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OA 3281

Files relating to the First Lady’s Field Trips During 1981


OA 4684

Chron Files: Oct 1981

Chron Files: Sep 1981

Chron Files: Aug 1981

Chron Files: Jul 1981

Chron Files: Jun 1981

Miscellaneous Scheduling

Nina Wormser White House Memos (General)

Nina Wormser Interoffice Memos Staff (Incoming)

Nina Wormser Interoffice Memos (Outgoing) Written by Nina Wormser

Nina Wormser Memos to Mrs. Reagan

Nina Wormser White House Memos (Scheduling) Miscellaneous

Peter McCoy 1981

Ann Wrobleski 1981

Max Friedersdorf 1981

Greg Newell 1981

Congressional Correspondence, P. Moore 1981

Chron File:  January 1982

Chron File:  December 1981

Chron File:  November 1981

Chron File:  February 1981

Chron File:  March 1982

Verbal Regrets:  November 1981

Verbal Regrets:  May 1981

Verbal Regrets:  April 1981

Verbal Regrets:  March 1981

Verbal Regrets:  February 1981

Verbal Regrets:  January 1981

Event Planning Checklists - 1982

Sheryl Eberly Weekly Mail (Empty)


OA 12031

June 1984 - Schedule of the President

July 1984 - Schedule of the President

August 1984 - Schedule of the President

September 1984 - Schedule of the President

July 1981 - Wedding to Prince Charles and Princess Diana

[1982-1984] VP and Mrs. Bush Block Schedule (1)–(6)

 1984-1985 - Schedule of the Vice President


OA 12032

April 1985–August 1985, Schedule of the President

January 1985-April 1985, Schedule of the President

October 1984-January 1985, Schedule of the President

October 1984, Schedule of the President

1983 - 1984, First Lady / Marty Coyne Correspondence

October 1984, First Lady Correspondence


OA 12033

January 1985-March 1985 Schedule of the First Lady

March 1985-April 1985, Schedule of the First Lady

April 1985-July 1985, Schedule of the First Lady

May 1985-August 1985, Schedule of the First Lady

August 1985-December 1984, Schedule of the First Lady

January 1984-March 1984, Schedule of the First Lady

October 1983-December 1983, Schedule of the First Lady


OA 13406

The Trip of Mrs. Reagan to Ireland, England and France, 06/01/1984-06/10/1984

The Trip to Hawaii, Guam, People’s Republic of China, and Alaska, 04/22/1984-


Governors Wives Event, 02/27/1984

Congressional Club Luncheon, 05/25/1983

Pharmacists Against Drugs Luncheon, 05/11/1983

The Trip of the First Lady to New York, New York, Phoenix House Dinner, 05/04/1983-


Williamsburg, Virginia, 05/30/1983-05/31/1983

California Summary, 06/24/1983-07/05/1983

PBS Luncheon, 06/24/1983

(NFP) National Federation of Parents Luncheon, 09/27/1983

(ARC) Association for Retarded Citizens Dinner, Phoenix, Arizona, 09/10/1983-09/11/1983

The Trip of the First Lady to Los Angeles, California, John Tracy Clinic, 08/23/1983

Visit to Camp Goodwill, 07/28/1983

RKO Radio Network Dedication, 03/16/1983

(NSO) National Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal, 03/28/1983

Senate Ladies Luncheon, 04/26/1983

Newsweek Dinner, New York, New York, 02/07/1983-02/08/1983

The Heart Luncheon / Fashion Show, 02/10/1983

Bishop McNamara High School Visit, 02/16/1983

The Amazing Blue Ribbon, Los Angeles, California, 01/04/1983

American Ballet Theatre, 01/19/1983

The Trip of the First Lady to New York, New York, 10/26/1982-10/28/1982:  (1) Foster

          Grandparents Program Event, 10/26/1982, (2) To Love a Child Event, 10/27/1982,

(3) Appearance on WNBC’s The Prime of Your Life, 10/28/1982

The Trip of the First Lady to Phoenix, Arizona / Los Angeles, California / Santa Barbara,   

          California – 11/22/1982-11/24/1982

Smithsonian Fellowship, 11/10/1982

Trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 04/13/1983-04/14/1983: (1) WQED-TV Taping, (2)


