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FIRST LADY, PRESS OFFICE: Records, 1981-1989


OA 6025

Nationwide Poster-Essay Contest, 01/16/1981

Release on Peter McCoy Appt., 12/16/1980

Appt. of Robin Orr to ICA, 12/13/1980

Press Release 052 - 01/10/1981, S. Patton Announcement

Press Release 01 - Introduction, 01/15/1981

Wardrobe Release Letters

Press Release 02 - 01/15/1981, Ann Wrobleski

Inaugural Gown Release, 01/17/1981

Press Advisory / Dr. Loyal Davis, 01/27/1981

Faulkner, Linda

Press Release on Barbara Cook, 01/30/1981

Press Release on Muffie Brandon, 02/02/1981

White Tie Diplomatic Reception, 01/27/1981

State Luncheon / P.M. Seaga (Jamaica), 01/ 28/1981

State Luncheon / President Chun Doo Hwan, Korea, 02/02/1981

Foster Grandparent Program Briefing 02/09/1981

Release on Wolf Trap Chairmanship, 02/05/1981

Release on President's Birthday, 02/05/1981

Release on Joffrey Ballet Chairmanship, 02/06/1981

Advisory on Rock Creek Horse Center, 02/10/1981

Release on Redecoration of W.H., 02/ 11/1981

Release on Vietnam Vets Memorial Fund 02/17/1981

Media Advisory / Cherry Tree Presentation, 02/24/1981

Release on Chairmanship of Rep. Women's Fed. Forum / 02/20/1981

Release on Japanese Cherry Trees, 02/24/1981

Media Advisory on Dinner for Governors, 02/24/1981

Advisory - National Governors' Association Spouses Lunch, 02/23/1981

Background on Governor's Dinner, 02/24/1981

Advisories - Thatcher State Dinner, 02/26/1981

Release on Carnegie Hall Anniversary Honorary Chairmanship, 02/27/1981

Advisory on Reception for Congressional Wives, 03/09/1981

Mrs. Reagan's Itinerary for Canada Trip, 03/10/1981-03/11/1981

Release on Kennedy Center Hon. Chairmanship, 03/10/1981

Advisory on Visit of Fairhill Center School, 03/12/1981

Advisory on B of D of National Federation of Republican Women Reception, 03/01/1981

034 Exchange of Gifts with Canadian Governor Gen., 03/11/1981

035 Advisory on N.Y. Agenda, 03/12/1981

036 Advisory on Luncheon with Mrs. Sadat, 03/16/1981

037 Visit to St. Ann's Infant Home, 03/18/1981

038 Reception for Ford's Theatre Artists, 03/21/1981

039 Restoration of W.H., 03/20/1981

040 Background on Reception for Ford's Theatre, 03/21/1981

041 Advisory on Luncheon for Congressional Leadership Wives, 03/23/1981

042 Advisory on Mrs. Barry Luncheon, 03/26/1981

043 National Society of Arts & Letters Hon. Members, 03/27/1981

044 Advisory on Phillips Collection Reception, 03/30/1981

045 Release on Restoration of W.H. (Update), 03/27/1981

046 Advisory on White House Spring Garden Tour, 04/11/1981-04/12/1981

047 Easter Egg Roll, 04/20/1981

048 Release on GCA and National Trust

049 American. Egg Board Presentation, 04/17/1981

050 Advisory on National Teacher of the Year Award

051 Release on Dorothy Temple, 04/23/1981

052 Releases on Honorary Chairmanship of Cmte on Employ of Handicapped

053 Presentation of "First Lady Nancy" Rose, 04/30/1981

054 Dinner for Prince Charles, 05/02/1981

055 Media Advisory on Japanese Official Dinner, 05/07/1981

055 Advisory on Foster Grandparent Reception, 05/04/1981

056 Advisory on First Lady's Luncheon, 05/07/1981

057 Advisory on Tea for Mrs. Suzuki, 05/08/1981

058 Advisory on Wolf Trap Gala Vice Chairman Reception, 05/11/1981

059 Advisory on Visit of Mrs. Lopez Portillo, 05/12/1981

060 Advisory on Senate Wives Luncheon, 05/13/1981

061 Schedule on Pascagoula, Miss. Trip, 05/16/1981

062 Advisory on Hon. President of Girl Scouts, 05/15/1981

063 Blind Scholastic Achievement Award / D.C. Youth Orch., 05/19/1981

064 Official Dinner for Helmut Schmidt, W. Germany, 05/21/1981

065 Advisory on Congresswomen's Caucus Luncheon, 05/21/1981

066 Advisory on Wolf Trap Gala, 06/01/1981

067 Advisory on Luncheon for Dr. Allyn Cox, 06/05/1981

068 Advisory on Lopez-Portillo Luncheon, 06/09/1981

069 Presidential Scholars Ceremony, 06/11/1981

070 Mrs. Reagan's New York Trip, 06/16/1981-06/18/1981

071 Official Dinner for Fraser of Australia, 06/30/1981

072 Advisory on FG Matopma; Conference, 07/02/1981

07/ Fourth (1981) Picnic

075 Mostly Mozart Concert, 07/08/1981

076 Second Genesis Visit, 07/13/1981

Royal College of Surgeons Award to Dr. Davis, 07/14/1981

078 New York Trip / Sophisticated Ladies, 07/19/1981-07/20/1981

Prince Charles Wedding, 07/29/1981

Royal Wedding Coverage

Release and Photo on Gift to Prince Charles for Wedding

077 Tentative Schedule for London Trip, 07/23/1981-07/30/1981

079 Official Dinner for Anwar Sadat of Egypt, 08/05/1981

Official Dinner for Anwar Sadat, 08/05/1981

080 Luncheon with Mrs. Sadat at Decatur House, 08/06/1981

081 Mike Douglas Show Release, 08/19/1981


OA 6754

President and Mrs. Reagan to Europe – June 1982

Reading Files – November 1982-January, 1983

Foreign Papers

Extra Copies - Europe Clips


OA 6755

03/02/1982 - Children's Hosp. - LA

03/03/1982 - Town & Gown Scholarship Lunch

03/07/1982 - PBS Santa Barbara, Merle Haggard

December 27 Depart for California [empty]

03/01/1982 - Depart Los Angeles, 03/08/1982 - Return to Washington

March 23 - (Pres.) National Conference Christians and Jews

April 1982 - Vacation in Barbados

04/26/1982 - Depart Los Angeles

04/30/1982 - Dep. LA for Knoxville

05/09/1982 - 05/10/1982 - Dept. Eureka

05/14/1982 - Chicago

05/14/1982 - Depart for Chicago

05/17/1982 - New York - Annie

05/23/1982 - Swpr. for Phoenix, Ariz. - on to California

Nancy Reagan... Europe July 30

06/17/1982 - UN with the President

07/01/1982-07/12/1982 - California Vacation

08/11/1982-08/29/1982 - Trip California with the President

09/14/1982 - Death of Princess Grace

09/02/1982 - Drug Trip Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi

09/04/1982 - Phoenix, Arizona and L.A.

09/06/1982 - Interview with Merve [sic] Griffin Show

09/07/1982 - Interview with Michael Jackson, KABC Radio

10/07/1982 - Joffrey Ballet, L.A.

10/18/1982 - Mrs. Truman's Death and Funeral

10/27/1982 - Publisher's Party "To Love a Child" - N.Y.

11/13/1982 - To Chicago - Dr. Loyal Davis Tribute

11/22/1982 - Depart Arizona, on to Calif. - Thanksgiving

12/01/1982 - Salvation Army Award of Merit

Telephone Call Sheets for August 1982-November 1982


OA 8549

170 Advisory on Camp Pleasant, 07/22/1982

169 Advisory on Cong. Children Band Concert, 07/13/1982

Mrs. Reagan's Birthday, 07/06/1982

Fourth of July, 1982

168 Advisory on WH Guide Book Recep., 6/29/82

167 Advisory on Senate Wives, June 21, 1982

166 Advisory on American Symphony Orchestra League Reception, 06/16/1982

Schedules for European Trip, 06/02/1982-06/11/1982

European Trip Publicity Recommendations / June 1982

Backgrounders for European Trip

Petit Palais Reception, 06/04/1982

Dinner at American Embassy, Paris, 06/03/1982

National Trust for Historic Preservation – 05/07/1982

Summary Schedule of Mrs. Reagan's Separate Schedule for Europe, 05/26/1982

165 Hadassah Reception, 05/20/1982

Trip to Chicago, 05/14/1982

164 Advisory on Congressional Club Luncheon, 05/19/1982

163 Advisory on "Annie" Premiere, 05/17/1982

162 NR Tree Planting, 05/13/1982

161 Advisory on Brazilian Official Dinner, 05/12/1982

160 Advisory on Chicago Trip, 05/10/1982

158 Advisory on Rock Creek Park Horse Centre Visit, 05/07/1982

Wash. Press Club Opening – 05/06/1982

Amer. Artists Awards (Visual) Smithsonian, 05/05/1982

155 Advisory on Red Cross Reception, 05/03/1982

154 Advisory on U.S. Chamber Luncheon, 04/26/1982

153 Advisory on Ad Council's Lunch, 04/23/1982

152(152A) Advisory on Folger Reception, 04/22/1982

151 Advisory on Rep. Congressmen Wives Lunch, 04/21/1982

150 State Dinner for Queen Beatrix, 04/19/1982

149 WH Garden Tours, 04/17/1982-04/18/1982

148 Advisory on Luncheon - Volunteer Awards, 04/15/1982

147 Advisory on Teacher of Year Award, 04/15/1982

146 Advisory on Ringling Bros. Circus, 04/14/1982

145 Easter Egg Roll, 04/12/1982

144 Advisory on Gene Kelly / PBS Rehearsal, 03/27/1982

144A Advisory on Jamaica Trip, 04/07/1982

143 Advisory on Atlanta Trip, 04/01/1982-04/02/1982

142 Italian State Dinner, 03/25/1982

141 WH Briefing on Drug Use and the Family, 03/22/1982

140 Advisory on League of Rep. Women of D.C. Lunch, 03/19/1982

139 Irish / St. Patrick's Day Lunch, 03/17/1982

138 Advisory on Easter Seals Photo op, 03/16/1982

137 Advisory on Amer. Assn. of Museums Reception, 03/15/1982

136 Mrs. Reagan's Calif. Trip, 03/01/1982-03/07/1982

135 Advisory on PTA Speech, 03/01/1982

134 Advisory on Visit to Children's Hospital, 02/24/1982

133 NGA States Dinner, 02/23/1982

132 Advisory on Governors' Wives Luncheon, 02/22/1982

131 Advisory on American Legion Aux. Tea, 02/19/1982

130A Advisory on 2nd Diplomatic Dinner, 02/18/1982

129 First (of 2) Diplomatic Dinner, 02/11/1982

128 Advisory on Congressional Club Reception, 02/09/1982

126 Advisory on Florida / Texas Trip, 02/15/1982-02/16/1982

Mubarek (Egypt) Official Dinner, 02/03/1982

125 Advisory on Nat'l Symphony Send-off, 02/01/1982

124 Advisory on Cabinet Wives Luncheon, 01/20/1982

FDR Luncheon, 01/28/1982

123 Advisory on Corcoran Visit, 01/13/1982

122 Cerebral Palsy Telethon Photo op / 01/07/1982


OA 8550

Background on Xmas 1982 Decorations, 12/13/1982

218 Advisory on "Christmas Store" Visit, 12/18/1982

217 Advisory on Honorary Chairmanship of Brady Found., 12/15/1982

216 Advisory on Redskins Xmas Party, 12/15/1982

215 Advisory on Handicapped Tour, 12/14/1982

214 Advisory on Diplomatic Children's Party

213 Advisory on Press Preview of Xmas Decorations 12/13/1982

Background on 1982 Christmas Card, 12/10/1982

State Dinner for Pakistan, 12/07/1982

212 Xmas Tree Decorating Photo Op, 12/10/1982

211 Advisory on Xmas Tree Presentation, 12/09/1982

Announcement of NR's Surgery, 12/20/1982

208 "In Performance" PBS Concert, 12/04/1982

207 Advisory on NY Trip / Salvation Army, 12/01/1982-12/03/1982

206 United Way Taping, 11/30/1982

Smithsonian First Ladies Fellowship Event, 11/15/1982

[Talking Points for Larry Speakes - Dr. Loyal Davis Memorial Tribute, 11/17/1982]

American Press Institute Visit, 11/15/1982

205 Background on Thanksgiving Holiday, 11/22/1982

Official Dinner for Peru, 11/16/1982

204 Advisory on Kohl (Germany) Dinner, 11/15/1982

WHHA Release on 1982 Xmas Ornament, 11/22/1982

203 Advisory on Vernissage IV, 11/10/1982

209 Advisory on Kennedy Center Honors Reception, 12/05/1982

202 Advisory on PBS Rehearsal, 11/07/1982

Press Kits - for API Editors, November 1982

"To Love a Child" Event, 10/27/1982

200 Advisory on Black Stallion, 10/25/1982

199 Advisory on New York Trip, 10/26/1982-10/29/1982

198 Advisory on Trip to Missouri for Truman Funeral, 10/21/1982

197 Advisory / Background on FGP Picnic, 10/19/1982

196 Advisory on Fall Garden Tour, 10/16/1982-10/17/1982

195 Advisory on Sadat Medal Presentation, 10/11/1982

194 Release on WH / PBS Second Season, 10/12/1982

193 Official Dinner for Soeharto of Indonesia, 10/12/1982

192 Advisory on Sadat Medal Ceremony, 10/13/1982

191 Advisory on NFP Conference, 10/11/1982

190 Advisory on NR's Ariz. and Calif. Trip, 10/04/1982-10/10/1982

188 Advisory on Congressional Barbeque, 09/30/1982

187 Advisory on USO Luncheon, 09/29/1982

186 Reception for Ford's Theatre Gala, 09/25/1982

184 Advisory on NR's Hospital Check-up, 09/24/1982

183 Advisory on COSSMHO Reception, 09/23/1982

182 Advisory on Brady Found. Lunch, 09/23/1982

181 Advisory on AL, MS, AR Drug Trip, 09/27/1982-09/28/1982

180 Advisory on Presidents’ Committee / Arts & Humanities, 09/21/1982

179 Advisory on Departure of NR to Monaco, 09/17/1982

178 Media Advisory on Official Dinner for Marcos of Philippines, 09/16/1982 (1)-(4)

177 Recep. for Wash. Charities, 09/14/1982

176 Advisory on Lunch for President of Iceland 09/08/1982 (1)-(3)

175 Release on Gift for Prince William, 09/05/1982

173 Advisory on Trip to Arizona, 08/10/1982

172 Iowa / Texas Drug Trip, 08/05/1982-08/06/1982

171 Indira Ghandi State Dinner, 07/19/1982

Final Release (WHHA) on Restoration Fund, 07/23/1982 (Released to AP Only)

Royal Wedding 1st Anniversary Reunion, 07/10/1982


OA 8997

07/13/1982 - Wheelchair Athletes & Reception for Congress. Kids

07/19/1982 - Reception for Davis Cup Team - Olympic Ski Team

07/23/1982 - Photo with Kabukis with President

09/03/1982 - Gift to H.R.H. Prince William of Wales - Chair

09/30/1982 - Congressional Barbeque

09/09/1982 - Adoption of Anita Asto - Peruvian 3 yr. old - Quincy, Mass.

09/14/1982 - Reception Washington Charities

09/21/1982 – President’s Committee On Arts & Humanities

09/22/1982 - "Mother of the Year" Helen Thompson

09/23/1982 - Brady Trust Fund Reception

09/23/1982 - COSSHMO Benefit Reception

10/14/1982 - Ron and Unemployment

10/11/1982 - Private Meeting with Dr. & Mrs. Dickman - "Hands"

10/16/1982 - Garden Tours

10/19/1982 - "To Love a Child" Event [Folder 1]

10/19/1982 - "To Love a Child" Event [Folder 2]

09/23/1982 - "To Love a Child" Promotional Booklet

10/30/1982 - Jamie Fiske - Need Liver

October 1982 - Tea for King Olav V - Norway

11/01/1982 - Mike Deaver's House - President and Mrs. Reagan

11/07/1982 - Prince Phillip - Tea with President & Mrs. Reagan

11/08/1982 - Tea with Mrs. Pinochet, Chile

11/09/1982 - Meeting With Glenn Campbell, Hoover Institute

11/10/1982 - Lions Club Meet. Ross Perot, Smithsonian Fellowship

11/12/1982 - National Family Week

10/13/1982 - Coffee Mrs. Sadat & Award Ceremony

11/15/1982 - Drop-By American Press Institute for Lifestyle Education Tour

07/22/1982 - Visit to Children's Camp

07/26/1982 - With President - Funeral of Scott Meese

09/15/1982 - Drop-By USA Today

09/24/1982 - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Beth. Naval Hosp. for Tests

09/25/1982 - Ford Theatre Reception

09/29/1982 - USO - Woman of Year

10/01/1982 - With President on Radio Talk Show

11/10/1982 - Vietnam Vets Service with President

Mrs. Reagan's Advance Project - Drug Abuse Proposals

11/30/1982 - United Way Taping on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

12/05/1982 - Kennedy Center Gala & Reception

12/09/1982 - GOP Senatorial Dinner

Christmas File - 1982

Christmas Events - 1982

December 1982 - Christmas Ornament

12/08/1982 - Christmas Card

12/09/1982 - Presentation of Tree

12/10/1982 - Tree Decoration Photo

12/10/1982 - NBC Special Taping with President

12/13/1982 - Press Preview

12/13/1982 - Diplomatic Children Party

12/13/1982 - Congressional Party [empty]

12/14/1982 - Drop-By Tour for Handicapped

12/15/1982 - Redskins Xmas Party

12/16/1982 - Christmas Tree Lighting

12/14/1982 - 12/16/1982 - Press Parties

12/18/1982 - Visit to "Christmas Store" for Handicapped

[House Beautiful, December 1982 Article on Christmas at the White House]

February 11 - 1st Diplomatic Dinner

February 18 - 2nd Diplomatic Dinner

February 23 - NGA State Dinner

03/17/1982 - Luncheon for Prime Minister & Mrs. Charles Haughey

04/19/1982 - State Arrival of Queen Beatrix - Netherlands

03/25/1982 - Arrival & State Dinner - Italy

05/12/1982 - State Arrival Pres.  Brazil

07/29/1982 - State Arrival Indira Ghandi, India

09/08/1982 – Lunch -  President Vigdis (Luncheon and Representative Scandinavia)

09/16/1982 - State Arrival Marcos - Philippines

10/12/1982 - Arrival Soeharto, Indonesia - Dinner

11/15/1982 - Arrival Chancellor Kohl, Germany

12/07/1982 - State Dinner for President and Mrs. Zia-ul-Hao, Pakistan


OA 9579

249 Trip to Phoenix and Los Angeles, 04/28/1983-05/02/1983

Senate Ladies Luncheon (at Capitol) 04/09/1983 & 04/26/1983

248 Advisory on AANS Wives Tea, 04/26/1983

[Folder Transferred to Mrs. Reagan's Personal Collection]

