Correspondents include the general public, friends, and acquaintances of Erkenbeck or Mrs. Reagan. The material covers requests to meet with the First Lady, requests for photographs and autographs, thank-you notes, unsolicited resumes, and general correspondence. These files are arranged chronologically.


SERIES II: Subject Files


This series contains material relating to the daily running of the office, “Dr. Belke” File, mailing receipts, and Project Info, Inc

. These are arranged alphabetically.


SERIES III: Social Office Schedules


All material are copies from the Social Office used as reference in the First Lady’s Office, and many are Erkenbeck’s personal copy. They provide information on various events and meetings that the President and First Lady attended.




These Block Schedules provide an overview of the month, and the next few months; main events are highlighted. These are arranged in chronological order.


SUBSERIES II: Briefing Papers


Briefing Papers contain “Sequence of Events” sheets for various events, “Residence Event Task Sheets”, and memorandums of “Approved Activities.” These are broken down by individual days in chronological order.




The Daily’s consist of everything from the Block Schedules and Briefing Papers placed together. These are broken down by individual days in chronological order.


          SERIES I: Correspondence

          OA 14888

Jane Erkenbeck Correspondence June 1985, September 1985

Jane Erkenbeck Correspondence October 1985-December 1985

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 01/03/1986-02/20/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 02/24/1986-03/12/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 03/13/1986-03/31/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 04/01/1986-04/06/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 04/07/1986-04/18/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 04/20/1986-05/20/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 05/20/1986-06/04/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 06/04/1986-06/26/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 07/01/1986-07/11/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 07/15/1986-08/08/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 08/11/1986-09/11/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 09/15/1986-09/30/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 10/01/1986-10/03/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 10/06/1986-11/05/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 11/05/1986-11/14/1986

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 11/19/1986-12/19/1986

Jane’s Correspondence 01/05/1987-01/27/1987

Jane’s Correspondence 01/27/1987-03/03/1987

Jane’s Correspondence 03/05/1987-03/26/1987

Jane’s Correspondence 04/01/1987-05/19/1987

Jane’s Correspondence 05/20/1987-06/30/1987

Jane’s Correspondence 07/01/1987-08/06/1987

Jane’s Correspondence 08/08/1987-09/29/1987

Jane’s Correspondence October 1987-December 1987

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence January 1988-February 1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence March 1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 04/11/1988-04/19/1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 04/19/1988-05/06/1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 05/12/1988-05/18/1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 05/24/1988-06/29/1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 07/08/1988-07/14/1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 07/19/1988-08/19/1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 08/24/1988-09/28/1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 10/05/1988-12/02/1988

Jane Erkenbeck’s Outgoing Correspondence 12/09/1988-01/06/1989


SERIES II: Subject Files

OA 14888

“Dr. Belke” File

Federal Express Receipt File 06/10/1985-10/07/1985

Federal Express Receipt File 10/07/1985-01/17/1986

Federal Express Receipt File 01/28/1986-04/07/1986

Federal Express Receipt File 04/10/1986-07/01/1986

Federal Express Receipt File 07/01/1986-08/15/1986

Federal Express Receipt File 08/18/1986-10/17/1986

Federal Express Receipt File 10/20/1986-11/28/1986

Federal Express Receipt File 12/01/1986-01/08/1987

Project Info, Inc. (1)-(5)


SERIES III: Social Office Schedules


OA 14888

Social Office Block September 1986

Social Office Block October 1986

Social Office Block November 1986

Social Office Block December 1986


SUBSERIES II: Briefing Papers

OA 15310

Social Office Briefing Papers 09/06/1985-09/30/1985

Social Office Briefing Papers 10/01/1985-10/29/1985

Social Office Briefing Papers 10/29/1985-11/09/1985

Social Office Briefing Papers 11/09/1985-11/26/1985

Social Office Briefing Papers 12/02/1985-12/11/1985

Social Office Briefing Papers 12/11/1985-12/16/1985

Social Office Briefing Papers 12/16/1985-12/23/1985

Social Office Briefing Papers 12/23/1985-12/24/1985

Social Office Briefing Papers 01/02/1986-01/15/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 01/15/1986-01/23/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 01/23/1986-01/28/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 01/29/1986-02/04/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 02/05/1986-02/07/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 02/07/1986-02/19/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 02/19/1986-02/24/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 02/24/1986-02/28/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 03/03/1986-03/06/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 03/06/1986-03/12/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 03/12/1986-03/18/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 03/18/1986-03/22/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 03/22/1986-04/14/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 04/17/1986-04/21/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 04/21/1986-04/30/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 05/07/1986-05/16/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 05/17/1986-05/20/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 05/20/1986-05/21/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 05/22/1986-05/27/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 05/27/1986-05/30/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 06/02/1986-06/09/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 06/09/1986-06/16/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 06/16/1986-06/30/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 07/01/1986-07/05/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 07/07/1986-07/16/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 07/16/1986-07/24/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 07/24/1986-08/04/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 08/04/1986-08/14/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 08/15/1986-08/30/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 09/07/1986-09/15/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 09/15/1986-09/23/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 09/23/1986-09/26/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 09/26/1986-10/02/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 10/02/1986-10/09/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 10/10/1986-10/21/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 10/21/1986-10/31/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 11/03/1986-11/10/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 11/10/1986-11/18/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 11/18/1986-12/03/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 12/03/1986-12/11/1986

Social Office Briefing Papers 12/11/1986-12/29/1986



OA 15310

Social Office Daily’s January 1987

Social Office Daily’s 02/02/1987-02/09/1987

Social Office Daily’s 02/10/1987-02/20/1987

Social Office Daily’s 02/20/1987-02/26/1987

Social Office Daily’s 03/02/1987-03/11/1987


OA 15311

Social Office Daily’s 03/12/1987-03/19/1987

Social Office Daily’s 03/20/1987-03/24/1987

Social Office Daily’s 03/24/1987-03/26/1987

Social Office Daily’s 03/26/1987-03/31/1987

Social Office Daily’s 04/01/1987-04/19/1987

Social Office Daily’s 04/22/1987-04/30/1987

Social Office Daily’s 05/01/1987-05/12/1987

Social Office Daily’s 05/12/1987-05/18/1987

Social Office Daily’s 05/19/1987-05/27/1987

Social Office Daily’s 05/27/1987-05/31/1987

Social Office Daily’s 06/01/1987-06/18/1987

Social Office Daily’s 06/19/1987-06/25/1987

Social Office Daily’s 06/25/1987-06/30/1987

Social Office Daily’s 07/01/1987-07/16/1987

Social Office Daily’s 07/16/1987-07/24/1987

Social Office Daily’s 07/27/1987-07/28/1987

Social Office Daily’s 07/28/1987-07/31/1987

Social Office Daily’s August 1987

Social Office Daily’s 09/06/1987-09/14/1987

Social Office Daily’s 09/14/1987-09/16/1987

Social Office Daily’s 09/16/1987-09/22/1987

Social Office Daily’s 09/22/1987-09/30/1987

Social Office Daily’s 10/01/1987-10/08/1987

Social Office Daily’s 10/08/1987-10/20/1987

Social Office Daily’s 10/20/1987-10/29/1987

Social Office Daily’s 11/01/1987-11/12/1987

Social Office Daily’s 11/16/1987-11/30/1987

Social Office Daily’s 12/02/1987-12/14/1987

Social Office Daily’s 12/14/1987-01/12/1988