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          OA 12985

          GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) (1)-(4)

          Capital Children’s Museum

          Laubach Literacy – “The Pride of Jesse Hallam” (1)-(4)

          GATE (Gain Awareness through Education) – Junior League – Atlanta (1)-(6)

          [PRIDE - National Parent Conference on Youth and Drugs]

          Basic Skills Improvement – Department of Education (1)(2)

          National Agenda for the Eighties (1)(2)

          Children’s Hospital National Medical Center, Washington, D.C. (1)(2)


OA 13974  [Provenance and arrangement to be determined.]

Toughlove – David/Phyllis York

Just Say No [Correspondence – Oakland, CA  1985] (1)-(7)

Library Project [To Love A Child] (1)(2)

Hoover Library Exhibit [08/09/1985-01/05/1986]

Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse Fund - Community Foundation of Greater Washington (1)-(6)

Washington Lab School Photo Opportunity

[Great American Quilt Festival 1986 – Museum of American Folk Art]

[American Portraits]

[Organ Transplants]

[Perkins, Bill and Nancy – Walk Around America]

[Daughters of the American Revolution]

[Children’s Liver Foundation]


OA 16849  [Provenance and arrangement to be determined.]

Just Say No/Pyramid [1985-1987] (1)-(10)

Active: Just Say No Foundation File (1)(2)

Just Say No Foundation [Empty]

[Just Say No Clubs – Information Booklet, 08/01/1986] (1)(2)

[Proctor & Gamble Just Say No Promotion – September 1987]

Just Say No March, 05/22/1986 (1)(2)

[Just Say No Foundation – Financial Activity, 1986-1987]

[Just Say No – Proctor & Gamble] (1)(2)


OA 18499

New Rochelle - Portrait of a City

[U.S. Border Patrol "Just Say No"]

[U.S. Border Patrol and White House Conference on Drug Abuse]

          Correspondence – January 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature] (1)-(4)

          Correspondence – February 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature] (1)-(4)

          Correspondence – March 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature] (1)(2)


OA 18500

Correspondence – March 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature] (3)-(6)

Correspondence – April 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature]

Correspondence – May 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature]

Correspondence – June 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature]

Correspondence – July 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature]

Correspondence – August 1986 [Kenneth Barun's Signature]

Correspondence – September 1986 [Kenneth Barun's & Martin Coyne's Signature]

Correspondence – October 1986 [Martin Coyne's Signature] (1)(2)

Correspondence – November 1986 [Martin Coyne's Signature]

Correspondence – December 1986 [Martin Coyne's Signature]


OA 18501

Correspondence – January 1987 [Martin Coyne's Signature]

Correspondence – February 1987 [Martin Coyne's Signature]

Correspondence – March 1987 [Martin Coyne's Signature] (1)(2)

Correspondence – April 1987 [Martin Coyne's Signature]

Correspondence – May 1987 [Martin Coyne's Signature]

Correspondence – June 1987 [Martin Coyne's & James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – July 1987 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – August 1987 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – September 1987 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – October 1987 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – November 1987 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – December 1987 [James Manning Signature]


OA 18502

Correspondence  - January 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – February 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – March 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – April 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – May 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – June 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – July 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – August 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – September 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – October 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – November 1988 [James Manning Signature]

Correspondence – December 1988 [James Manning Signature]


OA 18503

Honorary Chairmanships Accepted, 1981

Howard University, 1982

American Cancer Society, 1983

The Chemical People, 1983

Encyclopedia Britannica Spot, 1983

The Titans Comic Book, 1983

National Drug Abuse Education Week - Bill Signing Ceremony, 1983

Congressional Club Luncheon, 1983

Teacher of the Year, 04/13/1983

Congress Heights Visit, 05/07/1984

Potential Campaign Events 1983/1984 (1)(2)

NR Trip to Spokane, WA  09/06/1984

House Ear Institute - CA, 1984

NFRW Regents, 1984

CampCare, Los Vegas, 1985

Chapman College, 1985

South American Trip, 1985

Life Resources, 1985

Inspire '85, 09/17/1985

Concert That Counts, 1986

Cosmair / Ralph Lauren, 1986

Variety Club International Material

Signature Cards (Litho)