Photo op with Jamie Fiske

246 Advisory on Nat'l. Teacher of Yr. Award, 04/13/1983

245 State Dinner for Sultan of Oman, 04/12/1983

244 Advisory on Pittsburgh / WQED Taping, 04/13/1983-04/14/1983

243 Advisory on Gahl Lee Hodges Soc. Secy., 04/06/1983

#242 - Advisory on PBS Concert, 04/06/1983

Reception for Brady Foundation, 04/07/1983

White House Easter Egg Roll, 04/04/1983

241 Advisory on Muffie Brandon's Resignation, 04/04/1983

239 Advisory on Phoenix / L.A. Trip, 03/29/1983

238 Advisory on NSO Rehearsal, 03/26/1983

237 Advisory on American Cancer Society Reception, 03/25/1983

236 Advisory on Chemical People Briefing, 03/21/1983

235 Advisory on Carter Portrait, 03/17/1983

234 Advisory on RKO Radio Reception, 03/16/1983

233 Advisory on Country Music Reception, 03/15/1983

Different Strokes Reaction

"Different Strokes" Taping, March 1983

232 Advisory on "Different Strokes" Rehearsal and Taping, 03/09/1983-03/10/1983

State Dinner for Queen Elizabeth (San Francisco)

20th Century Fox Gala for Q.E., 02/27/1983

231 Advisory on Governors Dinner, 02/27/1983

230 Advisory on Trip to Phoenix, 02/18/1983

PBS "In Performance" Concert, 04/06/1983

229 Advisory on Pepperdine U. Degree, 02/15/1983 (05/01/1983 Event)

228 Advisory on Bishop McNamara School Visit, 02/16/1983

Advisory on American Heart Association Lunch, 02/10/1983

New York Trip (Newsweek Party) 02/07/1983-02/08/1983

225 Advisory on New York / Vatican Exhibit, 01/24/1983

224 Advisory on Phoenix Trip, 01/20/1983-01/21/1983

[223] Advisory on ABT Performance at Kennedy Center, 01/19/1983

222 Advisory on M.L. King Concert and Reception, 01/15/1983

221 Advisory on "Different Strokes" Show, 03/10/1983

220 Advisory on NSO Concert, 03/28/1983

219 Advisory on Blue Ribbon Event (L.A.), 01/04/1983

[Folder Transferred to Mrs. Reagan's Personal Collection]

[Folder Transferred to Mrs. Reagan's Personal Collection]


OA 9940

01/04/1983 Amazing Blue Ribbon Event

02/07/1983-02/08/1983 - New York - Newsweek Dinner

March 01 Luncheon

03/03/1983 - Visit of Queen Elizabeth

02/26/1983-03/07/1983 - Visit of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip West

03/01/1983 - Arrival Queen Elizabeth

02/20/1983-03/11/1983 - Phoenix and California, Phoenix Feb 24 - Private on LA

Information File - Queen's Visit

02/27/1983 - 20TH Century Fox Dinner

03/01/1983-03/05/1983 - Visit of Queen Elizabeth

Copies of Queen's Visit - Not in Reading File

03/19/1983 - Mrs. Reagan Appearance on "Different Strokes" - NBC

03/20/1983 - Los Angeles - World Affairs Luncheon

04/13/1983-04/14/1983 - Pittsburgh WQED Taping

Pepperdine 05/02/1983

05/04/1983 - Depart for New York Phoenix House Dinner

05/06/1983 - Depart for Phoenix - On Ranch- On Ohio - On DC May 09

05/27/1983-05/30/1983 Williamsburg with President

06/27/1983 - Arizona, 28 Los Angeles - June 30 Ranch, on Wash. 07/04/1983

08/10/1983 - Denver Trip ( Drugs)

08/12/1983-09/05/1983 - California Trip (L.A. and Ranch)

08/23/1983 John Tracy Clinic Plaque Unveiling - L.A.

09/10/1983 - Association of Retarded Citizens Awards Ceremony, Mesa - Arizona

Thanksgiving at the Ranch - 1983

Los Angeles and Palm Springs 12/27/1983-01/03/1984


OA 9941

Conservative Digest February 1982

Family Circle Magazine / James Brady 12/07/1982

Mrs. Reagan's Beauty Salon

Cartoon / Rolling Stone Magazine / "Nancy" by Pendergast

Income Tax / 1982

Income Tax / 1983

United Peace Sculpture to N.R. in Germany November 1983

N.R. and Helicopter Rides 11/15/1983

“National Right to Work Bulletin,” 10/25/1982 / Beach Blanket Babylon (No Material)

Movies at the White House 02/23/1983

Korean Airline Incident 08/30/1983

Hearing Aid

Cardinal Cooke

Beirut Bombing 10/23/1983

Grenada Students at the White House 11/07/1983

Tip O'Neill Comments November 1983

Coach Portner Chemical People November 1983

King and Queen of Spain December 1983

Charles Wick Tapes January 1984

Death of Justin Dart

Fall Garden Tour 10/22/1983

Larry Leamer Book on Reagans 05/01/1982

White House Guest Lists

"W"W N.R. Quote regarding Cookies June 1983

Lunch with Nancy - Washingtonian November 1981

Sadat Dinner "Time" September 1983

Honorary Chairman J.S. Brady Pres. Foundation

Arts and Humanities

Joffrey Ballet

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

Wolf Trap Foundation

Rep. Women's Federal Forum Honorary Chairman 02/20/1981

Carnegie Hall Anniversary Honorary Chairman 02/27/1981


J. F. Kennedy Center Honorary Chairman 03/10/1981

National Society of Arts and Letters 03/27/1981

Women's Comm. Employ. Handicapped Honorary Chairman 02/24/1981

Video Taping Musical Heritage N. R.  Remarks 04/20/1981

N. R.'s Relation to the Royal Family 08/01/1983

International BS and Prof. Women's Flack 08/03/1983

Debate - Gate

Reagan - by Lou Cannon

Gambling with History by Larry Barrett

Hollywood on Ronald Reagan by Doug McClelland

N. R. And R. R. Physical 1983

Arab Ladies

Congressional Record "Tribute to N. R.'s Birthday" 07/01/1982


OA 9942

Reading Files December 1983


Conservative Police Action Conference 02/18/1983

Mrs. Reagan's Closet

Margaret Truman and Mrs. Reagan Parade 08/15/1983

4th of July Controversy 07/04/1983

N. R. Surgery 12/20/1982

Reagan's Anniversary


OA 9943

Reading Files Jun through November 1983 (5 Folders)


OA 10015

279 Chemical People Premier, 10/26/1983

278 Advisory on Fall Garden Tour, 10/22/1983

[Letters to NR from Drug Abusers]

277 Advisory on Drug Mail Sorting, 10/20/1983

Girl Scouts Drop-by, 10/18/1983

"Good Morning America" Taping on Drugs – 10/12/1983

277 Advisory on New York Trip / Ad Council / GMA, 10/11/1983-10/12/1983

276 Background on Congressional Barbeque, 10/06/1983

275 State Dinner for West Germany, 10/04/1983

274 Advisory on NFP Conference, 09/27/1983

PBS Concert with Leontyne Price, 09/18/1983

273 Rodeo / Barbeque, 09/24/1983

272 Advisory on Wendy Weber, 09/16/1983

270 Advisory on Portugal Dinner, 09/15/1983

Assn. for Retarded Citizens (ARC) Ceremony, Mesa, AZ, 09/10/1983

Private Dinner for Princess Margaret, 10/01/1983

NR Trip to Denver, CO, 08/10/1983

268 John Tracy Clinic Presentation, Los Angeles, 04/23/1983

266 Advisory on Camp Goodwill, 07/28/1983

265 Advisory on Bahrain State Dinner, 07/19/1983

264 Advisory on Fourth of July Picnic, 1983

263 Advisory on Phoenix / L.A. / Ranch Trip, 06/27/1983

262 Advisory on PBS Lunch, 06/24/1983

261 Advisory on Great American Family Awards, 06/26/1983

259 Advisory on GOP Tour, 06/20/1983

258 Advisory on Betsy Koons Promotion, 06/14/1983

257 Advisory on State Dinner / Ivory Coast, 06/07/1983

256 Advisory on PBS Concert, 06/06/1983

255 Advisory on Cong. Club Lunch, 05/25/1983

254 Advisory on Arts & Humanities Lunch, 05/17/1983

Special Olympics Reception, 06/12/1983

253 Advisory on Senate Wives Luncheon, 05/16/1983

Brazil TV

252 Pharmacists against Drug Abuse Luncheon, 05/11/1983

251 Phoenix House Awards Dinner, 05/04/1983

250 Diplomatic Reception, 05/03/1983


OA 10594

Reagan/Bush '84 from 01/30/1984

Mondale/Ferraro: Democrats 

G.O.P. Convention 1984

1984 Reelection

Olympics / Los Angeles 1984


Tablecloth Flap

Gender Gap


Fleur Cowles

Mrs. Reagan's Portrait: Pedro Menocal

Reading File Correspondence 1981 to 1983


OA 10595

P.B.S. "In Performance at the White House" Series 11/07/1982 to November 1983

05/01/1983: Pepperdine University "Honorary Doctor of Law"

04/28/1984 / 04/29/1984 Return 05/02/1984 Phoenix, California, Joffrey and Pepperdine

1983 Activities outside the White House

1983 Activities: White House

Christmas Press Preview 1983/Diplomatic Children's Party,

          Christmas Card‑1983

          Christmas Ornament‑1983

          White House Christmas Tree‑1983

          Miscellaneous Christmas File 1983

1983 State Dinners


OA 10596

Daily Reading Files from January 1984-April1984


OA 10725

Daily Reading Files from May 1984-June 1984 (2 Folders)

Drugs / General Articles


OA 10991

Draft Schedules and Background Japan / Korea - November 1983

WHHA Release on Draperies, 11/16/1983

[Schedules - Japan / Korea Trip]

Press Schedule for Japan / Korea (and Background)

Drug Abuse Education Week (Bill Signing) 11/01/1983

Japan / Korea Trip - November 1983 - General File

"Christmas in Washington" Taping, 12/09/1983

1983 Christmas card Release, 12/05/1983

Background on Christmas 1983

280 Advisory on PBS Rehearsal, November 30 (December 01 Taping)

White House History Association Release on 1983 Xmas Ornament

Booklet - The Trip of Mrs. Reagan to Japan and Korea, 11/08/1983-11/14/1983

[279] Advisory on Thanksgiving Plans for 1983

279 Advisory on Phoenix / Ranch Trip, 11/18/1983

[Background - Christmas Booklet, 1983]

285 Advisory on Press Preview of Decorations, 12/12/1983

284 Advisory on Christmas Tree Presentation, 12/08/1983

283 Advisory on Nepal State Dinner, 12/17/1983

281 Advisory on Kennedy Center Honors Reception, 12/04/1983

Governor's Dinner, 02/26/1984

Reception for Prince Grace Foundation, 02/17/1984

Humanities Luncheon, 02/23/1984

303 Advisory on National Zoo Visit, 03/26/1984

302 Advisory on French State Dinner, 03/22/1984

Official Gifts / Japan and Korea Trip, November 1983

Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes 1983

300 Advisory on Houston and Los Angeles Trip, 03/12/1984-03/15/1984

Maryland Historical Society Tea, 03/21/1984

St. Patrick's Luncheon, 03/16/1984

Hour Magazine [03/14/1984 (1-3 p.m.)]

299 Advisory on PTA / WH Conference, 03/06/1984

298 Advisory on Austrian State Dinner, 02/28/1984

297 Advisory on Governors' Wives Luncheon, 02/27/1984

296 Advisory on Gift of Life Dinner, 02/21/1984

294 Advisory on Seattle / St. Louis Trip, 02/13/1984-02/15/1984

293 Advisory on Campaign Committee Drop-by, 01/30/1984

292 Advisory on Cathy Fenton, 01/10/1984

291 Advisory on Chinese State Dinner, 01/10/1984

290 Advisory on Scottsdale Memorial Hosp., 01/03/1984

289 Advisory on Christmas Day, 12/23/1983

[The Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum]

288 Advisory on New York / St. Francis Hosp., 12/19/1983

287 Advisory on Children's Hospital, 12/14/1983

286 Advisory on Diplomatic Children's Party, 12/12/1983

[Fairfax County Public Schools Substance Abuse Prevention Program]


OA 11009

Clippings from Mrs. Reagan's Domestic Trips January 1984-July 1984

Clippings from the China Trip April 1984

Clippings from the European Trip June 1984


OA 11010

Clippings from Mrs. Reagan's Activities outside the White House 1984

Clippings on Maureen Reagan

Clipping File on Ron Reagan

Clipping File on Patti Reagan

Clipping File on Michael Reagan


OA 11011

Reading Files from July 1984-October 1984


OA 11159

Daily Reading Files for the months November 1984-February 1985


OA 11526

Interviews / Stories about Mrs. Reagan, January 1981-December 1981

Interviews / Stories About Mrs. Reagan, January 1982-May 1982

February 1981, Ladies' Home Journal, Valentine Message from RR to NR

02/10/1981, Washington Post / Washington Star, Miscellaneous Stories on NR's First Meeting With the Press

03/04/1981, Washington Star, Interview by Jennifer Hirshberg, "Nancy Reagan, Being A Wife Comes First"

03/04/1981, NBC News, Interview by Chris Wallace

03/09/1981, Newsweek Magazine, Interview by Gerald Lubenow, "A Chat with Nancy Reagan"

Interview with Larry Barrett, Time, 04/03/1981

May 1981, Vogue Magazine, Photo Shoot Done by Horst P. Horst

Article Missing, New York Times, Interview by Andrew Glass Regarding The Arts

06/01/1981, U. S. News and World Report, Interview by Tish Avery, "Reagan White

House Glitter and Grace"

June 1981, Ladies' Home Journal, Interview by Charlotte Curtis "A Private Talk With

Nancy Reagan"

06/02/1981, ABC Barbara Walters Special, Interview Conducted

06/03/1981, New York Daily News, Interview by A Bruce Drake "Portrait of A First


06/20/1981, Associated Press, Interview by Ann Blackman regarding The President for Father's Day

July 1981, Redbook Magazine, Interview by Susan Granger "Nancy Reagan, a Private

Visit In the White House"

08/17/1981, Interview with Larry Barrett for His Book

09/01/1981, Family Circle, Interview by Eleanor Harris Howard "Nancy Reagan Talks about Her Marriage"

September 1981, Good Housekeeping, "My: Life in the White House" by Nancy Reagan

As Told to Jean Libman Block

"A Day in the Life of Nancy Reagan" by Maureen Santini, Associated Press


09/22/1981, Photo Session with Lord Derry Moore for a Book on Washington Homes

10/13/1981, New York Times, Written Q&A to Lynn Rosellini, "First Lady Tells Critics

"'I Am Just Being Myself'"

10/25/1981, New York Times Magazine, "Dinner At The White House" By Marilyn


November 1981, House and Garden, Photo Session and written Q&A to Clare Ruth

Rauff, "The Making of a Presidential Party"

11/08/1981, Parade Magazine, Interview by Dotson Rader, "Reflections of A Woman in Love"

11/23/1981. U. S. News and World Report, Photo Report, "After Hours with The Reagans"

November 1981, Family Weekly, Article About Thanksgiving by Nancy Reagan

First Monday Q&A for November 1981-December 1981 Issue

10/15/1981 Interview with Interview Magazine

Smithsonian News Service Christmas Story [1981]

December 1981, Architectural Digest, Exclusive Story on Refurbishment With Photo


December 1981, Smithsonian News Service, Refurbishment Story Using Some of the Architectural Digest Photos

12/18/1981, United Press International, Interview by Helen Thomas Conducted

December 16

12/20/1981, CBS "Sixty Minutes" Interview by Mike Wallace Conducted December 15

12/21/1981, Newsweek Magazine, Interview by Tom DeFrank and Eleanor Clift, "The World of Nancy Reagan"

12/28/1981, People Magazine to 01/04/1982, Interview with RR and NR by Richard

Stolley and Garry Clifford, "The President and His Lady Speak of  Fears, Family and the Future of the Nation"

03/20/1981, Manchester Union Leader, Editorial on NR's "Extravagant Lifestyle"

March 1981, MS Magazine, Article by Gloria Steinam

July 1981, Washington Magazine, Article by Vera Glaser "Nancy Reagan, You Just

Might Like Her"

10/06/1981, The Mike Douglas Show, Taped in Los Angeles August 19, Regarding the

Foster Grandparent Program, Other Guests, Jack Kenyon, 4 Foster Grandparent Program Participants

October 1981, The Complete Woman, "Fashion Advice From The First Lady Nancy


11/20/1981, Washington Post, Critical Article on Nancy Reagan's Image by Judy Mann

11/25/1981, Washington Post, Article Defending Nancy Reagan by Selwa Roosevelt (Note:  This File Also Contains Other Clips

          About Nancy Reagan's Image, Letters to the Editor and Editorials)

New York Times Article by Maureen Santini on Nancy Reagan Image, 11/06/1981

01/17/1982, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Written Q&A Given to Dorothy Collins, "First Lady, First Year"

02/10/1982, Interview by C. Z. Guest on White House Gardening and Flowers

02/11/1982, Westinghouse Broadcasting, Interview by Jerry Udwin and Patricia Sagon on Special Projects

02/22/1982, New York Times, Interview by Enid Nemy "Nancy Reagan to Step up Activities in Public Issues"

Undated, Los Angeles Times, Interview by Betty Cuniberti, Conducted April 05

04/22/1982, Christian Science Monitor, Interview by Art Unger Regarding Special


05/30/1982, Famiglia Christiana Magazine (Italy), Written Q&A Supplied to Franca Zambonini, Editor  "The Wise Lady in the White


          05/31/1982, U. S. News and World Report, Interview by Tish Avery and Jerry Parshall "Nancy Reagan, How Parents Can Help

                   Teenage Drug Users"

02/15/1982, New York Magazine, Snide Story by Marie Brenner on Nancy Reagan's Image "Social Notes From Reagan's


02/15/1982, U. S. News and World Report, Story by Tish Avery and Sara Fritz Titled "Why They Call the White House A 'Gilded


02/19/1982, Paul Harvey News, Editorial in Support of Nancy Reagan

03/12/1982-03/19/1982, Story on Nancy Reagan's Image by Susan Watters, "Nancy The

New: Out of the Closet"

03/16/1982, Village Voice, Story on Nancy Reagan and Loans of Designer Dresses

03/23/1982, The Washington Post, Article by Ellen Goodman on First Lady "The President's Earmuffs"

May 1982, Cosmopolitan, Article by Andrew Feinberg, "Why Do They Pick On Nancy Reagan?"