The Trip of the First Lady to New York, New York, 01/24/1983-01/25/1983, Vatican

Treasures Dinner (1)(2)

The Trip of the First Lady to Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California, 10/04/1982-


To Love a Child Picnic to Honor Foster Grandparents, 10/19/1982

Trip to Kansas City, Bess Truman’s Funeral, 10/21/1982

Cabinet Wives Luncheon, 10/20/1982

Trip to Alabama, Mississippi, 09/27/1982-09/28/1982

USO Women of the Year Lunch (Ft. McNair), 09/29/1982

Planning Information

St. Regis - Sheraton Hotel, New York, New York

Park Lane Hotel, New York, New York

The Carlyle Hotel, New York, New York

Century Plaza Hotel, New York, New York


OA 13407

Hotel Crillon, Paris France

Trip of the First Lady to Montgomery, Alabama and Jackson, Mississippi, and Little Rock and

Jonesboro, Arkansas, 09/27/1982-09/28/1982:  (1) First Annual Governor’s Conference on Drug Awareness, (2) Meeting with Mississippi Youth Groups, (3) Reception with Dream Members and Supporters, (4) Clarion - Ledger / Jackson Daily News Editorial Board Meeting, (5) Little Rock Central High School Assembly, (6) Tour of Alternative School

Pageant of Peace 12/16/1982

Toy Store 12/18/1982

Trip of the First Lady to Los Angeles, California, 01/03/1983-01/06/1983:  (1) Share

Dedication (2) Amazing Blue Ribbon

United Way of America, Alexandria, Virginia, 11/30/1982

Trip to New York, New York, Salvation Army Luncheon, 12/01/1982-12/03/1982

Miss Kathleen Bell’s Luncheon in Honor of Jill Ker Conway, President of Smith College,


NBC Special Taping 12/12/1982

Redskin Christmas Party, 12/15/1982

Schedule for the First Lady, 11/20/1983-11/23/1983, Arizona and California

St. Francis Hospital, New York, New York, 12/19/1983

Trip to New York, New York, 10/11/1983-10/12/1983:  (1) The Advertising Council, Inc.,

(2) Good Morning America

The Trip of the First Lady to Arizona and California, 10/04/1982-10/10/1982

National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth Conference, 10/11/1982

Trip of the First Lady to Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California, 04/28/1983-

05/02/1983:  (1) Joffrey Ballet, (2) Pepperdine University Dinner

Trip of the First Lady to Arizona and California, 02/18/1983-03/11/1983 (Includes Queen’s                      Visit, 02/27/1983-03/05/1983)


OA 14740

First Lady’s Schedules:  November 1982-December 1982

First Lady’s Schedules:  October 1982

First Lady’s Schedules:  03/01/1983-April 1983

First Lady’s Schedules:  January 1983-February 1983


OA 14741

First Lady’s Schedules:  May 1983-June 1983

First Lady’s Schedules:  July 1983-September 1983

First Lady’s Schedules:  August 1982-September 1982

First Lady’s Schedules:  June 1981-September 1981


OA 14742

First Lady’s Schedules:  March 1982-May 1982

First Lady’s Schedules:  October 1981-February 1982

First Lady’s Schedules:  November 1980-May 1981

First Lady’s Schedules:  June 1982-August 1982


OA 14902 (1985 Trip Schedules :)

12/15/1985, Children's Hospital

11/24/1985-11/27/1985, Just Say No / Pros for Kids - Los Angeles

11/07/1985, NFP Luncheon (National Federation of Parents)

11/05/1985, Cerebral Palsy Event

11/11/1985, Straight, Inc.

