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FERRARA, PETER J.: Files, 1983


Office of Policy Development


OA 9035

Administration (Pink Label) - Harper Action Items

Administration: Porter Action Items

Administration: Fairness of Administration Policies

Ferrara Chron File


OA 9036

Administration: Correspondence (Ferrara)


Civil Service Retirement / Reform

Economic Program: Region Impacts

Economy:  Articles, General


Enterprise Zones: Amendments

Enterprise Zones: Compromise Proposals / Changes

Enterprise Zones: Conference Board

Enterprise Zones: Disadvantaged Workers (1)(2)

Enterprise Zones: Environment

Enterprise Zones: Expensing (1)(2)

Enterprise Zones: Fact Sheet (1983)

Enterprise Zones: Finance Committee Documents

Enterprise Zones: Initiatives (1983)

Enterprise Zones: The Kennedy Connection

     Enterprise Zones:  Key Documents E.Z. Fact Sheet March 23, 1982

          Enterprise Zones:  Key Documents E.Z. Message to Congress March 23, 1982

          Enterprise Zones:  Key Documents Admin. E.Z. Proposal March 23, 1982

          Enterprise Zones:  Key Documents E.Z. Article September 15, 1982

          Enterprise Zones:  Key Documents Pierce Testimony on E.Z. Tax Act of 1982 April 21,


          Enterprise Zones:  Key Documents Q&A’s Re E.Z. Proposal March 23, 1982

          Enterprise Zones:  Key Documents E.Z. Speech Notes January 19, 1982 [Empty]

          Enterprise Zones:  Key Documents E.Z. Legislation (1)(2)

Enterprise Zones: Legislation


OA 9037

Enterprise Zones: Legislative Language (1)-(4)

Enterprise Zones: Memos (1983)

Enterprise Zones: Memos (1982) (1)(2)

Enterprise Zones: Message to Congress / Presidential

Enterprise Zones: Miscellaneous

Enterprise Zones: Rangel Bill (1)-(4)

Enterprise Zones: State and Local Governments

Enterprise Zones: Statements by the President

Enterprise Zones: Don Warren


Federalism, New: Durenberger Views

Federalism: OMB Regulations

Food Stamps

Gingrich Talk


HHS:  Tony Pellechio

Heritage Foundation:  Luncheons

Housing - Housing Block Grant Report

In-Kind Benefits

Mid-Year Report

National Defense

Robert Nozick


OA 9038

OPI Issue Update Papers

Presidential Issue Luncheon Papers

(Report of) Verity Commission on Private Sector Initiatives

Public Housing


Resumes (General)

Social Security - Bob Beck

Social Security: Commission Compromise Package

Social Security: Commission Proposals

Social Security: Coverage of State and Locals [Publications from OPPOSE]

Social Security: Earnings Sharing

Social Security: General Public Comments

Social Sec.: Harper Letters

Social Security: Initiatives 1983

Social Security: Investment of Trust Funds

Social Security: Jim Lynn (Paper on SS)

Social Security: Matrix

Social Security: Memos (1983) (1)(2)

Social Security: Memos 1982 (1)-(3)

Social Security: Perez Article

Social Security: Peterson Publicity Project (1)(2)

Social Security: Reform Memos (1)-(4)

Social Security: Stevens Bill (1)(2)

Social Security: Studies (1)-(4)

[Social Security Studies: Gload, Richard A.]


OA 9039

Social Security: Taxation of Fringe Benefits

Social Security: Universal Coverage

Social Security: Washington Times

Social Security: Withdrawals From (1)(2)

Speaking Engagements (Ferrara):  Memos Requesting

Speeches (Ferrara):  Upcoming and Delivered, Reaganomics

State of the Union Message - 1983, Implementation of Initiatives

Tuition Tax Credit - Memos, Etc.

Urban Policy (Yellow Label): Butler and Woodson (1)-(3)

Urban Policy: Charlotte Street

Urban Policy: Cicero, Illinois

Urban Policy: Issue Papers (Presidential Luncheon)

Urban Policy: Journal of Community Studies Article

Urban Policy: Memos

Urban Policy: Municipal Development Finance Corporation

Urban Policy: Neighborhoods Bill

Urban Policy: Neighborhood Community Action

Urban Policy: Northeast / Midwest Institute Porter Letter

Urban Policy: Steve Rhodes

Urban Policy: Sabre Foundation

Urban Policy: Steve Savas

Urban Policy: State and Local Governments

Urban Policy: Urban AID

Urban Policy: Urban Policy Report


Welfare: Work Efforts

Women’s Legal Equity

Working Groups:  Enterprise Zones

Working Groups:  Urban Policy (CCHR)