04/04/1982, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Interview by Angela Fox Dunn, Profile on

Nancy Reagan


OA 11527

06/06/1982, London Sunday Times Magazine, Interview by James Danziger Conducted May 04

01/07/1982, Elle Magazine (France) Interview by Colombe Pringle "Nancy Reagan: My Life With Ronald"

06/09/1982, Bunte Magazine (Germany), Written Q&A Photo Taken with Fritz Blumenberg, Editor

06/16/1982, Bunte Magazine, Photos of RR and NR's Trip To Germany, Article About Nancy Reagan Titled "Nancy Reagan,

          America's Best Diplomat"

06/26/1982, Hola Magazine (Spain), Coverage of Reagan's Trip to Europe

June 1982 Marie Claire Magazine (France) Interview by Jean Jaques Grief "The American That I Am" by Nancy Reagan

September 1982, The Lion (Lions Club) Ran NR Drug Editorial

09/24/1982, Nick Thimmesch Column, Ran Drug Editorial by Nancy Reagan

10/05/1982, Family Circle, Excerpt From Nancy Reagan's Book "To Love a Child" About Ruby Koenen

10/07/1982 KABC Radio "Michael Jackson Show", Studio Interview to Promote "To Love a Child"

10/19/1982, UPI, Interview by Phone with Gay Pauly Regarding Foster Grandparent Program

10/19/1982, Women's Wear Daily, Interview by Susan Watters, "Nancy Reagan, First 2 Years Like Riding A Roller Coaster"

10/29/1982, Merv Griffin Show, Regarding Special Projects, Joe Raposo Sang "To Love

A Child" and Carl Eller joined Nancy Reagan on Segment to Discuss Drug Abuse

Harper's Bazaar Magazine, Interview by Reinaldo Herrara

11/05/1982, CBS Morning News, Interview by Diane Sawyer

Undated, Capital Cities Broadcast Stations and AP Radio, Interview by Bill Gruver

Undated "The Prime of Your Life", Host Arlene Francis, to Promote "To Love a Child"

11/14/1982, Sunday Woman Magazine (King Features) Interview by Marianne Means, Cover Story, "Nancy Reagan, 1982 Hasn't Been Her Happiest Year"

11/14/1982, Time Magazine, Interview by Doug Brew, Regarding Ronald Reagan and His First Two Years

12/10/1982, National Review, Interview by Nika Nazelton, "At Home With Mrs. Reagan"

December 1982, Town and County, Quote by Nancy Reagan about Christmas

Washington Post Christmas Article, 12/16/1982

12/19/1982, UPI, Interview by Helen Thomas, Wrap up on Nancy Reagan's First Two Years and a Look Ahead

June 1982, Sunday Express Magazine (England), Story by Jeremy Campbell, "Nancy Reagan Retouches Her Image" Story by Joy Billington, "The First Lady's

          Entourage:  Is Nancy Reagan America's Marie Antoinette?"

01/10/1983, The Washington Post, Story by Richard Cohen on Nancy Reagan's Clothes "Closet Addict"

January 1983 - Life Magazine (Photo Spread with First Person Captions, Elizabeth Owen, Reporter, Nancy Reagan Album

January 1983, Ladies' Home Journal, "Let's Get Our Kids Off Drugs" by Nancy Reagan, Written by Phyllis Battelle Following Interview

01/23/1983, The Washington Post, Article by Donnie Radcliff and Elisabeth Bumiller, "Nancy Reagan, The First Two Years"

01/25/1983, Family Circle, Interview by Peggy Mann, "An Interview with Nancy Reagan, What Every Parent Should Know About Kids and Drugs"

01/31/1983, U. S. News and World Report, Article by Tish Avery on "Keeping House at The White House"

01/31/1983, New Yorker Magazine, Journal Written by William F. Buckley which Includes His Memories of Reagan Family

April 1983, Peggy Mann Book, "Marijuana Alert", Foreword to Book Written by Nancy Reagan

05/26/1983, Archbishop Carroll High School Newspaper, Written Q&A Submitted on Teen Drug Abuse

05/29/1983, The Washington Post, Editorial by Nancy Reagan on "Teenagers, Drinking, Drugs and Driving"

Summer 1983, New Guard, Written Q&A "Nancy Reagan Talked About Her Accomplishments As First Lady"

June 1983, McCall's Magazine, Article by Nancy Reagan, "My Father Had to Earn My Love" (See Correspondence On Title Dispute)

06/09/1983, Washington Post, Jack Anderson Column, Article Entitled "Action Leaves Egg on the Face of the First Lady" Regarding Action Cutting New York Foster Grandparents Program

06/14/1983, Yonhap New Agency, Written Q&A to Miss Chung Hee Lee

07/18/1983, People Magazine, Story on Nancy Reagan's Father, by Kenneth Robbins, "A Find at a Flea Market Sheds Light on Nancy Reagan's Life with Her Real Father"


OA 11528

08/30/1983, The Star Magazine, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Article by Angela Fox Dunn about Nancy Reagan as Seen by Reagan Children - plus clips by Syndication pick up, Also in this file is story on Reagan Family that appeared earlier in The National Enquirer

September 1983, Kiwanis Magazine, Editorial on Chemical People

09/26/1983 PBS Special on Princess Grace (w/Nancy Reagan)

September 1983, The Police Chief, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Editorial on Chemical People Provided

September 1983, Harper's Bazaar, Article by Nancy Reagan about Her Special Projects

September 1983, Lagniappe (Junior League of New Orleans), Editorial on Chemical People        

09/27/1983, The Merv Griffin Show, Interview with President and Mrs. Reagan

Fall 1983, Junior League Review, Letter Provided from Nancy Reagan to Junior League Members about Chemical People

October 1983, LIFE Magazine, Cover Story on Nancy Reagan by Jim Miller, Photos by Harry Benson

October 1983, PTA Today, Tailored Editorial about Chemical People Provided

10/12/1983, ABC "Good Morning America" Clippings on Nancy Reagan's Cohosting GMA Drug Program, Letters from Viewers

October 1983, The Lion (Lions Club) Editorial on Chemical People

Undated, WDVM-TV, 30 Minute Documentary by J. C. Hayward on Nancy Reagan's Drug Campaign

10/14/1983, International Foundation For Learning Disabilities, Message Provided by Nancy Reagan for "Evening In Monaco"

          Souvenir Book

October 1983, National Federation of Republican Women, "Challenge" - Editorial on Chemical People

October 1983, Miami Herald, Guest Editorial on Drugs for Op Ed page

November 1983, Seventeen Magazine, Written Q&A on Drugs Provided

November 1983, American School Board Journal, Tailored Editorial on Chemical People Provided

November 1983, The Elks Magazine, Provided Message from Nancy Reagan to 1983

Elks National Convention on Their Efforts in Drug Fight

11/15/1983, Woman's Day, interview by Joan Barthel on Nancy Reagan's Drug Campaign

December 1983, Christian Science Monitor, Written Q&A for Five Part Series on Drug Abuse

December 1983-January 1984, Clubwoman / General Federation of Women's Clubs, Editorial on Chemical People

Inaugural 1985 Files: Presidential Inaugural Gala / 01/19/1985

National Prayer Service at National Cathedral, 01/20/1985

Inaugural Fashion 1985

Inaugural Activities on Capitol Hill, 01/21/1985

Private Swearing In Ceremony at White House, 01/20/1985

Prelude Pageant to Inaugural 01/18/1985

Inaugural Family Visit to White House

Capital Center Event, 01/21/1985

Inauguration 1985, General File

Inaugural Balls, 01/21/1985

1985 Inaugural, Miscellaneous


OA 12049

330 3rd National Conference of National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth, D.C., 09/28/1984

329 Programs Dealing w/Treatment of Drugs & Alcohol Abuse - Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania

328 Programs Dealing w/Prevention and Treatment of Youth Drug, Portland, Spokane & GJ, 09/05/1984-09/06/1984

327 Variety Clubs Dinner, L.A., 09/04/1984

1984 Republican National Convention

1984 Republican Nat'l Convention, August 1984

325 Advisory on Phoenix / L.A. Trip, 07/25/1984

WDVM-TV "Morning Break", 07/23/1984

324 Advisory on San Francisco Trip, 07/04/1984-07/05/1984

323 Advisory on Diplomatic Corps Barbeque, 07/01/1984

322 Advisory on Great American Family Awards, 06/27/1984

[Unfoldered re:  White House Restoration; Congressional Barbeque; First Lady Trip to Great Britain, 1981; Washington Heart Ball,


320 Advisory on Las Vegas / L.A. / Phoenix Trip, 06/19/1984-06/25/1984

[Unfolderized re: Patty Davis Wedding; Women's Equality Day Picnic; Sep/Oct First Lady Travel; GOP Luncheon]

[319] Advisory on State Dinner for Sri Lanka, 06/18/1984

318 Advisory on Rock Creek Park Horse Center, 06/14/1984

317 Advisory on Senate Wives Luncheon, 06/12/1984

Ireland/England Trip, 06/01/1984-06/10/1984 (1)-(3)

Girls Clubs Awarded Presentation, New York, N.Y., 05/22/1984

315 Advisory on Arts with Handicapped Reception, 05/24/1984

314 Advisory on Republican Regents Tea, 05/17/1984

313 Advisory on Mexican State Dinner, 05/15/1984

312 Marymount College, 05/14/1984

311 Advisory on Congressional Wives Club Lunch, 05/09/1984

310 Advisory on Congress Heights Visit, 05/07/1984

China Trip – 04/26/1984-05/02/1984

China - Gen. Info.

[309] White House Easter Egg Roll, 04/23/1984

308 Advisory on Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Phoenix, 04/17/1984

New Orleans / Detroit Trip, 04/12/1984-04/13/1984

307 Advisory on Spring Garden Tour, 04/14/1984-04/15/1984

State Dinner for Dominican Republic, 04/10/1984

305 Advisory on Ford's Theatre Reception, 04/08/1984

303 Advisory on Second Genesis Dinner, 04/03/1984


OA 12050

January 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

February 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

March 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

April 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

May 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

June 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

July 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

August 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

September 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

October 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

November 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

December 1983 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

January 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

February 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

March 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

April 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

May 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

June 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

July 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

August 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

September 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

October 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

November 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

December 1984 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)

January 1985 Chron Files (Sheila Tate)


OA 12153

01/27/1984 – 02/03/1984 Women's Wear Daily, "The State Dinner: A Course In Diplomacy" by Susan Watters - We supplied

          written answers to questions she submitted

01/23/1984, U. S.  News & World Report, Photo Report: "Reagan White House Steps up Social Pace" by Tish Avery - We provided

          numbers of guests who have come to various functions

Never Published, Parade Magazine, Interview by Cleveland Amory Conducted January 11 - Story never published - Transcript on


01/31/1984 (Date Q&A Mailed), El Universal / Caracas, Venezuela, Provided Written Answers to Questions Submitted by Mr.

          Caresse Lansberg De Alcantera (Request thru Tish Baldrige) - Never received published article

03/23/1984-03/30/1984, W Magazine, Interview by Glenn Plaskin Conducted March 01 – Transcript on File - "Nancy Sharpens Her


04/06/1984, Paris - Match / Paris, France, Interview by Gisele Galante, Daughter of Olivia DeHaviland, Conducted March 22,

          Transcript on File, She was included in pool covering Mitterrand State Dinner

04/17/1984, Watertown (New York Daily Times), Interview by Alan Emory Conducted March 19 - He provided a transcript which is

          on file - Do not have published article

05/13/1984, The Mini-Page, Interview with Betty Debnam Conducted February 15 (Questions Submitted in Advance)

Week of 05/14/1984, Hour Magazine, Nancy Reagan Co-Hosted with Gary Collins A Five-Part Series Entitled "Our Children and

          Drugs - What Parents Can Do"

05/26/1984, Hola Magazine / Madrid, Spain Interview Conducted by Carmen Perez Villota (Mrs. Eduardo Sanchez Junco, Wife of

          Owner / Publisher) on May 10 – Questions Submitted in Advance for Approval

05/13/1984, Family Weekly (Sunday Supplement) By-Lined Article by Nancy Reagan about Her Mother for Cover Story for Mother's

          Day Issue - We had right to        approve headline, use of photos, and supplied text

05/31/1984, Irish Independent / Dublin, Ireland, Interview by Angela Phelan Conducted May 24

06/08/1984, Le Figaro Madame / Paris, France, Interview by Guy Sorman Conducted May 23 - Transcript on file - Questions

          submitted in advance

Never published, Good Housekeeping, Mary Hoyt Requested Written Q&A for Article on           First Ladies - We declined the request,

          but have drafted Q&A on file

June 1984-July 1984, Washington Broadcast News Newsletter, Article about Nancy Reagan / Kiwanis Radio Series about Drug


July 1984, Reader's Digest, Brief Essay by Nancy Reagan on Drug Abuse, "To Save Our Children"

July 1984, Good Housekeeping, Nancy Reagan Featured in "Happy Birthday" Photo Layout - We provided childhood photos

July 1984, California Magazine, Written Q&A on Oakland Parents in Action Group Provided in July - Do not have published article

August 1984, Alcoholism Magazine, Cover Story: "Nancy Reagan and The Chemical People" by Elton Welke - No interview - He

          covered Seattle School Visit

08/22/1984, Dallas Morning News, Interview by Maryln Schwartz Conducted August 16 Profile Of Nancy Reagan - Transcript in file

          – Published article in Convention File

08/22/1984, Dallas Times Herald, Written Answers Provided to Questions Submitted by Judith Valente for Publication during


Fall 1984, Scholastic News, Written Q&A Provided on Youth Drug Abuse - Do not have published article

September 1984, Seventeen Magazine, Message by Nancy Reagan Provided on Magazine's 40th Birthday

10/11/1984, Philadelphia Inquirer, Interview by Jill Gerston Conducted September 07

Aboard Plane from Grand Junction, Colorado, to DC - "Standing By Her Man" - Also used by Knight-Rider News Service

10/12/1984, Washington Post, Interview by Donnie Radcliff Conducted October 11

Aboard Plane from Atlanta to Birmingham - "To The Defense - First Lady Calls Age Issue 'Silly'"

10/14/1984, New York Times, Interview by Maureen Dowd Conducted October 12 Aboard Plane from Austin, Texas to D.C.

10/14/1984, U. S. News & World Report, Interview by Tish Avery Conducted Aboard Plane to Philadelphia September 18 - "When

          Candidates' Wives Take to the Stump" - We had right to review final text for factual errors

10/14/1984, Family Magazine, Interview by Kathleen O'Beirne Conducted May 09 – Cover Story: "Meet the First Lady"

October 1984, Vanidades Continental, Interview by Reinaldo Herrera conducted?? – About Drug Abuse

October 1984, American Education Magazine, Standard Guest Editorial on Drugs Provided

11/11/1984, New York Times, Story about Nancy Reagan's Influence by Steve Weisman - "Nancy Reagan's Role Grows"

12/09/1984, Desert (Utah) News, Written Answers Provided on Role of First Lady

December 1984, McCall's, Provided Quote from Nancy Reagan about Her Mother for

Article on Significance of Role Models in Women's Lives - Do not have published article

U. S. News & World Report - Christmas Feature / 12/24/1984 issue

December 1984, Harper's Bazaar, Photo Session on September 27 - "Nancy Reagan

Salutes American Fashion" Photography by Francesco Scavullo


OA 12154

Mrs. Reagan's Visit to Southern States, 10/10/1984-10/12/1984

[331 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Visit to Southern States, 10/10/1984-10/12/1984]

332 Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon, Tuesday, 10/09/1984

[333 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to NYC to Receive "Freedom of Human Spirit Award", 10/15/1984-10/16/1984]

[Richard Clayderman]

[334 Media Advisory - With President to Kansas City, MO and California, 10/21/1984-10/24/1984]

335 & 336 - NR's Trip to R/B Headquarters & Trip to Tennessee, Illinois & Iowa, 10/20/1984-10/30/1984

[337 Media Advisory - NR Trip to Lexington, KY, Macon, GA, New Orleans, LA, and           Jackson, MS, 11/02/1984-11/03/1984

338 Advisory on Luxembourg State Dinner, 11/13/1984

[339 Media Advisory - Thanksgiving, 1984]

340 Advisory on NR's Trip to Phoenix / Ranch, 11/17/1984 - 11/25/1984

341 Advisory on Kennedy Center Honors Reception, 12/02/1984

342 Advisory on Venezuelan State Dinner, 12/04/1984

343 Advisory - 11/30/1984, Presidential Christmas Card

344 Advisory on Presentation of Christmas Tree, 12/06/1984

345 Advisory on Press Preview of Xmas Decoration, 12/10/1984

346 Advisory on Diplomatic Children's Party, 12/10/1984

347 Advisory on Children's Hospital Visit, 12/11/1984

348 Advisory on Christmas Day Plans, 12/21/1984

349 Advisory on New York Trip, Celebral Palsy Taping, 01/08/1985-01/10/1985

1984 Christmas Tour Booklet

Special Photo Shoots, Christmas 1984

Advisory on New Portrait of Former President Nixon


OA 12165

Videotape:  PSA - NIDA / TV:  School Yard - Music Video – AV Storage

Videotape:  Gauntlet  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Gauntlet  – AV Storage               

Videotape:  Teddy Bear  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Pot  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Davy  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Mango - Will Rogers Institute:  Exercise  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Greg Harrison  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Peter Falk  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Rickie S. Snacks  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Loni Anderson  – AV Storage

Videotape:  George Kennedy  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Ricardo Montalbon  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Rickie S. Sports Safety  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Joe Namath  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Brook Shields  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Lucy Arnez  – AV Storage

Videotape:  Ed Asner – AV Storage

Videotape:  Michael York – AV Storage

Videotape:  "Impact" - Economic Recovery Program - RX - Dub – AV Storage

Videotape:  Two on Two - Sock Hop with the Cops, Curt Kuempel Evanston Police Department – AV Storage

Videotape: "DEMA - Handicapped Scuba" – AV Storage

Videotape:  New Horizons - Drug and Alcohol for Teens – AV Storage

Videotape:  "Dope, Kids and a Cop, Three Ways to Keep Your Kids off Drugs", C.E. Casey, Tennessee – AV Storage

Videotape:  Presentation, Mother Gerard Phelan Medal, to Nancy Reagan, 05/14/1984

Videotape: "Deliver Us from Evil" WSMV - Box 4, Nashville, Tennessee, Steve Hall – AV Storage

Videotape:  M.I.R.R.O.R. – AV Storage

Videotape:  Our Place – AV Storage

Videotape:  PGA Tour Productions: Charity Presentation, Dub – AV Storage

Videotape: "Mentors", Granada TV, Hollywood, California – AV Storage

Videotape:  Emmanuel Foundation, Focus New Jersey, WPIX - TV, 10/24/1983 – AV Storage


OA 12167

Clippings from Mrs. Reagan's Domestic Trips - August 1984-December 1984

Clippings on 1984 State Dinners

Clippings from Mrs. Reagan's Activities at the White House 1984

Clippings from Christmas at the White House 1984

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's Hairdressers (Predated 1986)

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's Fashions (Predated 1986)


OA 12168

Clippings from Mrs. Reagan's Honorary Chairmanships 1985

Clippings from President Reagan's Nose Surgery (July 1985)

Clippings from President Reagan's Cancer Surgery (File I and File II)

Correspondence to the First Lady for the Reading File (From Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Etc.) 1984 thru May 1985

Miscellaneous Clippings

Miscellaneous Clippings

Clippings - Nancy Reagan and the Re-Election Campaign

Clippings from Maureen Reagan at the Nairobi Conference, June 1985 - July 1985


OA 12169

Daily Readings for March 1985

Daily Readings for April 1985

Daily Readings for May 1985


OA 12170

News Clippings of Drug Stories Dated after May 1984 - December 1985

Clippings from Patti Davis Grilley's Engagement and Wedding

Chron Files for Jennefer Hirshberg - February 1985-March 1985 and May 1985-June 1985

Clippings Entitled "Image" (Predated 1986)

Clippings on the Reagan's Friends (1984-1985)


          OA 13005

          Daily Reading Files October 1985

          Daily Reading Files November 1985

          Daily Reading Files December 1985


          OA 13007

          Media Alerts, #350-#382, January 1985-June 1986


          OA 13008

          Clippings on General Drug Stories, December 1985-January 1986


OA 13081

January 1985, Washington Times, Written Q&A on Role of First Lady / Life in the White

House - For Special Supplement on the Inaugural, Questions by Kathleen Tyman

01/14/1985, Time Magazine, Cover Story / "White House Co-Star / Nancy Reagan's Growing Role" by Larry Barrett

01/14/1985, UPI, Interview with Helen Thomas Regarding Last 4 Years and Looking Ahead