Geneva, Switzerland - Summit – 11/17/1985-11/21/1985 (1)(2)

09/23/1985, Los Angeles, California

09/04/1985, New York Memorial Service

08/08/1985, Martha’s Vineyard

07/25/1985, Youth to Youth

07/17/1985, USS America Event

07/30/1985, Boy Scout Jamboree - AP Hill

06/13/1987, Festival of India

06/05/1987, Archdiocese Dinner

06/17/1985, New York

06/26/1985, Phoenix - Los Angeles

04/24/1985, Pride Conference

05/15/1985, Congressional Wives Luncheon   

05/21/1985, Drug Free Youth Event

05/29/1985, National Center for Therapeutic Riding

04/30/1985, Trip - Summit

04/18/1985, Senate Ladies Luncheon

04/15/1985, New York City

04/04/1985, Phoenix - Los Angeles

03/17/1985, Quebec, Canada

03/12/1985, USO - Tulsa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Los Angeles

03/05/1985, Princess Margaret, New York City

02/12/1985, Phoenix - Los Angeles

01/08/1985, New York - Cerebral Palsy


OA 16598

          Children’s Hospital, 12/16/1986

National Commission Against Drunk Driving, 12/18/1986

Nebraska – Boy’s Town, 11/25/1986

American Sportscasters, 11/18/1986

Torvill & Dean, 11/16/1986

U.S. Ambassadors Meeting on Drug Abuse, 11/12/1986

Charles A. Dana Awards, 11/06/1986

Screen Writers Guild, 11/31/1986

Princess Grace Bust Unveiling, 10/25/1986

Cardinal Gibbons Medal, Catholic University Alumni 10/11/1986

National Federation of Parents, 10/09/1986

Chemical People II - Pittsburgh, 09/25/1986

Phoenix House, New York, 09/17/1986

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 09/11/1986

New York, New York - Statute of Liberty, 07/01/1986

New York City Ballet, 07/08/1986

Houston, Texas - Kiwanis Convention, 06/23/1986

Congressional Club Luncheon, 05/14/1986

Senate Ladies Luncheon, 04/15/1986

Pine Manor College, Boston, Massachusetts, 05/18/1986

Dropby Second Genesis, 04/14/1986

Dedication of Loyal Davis Neuro Trauma Center, 04/07/1986

Martin Luther King Elementary, 04/10/1986

Pride Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 04/20/1986

Governor’s Wives Luncheon, 02/24/1986

Reagan Executive Forum, 02/06/1986

Chicago, Illinois, 11/07/1986

Los Angeles, California, 11/23/1986

Cameron Elementary School, 02/26/1987

American Camp Association, 02/02/1987

75th Anniversary of GSA, 02/12/1987

Ottawa, Canada, 04/05/1987

Pride Conference, 04/19/1987

Metropolitan Opera, 02/22/1987

PGA Event, Jacksonville, Florida

Senate Ladies Luncheon, 04/09/1987

          Canada Trip, Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan

AP Luncheon New York, 05/04/1987

Mstislav Rostropovich (60th Birthday Celebration), 03/27/1987

United Way Luncheon Conference, 04/27/1987

American Eagle Award, 05/05/1987

Los Angeles, California, 05/11/1987

Georgetown University Commencement, 05/23/1987

White House Photographers Event, (No Date Given)

New Orleans, Louisiana, 06/25/1987

Oxford, Maine, 07/10/1987

USO Event, (No Date Given)

Wyeth Exhibit Opening, 07/01/1987

Drug Abuse Forum, 07/22/1987

London, England - Royal Wedding, 07/20/1987-07/24/1987

Los Angeles, California, 09/15/1987-09/17/1987

UNGA, New York (U.N. General Assembly), 09/21/1987

          Voice of America, 09/24/1987

FGP New Hampshire (Foster Grandparent Program), 10/16/1987

Feltsman Concert, New York, 11/11/1987

Trip to Ranch / Los Angeles / Dallas, (No Date Given)


OA 18511

Children’s Hospital, Washington D.C.12/18/1987

30th Anniversary Country Music Assoc. - Nashville, TN – 01/07/1988-01/08/1988 - Event                           Cancelled

CFDA Awards Dinner in Honor of Brooke Astor, New York – 01/11/1988-01/12/1988

Edgemead School Event, Washington, D.C.01/20/1988

Howe High School & Just Say No Event, Indianapolis – 02/04/1988-02/05/1988

Governor’s Spouses Luncheon, Washington, D.C.02/22/1988

Jimmy Stewart Dommer, New York – 02/25/1988-02/26/1988

White House Conference on Drug Free America, Washington, D.C.02/29/1988                                     (Accompanied by the President)

