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FLICK, RACHAEL: Files 1983


Office of Planning and Evaluation


OA 11709

Adoption Advertising

Adoption Agencies

Adoption, Bibliography

Adoption Correspondence

Adoption Courts

Adoption Data Problem

Adoption Decision Making

Adoption Expenses

Adoption Free Regulation

Adoption Legislation

Adoption Maternity Homes

Adoption, National Adoption Week

Adoption, Pregnancy, Freedom of Choice

Adoption, Records, Open or Closed

Adoption Reforms

Adoption Regs

Adoption Regulations

Adoption, Schools

Adoption, Special Needs

Adoption Statistics

Adoption, Surrogate Mothers


OA 11710

A Long Way Home, Infants in Search of Adoption


Children Youth and Families, 1983

Lou Lehrman Document

Central Policy

Infant Mortality

Mech Study

Adoption Regs DC