January 1985, Washington Dossier, Cover Photo of Nancy Reagan on Dossier's Inaugural Souvenir Issue

01/28/1985, Molly Dickenson / James Brady Book, Interview with Dickenson about Jim Brady for Authorized Book about Him, No


January 1985-February 1985, Woman's Interest, "Nancy Reagan: Four More Busy Years"

Published by Local Council of Women of Bloomington, Indiana

February 1985, Journal of School Health, Q&A about Drugs That Was Taken from Press

Kit We Sent Them, They sent us finished text for approval

02/22/1985, Connoisseur Magazine, Provided Written Answers to Questions about

Galanos Fashions, Article not in file

03/01/1985, Washington Times, Quote by Nancy Reagan on Marijuana, Article not in file

03/06/1985, Los Angeles Times, Letter to TV Critic Howard Rosenburg from Bryant Gumbel in Response to Rosenberg's Critique

          of Gumbel's Inaugural Interview with Nancy Reagan

March 1985, LA Moda (Italy), Written Q&A General Nature, Photo Taken of Nancy Reagan and Countess Zegna in New York

          (Original interview request made on Zegna's behalf by Italian Ambassador)

03/25/1985, Washington Post, Clipping about Nancy Reagan Interview with J. C. Hayward (WDVM - TV) for Drug Awareness Week

April 1985, Various International Magazines Written Q&A Prepared by Us on Drug Issue Was Supplied to Various Publications that

          Requested Interviews, Q&A in file and Gente article by Esmeralda Derethy, but not others

May 1985, Ladies' Home Journal, Provided Written Answers to Questions Submitted by

Jan Goodwin on "Women in the 80's", Published article not in file

05/02/1985, Bunte Magazine, Portrait of Nancy Reagan by Beate Wedekind (No Interview Granted), Also May 09 Issue Regarding

          Reagans' Visit to West Germany - May 16 Cover Story on First Ladies

05/07/1985, Woman's World, Provided Written Answers to Questions Submitted by Janel           Bladow, Senior Editor, Appeared in

          Mother's Day Issue

May 1985 - June 1985, Saturday Evening Post, Article by John McCollister on Nelle Reagan, Sent here for final approval, Article not

          in file

(No date), Town & Country, Draft of Article by T & C about Nancy Reagan in file

June 1985, Vanity Fair, Cover Photo of Reagans Dancing / Accompanying Story by Bill Buckley

06/06/1985, Washington Post (Regarding WRC - TV Show), Tom Shales Article about WRC's Special on Drug Abuse, "If You'd

          Only Listen," with Interview with Nancy Reagan

06/16/1985,Washington Post, Draft of Carl Sferrazza's Article about First Ladies' Fathers for Proposed Father's Day Piece in the

          Post, Article not in the file

06/24/1985, Articles on NBC Documentary about Nancy Reagan

Summer 1985, Steigenberger Journal, West German Publication - Cover Story on Reagans' Visit

Summer 1985, Wolf Trap Program, Letter to Hirshberg Regarding Drug Editorial for Summer Program, Program in file

07/05/1985, Los Angeles Times, Interview by Betty Cuniberti Conducted June 25 /

General Profile, "First Lady's 64th Birthday to Find Her More Popular"

07/10/1985, Radio Free Europe, Questions (No Answers on file) Submitted for Radio Free Europe Interview Conducted July 10

07/28/1985, John McLaughlin Show, Clippings Regarding Nancy Reagan's Interview

with John McLaughlin for WRC - TV "One On One" Program, Aired July 28

August 1985, Life Magazine, Photo of Nancy Reagan with Cardboard Cut-out of Ronald Reagan, Photo Session Was Held June 13

08/05/1985, People Magazine, Article by Garry Clifford "Nancy's Class Act" Character Profile (No interview conducted)

Fall 1985, Calligraphy Idea Exchange, Story on Calligraphy Operation, Interviewed by Bill Gemmell and Staff   

          September 1985, Hearst Newspapers, Provided Written Answers to Questions Submitted by Joseph Kingsbury-Smith on School-

                   Age Drug Abuse, Distributed thru Hearst News Service

09/10/1985, USA Today, Background Information on State Dinners for Story in USA Today about Denmark State Dinner,

          September 10, Article not in file

09/16/1985 and 09/23/1985, The New Republic, Cover Story on Nancy Reagan by Fred Barnes, Interview Conducted July (?),

          "Nancy's Total Makeover - How White House Beauticians Gave the First Lady a New Look"

October 1985, Saturday Evening Post, "Nancy Reagan: A Love Story" - Interview Conducted July 09 by Dr. Cory Servaas

October 1985, Children's Express, Interview about School-Age Drug Abuse Conducted by Kid Reporters on September 09,

          Distributed by UPI

YOU Magazine 10/27/1985 (pp.63-64)          

11/03/1985, London Sunday Times Magazine, Cover Story, "The Remaking of a First Lady", by Susan Crosland, Portrait by Lord

          Snowdon, Interview Conducted September 12, Photo Session Conducted September 11

November 1985, McCall's Magazine, Cover Story (Photo of Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan) by Bernie Weinraub, "Mrs.

          President" Interview Conducted July 10

Bunte Magazine 1985 (Mrs. Gorbachev/Reagan)

December 1985, American Illustrated, Cover Story by Larry Barrett, "First Lady at Work", Magazine is Produced by USIA and

          Distributed in Soviet Union  

          12/11/1985, UPI, Interview with Helen Thomas Conducted December 11, "First Lady Recalls Past Year at White House"

12/16/1985 US Magazine (Princess Di)

12/30/1986 – 01/06/1986, Picture Week Magazine, Photo Spread of Nancy Reagan throughout the Year, "A Bountiful Year for the

          First Lady", Nancy Reagan Supplied Personal Outlines

Winter 1985, Arts Review (National Endowment for the Arts), Q&A Submitted to Us by Dodie Kazanjian for Approval


OA 13303

Christmas Card Release 1981

Christmas Card Release 1982

Christmas Card Release 1983

Christmas Card Release 1984

Christmas Card Release 1985

Mrs. Reagan Decorating Christmas Tree 12/04/1981

Reagan's before Private Christmas Tree in Residence December 1981

Doria Reagan / Ron Reagan / President and Mrs. Reagan and Patti Davis, Christmas Tree 1981

1981 White House Christmas Angel Ornament 12/14/1981

Christmas 1982 Photos

Press Inaugural Invitation List 1985

Media Advisories # 383 - June 1985, # 395 - August 1985


OA 13304

The President and Mrs. Reagan Official Portrait (With Border / Color)

The President and Mrs. Reagan Official Portrait (B&W)

The President and Mrs. Reagan Official Portrait (Color)

The President and Mrs. Reagan in the Oval Office

The President and Mrs. Reagan Riding at the Ranch

The President and Mrs. Reagan in the President's Study

The Reagan Family Portrait (B&W) 1981

The Reagan Family Portrait (Color) 1981

The President of the United States Official Portrait (B&W)

The President of the United States Official Portrait (Color / Close-Up)

Mrs. Reagan's Official Portrait (B&W / Close-Up)

Mrs. Reagan's Official Portrait (B&W / Full-Length)

Mrs. Reagan's Official Portrait (Color / Full-Length)

Mrs. Reagan's Official Portrait (Color / Full-Length / With Border)

Mrs. Reagan's Official Portrait (Color / Full-Length / Close-Up)

Mrs. Reagan with Dog Victory

Portrait of Mrs. Reagan by Pedro Menocal

Unreleased Close-Up of Mrs. Reagan

First Lady's Staff - Group Photo (B&W)

Shelia Tate

Ann Wrobleski

Linda Faulkner

Barbara Cook

James S. Rosebush (Announcement and Photo)

Photos of President and Mrs. Nixon's Portraits

Photo Release of Jimmy Carter Portrait 03/17/1983


OA 13305

Negatives of Pictures from Inaugural Story

Slides of Table Settings at President's Birthday Party, 02/06/1981

Foster Grandparent Program Background Briefing, 02/09/1981

Charlotte Curtis Interview, 02/23/1981

Chris Wallace Interview, 03/03/1981

Susan Granger (Redbook) Interview, 03/18/1981

St. Ann's Infant Home Visit, 03/18/1981

Photos of Easter Eggs, 04/20/1981

Prince Charles Dinner, 05/02/1981

Photos of Scholastic Achievement Award, 05/19/1981

Ann Blackman Interview, 06/12/1981

New York Trip 06/16/1981-06/18/1981

Mrs. Reagan and Spastic Baby, 06/29/1981

Dr. Loyal Davis / Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Award, 07/14/1981

Helen Hays and Mrs. Reagan, 10/20/1981

Features Story Kit - First Lady's First Nine Months, November 1981

Queen Sirikit of Thailand Tea, 11/05/1981

Photo Release of Reagan's in Private Quarters, 11/18/1981

Mrs. Reagan's Greetings Handicapped Tour, 12/08/1981

Mrs. Reagan in Costume at Gridiron Dinner, 03/27/1982

Mrs. Reagan Tree Planting, 05/13/1982

Photo Release on American Cancer Society Award, 05/21/1982

Photos of Dr. Loyal Davis, 08/19/1982

Prince William of England's Gift from the President and Mrs. Reagan, 09/03/1982

Peruvian Orphan, 09/09/1982

Peruvian Orphan (Anita Asto) Adoption, 09/09/1982

Mother of the Year Photo, 09/22/1982

Love to a Child Book Party, 10/28/1982

Lions Club Award, 11/10/1982

PBS / In Performance at the White House Series (1982)

General File

Housekeeping Photos, 01/06/1983

Mrs. Reagan's Rehearsal with Rostropovich in Residence, 03/18/1983

"Different Strokes", 03/19/1983

Frank Sinatra Concert Photo 04/19/1983

Lord Olivier and Reagans, 04/26/1983

Gene Kelly and Mrs. Reagan at Joffrey Benefit, 04/30/1983

Edith Davis and Mrs. Reagan, 09/12/1983

McKesson / NFP Check Presentation, 10/19/1983

"Cinderella" Photo release (By Kennedy Center), 12/15/1983

"A Summer to Remember", 03/27/1985

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to National Gallery to See Impressionists' Exhibit, 03/13/1986


OA 13306

Media Requests:  Arizona

Media Requests:  California

Media Requests:  Colorado

Media Requests:  District of Columbia

Media Requests:  Florida

Media Requests:  Georgia

Media Requests:  Illinois

Media Requests:  Indiana

Media Requests:  Iowa

Media Requests:  Kansas

Media Requests:  Louisiana

Media Requests:  Maryland

Media Requests:  Massachusetts

Media Requests:  Michigan

Media Requests:  Minnesota

Media Requests:  Missouri

Media Requests:  New Hampshire

Media Requests:  New Jersey

Media Requests:  New York

          Media Requests:  North Carolina

Media Requests:  Ohio

Media Requests:  Oklahoma

Media Requests:  Pennsylvania

Media Requests:  South Dakota

Media Requests:  Tennessee

Media Requests:  Texas

Media Requests:  Utah

Media Requests:  Vermont

Media Requests:  Virginia

Media Requests:  Washington

Media Requests:  Wisconsin

Domestic Media Requests:  January 1981 - July 1981

Domestic Media Requests:  August 1981 - December 1981

Domestic Media Requests:  January 1982 - June 1982

Domestic Media Requests:  July 1982 - December 1982

Domestic Media Requests:  January 1983 - April 1983

Domestic Media Requests:  May 1983 - August 1983

Domestic Media Requests:  September 1983 - December 1983


OA 13307

Domestic Media Requests:  January 1984 - April 1984

Domestic Media Requests:  May 1984 - August 1984

Domestic Media Requests:  September 1984 - December 1984

Foreign Media Requests:  1981

Foreign Media Requests:  1982

Foreign Media Requests:  1983

Foreign Media Requests:  1984

Foreign Media Requests:  1985

Foreign Media Requests Related to European Trip, June 1982

Entertainment File, 1981 - 1982

The Chemical People - Media Proposals

White House Staff - Media Requests

Chef / Kitchen - Media Requests

Florist - Media Requests

Foster Grandparents Program - Media Requests

Interview Requests Regarding Refurbishment of White House

Mrs. Reagan's Schedule, 1980 - Media Requests

1985 Inaugural - Interview Requests

Media Requests Completed


OA 13308

Foreign Stories

Betty Beale Interview / Michael Reagan / Anemia

Honorary Chairmanships

Ladies Home Journal, Jan 84 - "In Praise of American Women" by President Reagan

Phoenix, Arizona - Illness of Dr. Loyal Davis

Editorials Requested by Mrs. Reagan for Reading File

Women in a Changing World

1984 - Year-End Review and Round-up

1983 - Reagan's Tax Return

UPI Story - Travel Expenses, 02/15/1984

Betty Beale Column - Northern Virginia Sun

Cricket in the President and Mrs. Reagan's Bedroom, 1984

Articles from U.S. New and World Report - Entertaining


OA 13309

General Drug Stories , January 1986-June 1986


OA 13310

Background on St. Martin's Press Book, First Lady, Narrated by Chris Wallace, 1986


OA 13311

Christmas at the White House, 1981

Christmas at the White House, 1982

Easter at the White House 1982

Welcome to the White House Booklet

White House Christmas Cards and Envelopes, 1983

TV Guide, 06/28/1986-07/04/1986, President and Mrs. Reagan on the Cover for the

Fourth of July - Statue of Liberty Weekend

TV Guide, 03/19/1983-03/25/1983, Mrs. Reagan and Gary Coleman on the Cover

Paris Match - President and Mrs. Reagan on the Cover after President's Cancer Surgery, August 1985

American Education, October 1984, Drug Abuse Epidemic by Nancy Reagan

Booklets from the Community Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc. - The Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse Fund

Booklets from a National Partnership to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Booklets from the Foster Grandparent Program

1982 "Drug Kit" - Guest Editorial on Drug Abuse and Foster Grandparent Program

The Modern Office of First Lady - Ray Stark, Amanda C. Pope

Recipes for Persimmon Pudding, Brandy Whipped Cream Sauce and Monkey Bread

Packets on the Chemical People

Packets on Care Bears / Woman's Day

White House Historical Association Press Release on Refurbishing the Living Quarters of the White House

Amway Booklet

Multi Procedures - Problems / Solutions

Article - The New York Times, Saturday, 10/24/1981 - "A Theme Song for the First Lady's Special Project"


OA 13312

Home and Highway Herald - Drug Abuse, June 1983

Guest Editorial for Washington Post (Teenage Drinking, Drugs, Driving) 05/29/1983

"American Way" - Stephen J. Meyer - Palmer Drug Abuse Program, February 1983

Drug Program - Little House on the Prairie, 02/07/1983

Editorial on Poll on Youth and Marijuana, 02/03/1983

Ladies Home Journal, "Lets Get Our Kids Off Drugs" by Nancy Reagan, January 1983

Nancy Reagan Editorial - Children's Health Connection, December 1983

United States Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, October 1982

American Education Q & A, January 1983 / February 1983 Issue

Miami Herald Family Drug Series, October 1983

NFP Conference - Arlington, Virginia, 10/11/1982

Articles by Adalene Ross

Children's Quarterly Editorial

Kiwanis Drug Abuse Radio Show

Ypsilanti Beacon, July 1984

"First Monday" Drug Article, May 1984

Drugs and Sports Figures

The Chemical People Kick-Off, 10/24/1983

Scholastic News - Drug Abuse, November 1983

Press Clips - Nancy Reagan (Texas) 02/16/1982

Saturday Evening Post - Foster Grandparent - Nancy Reagan, March 1982

Advertising Council, Inc., 01/02/1982

"First Monday", November 1981-December 1981

Family Circle - Joan Libman - Foster Grandparent Program, 04/11/1981

Capitol Hill News, Summer 1981

Senior Republicans, April 1981-May 1981

Foster Grandparents Reception, 05/04/1981

Saturday Evening Post Article on Foster Grandparent Program, December 1981

Visit to St. Ann's Infant Home, 03/18/1981

Greet Children from Fairhill Center School, Fairfax, Virginia, 03/12/1981

Rock Creek Park, 02/10/1981 (Riding Program)

Rock Creek Park Horse Center, 05/07/1982

Grandparent's Program

Florida / Texas Trip, 02/12/1982 (Drug Abuse Trip?)

Trip to Tampa Florida - Interview / Visit Straight, 02/15/1982 (Drug Abuse Trip?)


OA 13313

Visit Second Genesis, 07/13/1981

Message from First Lady, Drug Abuse

Nation's Business - Joining the War on Drug Abuse, June 1982

The White House War on Drugs - Government Executive, September 1982

Drug Free USA News Guests Editorial, May 1982

Ladies Home Journal, "The School That Got Kids Off Drugs", May 1982

Gateway House, Chicago, Illinois, 05/10/1982

Christian Science Drug Articles, 05/03/1982

Scholastic Magazines Articles, 04/23/1982

          Atlanta, Georgia, 04/01/1982-04/02/1982

Playboy - Drug Abuse, April 1982

White House Conference on Drug Abuse and Families, 05/22/1982

Hugh Sidey, Time, 03/08/1982

Drug Program Report, June 1982

Drug Abuse Trip to Des Moines, Iowa and Dallas, Texas, 08/05/1982-08/06/1982

Christian Science Monitor, December 1983

Article for California Rural Drug Abuse Network, July 1982

          International Drug Stories

Drugs, Alcohol, Teenagers, Youth

Messages - Foundation for Children with Learning Disabilities

Jack Andersen on Foster Grandparents, 11/18/1982

Newage, Arkansas - Mrs. Reagan's Visit to Jonesboro, Arkansas, 11/08/1982

Northern Virginian - Foster Grandparents, May 1982 / June 1982

Actions - Volunteer Paper Articles

Family Circle Article, 08/11/1982

England - Spastics Society

Trip to Tampa and Dallas, 02/15/1982-02/16/1982

American Medial News, December 1981

Phoenix House and Al Smith Dinner, 10/22/1981

National Federation of Parent, 11/09/1981

Miscellaneous Drug Abuse Stories, 1984 / 1985


OA 13710

Clippings on Anita Castelo Arrest

Clippings "Praise for Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse" - Fall 1986

Clippings On The President and Mrs. Reagan's Anti-Drug Speech to the Nation, 09/14/1986


OA 13711

#415 Christmas Day in the WH

#414 Media Advisory - Press Preview, 12/09/1985

#414 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Children's Hospital

#412 Media Advisory - Kennedy Center Honors, December 1985

Advisory on Diplomatic Children's Party, 12/09/1985

Media Advisory - X-mas Card, 12/05/1985

Mrs. Reagan's Separate Schedule in Geneva, Switzerland

#410 Media Advisory - "Just Say No" & "Pros for Kids", CA, November 1985

#410 Media Advisory - Resignation of James Rosebush

#409 Media Advisory - Luncheon (Mayflower) NFP, November 1985

#406 Media Advisory - Mrs. R's Trip to NYC (Cerebral Palsy), November 1985

Lab School Photo, 10/30/1985

#405 Media Advisory - Girl Scouts Luncheon, 10/30/1985

#405 Media Advisory - Foster Grandparent Program

#404 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to NYC (UNGA Conference / Mary Martin), 10/20/1985

#403 Media Advisory - Princess Diana to Straight with Mrs. Reagan

#403 Media Advisory - Fall Garden Tour 10/12/1985

#402 Media Advisory - Nat'l Partnership to Prevent...[Drug/Alcohol Abuse]