OA 18504

Book - Drug Use and Drug Abuse, Woods

Book - High in America, Anderson

Book - Strategies for Controlling Adolescent Drug Use

Book - Supply Side Economics, Ruboy

Book - Proceedings:  Pride Southeast Drug Conference, 1980/1981

Book - The Purposes of Pleasure, Hawley

Book - The Coming Parent Revolution, Westin

Book - The Facts About "Drug Abuse" - The Drug Abuse Council

Book - Pot Safari, Mann (2 Copies)

Book - Marijuana - Time for a Closer Look, Janeczek

Book - Marijuana Alert, Mann  (2 Copies)

Book - High & Dry, Silvig and Riley

Book - Daytop Village

Book - Sensual Drugs, Hardin & Helen Jones

Book - Journal of Children in Contemporary Society, 1983

Book - The Jefferson Awards

Book - The Jr. League of Washington

Record (45) - Frank Sinatra: "To Love a Child"

Reel-to-Reel Tape - Remarks of the First Lady during Audio Taping Session for the Claudette Colbert Awards, 11/03/1983


OA 18505

[Unfoldered Booklets re: Drug Abuse Prevention]

[National Whistletot Tour for the Prevention of Drug Abuse]

[Update on Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign - Trends Improving]

[Unfoldered Booklets re: Drug Abuse Prevention]

[McGriff, the Crime Dog]

Drug Abuse Information [Accordion Folder] [1]

Drug Abuse Information [Accordion Folder] [2]


OA 18507

Sensual Drugs, Hardin & Helen Jones

Meanness Mania - The Changed Mood, Gill

Well and Good Curriculum - Oregon Mental Health Division

Project Charlie - A Drug Abuse Prevention Program

Texas Medical Association Auxiliary - War on Drugs Activities, 1980-1981-1982

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Prevention Guide - The Best Prevention: Model Alcohol and Drug Education Programs

The Coping Catalog - 4th Edition - A Guide to Resources in the Greater Washington Area for Alcohol, Drug, and Other Addiction Problems

The Arkansas Approach Plan for Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism Education – Teachers Manual

Families in Action - Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse


OA 18508

Cranial Computed Tomography in Infancy and Childhood

How to Form Families in Action Groups in Your Community

Marihuana - Under the Microscope

Soozie and Kathy

Mexico Drug Press Kit: The Mexico City Earthquake - September 19, 1985

Mexico Drug Press Kit: Comparaciones Interacionales Mexico en el Mundo

Mexico Drug Press Kit: Situacion Patrimonial 1985

Mexico Drug Press Kit: Inconformidades Sobre Concursos y Contratos 1985

Mexico Drug Press Kit: Overveiw of Foreign Investment in Mexico

Mexico Drug Press Kit: A Compact History of Mexico

Mexico Drug Press Kit: Mexico, A Synoptic View

Mexico Drug Press Kit: Message to the Nation - Miguel de la Madrid - 2/21/86

Mexico Drug Press Kit: Address Delivered by the President of Mexico, Miguel de la Madrid, Hurtado in Hermosillo, 06/02/1986

Mexico Drug Press Kit: Mexican Topics [2 folders]

Mexico Drug Press Kit: International Aid, 1986

Drugs, Society and Human Behavior

Hydrocephalus and the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Par Amour des Enfants

Marihuana Today

The World & I


OA 18509

Outgoing Correspondence, July 1985-December 1985, under Kenneth L. Barun's Signature

Press Guides for the First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse, Washington, D.C. - Atlanta, GA 04/24/1985-04/25/1985

