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FLOWER, LUDLOW "KIM": Files, 1987-1988


Latin American Affairs Directorate, NSC


Material for this collection can also be found in the Joan Vail collection.


RAC Box 1

El Salvador

El Salvador: Duarte State Visit 10/14/1987

El Salvador: Refugee Camps


RAC Box 5

Suriname: USSR, Cuba, North Korea, Libya


Box 91528

Andean Summit


Barbados: Eastern Caribbean




Caribbean Basin Initiative

Caribbean Basin Initiative [Empty]

Caribbean Basin Initiative

Central America: Arias Plan

Central America: Briefing Materials

Central America: Busby Trips

Central America: Contras

Central America: Economic Assistance

Central America: NSPG Meeting, 02/20/1986 [Empty]

Central America: NSSD

Central America: NSDD [Empty]

Central America: Peace Plan

Central America: Peace Plans

Central America: Policy, Plans

Central America: Presidential Envoy (Busby)

Central America: Public Diplomacy


HJ 349 (Bereuter)

[Chile] (1)-(3)

Chile: Communist Party and the Left

Chile: Democratic Transition

Chile: Economy

Chile: Economic Policy SAL III

Chile: Democratic Opposition Political Parties

Chile: Human Rights

Chile: Labor Rights, GSP (1)(2)

Chile: Pinochet

Chile: Policy (1)(2)

Chile: Presidential Letter to Pinochet [Empty]

Chile: Shultz to President - Memo FCC to President

Chile: Statement of Support for Democracy

Chile: Letelier Case

Chile: NSDD

Chile: UNHRC Human Rights Resolution

Chile: U.S. Ambassador, Embassy

Costa Rica: No Label

Cuba: No Label

Cuba: Economic Vulnerability

Cuba: Radio Broadcasting

Cuba: U.S. Interests

Cuba: USSR



Box 91529

Dominican Republic: Balaguer Official Working Visit

Dominican Republic: Caribbean

Dominican Republic: Briefing Material

Dominican Republic: President Balaguer Visit

Dominican Republic: President Balaguer Visit 03/15/1988

Eastern Caribbean: Grenada

Eastern Caribbean: OECA Regional Security

Gisco: Grenada International Service Co. 07/15/1987 WH Mtg

Grenada: Gisco (Empty)

Guyana: (General)

Haiti: Caribbean

Haiti: BG Williams Regala Visit 08/13/1987

Haiti: Church, The & VooDoo

Haiti: Constitution

Haiti: Crisis SITREPS [Situation Reports] (State Wking Gp)

Haiti: Economic Policy

Haiti: Election Crisis, PRG 11/30/1987

Haiti: Election

Haiti: General Election 11/29/1987

Haiti: Indictment of Col Jean Claude Paul

Haiti: Manigat, Leslie

Haiti: Narcotics

Haiti: Personalities

Haiti: Policy & Plans

Haiti: Polictical (General)

Haiti: Polictical Crisis June 1987

Haiti: Political Crisis December 1987

Haiti: Political Crisis August 1987

Haiti: Political Crisis January 1988

Haiti: Presidential Statement on Elections

Haiti: PRG, 12/10/1987

Haiti: Strategy Paper

Haiti: Updates

Haiti: Loose Leaf Binder (White) //PRG Briefing Book 11/30/1987

Haiti: Loose Leaf Binder (Blue) //1987 Haitian Elections

Honduras: (Empty)

Honduras: Azcona Visit 10/19/1987-10/23/1987

Honduras: Economic assistance (USAID)

Honduras: GAO Investigation (empty)

Honduras: Ramirez Case


Box 91530

Jamaica: Election

Jamaica: Caribbean

Jamaica: Counter Narcotics

Jamaica: Drugs - PNP [People's National Party]

Jamaica: Rollins Case

Jamaica: Economic Assistance

Latin America: Briefing for U.S.-USSR Summit

Latin America: Council of the Americas Meeting with President 05/09/1988

Mexico: Bonds for Debt Swat

Mexico: GOM-U.S. Treasury Bond Issue - - Debt

Mexico: Debt

Mexico: NSDD

Mexico: Interparlimentary Meeting w/President 03/04/1988

Mexico: Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty

Mexico: BiNational Commission

Mexico: BiLateral Commission

Mexico: Mexican/American Summit

Mexico: Narcotics

Mexico: Policy/Strategy

Mexico: U.S. Mission/U.S. Ambassador

Mexico: U.S.-Mexican Interparlimentary Group

Mexico: Narcotics Certification 1988

Mexico: NSSD

Mexico: NSDD Round II

Mexico: Trade, Investment

Mexico: Petroleum

Mexico: General Political

Mexico: Elections

Mexico: Presidential Campaign//Del Mazo Gonzalez, Alfredo

Mexico: Presidential Campaign//Salinas de Gortari, Carlos

Mexico: Presidential Campaign//Bartlett Diaz, Manuel

Mexico: PRI

Mexico: PAN

Mexico: Communists and Left

Mexico: Minister of Defense Gen Juan Arevalo DC Visit 04/21/1987-04/26/1987

Mexico: NSDD August 1987

Mexico: Human Rights

Mexico: Mexico-Central America

Mexico: Personalities

Mexico: Minister of Finance Gustave Petricioli

Mexico: Immigration

Mexico: Mexico Summit

Mexico: Armed Forces, Police

Mexico: General Economic

Mexico: Presidential Campaign

Mexico: USSR, Cuba

Mexico: Reagan, de la Madrid Summit 02/13/1988 with Loose-Leaf Briefing Book

Mexico: Reading File

Mexico: General Overview

Mexico: Corruption (empty)