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Geneva

Media Advisory - Singapore State Dinner

Congressional Barbecue, 09/18/1985

#399 Media Advisory - Trip to L.A. for E.I.C. Award, September 1985

Media Advisory - INSPIRE '85 - 09/17/1985

PRIDE Conference, 03/18/1986-03/22/1986

#398 Media Advisory - State Dinner - Denmark

UNGA, Mary Martin - NYC, October 1985

#397 Media Advisory - Update on UNGA Conference

#396 Media Advisory - Trip to NY, 09/04/1985


OA 13712

National Federation of Republican Women’s Book on Mrs. Reagan [Background]

National Federation of Republican Women’s Book on Mrs. Reagan [Copies of Photos]

04/06/1983 - Gahl Lee Hodges - New Social Secretary

02/01/1982 - James Rosebush - Chief of Staff

Lee L. Verstandig

Jennifer Hirshberg

Ken Barun

Barbara Cook

Ann Wrobleski

Dorothy Louis Temple - Floral Director

Miscellaneous – President & Staff

Former White House Staff

Staff Resignations and Changes

Muffie Brandon


OA 13713

President's Birthday 02/06/1985

New York, N.Y.  01/09/1985 - United Cerebral Palsy Taping

State of the Union 1985

Visit of Margaret Thatcher 02/21/1985

RR's Physical March 1985

CPAC Dinner March 1985

Gridiron Dinner 03/23/1985

Ladies of the Senate Luncheon - Tree Planting 04/18/1985

Mother's Day 1985

Congressional Wives Luncheon May 1985

Caring Heart 05/21/1985

Nat'l Therapeutic Riding Center 05/29/1985

Ford's Theater 06/02/1985

Catholic Youth Award 06/05/1985

Ceremony at Andrews AFB for El Salvador marines, 06/22/1985

JFK Library Fundraiser 06/24/1985

Andrews Ceremony for Hostages of TWA Hijacking 07/02/1985 (1)(2)

Girl Scouts Luncheon - Ritz-Carlton 10/30/1985

Luncheon at the Mayflower - NFP November 1985

Kennedy Center Performance "Aren't We All” 12/17/1985

State Dinner for King Faud of Saudi Arabia 02/11/1985

State Visit Argentine March 1985

State Dinner:  Algeria 04/17/1985

State Dinner:  India June 1985

Chinese State Dinner 07/23/1985

State Dinner:  Denmark 09/10/1985

Singapore State Dinner 10/08/1985

Kennedy Center Honors 12/08/1985

Children's Hospital Visit 12/16/1985

Valentine from the President February 1985

U.S.O. Dinner - Los Angeles 03/14/1985

State Visit to Canada March 1985

Summary of NR Trips Permanent File

Dinner with Princess Margaret March 1985

Trip to Tulsa, Phoenix and L.A.  March 1985

National Fitness Award 04/15/1985

Trip to Phoenix, L.A. and Easter at the Ranch

Trip to France 1985

Trip to Spain 1985

Trip to Germany 1985

Trip to Rome 1985

Economic Summit - Bonn, West Germany 05/02/1985-05/04/1985

Trip to Europe 1985

Trip to Portugal 1985

United Nations Drug Conference 10/21/1985  


OA 13714

Naval Academy May 1985

Visit to Epcot Center - Memorial Weekend 1985

New York, New York 06/17/1985-06/19/1985

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Phoenix 06/26/1985

Visit to U.S.S. America 07/17/1985

Trip to Columbus, Ohio 07/25/1985

Trip to Fort A.P. Hill (Boy Scout Jamboree) 07/30/1985

Trip to Massachusetts 08/08/1985

Vacation at the Ranch 08/11/1985-09/04/1985

Entertainment Industries Council Dinner - L.A., CA, Mexico City 09/26/1985

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to NYC 09/04/1985 - 09/05/1985

Thanksgiving at the Ranch, CA November 1985

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to NYC, Cerebral Palsy Award November 1985

Trip to Geneva 1985 [2 folders]

Trip to San Francisco, CA 11/26/1985

Trip to "Dutch" - California 12/01/1985

National Review Dinner in NYC December 1985

Memorial Service at Ft. Campbell, KY 12/16/1985

Christmas and New Year's at the Ranch 1985


OA 13715

1985 Activities at The White House

1985 Christmas Festivities at The White House


OA 13716

General Drug Stories - (June 1986 - December 1986)


OA 13836

Clippings on General Drug Stories - (December 1986 - January 1987)

Clippings on Patti Davis Grilley (1986)

Clippings on the Engagement and Wedding of Patti Davis Grilley

Clippings on Fashion (1986)


OA 13837 (Clippings)

Clippings on Income Tax 1985

Clippings on Ron and Article on Ballet (02/04/1983)

Clippings on "The Concert That Counts" 1986

Clippings on The Girard Liver Baby (1986)

Clippings on filming "Different Strokes" - Universal Studios (03/10/1983)

Clippings on Michael Reagan (1986)

Clippings on Maureen Reagan (1986)

Clippings on "The Gift of Life" (Korean Children)

Clippings on World Wildlife Fund / Pandas

Clippings on Nancy Reagan Steinway Presentation in Korea 1984

Clippings on Jennifer Ledbetter / Easter Egg Roll Story (11/15/1984)

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's Injury (November 1984) In The Middle of the Night

Clippings on Mother Clara Hale

Clippings on Bloom County - Presidential Request for Nancy Reagan Picture

Clippings on Elizabeth Drew's Book (March 1985)

Clippings on ADAMHA News (March 1985)

Clippings Books Read by Nancy Reagan

Clippings Reagan Library

Clippings on Raisa Gorbachev

Clippings on The President's Second Term

Clippings on Georgie Anne Geyer

Voice of America Editorial (02/23/1985)

Lew Grizzard / White House Guest List

Clippings Peggy Mann

Clippings on Nancy Reagan Call to Brazil's First Lady

Clippings on Nancy Reagan Scholarship

Clippings on PSA "Read More About It"

Clippings on "Nancy" Gerbera Daisy

Clippings on Caleaico H. S. Club for Camarena Salazar

Campaign '84 Book - Ref. To Nancy Reagan

August, 1982 - Bloomingdale

Betsy Bloomingdale

Clippings on Ron Reagan, Jr. (1986)

Parade Magazine on Exercise (President) December 1983

Clippings on Nancy Reynolds

Clippings on Reagan Friends, (1986)

Clippings of Reagan Friends (1986)

Clippings on Lucky Reagan


OA 14214

Daily Reading File, January 1987

Daily Reading File, February 1987


OA 14215

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan and The Resignation of Donald Regan (Chief of Staff to The President)

Clippings on The Tower Commission Report (Articles that Mention Mrs. Reagan)

Clippings on Donald Regan (as Chief of Staff and Resignation)


OA 14216

Clippings Entitle "Nancy Reagan and The Presidency" 86 (These Include General Stories on First Lady / Donald Regan

First Lady / Howard Baker

First Lady / Oliver North

First Lady / Iran Crisis

First Lady / Tower Report

First Lady / Year End Interview 86 with Susanne Schafer and Helen Thomas


OA 14217

Clippings on General Drug Stories (January 1987 - March 1987)


OA 14218

#17 Media Advisory 03/17/1986 Far East Schedule [out card for]

#19 Media Advisory Easter Egg Roll

#22 Media Advisory Second Genesis (04/14/1986)

#21 Media Advisory 04/10/1986 Martin Luther King, Jr.  Elem.

#20 Media Advisory 04/07/1986 Natl. Rehabilitation Hospital

#18 Media Advisory Arrival at AFB from PRIDE

#23 Media Advisory Spring Garden Tour (04/19/1986)

#16 Media Advisory 03/20/1986 Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Atlanta, GA for PRIDE

#15 03/18/1986 Media Advisory Canadian State Dinner

#14 Media Advisory Easter at the Ranch March 1986

#13 Media Advisory "Shooting Stars" Basketball 02/28/1986

#9 and #12 Governors' State Dinner 02/23/1986

#11 Media Advisory Governors' Spouses Luncheon 02/24/1986

#10 Media Advisory Announcement of Jack Courtemanche as C. Of S. 02/21/1986

02/21/1986 #8 Media Advisory Celebration of PL 94-142

#7 Media Advisory 02/11/1986 Bobby Vinton's Valentine to Mrs. Reagan

#6 Media Advisory February 1986 Trip to Dallas and Ranch

#5 Media Advisory Resignation of Lee Verstandig

#4 Media Advisory 01/28/1986 Cancellation of Celebration PL

#3 Media Advisory 01/19/1986 Celebration of PL 94-142

#2 Media Advisory "Chemical People II" 01/21/1986

#1 Media Advisory State Dinner (Ecuador) 01/14/1986


OA 14219

Clippings on The President's Enlarged Prostate Surgery (01/04/1987) and General

Health 1986

Clippings Entitled "Praise for NR Drug Abuse" (Miscellaneous Stories Related to Mrs. Reagan's Campaign against Drug Abuse)

          Winter 1986 - April 1987

Miscellaneous Clippings July 1986 - April 1987

Clippings entitled "Image" 1986 - April 1987 (Including Copies of Susanne Schafer's Story from the Press Clipping Service, "In the

          Three Months of The Iran Arms Sales Storm, President Reagan and Many Top White House Officials Have Shunned

          Reporters to Avoid Their Persistent Questions - But Not Nancy Reagan")


OA 14244

01/19/1986 Parade Magazine, Message From Mrs. Reagan for the Continuation of Parade Magazine's Article on Glamorization of

          Drugs in Hollywood

January 1986 Better Homes and Gardens, "What's New For American Families In 86", Short, Written Q & A by Mrs. Reagan on the

          Strength of The Family

January 1986 / February 1986, Oasis Magazine, The Magazine for Middle Grade / Junior High Classrooms, Guest Editorial and

          Official Photograph of Mrs. Reagan

02/17/1986 El Universal, General Interview on Various Subjects by Enrique Castillo-Pesado

February 1986 50 Plus Magazine, Cover Story on President and Mrs. Reagan and Their Marriage / Romance, "A Valentine's Day

          Tribute - The First Couple: America's Sweethearts", Also Article Celebrating President Reagan's 75th Birthday

February 1986 (Promotional Magazine) Inspiration Motivation, Guest Editorial and Mrs. Reagan's Official Photograph

Winter 1986, Serenity Lane Inc., Outreach, Guest Editorial and Mrs. Reagan's Official Photograph

03/24/1986, Barbara Walter's Television Special, Various Press Clippings on the Barbara Walter's Special on the President and

          Mrs. Reagan

March 1986-April 1986, Purina Pets For People Program News, Written Q&A on Rex Reagan "The Top Dog In The White House: 

          The First Lady Talks About Her Best Friend"

04/18/1986 Scholastic News, Letter "Dear Students" Signed by Mrs. Reagan Encouraging Positive Peer Pressure Groups and

          Saying "NO" to Drugs

April 1986 McCall's Magazine, "Informal Evenings At The White House" Includes 6 or 7 White House Recipes Often Given to the


Spring 1986, AP Article by Susanne Schafer, Mrs. Reagan's Fight against Drug Abuse

Spring 1986, School Safety Magazine "Just Say No" by Nancy Reagan - Article on Saying "NO" To Drugs

05/06/1986 Washington Post, "First Lady's Voyage" by Donnie Radcliffe Written during Mrs. Reagan's Trip to the Far East in 1986

05/07/1986 New York Times, "A Very Special Relationship" by Maureen Dowd Written during Mrs. Reagan's Trip to The Far East

          in 86

May 1986-June 1986, First Monday, "America Says No" Article Mentions Mrs. Reagan and her Influence in the Campaign Against

          Drug Abuse and There Is a White House Photograph of Mrs. Reagan Taken at the Pride Conference in 1985

06/28/1986-07/04/1986, TV Guide, Cover Photograph of President and Mrs. Reagan and Story "What We've Learned about

          America from Our Years in The White House"

07/07/1986, Washington Post, "The Need For Intolerance" OP-ED Piece On The Need for Every Individual to Take a Moral Stand

          Against Drugs, Written by Nancy Reagan

July 1986 Life Magazine, First Ladies, Photo by Harry Benson and Short Text on Mrs. Reagan as First Lady, Especially Her

          Campaign against Drug Abuse

08/08/1986, USA Today Opinion Page, "The Debate: War against Drugs, 'We Must Be Intolerant of Drug Use'" by Nancy Reagan

Edited Version of Washington Post OP-ED

08/15/1986 Vital Speeches of the Day, "The Battle against Drugs" from Mrs. Reagan's Speech to the World Affairs Council, Los

          Angeles, California, 06/24/1986

September 1986 Cosmopolitan Magazine, Short Synopsis from NBC's Chris Wallace's Book on Nancy Davis Reagan and a Little

          Background Information and Original Request from Tom Dunne of St. Martin's Press (Box 55, Complete Background)

September 1986 Golden Years Magazine, "To Love A Child" by Nancy Reagan, Foster Grandparent Program

September 1986-October 1986 Grandparenting!, "Nancy Reagan - Women Of May Roles" by Noel Hudson

October 1986 Alcoholism & Addiction Magazine, Cover Photograph of  Mrs. Reagan and Publisher of Alcoholism & Addiction

          Magazine, Jerrald D. Miller & Story "First        Lady's Starring Role" on Her Campaign Against Drug Abuse Taken from a                      Written Q&A by Mrs. Reagan

October 1986 Military Lifestyle, article by Deirdre Donovan on the White House Social Aide Program

October 1986 National Association of Secondary Schools, Mrs. Reagan's Editorial and a Letter to Principals Signed by Mrs.

          Reagan Stressing the Importance of Education and Educators in the Campaign Against Youth Drug Abuse and Articles from

          Press Clipping Service about Mrs. Reagan's Letter

November 1986 McCall's Quote by Nancy Reagan for Article "It's Grand To Be a Grandparent" and a White House Family Photo


November 1986-December 1986 State Legislatures Magazine, Nancy Reagan OP - ED Piece (Originally for the Washington Post),

          Article Never Received

November 1986 Scholastic Digest, Letter Signed by Mrs. Reagan to the Readers of Scholastic Digest (Young People) on Saying

          "NO" to Drugs


OA 14245

November 1986 McCall's Magazine, "Women and Cocaine" Article which Includes an

Edited Version of Mrs. Reagan's OP - ED Piece, "The Need for Intolerance"

Fall 1986 Life Magazine, 50th Anniversary Issue Including Photographs of the President                             and Mrs. Reagan Having Lunch on a Patio off the Oval Study, Mrs. Reagan with

          a Cardboard Figure of the President and Mrs. Reagan Dancing with Frank Sinatra

          while the President Looks on

12/02/1986 Family Circle, Article by Glenn Plaskin "Christmas with the First Family"                      Photos Provided by the White House

December 1986 Ladies Home Journal, "Christmas At The White House" Photo Essay

(Decoration from December 1985 for December 1986 Magazine)

December 1986 AP (Susanne Schafer), Year-End Interview, Mostly about the Iran


December 1986 UPI (Helen Thomas), Year-End Interview, [Iran Controversy]

1986 Interviews by President Reagan which mention Mrs. Reagan:  06/29/1986 Parade Magazine, 07/07/1986 Time Magazine,

          07/07/1986 People Magazine, 07/03/1986 USA Today (1), 07/03/1986 USA Today (2), Cabbage Patch Kids Magazine

Letter "Dear Readers" Signed by Mrs. Reagan on the Importance of Young People Saying "NO" to Drugs and Mrs. Reagan's

          Official Photograph - Article Never Received

Maryland Public Television, Camp David Documentary, Background Information on this Documentary is Included in This File

National Federation of Republican Women's Book on Mrs. Reagan, Never Printed -- File Consists of One Memorandum from Peter

          J. Wallinson, Counsel to the President

National Park Service's Guide Book to Washington, DC, Written Q&A by Mrs. Reagan on Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Etc. at the White

          House and in and around Washington D.C. -  Article Never Received

Reuters Q&A for the 5th Anniversary of Assassination Attempt           

Peter Sammartino, Presidential Wives - Article Never Published

School Nurse Network, Letter "Dear Readers" Signed by Mrs. Reagan on the Importance of School Nurses in the Fight against

          Drug Abuse - Article Never Received

Science Weekly, Sent "Drug Kit," Guest Editorial, OP-ED Piece, and 4 or 5 Photographs of Mrs. Reagan - Article Never Received

Today's Prime Time, Guest Editorial and Mrs. Reagan's Official Photograph - Article Never Received

USA Today, Written Q&A Entitled "Movie Viewing by the President and Mrs. Reagan" for Lou Aguilar - People Page Reporter –

          Article Never Received

Washington Times (Lisa McCormack) Women's Wear Daily, Written Q&A on State Dinners and Entertaining - Article from the

          Washington Times Never Received - Article from the Women's Wear Daily Included but no date

Ray Stark 1983

Joy Bellington and Article on Mrs. Reagan (02/18/1983)


OA 14331

Daily Reading File – March 1987

Daily Reading File - April 1987


OA 14761

Daily Reading File, May 1987

Daily Reading File, June 1987


OA 14762

Clipping File Entitled "Polls" Through August 1987

Clipping File Entitled "Praise for Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse" Through September 1986

Clipping File Entitled "Praise for Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse" Through August 1987


OA 14763

Clippings from Miscellaneous Drug Stories through August 1987


OA 14764

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's trip to the Far East:  Honolulu, Hawaii, 04/28/1986-04/29/1986

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's trip to the Far East:  Guam, 04/28/1986-04/29/1986

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's trip to the Far East:  Bali, Indonesia, 04/29/1986-05/02/1986

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's trip to the Far East:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 05/03/1986-05/05/1986

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's trip to the Far East:  Bangkok, Thailand, 05/03/1986-05/05/1986

Clippings on Mrs. Reagan's trip to the Far East:  Tokyo, Japan, 05/05/1986-05/07/1986


OA 14765

Clippings 1986 Activities outside the White House

Clippings 1986 State Dinners

Clippings 1986 Trips


OA 14766

Clippings Continued on 1986 Trips


OA 14767

Clippings continued on 1986 Trips

Clippings 1986 Activities at the White House

Clippings 1986 Christmas


OA 14768

Clippings Entitled "Books / Novels - First Families" Through August 1987

Clippings Entitled "Novels about the First Lady" Through August 1987

Clippings Entitled "Important Articles on Mrs. Reagan and Iran Crisis 1987" Through August 1987

Clippings Entitled "Miscellaneous" Through August 1987

Clippings Entitled "Nancy Reagan Honorary Chairman" Through August 1987

Miscellaneous Drug Stories through August 1987


OA 14769

Clippings Entitled "Gift to Prince William"

Clippings Entitled "Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion" – 01/28/1986

Clippings Entitled "Health, Fitness & Exercise" through August 1987

Clippings Entitled "Nancy Reagan (Miscellaneous / Image)" through August 1987

Clippings Entitled “Nancy Reagan Changing Role" through August 1987

Clippings Entitled "Former First Ladies", through August 1987

Clippings Entitled "Reagan's Friends", through August 1987

Clippings Entitled "Nancy Reagan Changing Role" from January 1985-August 1987


OA 14770

#43 Media Advisory Mrs. Reagan's Trip to AZ & LA & the Ranch August 1986

08/14/1986 Congressional Picnic

#42 Media Advisory (07/30/1986) Pharmacists against Drug Abuse

#40 Media Advisory 07/17/1986 Mrs. Reagan's Meeting with Jesse Jackson

#39 Media Advisory Royal Wedding 07/23/1986

Background on Royal Wedding Gift Release 07/23/1986

Sketch of NR's Dress for Royal Wedding - 07/23/1986

Media Advisory 07/16/1986 Pakistan State Dinner

07/14/1986 Medal of Arts Luncheon - WH

#36 Media Advisory 07/08/1986 American Ballet Theater In NYC

"Liberty Weekend" 1986 New York City July 1986 

#36 Media Advisory 07/01/1986 Diplomatic Corps Reception

#33 Media Advisory 07/04/1986 4th of July Weekend

#35 June 1986 Media Advisory Trip to Houston, TX, LA, CA, ranch

#34 06/17/1986 State Dinner (Uruguay)