Tennis Tournament Programs for 05/16/1987

Tennis Tournament Programs for 06/12/1988


OA 18510

The Chemical People Project, 1983

The Chemical People Publicity Book, Vols. I & II

The Chemical People - National Directory of Community Groups

Youth Book Launching, 1985

Special Olympics, 06/12/1983

Not My Kids PSA, 1984

Tulsa, OK - Juvenile Dent. Ctr., 1985

Tucson Awareness House, Jan. 1985-1986

Advertising Council PSAs

National Association of Broadcasters’ Kid Summit, 1987


OA 18713

Variety Club Photo-Op, 06/12/1986

Statue of Liberty Ribbon Cutting, 0705/1986

Presentation from Amb. Paavo Ranjanen (Finland) 07/08/1986

Narcotics Officers’ Briefing for the First Lady, 07/10/1986

Pharmacist of the Year, 07/30/1986

Sports Commissioners Meeting, 09/09/1986

Harper’s Ferry, 09/11/1986

Boy Scouts Drug Abuse Proficiency Award to Mrs. Reagan, 09/12/1986

Schools Without Drugs, 09/16/1986

Phoenix House - N.R.. Visit, 09/17/1986

Chemical People Taping, 09/25/1986

Make-a-Wish Photo Op, 10/02/1987 [i.e.1986]

United Negro Fund, 10/02/1986

Kansas City - Project Star. 10/02/1986

U.S. Ambassador’s Meeting, 10/06/1986

Catholic University, 10/11/1986

Princess Grace Foundation

Princess Grace Bust Unveiling, 10/15/1986

Natl. Industries for the Blind, 10/22/1986

UNICEF – 10/24/1986-10/25/1986, Kitty S. Landsdale

Introduction to “In Performance”, 10/26/1986

Pros for Kids, 10/29/1986

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 10/31/1986

Dana Foundation Luncheon, 11/06/1986

Torville & Dean World Tour, 11/16/1986

American Sportscasters Assoc., 11/18/1986

[Boys Town, 11/25/1986]

Children’s Hospital Event, 12/16/1986

Natl. Commission Against., Drunk Driving Award, 12/18/1986


OA 18717


Lion’s Club


Private Sector Initiatives



Substance Abuse Treatment

Suicide Taping


Video & Audio Recordings

States & Territories [Sub-series]

Alabama (AL)

Alaska (AK)

Arizona (AZ)

Arkansas (AR)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

Delaware (DE)

District of Columbia (DC)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)




Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Maine (ME)

Maryland (MD)

Massachusetts (MA)

Michigan (MI)

Minnesota (MN)

Mississippi (MS)

Missouri (MO)

Montana (MT)

Nebraska (NE)

Nevada (NV)

New Hampshire (NH)

New Jersey (NJ)

New Mexico (NM)

New York (NY)

North Carolina (NC)

North Dakota (ND)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Puerto Rico (PR)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD) [Empty]

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

West Virginia (WV)

Wisconsin (WI)

Wyoming (WY)

American Samoa (AS)

Canal Zone (CZ)

Virgin Islands (VI)

International File [Sub-series]



International File

Soviet Union


OA 18721

[Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1982-1983 – Press Releases] (1)-(3)

Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1982 (1)-(5)

Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1983 [January 1983 – June 1983] (1)-(5)

Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1983 – Continued [June 1983 – December 1983] (1)-(4)

Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1984 (1)(2)

Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1985 (1)-(3)

Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1986 (1)-(11)

Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1987 (1)-(7)

[Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches, 1988]

Mrs. Reagan’s Speeches: [05/04/1987 Remarks for Associated Press

Publishers’ Luncheon]


OA 18723

Alcoholic Rehabilitation / Education

Alcoholic Rehabilitation

Americans for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP)

Arthritis Foundation


Child Abuse

Child Help

Child Abuse - Missing Children

Drug Abuse / Drug Abuse Centers

Drug Abuse [Folder 1]

Drug Abuse [Folder 2]

Christmas Gifts


Girl Scouts

Community Foundation

Nancy Reagan Foundation

Peer Pressure

President’s Council on Physical Fitness

Committees of Correspondence, Inc.

