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FAIRBANKS, SHANNON (ANN): Files, 1981-1983


Office of Policy Development (Economic Affairs)


Box 1

[Undated Material] (1)-(2)

[Telephone Logs January 1981-May 1981]

[Telephone Logs June 1981-August 1981]

[Telephone Logs September 1981-October 1981]

[Telephone Logs November 1981-December 1981]

[Telephone Logs January 1982]

[Telephone Logs March 1982-August 1982]


Box 2

[Telephone Logs September 1982-October 1982]

[Telephone Logs January 1983-February 1983]

[Telephone Logs March 1983-April 1983]

The American Orthodox Jewish Community and an Agenda for the 1980s

Analysis of Form 893 Data for All SLAs 1977

Analysis of Options for Aiding the Homebuilding and Forest Products Industries

The Arthur D. Little Study of the Private Mortgage Insurance Industry

Buying a Home in the 80s

Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics Working Paper 80-19

Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics Working Paper 81-29

Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics Working Paper 81-31

Citibank Gets West Coast S&L

Citicorp Buys an Oakland S&L after Feds Nod

Competition: Medicines Creeping Revolution

Congress and Supreme Court Jurisdiction

Credit Directory

Credit Overview


Box 3

Credit Seminars

The Development of a Performance-Predictor System for Savings and Loan Associations

Economic Report

Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress February 1982

Federal Home Loan Bank Board Transition Briefing Information

Federal Regulations Impacting Housing and Land Development

Federal Reserve Bulletin

Final Report of the Task Force on Housing Costs

The Financial Services Industry of Tomorrow

The Foundation for Private Sector Innovation

Growing Lemons in the Bronx

Housing-A Priority to Preserve the American Dream

Housing in America: The Characteristics and Uses of the Annual Housing Survey

Housing Finance: Federal Programs and Issues

Housing Guaranty Program Annual Report Fiscal Year 1981

Housing Needs of Lower Income Families and Federal Program Levels

Information Needs for Monitoring Risk: A Part of a Study of FSLIC Management

in a Changing Economic and Regulatory Environment

Investment in Mortgage Act of 1982

Journal of Housing-July 1982-August 1982

Mortgage Banking

Mortgage Passthroughs: Structure and Policy


Box 4

Mortgage Revenue Bond Briefing Book

National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, Inc.

National Corp. For Housing Partnerships, the National Housing Partnership 1981

Report to the President of the United States of America

Population Redistribution and Changes in Housing Tenure Status in the United States

The Private Mortgage Insurance Industry

Proceedings of the Conference on Real Estate Outlook in California

Program in Real Estate and Urban Economics

Real Estate Tax Shelter Subsidies and Direct Subsidy Alternatives

The Report of the Presidentís Commission on Housing

Report of the Presidential Commission on Housing Policy in Botswana

Residential Funding Corporation

Savings and Loan Fact Book 1980

1981 Savings and Loan Sourcebook

1982 Savings and Loan Sourcebook

Some Property May Lose Value through Borrowing Costs Decline

Southern Building February 1982-March 1982

The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism


Box 5

A Study of Default Prevention

Tax Exempt Financing of Housing Investment

TIM Bill with Tax Credit

Trends in Housing and Demographic Factors: An Interim Report to the Presidentís

Commission on Housing

U. S. Department of Commerce and U. S. Department of Housing and Urban


U. S. Foreign Policy and World Realities: Addresses by President Ronald W.

†††††††††† ††††††† Reagan 1982

Unsolicited Proposal to: Provide Recommendations for Minimizing the Impact

of Federal Regulations on Housing and Land Development in the

United States

The Wayward Welfare State


OA 7775

[Chronological Correspondence January 1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 02/01/1981-02/18/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 02/19/1981-02/27/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 03/01/1981-03/16/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 03/17/1981-03/31/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 04/01/1981-04/09/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 04/10/1981-04/29/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 06/01/1981-06/09/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 06/10/1981-06/30/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 07/01/1981-07/20/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 07/21/1981-07/30/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence August 1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 09/01/1981-09/04/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 09/05/1981-09/14/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 09/15/1981-09/21/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 09/21/1981-09/29/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 10/01/1981-10/08/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 10/09/1981-10/15/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 10/16/1981-10/30/1981]


OA 7776 †††††††††††††††

[Chronological Correspondence 11/01/1981-11/05/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 11/06/1981-11/10/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 11/11/1981-11/17/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 11/18/1981-11/30/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 12/01/1981-12/10/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 12/11/1981-12/30/1981]

[Chronological Correspondence 01/01/1982-01/19/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 01/20/1982-01/25/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 01/26/1982-01/31/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 02/01/1982-02/04/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 02/05/1982-02/12/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 02/13/1982-02/28/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 03/01/1982-03/12/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 03/13/1982-03/30/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 04/01/1982-04/09/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 04/10/1982-04/19/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 04/20/1982-04/30/1982]