#32 06/10/1986 Media Advisory Great American Family Awards

#31 Media Advisory 05/08/1986 Ford's Theatre Gala

#30 Media Advisory 05/24/1986 White House Tennis Tournament

#29 Media Advisory 05/22/1986 Just Say No March

Just Say No Signing Ceremony 05/20/1986

#28 Senate Ladies Luncheon 05/20/1986

#27 American Assn. of Nurserymen 05/19/1986

May 1986 Medal of Freedom Award

#26 Media Advisory 05/13/1986 Congressional Wives Lunch

#25 Media Advisory Pine Manor College 05/18/1986


OA 14771

Domestic Media Requests

July 1985 Chron File

Requests for Chef Interviews Sent to Gary Walters for Response, 1986

Duplicate Media Requests through August 1987

"Interviews Requests to Do at a Later Date" 1985 - 1986



Domestic Media Requests (January 1985-May 1985)

Elaine Crispen's Blue Files:  Ad Council PSA

Elaine Crispen's Blue Files:  Book Project (Carl Sferrazza)

Elaine Crispen's Blue Files:  Books - Michael

Elaine Crispen's Blue Files:  Book Project (National Federation of Republican Women)

Elaine Crispen's Blue Files:  Books - Jim Rosebush

Elaine Crispen's Blue Files:  Trude Feldman


OA 15021

Daily Reading File:  July 1987     

Daily Reading File:  August 1987


OA 15022

Daily Reading File:  September 1987

Daily Reading File:  October 1987


OA 15030

Official Entertainment 1981-1982 (Binder)

Official Entertainment 1983-1984 (Binder)(

Daily Phone Logs June 1985-July 1987 (Phone Logs seem to stop after 04/23/1987 and begin again in the next Phone Log end of

          June and beginning of July) (Binder)

Daily Phone Log 01/01/1985-06/18/1985 (Binder)


OA 15377

#2 Media Advisory - Airing of "Generation at Risk" on PBS, 01/28/1987

#1 Media Advisory - 1/21/87, Presentation of Newsweek (Drugs)

#75 Media Advisory - Christmas Day at the WH

[#74] Media Advisory - 12/18/1986, Drunk Driving Award

Media Advisory - 12/16/1986, Children's Hospital Visit

Media Advisory - 12/15/1986, Diplomatic Children's party

#73 Media Advisory - "Cocaine.  The Big Lie"

12/18/1986, Senior Staff Party

#69 Media Advisory - 12/07/1986, Kennedy Center Honors

Press Preview, 12/08/1986

Christmas Card Release

12/03/1986, Christmas Tree Presentation

Christmas Book 1986

#67 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Boys Town, Nebraska - 11/25/1986

#66 Media Advisory - Thanksgiving at the Ranch 1986

#65 Media Advisory - 11/18/1986, American Sportscasters Award in NYC

#64 Media Advisory - 11/16/1986, Torvill & Dean Skating

#63 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Meeting with 21 Ambassadors, 11/12/1986

#62 Media Advisory - 11/06/1986, Dana Awards Presentation, NYC

#61 Media Advisory - Pros for Kids / Joan Rivers / ATAS

#60 Media Advisory - 10/26/1986, PBS "In Concert at the WH"

Media Advisory - 10/21/1986, State Dinner - Germany

#57 Media Advisory - 10/16/1986, Publication of "Pres. House: A History of the White House"

#56 Media Advisory - 10/15/1986, Princess Grace Statue Unveiling

#55 Catholic University (1)(2)

#54 Media Advisory - 10/09/1986, 5th Nat'l Conf. NFP - Capitol Hilton

#53 Media Advisory - 10/26/1986, PBS in Concert Series

#52 Horowitz Concert, 10/05/1986

#51 Media Advisory - Kansas City, MO for United Negro Fund Dinner, 10/02/1986

#50 Media Advisory - 09/25/1986, Chemical People II, Pitts., PA

#49 Media Advisory - 09/23/1986, "Schools Without Drugs"

#48 Media Advisory - Resignation of Ken Barun

#47 Media Advisory - New York, 09/16/1986, Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Phoenix Academy

#46 Media Advisory - Boy Scouts - Explorers Award

#45 Media Advisory - 09/10/1986, State Dinner - Brazil

#44 Media Advisory - Whistlestop Tour – 09/11/1986


OA 15378

Miscellaneous Drug Stories from August 1987-January 1988


OA 15379

Daily Reading File:  November 1987

Daily Reading File:  December 1987


OA 15520

Miscellaneous Drug Stories from January 1988-March 1988


OA 15521

All Clippings Related to Mrs. Reagan's Breast Surgery (Including All Related Clippings from the Press Clipping Service)


OA 15732

Daily Reading File:  January 1988

Daily Reading File:  February 1988


OA 15733

The White House Children's Book (Background on a Pamphlet Given out by the Visitor's Office)

Celebrity Service International (A Short-Lived Bulletin for the Washington, D.C. Area)

Press Christmas Backgrounders 1985 (Various Backgrounders from Christmas 1985)

1984 Press Christmas Parties Lists (and Various Backgrounders from 1984)

1984 Christmas Card List (Press)

1985 Christmas (Various Backgrounders from 1985)

Assassination Attempt

America Illustrated (1)(2)

American Press Institute (John Finneman Wrote Mrs. Reagan's Press Office on Several Occasions to Arrange White House Tours

          for a Feature and Lifestyle Editors Seminar)

Air Conditioning in August 1986 (For the Executive Residence)

Advertising Council (Different Nancy Reagan Volunteer Activities Sponsored by the Advertising Council - Foster Grandparent Program, Annual Salute to Volunteer Luncheon, Etc.)

John Adams Portrait (Presented to the White House, 04/23/1986)

Jon Hill Interview Requests (We Kept a File of the Requests from the Press to Interview Mr. Hill while He Was Executive Chef to the White House - 1987)

Fashion - CFDA Awards Announcement (Council of Fashion Designers of America)

Roger Elwood (Background Information on the Article that He Wrote on Mrs. Reagan that He Attributed to Mrs. Reagan)

Drug Letters (An Example of Supportive Letters from a 1982 Trip Mrs. Reagan Took to Florida and Texas)

Drug Polls (Mrs. Reagan Statement about a 1984 Gallup Organization Survey Showing Decreased Use of Marijuana by Young People)

Drug Program (Strategy on Mrs. Reagan and the Campaign against Drug Abuse as It Was Just Getting Started in 1981)

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Mailing (A mailing that Mrs. Reagan sent out in February 1982 "Letters to Nancy Reagan " which includes letters from young people who had written Mrs. Reagan on the subject of Drug Abuse)

Teenage Drug Abuse - NIDA Survey (National Institute on Drug Abuse) - A guest Editorial by Nancy Reagan (Mailing of an Editorial by Mrs. Reagan as a Follow-up to the annual NIDA Survey of Drug Use by High School Seniors released 02/03/1983)

Correspondence from Mrs. Reagan from 1981-1983 - The Correspondence does not seem to have any common thread - To give a few examples there is:  "Sorry About Your Loss" and "Congratulations on Being a Hero" letter)

Subscriptions Newspapers and Magazines (A List from 1984 on the First Lady's Press Office Subscriptions to Newspapers and Magazines)

Stories Given to the Press by Press Secretary over the phone (Elaine Crispen called a few reporters with a story on the National Symphony Orchestra's performance in London - This file does not include anything else)

Elaine's Smoking Letters (1)(2)

Nancy Reagan Research (1981 Survey on Mrs. Reagan's popularity by Dick Wirthlin / Decision Making Information)

Report - Mrs. Reagan's First Fourteen Months (An update on Mrs. Reagan's activities to keep the Press Kit current, March 1982)

Feature Story - First Year at the White House, February 1982 (An update to the original Press Kit which covered the first nine

          months Mrs. Reagan was First Lady to keep the Press Kit current, January 1982)

Photo Requests (A memorandum from Fred Fielding on Do's and Don't of Releasing White House Photos to the Public and a

          request from Newsweek Magazine of a White House Photo of Mrs. Reagan from the Luxembourg State Dinner for a story                 Newsweek was doing on Twyla Tharp)

Phil Donahue Show (Donahue Show Syndication List, March 1984)

People Magazine (Backgrounder on President and Mrs. Reagan's interview with People Magazine, 11/20/1981 and a photo and

          comment on a photograph of Mrs. Reagan commissioned by National Women's Republican Club of New York City by the

Artist Zita Davisson - People was doing a story on Zita Davisson)

Pandas (Background information on "Pennies for Pandas" Program)

National Law Enforcement Officers (Background information on Mrs. Reagan's role

in building Nation's Memorial to Slain Law Enforcement Officers 1987)

National Paint and Coating Association (Mrs. Reagan's taped remarks to the National Paint and Coating Association on the

          problems of solvent abuse and background and information on this problem)

Breakdown of Mail Received for Mrs. Reagan After Assassination Attempt on President Reagan

Magazines on file FYI Jewelry Making Gems Magazine from Jul 85 / Young Miss Magazine from June 1985 / July 1985

Larry Leamer (Author of Make-Believe The Story of Nancy and Ronald Reagan, information, background, correspondence between

          Sheila Tate and Larry Leamer)

Lew Lehrman (Citizens for America) CFA Call for Action / Citizens of America (A bulletin from Lew Lehrman on the Nicaraguan

          Freedom Fighters)

Hairdressers (Monsieur Marc as spokesman for L'Oreal Book / Articles / Etc. and a story           on Robin Weir for Beauty Industry

          Publications and Nancy Reagan's beauty tips for Family Circle Magazine)

Report:  Two-Year Fact Sheet December 1982 (Fact Sheet on the Foster Grandparent Program and Drug and Alcohol Abuse

          Among Youth Program and Social and Upcoming Plans as of December 1982)


OA 15741

Family Photos Pre-1980

Photo Files from 1980, 1981, and 1982

Photos from Mrs. Raab from Venice Summit, 1987


OA 15742

Daily Reading File:  March 1988

Daily Reading File:  April 1988


OA 15743

August 1985 Chron File (Letters from Elaine Crispen)

September 1985 Chron File (Letters from Elaine Crispen)

October 1985 Chron File (Letters from Elaine Crispen)

November 1985 Chron File (Letters from Elaine Crispen)

December 1985 Chron File (Letters from Elaine Crispen)

Anita (Blue folder from Elaine)

Puppy / Rex

Judge Bork


Memorandums from Elaine Crispen (December 1985-October 1987)

3x5 Index Cards:  Nancy Reagan Quotes 1981 / Nancy Reagan Camping Interviews (1980)


OA 15744

Clippings Entitled "Praise for Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse" from August 1987 through the Middle of April 1988

Miscellaneous Drug Stories from Mar 88 through the Beginning of May 1988


OA 16005

Daily Reading File, May 1988


OA 16006

Domestic Media Requests 1987 (These interview requests are ones that were turned down over the telephone and each

          conversation is recorded on the individual request)

          Foreign Media Requests 1987 (These interview requests are ones that were turned down over the telephone and each

                   conversation is recorded on the individual request)


OA 16020

Clippings from the Press Clipping Service on Mrs. Reagan and Astrology and Mrs. Reagan and Don Regan's Book

          [Envelope marked Don Regan’s book 162]

Clippings from the Press Clipping Service on Mrs. Reagan and Astrology and Mrs. Reagan and Don Regan's Book [Envelope marked NR/Astrology 231]  (1)-(3)

Clippings from the Press Clipping Service on Mrs. Reagan and Astrology and Mrs. Reagan and Don Regan's Book [Envelope marked all Astrology or D.R.’s book or N.R.influence etc. 67] (1)-(5)

Clippings from the Press Clipping Service on Mrs. Reagan and Astrology and Mrs. Reagan and Don Regan's Book [Envelope marked all Astrology & D.R.’s book 99] (1)-(4)

Clippings from the Press Clipping Service on Mrs. Reagan and Astrology and Mrs. Reagan and Don Regan's Book [Envelope marked all Astrology & D.R.’s book  299] (1)-(4)

Clippings from the Press Clipping Service on Mrs. Reagan and Astrology and Mrs. Reagan and Don Regan's Book [loose in box] (1)-(11)


OA 16021

Clippings from the Press Clipping Service on the Moscow Summit 1988 (1)-(28)

Clippings from the Press Clipping Service on Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Sweden and Venice in 1987 (1)-(5)


OA 16037

#27 Media Advisory - 06/01/1987, Resignation of Martin J. Coyne, Replacement with Jim Manning

#26 Media Advisory - WH News Photo. Assoc. Awards Exhibit, 05/26/1987

#25 Media Advisory - Honorary Degree from Georgetown University at Kennedy Center, 05/23/1987

#24 Media Advisory - 05/18/1987, Senate Wives Luncheon

#23 Media Advisory - 05/16/1987, White House Tennis Tournament

#22 Media Advisory - Economic Summit, June 1987

#21 Media Advisory – May 11-May 14, NR Trip to Los Angeles for Vol. of America & Just Say No Rally

#20 Media Advisory - 05/06/1987, Congressional Wives Luncheon

#19 Media Advisory - Invest-in-America Luncheon at Dirksen Building, 05/05/1987

Media Advisory - 05/04/1987, Mrs. Reagan's Address the AP Publishers' Luncheon in NYC

#18 State Dinner for the P.M. of Japan and Mrs. Nakasone, 04/30/1987

#17 Media Advisory - 04/27/1987, United Way of America's Young Leaders Conference Luncheon

04/20/1987 Easter Egg Roll

April 1987 Elaine’s Pre-Advance to Europe

#16 Media Advisory - Spring Garden Tour - 04/11/1987

International Council of Shopping Centers Photo, 04/09/1987

#15 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to CA for Easter, April 1987

#15 Media Advisory - State Dinner for PM Chirac of France

#14 Media Advisory - Rostropovich's 60th Birthday Kennedy Center - 03/27/1987

#13 Media Advisory - 03/24/1987, Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Jacksonville, FL for TPC Village

#12 Media Advisory - 03/19/1987, PRIDE Conference

#11 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to New York City to Attend the Met

#10 Media Advisory - Girl Scouts at the Kennedy Ctr., 03/12/1987

#9 Media Advisory - 03/08/1987, "In-Performance at the WH"

#8 Media Advisory - 03/02/1987, American Camping Association

#7 Media Advisory - 02/26/1987, Mrs. Reagan's Visit to Cameron School to Watch "Just Say No" Play

02/23/1987 Governor’s Wives Lunch

Governor's Dinner - 02/22/1987

02/19/1987 Arts and Humanities Luncheon

#4 Media Advisory - 02/09/1987, Mrs. Reagan's Trip to L.A. (D.A.R.E. and Kiwanis           Luncheon)

#3 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan Accepts "Spirit of America" Award at wh - 02/05/1987


OA 16038

Miscellaneous Oversized photos

Early Photos (Pre-1980)


OA 16048

1987 Activities at the White House


OA 16049

1987 Activities Outside the White House

1987 Christmas Festivities at the White House

1987 State Dinners


OA 16050

Los Angeles - Kiwanis / D.A.R.E. 02/09/1987

Atlanta - PRIDE Conference 03/19/1987

NYC - Met. Opera 03/22/1987

Jacksonville 03/24/1987

Ranch - Easter April 1987

Canada April 1987

USS Stark Tragedy April 1987

NYC - Associated Press Annual Luncheon 05/04/1987

Bill Casey Funeral - NY

Sweden [and Italy] June 1987 (1)-(13)

Economic Summit June 1987


OA 16051

New Orleans 06/25/1987

Anne Davis Wedding 07/11/1987

Bolshoi Ballet Troupe 07/20/1987

Maine 07/28/1987

Ranch August 1987

Thanksgiving - Ranch 1987

U.N. with Pres. and Stamp Ceremony 09/21/1987

Pope in Miami 09/10/1987

Pope in Los Angeles September 1987

New Hampshire for FGP Event 10/16/1987

Chicago for Ronald McDonald October 1987

Phoenix - Mother's Funeral 10/27/1987

NYC - Vladimir Feltsman Concert 11/11/1987

Annenberg Estate - New Years Eve 1987


OA 16385

Miscellaneous Drug Stories from May 1988 through the Middle of August 1988


OA 16386

Daily Reading File: June 1988

Daily Reading File: July 1988


OA 16387

Background Material on "Portrait of a First Lady"


OA 16605

Winter 1987 - Southern Accents Magazine Holiday Issue - "Christmas at the White House - Traditional Trimmings Enhance Its

          Stateliness" - Short article and six photos of the Reagan's White House.  The White House provided photographs.

01/08/1987 - The Uptown Citizen - A small northwest Washington newspaper that included drawings and short comments by Lily

          Spandorf on "A Mother Goose Christmas at the White House - 1986"

January 1987 - Reader's Digest - "Can Cocaine Conquer America?" - A compilation of answers from the nation's press as well as

          an insert called "Just Say No" taken from Mrs. Reagan's televised remarks to the nation, 09/14/1986

January 1987 / February 1987 - Young People Today - A Message from Mrs. Reagan to Remember to "Just Say No."

January 1987 / February 1987 - Victor Valley Magazine - "The First Lady's Causes – Her Commitment in the Fight against

          Teenage Drug Abuse" - Mrs. Reagan's Guest Editorial (shortened version) and other people's (Mike Deaver, Mary Jane

          Wick, Sheila Tate, William F. Buckley, and Barbara Kellerman) thoughts on all Mrs. Reagan has done in the war against

          illegal drug use.  Mrs. Reagan is on the cover of this magazine.

Mid-Winter 1987 - The College Digest - Mrs. Reagan's Op-Ed Piece, "The Need for Intolerance" (originally for the Washington

          Post) was sent.  Betsy Koons made a few small changes in the text.

Winter 1987 - Say It with Puppets Newsletter - A Condensed Version of Mrs. Reagan's Guest Editorial

March 1987 - Weight Watchers Magazine - "How America's First Family Keeps Fit" - short written Q&A by Mrs. Reagan

04/27/1988 - United Press International - Written Piece by Mrs. Reagan for UPI on the Foster Grandparent Program

06/06/1987 - Aftonbladet - A Tabloid in Stockholm, Sweden that ran Mrs. Reagan's           Guest Editorial about Drug Abuse and Young

          People.  Betsy Koons added a paragraph to the original Guest Editorial concerning Mrs. Reagan's long-term interest in the

          drug abuse problem.

06/09/1987 - Le Figaro Magazine - Prince Michael of Greece Talks with Mrs. Reagan about Her Role as First Lady of the U.S.A.

