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FAORO, PATRICIA: Files, 1981-1989


Office of Cabinet Affairs: Secretary, Staff Assistant, Executive Secretary, and Special Assistant


Patricia “Patsy” Faoro served in the Office of Cabinet Affairs for the entire length of the Reagan Administration. Faoro worked as a secretary, staff assistant, and executive secretary to Becky Norton Dunlop and Craig Fuller. At the end of the administration she was first a special assistant to Deputy Director Donald Clarey and finally the Cabinet Secretary, Nancy Risque. Much of her collection is administrative in nature, but it does contain some “record” copies of more substantive material.


The collection is arranged into two series: Series I: Staffing Memoranda and Series II: Subject File.



          OA 18693

          Staffing Memoranda May 1987

Staffing Memoranda June 1987

Staffing Memoranda July 1987

Staffing Memoranda August 1987

Staffing Memoranda September 1987

Staffing Memoranda October 1987

Staffing Memoranda November 1987

Staffing Memoranda December 1987

Staffing Memoranda January 1988

Staffing Memoranda February 1988

Staffing Memoranda March 1988

Staffing Memoranda April 1988

Staffing Memoranda May 1988

Staffing Memoranda June 1988

Staffing Memoranda July 1988

Staffing Memoranda August 1988



          OA 18694

          Age 21 Bill Signing Ceremony

          Agency for International Development

          Agriculture Communicators Congress 06/25/1984

          Agriculture Day

          Agriculture Issues Meeting September 18

          Attorney General Farewell

          Baldridge Quality Award 03/31/1988

          Bennett Farewell

          Briefing Papers 1987

Briefing Papers 1988

          Brock Reception November 1987

          Burnley Swearing In

Cabinet Council Membership

Cabinet Lists

          Catastrophic [Illness] Signing Ceremony July 1988

          Cavazos Swearing In (1)-(3)

          Child Pornography Event November 1987

          Child Safety Event November 1987

Conference Room Memo

          Craig’s China Trip

          Crime Prevention

          Dole Farewell October 1987

          Drought Signing Ceremony August 1988

          Drug Price Act Signing Ceremony

          Duck Stamp Ceremony

          E Award /  E Star Award

Economic Policy Council / Domestic Policy Council 1986

Economic Policy Council / Domestic Policy Council 1987

Economic Policy Council / Domestic Policy Council 1988

          Educating Disadvantaged Children – "What Works"

Electronic Notices 1987

          Elementary Essay Event

          Executive Exchange Photo 08/09/1988

          [Executive Forum]

          Expendable Launch Vehicles

          Export Council

          Export Now February 1988

          Farmland Industries 11/30/1983-12/02/1983 – Kansas City, MO

          Federal Emergency Management Agency

          Fuel Bill Signing

          Gershwin Event 06/23/1988

          G.I. Bill Signing Event

          Health and Fitness Awards 06/24/1988

          Health and Human Services Visit [HHH Medal Presentation]

          Historically Black College's and Universities

          House Bill Signing Ceremony February 1988

          H.R. 5 Signing Ceremony April 1988

          Housing and Urban Development Briefing May 1988

          Hubert H. Humphrey Congressional Gold Medals


          OA 18695

          Issue Briefing 08/12/1988

          J. Paul Getty Prize 07/25/1983

          Job Training Partnership Act Program 10/05/1983

          July 3rd Event 1987

          Labor Event November 1987

          London Times – Charles Douglas-Home 07/0-7/1983

Mail Pick-up 1987

          MATHCOUNTS 05/12/1988

          McLaughlin Swearing In

          Meese Farewell 08/05/1988

          Minority Enterprise Development Week 1984

          Nation at Risk April 1988

          National Adoption Week November 1987

          National Aeronautics and Space Agency 10/19/1983

          National Commission on Excellence

          National Drug Policy Board Meeting April 1988

          National Medals of Science and Technology Awards

          National Teacher of the Year

          National War College February 1988

          Olympic Coin Ceremony 05/21/1984

          Organized Crime Commission 07/28/1983

Original Forms with Enclosures

          Personnel Changes (Weinberger, Carlucci, Powell) November 1987

Phone Logs

Phone Logs 1987


          Presidential Academic Fitness Awards Event April 1988

          Presidential Advisory Committee on Small and Minority Business Report 10/06/1983

          Presidential Health and Safety Awards 11/21/1983

          Presidential Rank Awards

          Presidential Rank Awards August 1988

          Presidential Scholars

          Presidential Scholars Awards Ceremony

          Presidential Scholars June 1988

          Presidential Photos

          President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control


Profs / Logs 1988

          Rank Awards January 1988

          Rank Awards 08/02/1988

          Reception for School Principals 07/29/1983

Records May 1987-December 1987

          Savings Bond Volunteer Committee

Schedule Proposals

Schedule Proposals 1987

          Science and Technology Medals 07/15/1988


          OA 18696

          Secondary School Principals 06/29/1983 - Kansas City, MO

          Secondary Schools

          Shipping Act

          Signing of ILO Conventions 05/12/1988

          Small Business Event May 1988

          Small Business Administration Event 07/28/1988 - Cancelled

          State of Small Business

          State of Small Business October 1987

          Subcabinet Seminar September 1987

          Superconducting Super Collider Event 03/30/1988

          Take Pride in America" (Packet)

          Take Pride in America Event July 1987

          Teacher of the Year April 1988

          Teacher of the Year Program 04/09/1984

          Teachers on Shuttle Flight

Tentative Cabinet Schedules 1987

Tentative Cabinet Schedules 1988

          Thornburgh Swearing In

          Today’s Action's Items


          U. S. Soviet Summit December 1987

          U.S. Trade Representative Event November 1987

          Unveiling of  Baldridge Portrait June 1988

          Verity Swearing In October 1987

          Veterans Administration – Mission and Goals (Packet)

          Victims of Crime April 1988

          Weinberger Farewell November 1987

          Wendy Gramm Swearing In February 1988

White House Correspondence

          World Bank – International Monetary Fund Annual Meeting 09/27/1983

          World Trade Week

          World Trade Week Event 05/13/1988

          World’s Fair

          Young American Medals Ceremony 10/06/1983

          Young American Medals Ceremony 08/24/1984

          Young American Medals Ceremony 07/15/1987

          Young American Medals Ceremony 11/13/1987

          Young Astronauts Event

          Youth 2000 – 09/09/1988

          Youth 2000 Proclamation Signing 09/09/1988