OA 7777

[Chronological Correspondence 05/01/1982-05/13/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 05/14/1982-05/23/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 05/24/1982-05/31/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 06/01/1982-06/02/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 06/03/1982-06/12/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 06/13/1982-06/17/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 06/18/1982-06/22/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 06/23/1982-06/30/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 07/01/1982-07/07/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 07/08/1982-07/12/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 07/13/1982-07/31/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 08/01/1982-08/10/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 08/11/1982-08/31/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 09/01/1982-09/13/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 09/14/1982-09/30/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 10/01/1982-10/18/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 10/19/1982-10/31/1982]


OA 7778

[Chronological Correspondence 11/01/1983-11/09/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 11/10/1982-11/17/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 11/18/1982-11/23/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 11/24/1982-11/30/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 12/01/1982-12/15/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 12/16/1982-12/20/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 12/21/1982-12/31/1982]

[Chronological Correspondence 01/01/1983-01/19/1983]

[Chronological Correspondence 01/20/1983-01/23-1983]

[Chronological Correspondence 01/21/1983-01/31/1983]

[Chronological Correspondence 02/01/1983-02/28/1983]

[Chronological Correspondence 03/01/1983-03/22/1983]

[Chronological Correspondence 03/23/1983-03/31/1983]

[Chronological Correspondence 04/01/1983-04/12/1983]

[Daytimer January 1982-May 1982]

[Daytimer June 1982-September 1982]

[Daytimer October1982-December 1982]

[Undated Material] (1)-(2)


OA 8551

Alternative Mortgage Instruments

AEI Agenda 83 HUD Critique

Briefing Material/Pres. Commission on Housing OPD and HUD

CCEA (Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs)

[CCEA Working Group on Housing]

DDT Meeting #6: 06/26/1983

Construction Statistics

Depository Institutions Act of 1982

DIDC Account (Depository Institutions Deregulation Committee)

DIDC Due on Sale, Economic Stats, Enterprise Zones, Elderly (1)-(5)


DOL (Dept. Of Labor) Davis-Bacon

Double Dipping: MRBISR FSLIC

ERISA Pension Funds (1)-(9)

FAF (Financing Adjustment Factor), Fairness Issue, Federal Financing Bank

Federal Credit Policies-Crowding Out


[Flat Rate Tax]

[Flight Information]

FHLMC (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)

FNMA (Federal National Mortgage Association)


OA 8552


Forest Products Industry

Garn-St. Germaine Act


Housing Commission

[Housing-Form Letters]

[Housing-Pension Funds]

[Housing Issues-Credit]

[Housing Issues-Fidelity]

[Housing Issues-Historic Preservation]

[Housing Issues-Private Mortgage Insurers]

[Housing Issues-Private Sector Survey]

[Housing Issues-Savas Flak]

Housing Issues-Tax Exempt Financing

[Housing Policy Statement]

[Housing Regulatory Conference]

[Housing Statistics]

Housing Summary

[HUD General]

HUD Management Review/HUD Reauthorization Legislation

HUD Construction Loan Market

Insurance Funds FSLIC and FDIC Joint Venture Affordable Housing/Housing Issues

[Insurance Study-Variable Rate Premium]

Sam Jackson

Lugar Bill Emergency Interest Reduction Payments

Lugar Housing Proposal

[Manufactured Housing]


Meeting for Implementation of Housing Commission Recommend.

Meetings Anti-Parliamentary Meeting-Mexico


OA 8553

Meetings-Salomon Bros. Conference 11/04/1982

Meetings-GW Students


Meetings-Rockefeller Luncheon King Hassan

Migrant Labor Working Group

[Monday Briefings]

Monitoring Mortgage Interest Rates Multifamily Disposition

Monitoring Mortgage Interest Rates

[Mortgages, Second]

Mortgage Revenue Bonds

[National Corporation for Housing Partnerships]

National Housing Production Report

National Housing Week/Press Release/Remarks of RR

National Housing Week


New Money Accounts

[Primary Mortgage Market]

Public Housing

[RAMís (Reverse Annuity Mortgages)]


Rent Your Collateral Program

[RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Settlement Act)]

Risk Related Premium by FSLIC

Rural Housing††††††††


OA 8554

Section 712 Study

[Speeches-Policy Development]

[Speeches-Politics and Values]

[Speeches-President to U. S. League]

Staff Meetings

Swaps Program

Second Mortgages

[Tandem Issue]

Tax Exempt Strategy

[Undersecretaries for Administration Interagency Group]

[Urban Institute Report on Reagan]

WH Meeting with A. Fairbanks and W. Valis

Womenís Issues

Working Group on Housing