Guam (GU)


Health & Physical Fitness

[Parents Movement Organizations October 1986]

Physical Fitness and Health


OA 18725

Variety Club International Children’s Lifeline Program

Variety Children’s Lifeline Program

H.C. for the Boys Towns of Italy’s 1987 “Ball of the Year” - 04/02/1987 [1985-1988]

Gift of Life

ICAN Associates, 1982-1988

Childhelp Aniversary Gala [1983-1988]

Lifelighters Ruby Ball for Childhelp, USA, 10/31/1987

15th Anniversary of the Children of the World / 6th Anniversary of Deborah Celebration

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, 1982-1988

Tiffany Feather Ball Benefiting Just One Break (JOB), [1982-1985]

Washington Power Play - Cystic Fibrosis Found. Sports Challenge [1986-1987]

Natl. Center for Therapeutic Riding - Fundraising Benefit [1982-1988]

TARGET:  National Advisory Committee of the National Federation of State H. School [1986-1988]

International Foundation for Learning Disabilities [1983-1988]

St. John’s Child Development Center Spring Benefit [1982-1988]

Project Hope, 1982-1988

Salvation Army Auxiliary’s Membership Yearbook - Honorary Member [1985-1988]

UNICEF 40th Anniversary, October 1986

President’s Council on Physical Fitness


OA 18726

The First Lady’s Trip to Sweden, Venice and The Vatican, 06/08/1987-06/11/1987

The First Lady’s Trip to Sweden and Venice, 06/08/1987-06/11/1987

First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse 04/24/1985-04/25/1985 Briefing Book (1)-(6)

First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse 04/24/1985-04/25/1985 Briefing Book II (1)-(3)

First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse at the United Nations, 10/21/1985 (1)(2)

[UN Speeches from the Department of State] (1)(2)

Letters from First Ladies (1)(2)

[Foreign Clippings] (1)-(3)

Cables (1)-(4)

Statements from First Ladies (1)(2)


OA 18727

          Dr James Manning – Foster Grandparents Program: Where Love Grows

          Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, US Department of Health and Human Services (Folder)

          Aquarius Instructional – "Drugs Wee Awareness" (binder)

"A Catalyst for Action: A National Survey to Mobilize Leadership & Resources for the Prevention of Alcohol and other Drug Problems among American Youth: Summary Report for the Boys Club of America," April 1987-May 1987, Lou Harris Association

          Cenikor Foundation (Folder)

          "Generation at Risk," Newsclips, The Chemical People II, 1987

          DARE, Los Angeles (binder)

          DAYTOP: For a Drug Free World (folder)

          "Schools without Drugs," Department of Education, 1987 (Folder)

          What Works: Schools without Drugs (2 copies)

          What Works: Schools without Drugs (in Chinese)

          The Door: 15th Anniversary, 1987 (Folder)

          The Door: A Center of Alternatives (Folder)

"Get Involved Before Your Kids Do," AAL, 1987 (Folder)

          Garvey Marketing Group, Steve Garvey (Folder)

          Kid Safe Program, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Folder)

          Gift of Life, re: Nobel Peace Prize, 1985 (Folder)

          "The NBA Family Says No to Drugs" (booklet)

          "Listen & Learn: Community Messenger Service," National Association of Broadcasters, 1987 (Folder)

"ON-AIR Initiatives: Leaders in Addressing Our Nation's Needs," National Association of Broadcasters, 1988 (booklet)

          “Drunk Driving: Operation Prom Graduation,” National Association of Broadcasters, 1986 (Folder)

          Operation PAR, Inc. (Parental Awareness & Responsibility), Substance Abuse and Treatment Agency, Pinellas Park, FL, 1988 (folder)

          United Nations International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Vienna, Austria, 06/17-1987-06/26/1987 (folder)

          Valvoline Amateur Sports Advisory Board, re: Drug Education, 1987 (folder)

          W.N.Y. (Western New York) United Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1988 (folder)

          Children with Emerald Eyes: Working with Deeply Disturbed Boys & Girls, Mira Rothenberg, 1977

          800-Cocaine, Mark S. Gold, 1984


OA 18728

Veterans Administration, 1987

USO Dinner, March 1985

Nancy Davis Reagan Biographies

Hale House - Mother Hale

State D&A Contracts

Drug Awareness Celebrities

Smith College

Pharmacists Against Drug Abuse, 05/11/1983

National Endowment for the Humanities

The Charles A. Dana Awards in Higher Education, 1986

Entertainment Industries Council Dinner, 1985


OA 18729

Nancy Reagan, To Love a Child  (12 Books)

29 45’s, Frank Sinatra’s Recording of  To Love a Child”