06/13/1987-06/19/1987 - Eve's Weekly - "Life as the President's Wife" taken from Mrs. Reagan's speech to the Associated Press

          Publisher's Luncheon, 05/04/1988 [sic] This speech was distributed by USIA and included in this file are articles from   

          India, West Germany, Jamaica, Bangladesh, and Colombia

06/21/1987 - The Trentonian - Article by Regina Murray Entitled "Famous Fathers" in which Mrs. Reagan shares the best advice her

          father, Dr. Loyal Davis, gave her

June 1987 - Message Magazine - "Drugs Close to the Home" - a special supplement to Message Magazine and Mrs. Reagan's

          Guest Editorial was included

August 1987 - Ladies Home Journal - An Article Entitled "Nancy Reagan Gets Tough" by Michael J. Weiss about Mrs. Reagan's

          Perceived Changing Role from "Queen Nancy" to an Anti-drug Crusader to a Powerful Political Maneuverer.  (No direct

          participation by Mrs. Reagan)

09/28/1987 - U.S. News & World Report - An Article Entitled "Reflections on     Life in a Fishbowl" by Ken Walsh in which he speaks

          with three former First Ladies (He spoke with Mrs. Reagan by telephone), and includes "A Frank Talk with the First Lady"

          (Mrs. Reagan) about a Campaign Spouse and First Lady

September 1987 - Momentum Magazine - "What is the 'healing dimension' of education?  Five leaders comment on this question

          and a shortened version of Mrs. Reagan's Guest Editorial is included

10/02/1987 - Maryland Public Television

10/04/1987 - Chicago Tribune - An Article by George De Lama Entitled "First Lady           Likes Glow, But Not Heat of Spotlight" on Mrs.

          Reagan's trip to her girlhood home of Chicago.  In the article she discusses her likes and dislikes about being First Lady and

          responds to comments about herself as First Lady.  Mrs. Reagan was interviewed by George De Lama for this article

October 1987 - Junior League Richardson - Printed Mrs. Reagan's Article "The Need for Intolerance"

10/16/1987 - Cable News Network - Transcript of an Interview with Charles Wick about Mrs. Reagan which is very positive and

          mentions her work with the Foster Grandparent Program and illegal drug use

10/20/1987 - Family Circle Magazine - An Article Entitled "White House Desserts" from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. 

          The recipe for "President Reagan's Floating Island" dessert came from Chef Henry Haller's The White House Family       


PBS Drug-Free Kids

November 1987 - David Frost - Interviewer David Frost talks to the President and the  President mentions Mrs. Reagan.  The article

played in several newspapers and magazines (New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, People, etc.)

12/17/1987 - Associated Press - End of the Year Interview by Susanne Schafer (Mostly about Mrs. Reagan's difficulties in 1987)

12/17/1987 - United Press International - End of the Year Interview by Helen   Thomas (Mostly about Mrs. Reagan's difficulties in


December 1987 - The Washington Post - Article by Donnie Radcliffe Entitled "The Dark Year of Nancy Reagan" about her

          difficulties in 1987 (Her breast surgery and her mother's passing)

December 1987-January 1988 - Voice Magazine - An Article Entitled "The First Lady Comes to VOA" by Kevin Lynch. The article

          talks about Mrs. Reagan's visit to the Voice of America in September 1987 to discuss her battle against drug abuse

Bagby's Health Digest - Statement from Mrs. Reagan on how she stays in shape

Daily Bruin - UCLA's Student Newspaper and Mrs. Reagan's Op-Ed Piece, "The Need for Intolerance" (Originally for the

          Washington Post) was sent

Redbook Magazine - "President Reagan's Favorite Macaroni and Cheese" recipe and a brief statement on their private dining at

          home was sent.  If the article was published, we never received it or saw it

Worldnet - USIA Publication - Mrs. Reagan's Op-Ed Piece "The Need for Intolerance" (Originally for the Washington Post) was sent

America's Plant Doctor - Interview Request from Dr. Ellen T. Henke to tour the White House Grounds with Irv Williams, the Executive

          Grounds Superintendent.  The interview was granted, and Irv took Dr. Henke around the grounds but she never sent an article

          of any kind about the tour

Redbook Magazine - Redbook was doing a story called "The Best of Everything" and asked Mrs. Reagan for her comments on the

          most influential women in American history.  Mrs. Reagan chose not to submit an answer, but this file contains    

          background information on this request

Woman's Day Magazine - Woman's Day originally requested a telephone interview with Mrs. Reagan for the 50th Anniversary Issue

          on changing attitudes toward food in America. Mrs. Reagan was not able to do the phone interview but did submit a  

          written piece answering the question

Family Circle Magazine - Interview Request about the Role of the First Lady.  The interview request was turned down, but we sent

          Mrs. Reagan's remarks to the Associated Press Publishers' Luncheon, 05/04/1987.  Her remarks were on the role of First


Historic Preservation Magazine - Request for a "Vignette" from Mrs. Reagan on her most memorable experience that ties in with

          the architectural or cultural heritage of Washington, D.C.  Mrs. Reagan wrote a piece on the day her husband took the         

          Oath of Office on the steps of the Capital

Fred Barnes / Reader's Digest - There is nothing in this file except Mrs. Reagan's Drug Kit (as of July 1987), Mrs. Reagan's

          biography, and a note from Elaine Crispen saying to put this information in a file called "Fred Barnes / Reader's Digest                       article"

Artistic Ambassador Program - A Request from the Director of USIA's Artistic Ambassador Program for a specific photograph of

          Mrs. Reagan with two "Artistic Ambassadors" musicians to be used in a USIA promotional booklet about the program

Ladies Home Journal - Photos were sent to LHJ for an article on "The Most Stylish Women in America"

McDonald's Management News - Mrs. Reagan responded to a very short, written Q&A about Youth Drug Abuse and her

          Impressions of Camp Ronald McDonald

Food and Nutrition Magazine - Mrs. Reagan sent a letter commending the Food and Nutrition Service on their contribution to the

          "Just Say No" to drugs message

House & Garden Magazine - There is nothing in this file except the original request to photograph rooms on State Floor and the

          private residence for use in an article on different Presidential lifestyles beginning with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

          There is also a note from Elaine Crispen to Mrs. Reagan asking her to approve photos, but there are no photos in the file

Country Magazine - Interview Request for a Christmas portrait of the President and Mrs. Reagan.  Although the interview was turned

          down we did send biographies and several Christmas photos

Woman's Own Magazine - An English Magazine that requested information on how the Reagans spent Christmas.  We sent photos

          and a recipe for Monkey Bread and answered specific questions he had by phone

Jack Lewis - A free-lance Writer who sent Mrs. Reagan some questions about Mrs.           Reagan's godmother, Alla Nazimova.  We did

          not submit answers to him.


OA 16606

Elaine Crispen's Blue Folder Entitled "World Trip"

          Elaine Crispen's Blue Folder Entitled “Mrs. Ozal / Turkish Band"

Mrs. Reagan's Press Office / Elaine Crispen's Chron Files from January 1986-November 1986


OA 16607

Mrs. Reagan's Press Office / Elaine Crispen's Chron Files from December 1986-April 1987


OA 16608

Mrs. Reagan's Press Office / Elaine Crispen's Chron Files from September 1987-October 1988


OA 16609

Daily Reading File: August 1988  

Daily Reading File: September 1988


OA 16610

Miscellaneous Drug Stories from the Middle of August 1988 through the Beginning of November 1988


OA 16798

Daily Reading File:  October 1988

Daily Reading File:  November 1988


OA 16799

Clippings - Miscellaneous Past Staff of the President including Michael Deaver

Clippings - Miscellaneous Presidential & First Lady Staff

Clippings - Chef Henry Haller

Clippings - Chef Jon Hill

Thanksgiving at the Ranch, 1987

#50 Media Advisory - 01/11/1987, Mrs. Reagan's Trip to NYC for Feltsman Concert

State Dinner - 11/10/1987, Israel

#49 Media Advisory - The Passing of Mrs. Loyal Davis, 10/26/1987

10/18/1987, In-Performance at the WH

#48 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to New Hampshire for FGP Event, 10/16/1987

10/14/1987, El Salvador State Dinner

#46 Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Chicago, Illinois for Ronald McDonald Children's Charities Dinner, 10/07/1987

#45 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Therapeutic Riding Center, 10/01/1987

#44 Media Advisory - 09/27/1987, Vladimir Feltsman Concert

#43 Media Advisory - VOA Conference - 09/24/1987

09/23/1987 Congressional

#42 Media Advisory - "Just Say No" to Drugs Pledge Cards - 09/23/1987

White House Photo, 09/23/1987, World Flower Bulb Day

#41 Media Advisory - 09/21/1987, Mrs. Reagan to UN with Pres. and Stamp Ceremony

09/16/1987-9/17/1987 - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Los Angeles to Meet with the Pope

Jon Hill, 09/03/1987, Advisory on the New White House Chef

09/09/1987 Swedish State Dinner

#37 Media Advisory – August 1987, Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Phoenix and L.A. and the Ranch

#35 [36] Media Advisory - 07/28/1987, Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Maine

#35 Media Advisory - Great American Family Award, 07/27/1987

07/22/1987, Drug Abuse Prevention Forum

#33 Media Advisory - Anti-Drug Trailers - Family Theater, 07/14/1987

#32 Media Advisory - 07/01/1987, Mrs. Reagan to See the Wyeth Art Exhibit at Corcoran

#31 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan at the USO Awards Dinner, 1987 (06/29/1987)

#30 “In-Performance at the White House", 06/28/1987

#29 Media Advisory - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to New Orleans, LA, (06/25/1987-06/26/1987)

#28 Media Advisory - Ford's Theater Reception, 06/21/1987


OA 18740

Clippings NR/Astrology [I] (1)-(6)

Clippings - Praise for NR Drug Abuse

Clippings - NR / Moscow Summit (1)-(17)

Clippings - NR / Russian Summit

Clippings NR/Astrology [II] (1)-(4)

Clippings - Articles on "Borrowed Gowns"


OA 18741

Clippings - Camp David

Clippings - Polls

Clippings - Style / Fashion

Clippings - NR Image (Miscellaneous)

Clippings - Hairdressers

Clippings - Menus

Clippings - Recipes

Clippings - Presidential Polls

Clippings - Wirthlin - NR Thermometer

Clippings - Kiwanis Billboards

Clippings - Return of David Jacobsen, November 1986

Clippings - Ambassador Wilson's File

Clippings - Social

Clippings - Hate Mail

Clippings - Adverse Publicity

Clippings - Increased Security

Clippings - Churches

Clippings - Income Taxes (Reagans)

Clippings - Gifts


OA 18742

Daily Reading File: [12/01/1988-12/08/1988]

Daily Reading File: [12/09/1988-12/14/1988]

Daily Reading File: [12/15/1988-12/23/1988]

Daily Reading File: [12/24/1988-12/30/1988]

Daily Reading File: [07/10/1981-07/15/1981]

Elaine Speaking Invitations

Elaine Crispen Travel

Elaine Personal File

Memos from Elaine Crispen


OA 18743

Foreign Media Request, 1987 & 1988

1988 International Interview Requests

1988 Domestic Interview Requests [1 of 5]

1988 Domestic Interview Requests [2 of 5]

1988 Domestic Interview Requests [3 of 5]

1988 Domestic Interview Requests [4 of 5]

1988 Domestic Interview Requests [5 of 5]


OA 18744

Clippings - Liver Transplants

Clippings - White House [Folder 1]

Clippings - White House [Folder 2]

Clippings - White House is Accredited as a Museum

Clippings – February 03 - Press Release & Picture White House China

Clippings - Style & Entertaining

July 13 - Military Aides & Music

Clippings - Donald Regan's Book

Clippings - NR / Clothes

Clippings - 1988 Presidential Campaign and Stories about the Bushes after the November Election

Clippings - "Kiss-and-Tell Books"


OA 18745



AP / UPI Wire Machines

Air Force One Film

Mrs. Reagan's Awards

Arts Council Luncheon

NR Signature

Mrs. Reagan's Press Office 1986 Overview


Art in Embassy Program

Nancy Reagan Biography April 1985

Ronald Reagan Biography March 1986

Biography of Edith Davis

Biography of Dr. Loyal Davis

Mrs. Reagan Family File

Biography of Patricia Ann Reagan

Biography of Ronald Prescott Reagan

Biography of Sheila Tate June 1981

Mrs. Reagan's Videotape on Breast Cancer

Press Parties 12/11/1985 & 12/12/1985

NR Book (w/Barbara Wyden)

First Lady's Press 1986 Christmas Card Mailing List

1986/1987 Press X-mas Parties

1987 Press X-mas Card List

1988 Christmas Card List

Community Foundation of Greater Washington

First Lady's Tennis Tournament

Nancy Reagan Fund

Camp David

Celebrities for Reagan / Bush

CONUS Communications

Maureen Reagan's Pictures for the Convention

Drug Testing

Mrs. Reagan's Meeting with DARE Representatives 11/18/1988

Background on the Drug Summit

Hand-outs for Drug Summit [sic]

Hand-outs for 2nd First Ladies Summit 10/21/1985

Drug Editorial (Old)

Mrs. R. Remarks - Drug Conf.

Media Requests re: First Ladies Drug Summit / April 1985

Dossier Magazine

Entertainers at the White House

Fees for NR's Television Appearances / Magazine Articles


OA 18746

"Interview Magazine" December 1981 "Cover Story: A White House Christmas"

Vanity Fair Magazine April 1984 - "The Eyes of Nancy Reagan"

Ron Reagan's Article on the Geneva Summit in Playboy and All His Articles and Interviews - Fathers Vanity Fair December 1985

Book by Carl Sferrazza

Child Magazine

Ray Stark Documentary

Their World Magazine

Career Insights Magazine

Claudia Magazine

FGP Articles for Drug Abuse Update February 1988

Trude Feldman's Piece McCall’s Magazine March 1988

20/20 with Barbara Walters and NR on Surgery 02/03/1988

Ray Stark Film Documentary

Cancer PSA

Ted Koppel Interview 02/29/1988

Modern Maturity Magazine

Nat'l Association of Broadcasters "Just Say No" PSA 03/28/1988

"Special Report on Health"

Carl Sferrazza Archival Publication

MADD "Drive for Life" PSA July 1988 Request Declined

Action / Reader's Digest


Family Circle Magazine

Campus USA

National Drug Information Center / NR's Comments on Legalization of Drugs

Vim & Vigor Magazine

Hedrick Smith Interview

Baseball Commissioner's Booklet

Ladies Home Journal December, 1988 (1)(2)

Jill Eikenberry / Breast Cancer

Vogue Decoration (Paris)

Chatelaine Magazine (Canada)

Vogue Decorations Magazine December 1988

Vanity Fair Photo

Betty Cuniberti L.A. Times Interview

Avenue De La Paix (Geneva, Switzerland)

Council of Fashion Designers of America

Hello Magazine

Tiffany's Book 11/16/1988

1988 Helen Thomas End-of-the-Year Interview 12/08/1988

Susan Watters Piece for Wind 12/21/1988 “What's Ahead for Nancy Reagan"

Betty Beale's Column for the Washington


OA 18747

Funeral of Ed Hickey 01/13/1988

Dinner for Roger Stevens at the Kennedy Center

National Religious Broadcasters Association 02/01/1988

Mrs. Reagan Receives the Silver Buffalo Award from the Boy Scouts 02/09/1988

CPAC Dinner 02/11/1988

Governor's Spouses Luncheon Decatur House 02/22/1988

WH Conference for a Drug-Free America @ the Omni Shoreham 02/29/1988

"Just Say No" Night at Capital Centre 03/25/1988

Gridiron Dinner

ICSC Award to Mrs. Reagan 04/12/1988

Second Genesis Dinner at the J.W. Marriott - 04/20/1988

NR to National Therapeutic Riding Center 10/19/1988

"Tribute to First Lady Nancy Reagan" at Omni Shoreham 10/20/1988

NR to International Horse Show 10/23/1988

RR/NR Visit to Vietnam Veterans Memorial 11/11/1988

Republican Senators Dinner in Honor of RR 11/29/1988

Arts in Embassies Reception November 1988

Kennedy Center Honors

Christmas 1988 - UPI Press Story

NR Trip to Edge Meade 01/21/1988

NR to Nashville, TN 01/07/1988-01/08/1988

NR Trip to NYC for CFDA Award for Mrs. Astor 01/11/1988

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Indianapolis, IN for the NBA "JSN" Rally

President and Mrs. Reagan's Trip to the Ranch (RR/Mexico)

Jimmy Stewart Tribute in New York City

Mrs. Reagan's Private Trip to New York City 03/01/1988-03/03/1988

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Nashville, TN 03/16/1988

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to NYC for "Phantom of the Opera” 03/21/1988-03/23/1988

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Atlanta, GA to Attend PRIDE Conference 04/13/1988

Reagan's Spring Vacation at the Ranch April 1988


OA 18749

Clippings - Bill Novak

Clippings - Judge Ginsberg Nomination November 1987

Clippings - Soviet Youth Orchestra

Clippings - Korean "Heart" Children

Clippings - Foster Grandparent Program

Clippings - Elaine - Ann Landers Column

Clippings - Miscellaneous

Clippings - Reagan Presidential Library

Clippings - Iran Contra Hearings

Clippings - The Reagan's Romance / Marriage

Clippings - President's Health

Clippings - Mrs. Reagan's Health [Folder 1]

Clippings - Mrs. Reagan's Health [Folder 2]

Clippings - TPC Village (N.R. Drug Fund)


OA 18751

Clippings - Bob Hope Special Birthday April 1988

Clippings - "Just Say No" March 05/11/1988

Clippings - Fred Astaire Gala

Clippings - Soviet Union Trip Summary

Clippings - The President and Mrs. Reagan's Trip to the Soviet Union

Clippings - Andrews Air Force Arrival Home 06/03/1988

Clippings - London - Royal Institute of International Affairs (06/03/1988)

Clippings - London - Buckingham Palace and Mrs. Thatcher (06/03/1988)

Clippings - Moscow Trip Departure (05/25/1988)

Clippings - Leningrad (05/31/1988)

Clippings - Tretyakov Gallery - Icons

Clippings - Moscow Arrival Ceremony (05/29/1988)

Clippings - Moscow Trip (Miscellaneous)

Clippings - President and Mrs. Reagan in Helsinki, May 1988

Clippings - Republican National Republican Convention New Orleans, LA

Clippings - Reagan's Summer Vacation at the Ranch August 1988

Clippings - Economic Summit in Toronto, Canada June 88 [Folder 1]

[Clippings - Economic Summit in Toronto, Canada June 88] [Folder 2]


OA 18755

American Assoc. of Nurserymen Ceremony at the White House May 1988

#33 World Gas Conference at the Wash. Hilton Hotel 06/08/1988

#33 Media Advisory - WH Tennis Tournament 06/12/1988

President and Mrs. Reagan's Trip to the Soviet Union May 1988 (1)(2)

#31 Media Advisory - NR Trip to Orlando, FL for FGP Jamboree 06/08/1988

#35 Media Advisory - Senate Ladies Luncheon 06/15/1988

Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Toronto, Canada

#36 Media Advisory - Congressional Wives Luncheon 06/22/1988

Media Advisory - Ford's Theatre Gala & Reception at the White House 06/24/1988

Turkey State Dinner

Youth for Christ

#39 Media Advisory - NR Visit to Anthony Bowen YMCA 08/03/1988

#40 - Media Advisory - "In Performance at the White House" 08/05/1988

Great American Family Awards 08/11/1988

#43 Media Advisory - NR's Trip to Phoenix, AZ for Dedication of Neuro-Research Lab 09/08/1988

#42 Media Advisory - Republican Convention in New Orleans, LA

#43 Media Advisory - Address to Nation & Elementary School Children on Drugs 09/12/1988

Congressional Barbeque 09/15/1988

#45 Media Advisory - RR/NR to NYC for UNGA Speech and NR to Met. Opera 09/26/1988

#47 Media Advisory - NR to RFK Stadium for Redskins 1/2 Time "Just Say No" Event 10/02/1988