Executive Publishers Forum, Washington, D.C.03/07/1988

Edwin Newman Interview, Washington, D.C.03/08/1988

Warner School and Salute for FGP, Nashville, TN03/16/1988 - Event Cancelled

Republican Women’s Federal Forum Luncheon, Washington, D.C.03/24/1988

Gridiron Rehearsal, Washington, D.C.03/25/1988

Just Say No National Hockey League Event, Washington, D.C. - 03/25/1988

ICSC Shopping Center, Washington, D.C. - 04/12/1988

PRIDE Conference - Atlanta, Georgia04/16/1988

Senate Wives Luncheon, Washington, D.C. - 04/19/1988

Second Genesis Dinner, Washington, D.C. - 04/20/1988

Just Say No Walk, Washington, D.C. - 05/11/1988

The Trip of Mrs. Reagan to the Moscow Summit – 05/25/1988-06/03/1988

FGP Event at Disney World, Orlando, FL - 06/09/1988

World Gas Conference, Washington, D.C. - 06/09/1988

Congressional Wives Luncheon, Washington, D.C. - 06/22/1988

Youth for Christ, Washington, D.C. - 07/25/1988

Bowen YMCA, Washington, D.C. - 08/03/1988

Toronto Economic Summit - 06/19/1988-06/21/1988 (With the President)

RNC Convention, New Orleans 08/14/1988-08/16/1988

Dedication of Hospital Ward at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona - 09/07/1988

UNGA, New York, New York - 09/26/1988-09/27/1988

NFL Just Say No Event, Washington, D.C. - 10/02/1988

St. Francis Hospital Dedication, Long Island, New York - 10/04/1988

MCI Executive Forum, Washington, D.C. - 10/03/1988

Opening Day World Series Just Say No Event Los Angeles, CA - 10/15/1988-10/16/1988

International Horse Show, Washington, D.C. - 11/23/1988

Therapeutic Riding Center - 10/01/1988

Therapeutic Riding Center - 10/19/1988

Address to UNGA, 10/24/1988-10/25/1988

Susan B. Komen Foundation, Dallas Texas - 10/26/1988-10/27/1988

Trip to New York, New York 12/06/1988-12/07/1988, Luncheon with Mrs. Gorbachev

Children’s Hospital, Washington, D.C. - 12/14/1988

CFDA Awards Dinner, New York - 01/09/1989-01/10/1989


OA 18512

Black Notebook Containing Daily Schedules - January 1986-December 1986

Black Notebook Containing Daily Schedules - January 1987-December 1987


OA 18714

Kiwanis Tribute to Nancy Reagan 10/20/1988

World Gas Conference


Teen Titans Project

School Prevention Program - U.S. Dept. of Education

Welcome Home - N.R.

Tennis Tournament TY’s

Tennis Tournament

Sports Comers Meeting 9/09/1986


Los Angeles and Dallas 02/15/1986-02/19/86

CA - Winston Churchill Awards Dinner 02/15/1986

Dallas - Cenikor Graduation Ceremonies 02/19/1986

Pros for Kids 11/26/1985

Chemical People Luncheon 01/21/1986

A Tribute to Mrs. Shouse 04/21/1986

Republican Regents Tea 05/15/1986

Pine Manor College (Annenberg Library Dedication)(Nancy Reagan - Honorary Degree) (1)-(3)

Congressional Wives Fashion Show 05/19/1986

Am. Assoc. of Nurserymen 05/19/1986

Great Am. Family Awards

Ford’s Theater Benefit 06/08/1986

N.R. Tennis Tournament 05/24/1986

Senate Ladies Tournament 05/20/1986

Cystic Fibrosis 06/12/1986

L.A. Words Affairs Council 06/24/1986

Kiwanis Internal World Service Award 06/23/1986

Am. Ballet Theatre - Paris Opera 07/08/1986

Speed Center for Alcohol and Drug Education 06/19/1986

I Believe in Me Filming 06/19/1986

To Have a Child - Fact Sheet


Second Genesis, Inc.


OA 18750

Correspondence (by State) Binder - 1985-1987

First Lady’s Schedule (1985)

Volunteer Log (by State)