Musical Score for LeCarnaval Des Animaux


OA 18730

Scopus Award Gala and Concert, 11/02/1980

Republican Women’s Federal Forum, 1980

Society of Sponsors of the U.S. Navy, 1981

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1981

Girl Scouts Investiture of Mrs. Reagan, 05/15/1981

Women’s Committee/Employment of the Handicapped, 1981

The Living White House, 1982

Healthy Mothers / Healthy Babies, 1982

Blue Rose Gala, 1982

Toys for Tots, 1982

Ida Mayer Cummings Auxiliary, 1982

National Bible Week, 1982

Annual Heart Association Ball, 1982

National Black Republican Council Dinner, 1982 HC

White House Fellows - Black Student Fund – Honorary Chairmanship, 1982

Children’s Village USA, 1982

National Coalition of Hispanic Mental Health and Human Service Organization, 1982

Amazing Blue Ribbon, 01/04/1983

Medical Society of D.C. Auction, 1983

75th Anniversary of Big Sisters, 10/24/1983

Spanish Institute’s Gold Medal Gala, 1983

World Congress for Mental Health, 1983

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 1983

National Women’s Leadership Conference on Health and Fitness, 1983

National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, 04/14/1983

Coolidge Fellows - The Clarke School for the Deaf, 1983

Broadway Salute to Archbishop John J. O’Connor, 1984

Dinner for Glenn Campbell, Director of Hoover Committee, 07/18/1984

American Irish Found. Dinner in Honor of Dr. Franklin Murphy, 11/30/1984

Florence Crittenton Home Event, 04/29/1984

India Festival, 1984

Gold and Silver Ball, 1984

Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation Drive, 1984

National Arboretum Fundraiser, 11/28/1984

New Directions for Women, 10/03/1984

Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, 1984

Casita Maria’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, 09/10/1984

Army, Air Force, Naval Officers’ Wives’ Club, 1984

Youth Aliyah - 50th Anniversary


OA 18731

1988 National Red Ribbon Campaign

Second Genesis Benefits, 1982-1988

The Entertainment Industries Council’s Annual Benefit Dinner, 11/22/1984

PRIDE’s World Drug Conference in Stuttgart, West Germany, 11/22/1988

PRIDE Conference, 03/19/1987

McDonald’s Corporation’s “Get it Straight”, 1984

Straight Inc.’s “Straight World of Sports,” 09/12/1987-09/20/1987

Straight Celebrity “Tee Off Against Drugs”, 06/06/1988

ICSC’s “Kids Say Know” Campaign, 1987

The Overtimers of Assistance League of  Pasadena’s “Just Say No” Puppeteers, 1986

Phoenix House Annual Award Dinner, 1984-1988

1985 NFP Conference

“Lifestyle Choices” Exhibit at the California Museum of Science and Industry, 1988

Californians for Drug Free Youth, 1985

National Partnership to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1985

The National Conference on Drugs and Pregnancy, September 1987

American Lung Association’s Marijuana Program, 1984

1986 Walk Against Drugs

The Fundraising Dinner for the Drug and Alcohol Education Program at the University of Mississippi, 10/10/1986

Spring Gala Fundraiser, 10/31/987

United Way / Drug Project, 1982

The Dave Winfield Foundation’s Benefit Concert, 12/03/1986

The Sportscasters Hall of Fame Dinner, 1986-1987

The Annual Washington International Horse Show, 1982-1987

The Best of Washington Luncheon and Fashion Show, 1983-1988

The National Cherry Blossom Festival, 1981-1988

The Annual Washington Heart Ball, 1984-1988

The District of Columbia Special Olympics, 1984

The District of Columbia Special Olympics, 1985

The District of Columbia Special Olympics, 1986

The District of Columbia Special Olympics, 1987

The Make-a-Wish Foundation of Greater Washington’s 1st Annual Ball, 10/10/1987

Art Barn Association’s 1988 Dance-in-the-Park, Rock Creek Park, D.C.

