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EVANS, GREGORY C.: Files, 1988


Office of Public Liaison


Greg Evans joined the Office of Public Liaison at the beginning of 1988 as an Associate Director, replacing Elise Paylan.  He remained in the Office of Public Liaison until the end of the Reagan administration. 


          OA 18213

          Appropriation Bills

          ANWR [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge]

          Board of Overseers, Executive Council on Foreign Diplomats


          Business Roundtable Event 06/22/1988

          Catastrophic Insurance

          Chief Executive Officers / Baker Lunch 06/16/1988

          Clean Coal (Acid Rain)

          Commerce 232 Filing (Oil)

          Contra Target Districts

          Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards

          Corporate Takeover

          Correspondence Volume I

          Correspondence Volume II

          Department of Energy Summary of Issues


          Energy Company Positions on Trade Bill

          [Grace Commission] (1)-(4)

          Grace Commission Event with President 12/19/1988 (Binder)

          Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce Briefing 05/02/1988

          Greater Waterbury Chamber of Commerce 05/17/1988 - Cancelled

          Grove City (1)(2)

          Heritage Foundation 6/04/1988 (Evans)


          OA 18214

          Industry Mailing List

          Interagency Drought Policy Committee

          INF Treaty

          Los Angeles World Affairs Council 05/19/1988

          Mapco Briefing

          Minimum Wage

          National Food Processors Association 06/08/1988

          National Industrial Council-State Associations / Tennessee Association of Business

                   Briefing 05/16/1988

          Newspaper Articles

          Notes from Meetings

          Nuclear Regulatory Commission Emergency Planning

          Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Briefing 05/03/1988

          Ozone Protocol

          Pacific Texas Pipeline

          Pension Plan Reversion Moratorium

          Plant Closing Info

          Polygraph Legislation

          President’s Legislative Message

          Prudential Bache Briefing 06/22/1988

          RBOC Telecommunications Issue

          S. 430 [Retail Competition Act of 1987]

          Solid Waste Information

          South Africa Sanctions (1)-(4)


          OA 18215


          Trade Bill

          Trade Bill Signing Ceremony Lists

          Trade Briefings / Roger [Bolton]

          Tulsa Business Group Beijing Trip

          U.S./Canadian Trade Agreement

          U.S./Canadian Trade Agreement: 04/08/1987 Meeting with US/Canada Free Trade Group – Cabinet Room 9:40am

          Uranium Issues

          Young Presidents’ Organization Event