#48 Media Advisory - NR Trip to Long Island, NY for St. Francis Hospital Dedication 10/04/1988

#49 Media Advisory - State Dinner - Mali 10/06/1988

#50 Media Advisory - NR to L.A., CA for the Opening of the World Series

#52 Media Advisory - NR to National Therapeutic Riding Center 10/19/1988

Media Advisory - "Tribute to First Lady Nancy Reagan" at Omni Shoreham

#55 Media Advisory - NR Award "Gran Cruz Extra-Ordanario con Placa de Oro"

#55 Media Advisory - NR to International Horse Show 10/23/1988

#51 Media Advisory - NR Address to UNGA on Drug Abuse NYC

Media Advisory - Susan G. Komen Foundation Lunch 10/27/1988

Simon Wiesenthal Center Dinner in L.A., CA 10/30/1988

Media Advisory - Margaret Thatcher State Dinner 11/16/1988

#59 Media Advisory - Thanksgiving Dinner 1988

#61 Media Advisory - Kennedy Center Honors 12/04/1988

Media Advisory Delivery of the White House Xmas Tree 12/06/1988

NR and the Turkish "Pocket Hercules” 12/06/1988

Media Advisory - NR's Trip to NYC for Gorbachev Visit

Media Advisory 1988 White House Christmas Card 12/08/1988

Media Advisory 1988 Press Preview 12/12/1988

1988 Christmas Booklet

Media Advisory - Children's Hospital 12/14/1988

Media Advisory Diplomatic Children's Party 12/13/1988

Amer. Assn. of Museums Event 12/20/1988

Media Advisory Xmas Dinner at the White House 12/22/1988

Media Advisory Xmas Dinner in Bel Air, CA 12/25/1988

Christmas 1988


OA 18756

Clippings - Mrs. Reagan's Private Trip to New York City July 1988

Clippings - Reagans at the Ranch July 1988

Clippings - Gloria Vanderbilt's Son's Funeral in NYC 07/26/1988

Clippings - RR/NR Trip to Hastings College in Nebraska

Clippings - NR to RFK Stadium for Redskins 1/2 Time "Just Say No" Event 10/02/1988

Clippings - NR Trip to Long Island, NY for Dedication at St. Francis Hosp.  10/04/1988          

Clippings – Nancy Reagan to L.A., CA for the World Series 10/15/1988

Clippings – Nancy Reagan Address to UNGA on Drug Abuse in NYC

Clippings - Simon Wiesenthal Center Dinner in L.A., CA 10/30/1988

Clippings - Susan Komen Foundation Award in Dallas, TX and then to L.A./Santa Barbara 10/26/1988-11/03/1988

Clippings - Gorbachev's Visit to NYC to Address the UNGA December 1988

Reagan's X-mas in CA and New Year's [1988]

Clippings - Mrs. Reagan's Trip to NYC for the Lifetime Achievement Award January 1989

Clippings - Thanksgiving at the Ranch 1988

Clippings - The President and Mrs. Reagan's Return to California 1989

Clippings - Howard Baker - Chief of Staff

Clippings - Howard Baker Resignation 06/14/1988

Clippings - Deborah Balfour

Clippings - James Brady

Clippings - Jack Courtemanche

Clippings - Elaine Crispen

Clippings - Michael K. Deaver

Clippings - Jane Erkenbeck

Clippings - Linda Faulkner

Clippings - Cathy Fenton

Clippings - Marlin Fitzwater

Clippings - Betsy J. Koons

Clippings - Pastry Chef - Chef Mesnier's

Clippings - 02/18/1983 - Selma Roosevelt - Chief of Protocol

Clippings - Sheila Tate

Clippings - Announcement of Hans Raffert as Executive Chef to the White House

Clippings - Jim Rosebush's Book First Lady, Public Wife

Clippings - Wendy Weber

Clippings - Irv Williams

Clippings - Miscellaneous Staff - Presidential


OA 18757

1987 Xmas Booklet (1)(2)

Press Preview [Christmas Decorations] 12/14/1987

#52 Media Advisory Receiving the White House Xmas Tree 12/07/1987

Gorbachev Dinner (1)-(4)

#54 Media Advisory Kennedy Center Honors

#55 Media Advisory - White House Tour and Coffee with Mrs. Gorbachev 12/09/1987

Background on 1987 White House Christmas Card, 12/10/1987

Media Advisory Diplomatic Children 12/14/1987

#58 Media Advisory Mrs. Reagan's Visit at Children's Hospital 12/19/1987

#59 Media Advisory Christmas at the White House 12/25/1987

#1 Media Advisory Nancy Reagan to Nashville, TN 01/07/1988

#2 Media Advisory Nancy Reagan Trip to NYC for CFDA Award 01/11/1988

Media Advisory Nancy Reagan Visit to Edgemeade 01/21/1988

State Dinner - Egypt 01/28/1988

#5 Media Advisory National Religious Broadcasters with the President 02/01/1988

#6 Media Advisory Nancy Reagan Trip to Indianapolis, IN February 04-February 05

77th B-Day Ronald Reagan Surprise B-Day Party 02/05/1988

#7 Media Advisory Diplomatic Corps Reception 02/09/1988

#8 Media Advisory The Silver Buffalo Award by the Boy Scouts for NR 02/09/1988

Governor's Dinner at the White House 02/21/1988

Governors' Spouses Luncheon Decatur House 02/22/1988

#11 Media Advisory Nancy Reagan Trip to NYC for Jimmy Stewart Tribute 02/24/1988-02/26/1988

#12 Media Advisory In-Performance at the WH - A Salute to Broadway 02/28/1988

#13 Media Advisory White House Conference for a Drug-Free America 02/29/1988 Cancer PSA

Ted Koppel Interview 02/29/1988

#14 Media Advisory Media Executives' Drug Abuse Briefing 03/07/1988

#15 Media Advisory - Announcement of Hans Raffert as Executive Chef at the White House

#16 Media Advisory Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Nashville, TN 03/16/1988

#16 Media Advisory Nancy Reagan Trip to NYC for "Phantom of the Opera"  03/21/1988-03/23/1988

#17 Media Advisory Capital Centre NHL "Just Say No" Night 03/25/1988

#19 Media Advisory Mrs. Reagan's Trip to L.A. and Santa Barbara for Easter Easter Egg Roll 04/04/1988

#20 Media Advisory - King and Queen of Sweden for Dinner 04/11/1988

#22 Media Advisory ICSC Award to Mrs. Reagan 04/12/1988

Media Advisory Mrs. Reagan Trip to Atlanta, GA to Attend the PRIDE Conf. 04/13/1988

#23 Media Advisory - Spring Garden Tour 04/16/1988

Media Advisory on Second Genesis Dinner at the J.W. Marriott 04/20/1988

In-Performance at the White House (2nd in 1988) 04/24/1988

#26 Media Advisory Canadian State Dinner 04/27/1988

#27 Media Advisory Nancy Reagan's Trip to CA for Bob Hope and Nancy Reagan Center Meeting April 29-May 02

Elaine Pre-Advance to USSR April 1988

Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Institute Taping - NR / Hon. Chairman 05/10/1988

#28 Media Advisory “Just Say No" March 05/11/1988

Media Advisory   - Drug Free Schools Ceremony - 05/16/1988


OA 18758

Clippings - Nancy Reagan Fund

Clippings - NR Honorary Chairmanships

Clippings - Novels about the First Lady

Clippings - Mrs. Reagan's PSA

NR Portrait


Clippings - The Nancy Reagan Center

Clippings - Secret Service / UD - Drugs

Clippings - Landslide (About Reagan Presidency)

Clippings - Nancy Reagan Column

Clippings - Special Articles

Clippings - Mrs. Reagan - California First Lady

Clippings - Nancy Davis - Acting Career

Clippings - President's Parents

Bios for Mrs. Reagan

Family and Children

Neil Reagan

Family Information

Mrs. Reagan's parents

Clippings - Little Girl in the Well

Clippings - Maureen Reagan


OA 18759

[Miscellaneous Drug Articles] [1 of 5]

[Miscellaneous Drug Articles] [2 of 5]

[Miscellaneous Drug Articles] [3 of 5]

[Miscellaneous Drug Articles] [4 of 5]

[Miscellaneous Drug Articles] [5 of 5]


OA 18760

January 1982 Chron File

February 1982 Chron File (Sheila Tate)

March 1982 Chron File (S. Tate)

April 1982 Chron File (S. Tate)

May 1982 Chron File (S. Tate)

June 1982 Chron File (Sheila Tate)

July 1982 Chron File (Sheila Tate)

August 1982 Chron File (Sheila Tate)

September 1982 Chron File (Sheila Tate)

October 1982 Chron File (Sheila Tate)

November 1982 Chron File (Sheila Tate)

December 1982 Chron File (Sheila Tate)

November 1988 Chron File

December 1988 Chron File


OA 18762

Clippings:  President Reagan's State of the Union Address 01/25/1988

Clippings:  The Alfalfa Club Dinner 01/30/1988

Clippings:  White House Correspondents Dinner

Clippings:  Diplomatic Corps Reception 02/09/1988

Clippings:  President's 77th Birthday February 1988

Clippings:  National Religious Broadcasters with the President 02/01/1988

Clippings:  In-Performance at the White House - A Salute to Broadway 02/28/1988

Clippings:  Media Executives' Drug Abuse Briefing 03/07/1988

Clippings:  Cancer Ceremony in the Rose Garden 03/29/1988

Clippings:  Easter Egg Roll 04/04/1988

Clippings:  National association of Public Television Stations Reception at WH 04/12/1988

Clippings:  White House Spring Garden Tour 04/16/1988

Clippings:  Blair House Reception 04/25/1988

Clippings:  2nd In-Performance at the White House 04/24/1988

Clippings:  Direct Connections Event at the White House 05/16/1988

Clippings:  Drug-Free Schools Ceremony at the White House 05/16/1988

Clippings:  American Assoc. of Nurserymen Ceremony at the White House 05/19/1988

Clippings:  White House News Photographer Dinner

Nancy Reagan Photo with AIDS Child

Clippings:  Mrs. Reagan's Trip to Orlando, FL for FGP Jamboree 06/08/1988

Clippings:  World Gas Conference at the Washington Hilton Hotel 06/08/1988

Clippings:  White House Tennis Tournament 06/12/1988

Clippings:  4th of July at the White House

Clippings:  Mrs. Reagan's Birthday 07/06/1988

Clippings:  Volunteers of America Luncheon 06/18/1988

Clippings:  Senate Ladies Luncheon 06/15/1988

Clippings:  Congressional Wives Luncheon 06/22/1988

Clippings:  Ford's Theatre Gala & Reception at White House 06/24/1988

Clippings:  POW's Reception at the White House 24th

Clippings:  "Youth for Christ" Event 07/27/1988

Clippings:  Anthony Bowen YMCA Event 08/03/1988

Clippings:  3rd "In-Performance at the White House" 08/06/1988

Clippings:  Medal of Arts Ceremony 08/09/1988

Clippings:  The Great American Family Awards

Clippings:  NR's Trip to Phoenix, AZ for Dedication of Neuro. Research Lab. Named for Her Parents 09/08/1988

Clippings:  NR's Address to Elementary School Children on Drugs 09/12/1988

Clippings:  Congressional Barbeque 09/15/1988

Clippings:  RR/NR to NYC for the Pres. Speech to the UNGA and NR to Metropolitan Opera 09/26/1988

Clippings:  Medal of Freedom Award

Clippings:  The President and Mrs. Reagan Greet the Dodgers 10/26/1988

Clippings:  Mrs. Reagan's Meeting with the Craniofacial Child November 1988

Clippings:  Dinner in Honor of Charles Wick November 1988

Clippings:  Anti-Drug Bill Signing Ceremony

Clippings:  President Reagan's Press Conference 12/08/1988

Clippings:  The Kennedy Center Honors 12/04/1988

Clippings:  Presentation of the WH Xmas Tree – 12/06/1988

Clippings:  NR's Meeting with the Turkish "Pocket Hercules” 12/06/1988

Clippings:  1988 White House Christmas Card

Clippings:  Press Preview 12/12/1988

Clippings:  Diplomatic Children's party at the White House 12/13/1988

Clippings:  "Christmas in Washington"

Clippings:  Lighting of the WH Christmas Tree 1988

Clippings:  Christmas 1988 at the White House

Clippings:  State Dinner - President Mubarek of Egypt 01/02/1988

Clippings:  Governor's Dinner at the White House 02/21/1988

Clippings:  Private Dinner for the King and Queen of Sweden 04/11/1988

Clippings:  Canadian State Dinner 04/27/1988

Clippings:  Turkey State Dinner

Clippings:  Private Mitterand Dinner

Clippings:  State Dinner - Mali 10/06/1988

Clippings:  Thatcher State Dinner November 1988


OA 18763

Soviet Youth Orchestra File


Speech - Golden Supper Club - Tribute to Nancy Reagan 09/18/1984

Space Shuttle Children's Fund

Stop the Madness

State Department - General

Thank You Letters to Elaine and Staff



Vietnam POW Involvement


White House Historical Association

Committee for the Preservation of the White House

White House Preservation Fund

White House Informational Memos

White House Salon - Redecoration

White House Tours

Wire Machines

False / Deceptive "Interviews" on Mrs. Reagan

Background on 1981 Royal Wedding (Prince Charles / Diana)

Interview Background

Mrs. Nancy Reagan [Folder 1]

Mrs. Nancy Reagan [Folder 2]

[Responses to USA Today Ad]


Animal Rights

[Beach Blanket Babylon]

Dear Mr. President

Paper Dolls

Reader's Digest - Peggy Mann

Shufu No Tomo

U.S. Olympics

Washington Charity Awards Dinner

Outstanding Interview Requests

Media Requests II

Media Requests III

Barbara Walters

Media Clearance

Photos from Mrs. R. Interviews and Press

Jon Willman Productions Clearance - 1988

Books - Michael Reagan

"Reagan on Reagan" Documentary


OA 18770

#17 Media Advisory Mrs. Reagan's Separate Schedule in the Far East 03/17/1986


OA 18771

The White House [Booklet]

D.A.R.E. to Keep Kids off Drugs [Information Kit]

CNN:  The Network of Record [Booklet]

Drug-Free School Recognition Program [Information Kit]

Schools without Drugs [Information Kit]

ACTION:  The Federal Domestic Volunteer Agency [Information Kit]

The Trip of the First Lady to Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas 09/27/1982-09/28/1982 [Schedule]

The Trip of the First Lady to New York 10/26/1982-10/28/1982 [Schedule]

The Trip of Mrs. Reagan to Ireland, England, and France 06/01/1984-06/10/1984 [Schedule] (1)(2)

The Trip of Mrs. Reagan to Japan and Korea 11/08/1983-11/14/1983 [Schedule - Miniature Copy]

The Trip of Mrs. Reagan to Japan and Korea 11/08/1983-11/14/1983 [Schedule] (1)(2)

Soozie & Katy [Coloring Book]

Foster Grandparent Program [Information Kit]

Second Genesis [Information Kit in Envelope]

[USA Today Ad 12/01/1986]

Easter at the White House 1987 [Booklet]

Just Say No Fall Newsletter (1987)

The Old Executive Office Building:  A Victorian Masterpiece [Booklet]

Community Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc. [Information Kit]

ACTION 1986 Annual Report

Foster Grandparent Program "Where Love Grows" [Booklet]

American Association of Nurserymen 29th Landscape Awards, the White House 05/19/1988 [Info Kit]

CREO [Info Kit]

The Just Say No Foundation [Info Kit]

The Chemical People:  A Community Dialogue on School-age Drug and Alcohol Abuse November 2 and November 9 on PBS [Info


Care Bears / Woman's Day [Info Kit in Envelope]

National Christmas Tree Association, Inc. [Info Kit]

[Material Relating to Christmas in the White House]

Christmas by NR / Washington Post [Contains Articles about Christmas in the White House]

The White House Briefing on Drug Use and the Family [Info Kit]

Drugs / Alcohol Background [Pubns.]

Easter at the White House 1982 [Booklet]

Welcome to the White House [Booklet]

"Ghosts:  Washington's Most Famous Ghost Stories" by John Alexander [Photocopy of Chapter 3]; “The Haunts of Washington" by

          Sarah Booth Conroy [Photocopy]

Young People in the White House by Don Lawson [Photocopy of pp 13-134]

Meeting the Challenge [Booklet]

"Just Say No" Clubs [Pamphlet]

Drug Alcohol Abuse Background [Pubns.]

Teens in Action [Booklet]

[Posters on Crack]

NASSP Bulletin October 1986

TV Guide Reprint 03/19/1983-03/25/1983

Meet the Press [Transcript of 09/14/1986 Program]

What Works:  Schools Without Drugs [Booklet]

The New Teen Titans [Comic Books - 2 Issues]

U.S. First Lady Nancy Reagan and the Battle Against School-Age Drug Abuse [Booklet]

Just Say No. [Booklet]

Waves Center Appointment / Worker / Press Entrance Information [Booklet]

The 50th American Presidential Inaugural Official Guidebook [Booklet]

The First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse at the U.N. [Booklet]

Nancy Reagan with Bill Libby [Book]

The First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse, Washington D.C., Atlanta Georgia 04/24/1985-04/25/1985 Press Guide [Booklet]

TV Guide - Issues: 06/22/1985-06/28/1985; 06/28/1986-07/04/1986; 08/16/1986-08/22/1986

Recipe Cards:  Gazpacho Soup; Cold Cucumber Soup; Monkey Bread

[Embossed Formal Cards re: "Time of Sorrow"; "Deep Personal Loss"; "Thoughts and Prayers"; etc.

Christmas at the White House 1981 [Booklet]

The White House A Mother Goose Christmas 1986 [Booklet]

A White House Musical Christmas 1987 [Booklet]

Old Fashioned Christmas 1988 [Booklet]

To Love a Child [Record]

First Lady's PSA on Drug Abuse [Tape]

ROTFL During Recording of Generic PSA #1 01/21/1987 [Tape]

ROTFL During Taping Session "Just Say No" Public Service Announcement 03/28/1988 [Tape]

Nancy Reagan on WHO Radio Jon London Call-in Show, 08/05/1982 [Tape]

"Nancy Reagan for Foster Grandparents" CNAA-1830 [Film}

"Nancy Reagan for Foster Grandparents" CNAA-1510 [Film}

Embassy News International - December 1980-January 1981


OA 18772

[Trude B. Feldman]

Former First Ladies Coverage

Guest Editorial - Foster Grandparents February 1982

Foster Grandparents Program

Foster Grandparents Program "To Love a Child" Song and Book

First Lady's Staff - Funding

Mrs. Reagan - Guest Editorial April 1985

Official Gift File

Gift Forms

Honorary Chairmanships Held by Mrs. Reagan

Mrs. Reagan Hon. Chair. Cynthia Gregory File

"Just Say No Clubs"

Income Taxes (RR/NR) 1985


Korean Kids


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NR Statement on Legalization of Marijuana

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Pharmacists Against Drug Abuse (1)(2)

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Photos of Inaugural Gown 1981

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Report:  First Lady's Activities in 1981-1984

MHS - Suicide PSA - Mrs. Reagan


Mrs. Reagan's PSA on Drug Abuse

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Prom / Graduation PSA by Mrs. Reagan

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[Christmas Menus - 1981, 1982]

Thanksgiving Menu - 1982

Maureen Reagan's Book on NR

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Restoration of White House


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Bethesda Naval Hospital Radio Address – 07/20/1985

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Clippings - Reagan's New Home - 1988

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