The Jr. League of Washington’s Christmas Shop, 1982-1988

The Lab School of Washington’s Outstanding Learning Achiever Award, 11/03/1986

Presentation of the 1988 Shriner Humanitarian Award to Dr. Reizner

Meridian House International, 1982-1988

Davis Memorial Goodwill Industries Guild Embassy Tour, 1982-1988


OA 18733

“Spirit of America”, 01/05/1987

Newsweek / McDonald’s Press Event, 01/21/1987

Telephone Call to Mrs. Murkowski (Alaska), 04/09/1987

Volunteers of America Luncheon, 05/12/1987

Invest-in-America Luncheon, 05/05/1987

Photo-Op w/Chris Evert, 05/06/1987

USO Dinner, Fort McNair, Monday, 06/29/1987

Congressional Club Luncheon, 05/06/1987

National High School Athletic Coaches Association, 06/25/1987

American Family Society, 07/27/1987

Drug Abuse Forum - NR w/CEO’s, August 1987

[Stockholm, Sweden, June 1987] (1)-(4)

[Rome, Italy, June 1987]

[Venice, Italy, June 1987]

[Survey Trip to Ottawa, February-March 1987]

[Canada Trip, April 1987

[Ambassador Sukru Elekdac (Turkey)]

[Senate Ladies Luncheon, 04/09/1987]

[Invest-in-America Luncheon, 05/05/1987]

[Regents Tea, 04/28/1987]

[Harvey Cushing Stamp Ceremony, 04/08/1987]

[Rostropovich 60th Birthday Celebration, 03/27/1987]

[Metropolitan Opera Dinner, 03/22/1987]

[10th Annual PRIDE Conference, 03/19/1987]

[Girl Scouts 75th Anniversary Celebration, 03/12/1987]

[TPC Village, 04/05/1987]

[1987 Nancy Reagan Tennis Tournament, 05/16/1987]

[Chicago Boys and Girls Clubs]

[The American Family Awards]

[Anti-Drug Abuse Trailer Shooting, 05/14/1987]

[The Associated Press Luncheon, 05/04/1987]


OA 18734

[Kiwanis Club Billboard Examples]

[Advertisement Mockup – “Help Save a Generation...”]


[Kiwanis International] [Info Kits]

U.S. First Lady Nancy Reagan and the Battle Against School-Age Drug Abuse [Booklet]


OA 18736

A Salute to Families, 1982-1984

National Child Watch Campaign, 1985

Association for Troubled Children, 10th Anniversary Celebration, 1984

Hospital for Sick Children “Nunsense Performance”, 05/29/1983

NY League for the Hard of Hearing, 1985-1988

Alzheimers Disease and Related Disorders Gala Committee, 1984-1987

The Creo Society, New York

“United Against AIDS," 10/05/1987

1982 Salute to Vietnam Vets HC with RR

NY Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dinner, 05/18/1984

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, 1981, 1980-1982 (1)-(5)

National Rehabilitation Hospital’s Victory of the Human Spirit Event, 1987-1988

March of Dimes Gourmet Gala, 1985-1987

The Hospital for Special Surgery Annual Benefit, 03/30/1987

The International Red Cross Museum in Geneva, 1988

Deafness Research Foundation, 10/14/1984

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, 1986-1987

The Dorothy Wood Eustis Humanitarian Award / The Seeing Eye Benefit, 1987-1988

American Cancer Society – District of Columbia Division

American Cancer Society – Los Angeles Coastal Cities Unit

American Cancer Society – New York Division

American Cancer Society – NYC Division "Moda Italia" Gala

Julio Igliesias for the American Cancer Society at Avery Fisher

The Children’s Bureau 75th Anniversary Year, 1987-1988

Covenant House Annual Dinner Dance, 06/02/1987

Philadelphia Children’s Festival, 1985

International Children’s Festival, 1984-1988


OA 18737

[White House News Photographers Assn., 05/26/1987]

[Georgetown Univ. Commencement, 05/23/1986] [i.e. 1987]

[Nat’l High Schools Athletic Coaches Assn. Conv., 06/24/1987]

[Wyeth Exhibit Opening]

[Georgetown University, 05/23/1987]

[United Way of America Young Leaders Conf., 04/27/1987]

Great American Families, 1988

[World Series, Oct 15, 1988]