Mexico: Briefing (empty)

Mexico: de la Madrid State Visit


Netherlands Antilles: Tax Treaty

New Orleans Summit 7/24-8/2


Box 91531

Nicaragua: Petroleum Sales

Nicaragua: [General]

Nicaragua: NSDD 264, 02/27/1987

Nicaragua: [General]

FDN [National Army]

Panama: Guidance

Panama: PRG Meeting 09/23/1987

Panama: PRG Meeting 10/27/1987

Panama: PRG Meeting 12/17/1987

Panama: NSPG 04/26/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 02/02/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 02/09/1988

Panama: NSPG 02/26/1988

Panama: NSPG 04/12/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 02/29/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 03/03/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 03/15/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 03/28/1988

Panama: NSPG 03/29/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 03/30/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 03/31/1988

Panama: PRG Meeting 05/26/1988

Panama: SITREPS [Situation Reports]

Panama: Policy Overview

Panama: Canal and Treaties

Panama: Special Emissary

Panama: Personalities

Panama: Noriega Request for Talks

Panama: [Restricted Under B1] Panama I

Panama: US Congress

Panama: Human Rights

Panama: Trans-Panama Pipeline

Panama: Press Guidance

Panama: Sanctions; Presidential Decision Memos

Panama: Billy ST MALO

Panama: Ambassador Arthur W. Davis

Panama: Ambassador Juan Sosa

Panama: Aministrator Murphy

Panama: Panama Canal Commission

Panama: Noriega Extradition

Panama: LTC Herrara Hassan

Panama: PDF Background Plans

Panama: US-Noriega

Panama: US Federal Grand Jury Indictment--Noriega

Panama: President Devalle

Panama: Economic Recovery, Post-Noriega

Panama: E.O. Suspending Privilege to Enter US

Panama: IEEPA [International Emergency Economic Powers Act]

Panama: Kozak Negotiation

Panama: Economic Sanctions

Panama: Miscellaneous

Panama: Political Crisis, June 1987

Panama: Political Crisis, July 1987 (2)


Box 91532

Panama: Political Crisis August 1987

Panama: Political Crisis August 1987

Panama: Political Crisis September 1987

Panama: Political Crisis October 1987

Panama: Political Crisis November 1987

Panama: Political Crisis December 1987

Panama: Political Crisis December 1987

Panama: Political Crisis January 1988

Panama: Political Crisis February 1988

Panama: Political Crisis March 1988

Panama: PRGs, NSPGs, Mtgs, [1987-1988]

Panama: White Binder: Briefing Book for DDI's PRG 03/03/1988 Poss.Mtg w/Noriega

Puerto Rico: King Juan Carlos May 25

Puerto Rico: Task Force

Puerto Rico: General

Soviet Union and Latin America

St. Christopher & Nevis

St. Lucia (Easter Caribbean)

St. Vincent & The Greadines

Suriname: Elections

Suriname: Observer Delegations

Suriname: General

Suriname: Consultations with the Dutch

Suriname: Bouterse

Suriname: Economics

Suriname: Political

Suriname: Suralco

Suriname: France, Brazil, Venezuela

Suriname: Military Situation

Suriname: General

Suriname: Exiles/Human Rights (Empty)

Suriname: Background Reading (Empty)

Trinidad & Tobago (General)

Trinidad: Offical Working Visit January 1988


CIA [Gen Info re Agency in Latin Am]

International Coffee Agreement

Friends of CCAA Miami Dinner

IADB Inter-American Development

InterAmerican Foundation: General

InterAmerican Foundation: Book: Report of the Evaluation Group

InterAmerican Foundation: Book: Budget Submission

National Endowment for Democracy

NSC - Organization and Proceedures [Carlucci]

Organization of American States

PRG: International Debt September 18 [Brazil-Argentina]

Security Assistance

Black Binder: Temistocles Ramirez [U.S. Citizen in Honduras]

USAID (General) [Including Blue Notebook]


Box 91533

1988 Panama Cables [April 1988-May 1988, unfoldered]


Box 91703

Contadora Memos

Example Memos

Central America: NSC Meeting; NSPG; NSSD; NSDD

[Notebook: "August 1986, Jackie Tillman;" Agency Publication re: Nicaragua]

Mexico: Economic (General)

Mexico: Policy Strategy

Mexico: US Amb Embassy

Mexico: General

Suriname: NSDD 253, 12/24/1986 [Restricted Under B1]

Suriname: Meetings, CPPG, 09/25/1986; NSPG, 12/19/1986

Suriname: FR, BR, VE [France, Brazil, Venezuela]

Suriname: Situation Reports

Suriname: Political General

Suriname: Bouterse

Suriname: Soviet/Cuba/North Korea/Libya

Suriname: Consultations with the Dutch

Argentina: Malvinas/Falklands

Argentina: A4s

Chile: NSDD (1)-(2)

["Costa Rica: Challenges to Stability"]

Honduras: Economic

Central America: Economic

NSC Meeting, South America: Supporting, Protecting, Preserving Democracy

[Dominican Republic]

[Chilean Communist Party and its Allies: Intentions, Capabilities, and Prospects]

[DOD, The Journal, 09/30/1986, re: Countries]

[ "Venezuela: Struggling with Declining Oil Revenues"]

[Suriname Briefing Book re: Libyan Presence, 01/20/1987] (binder)

[Suriname Situation Report, 02/24/1987 re: Bouterse] (binder)

[Defense Requirements Survey Report: Haiti, September 1986] (binder)

[Suriname Briefing Book w/ Chron. of Events 12/01/1986 on -- Press Svc; Chron. of

Events 11/24/1986 on -- Cable Traffic] (binder)