[White House Photo w/“McCall’s”, 11/29/1988

[Service Club Testimonial, 10/20/1988]

[Riding Academy, 10/19/1988]

[Dallas, Texas, 10/26/1988-10/27/1988]

[White House Photo with D.A.R.E. Reps., 11/18/1988]

[NFP Photo-Op, 01/09/1989]

[ABC Check Presentation, 09/14/1988]

Maya Shrago Photo-Op, 06/09/1988

People Reaching Out Photo-Op, 05/16/1988

Pharmacist of the Year, 08/11/1988

Youth for Christ, 07/12/1988

Chad Hennings, 03/10/1988

American Eggboard Photo, 03/12/1988

[“The Boston Herald Wants You to Say No to Drugs”]

[Future Events] [Folder 1 of 3]

[Future Events] [Folder 2 of 3]

[Future Events] [Folder 3 of 3]

Future Events [Folder 1 of 2]

Future Events [Folder 2 of 2]

[Safe Kids Program]



OA 18748

Visit to Children’s Hospital, 12/18/1981

Cerebral Palsy Poster Child, 01/07/1982

Corcoran Visit - Black Folk Art Exhibit, 01/13/1982

National Symphony Send-Off, 02/01/1982

Congressional Club

American Auxiliary, 02/19/1982

Dallas, TX & Tampa, 02/15/1982-02/16/1982

USO Luncheon, 02/28/1982

Los Angeles Trip, 03/01/1982

Teacher of the Year Award, 04/15/1982

Dip. Credential Present, 04/12/1982

White House Easter Egg Roll, 04/12/1982

Trip to Jamaica & Barbados, 03/16/1982

Gridiron Dinner, 03/27/1982

Cystic Fibrosis, 04/08/1982

Trip to New York, 03/23/1982

White House Conference on a Drug Free America, 03/22/1982

D.C. League of GOP Women Luncheon, 03/19/1982

Trip to Atlanta, GA, 04/01/1982-04/02/1982

Parent Teacher Association, 03/01/1982

Ringling Brothers Circus, 04/17/1982

Ad Council Luncheon, 04/23/1982

Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, 04/26/1982

Trip to CA, 04/26/1982

Senate Ladies Luncheon, 05/04/1982

Visual Arts Presentation, 05/05/1982

Washington Press Club Building Dedication, 05/16/1982

Rock Creek Park Horse Center, 05/07/1982

National Trust Awards Presentation, 05/07/1982

Trip to Chicago, 05/09/1982

Trip to Chicago, 05/14/1982

Trip to New York, 05/17/1982

Congressional Club Luncheon, 05/19/1982

Lagomarsion Fundraiser, 05/29/1982

Trip to Camp Pleasant, 07/22/1982

Trip to Des Moines, IA, 08/05/1982-08/06/1982

Funeral for Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, 09/17/1982-09/28/1982


OA 18753

Biography of Mrs. Reagan

Veterans Administration [White House Event 02/13/1987 (Packet)]

USO Dinner

Mother Hale

Date D & A Contact [Drug and Alcohol]

Smith College

Pharmicists Against Drug Abuse, 05/11/1983

National Endowment for the Humanities

Charles A. Dana Award in Higher Education, 1986

Drug Awareness Celebrities

Entertainment Industry Council Dinner, 09/26/1983


OA 18761

National Endowment for the Arts 20th Anniversary, 1985

National Committee - Arts for the Handicapped, 1983-1984

National Society of Arts and Letters, 1981-1987

Washington Performing Arts Society, 1984

Women’s Committee - Washington Performing Arts Society, 1983-1987

Twyla Tharpe Dance Foundation, 1985

National Dance Institute Gala, 1982

American Dance Festival’s 50th Anniversary, 1984

School of American Ballet, 1984-1985

American Ballet Theatre, 1984-1985-1988

The New York City Ballet, Inc., 1983-1988

Dance Theatre of Harlem’s 10th New York Season Gala, 1988

The Washington Ballet Company, 1984-1986-1987

Martha Graham Dance Company 15th Anniversary, 09/15/1984

Cynthia Gregory’s National Tour, 1987

The Joffrey Ballet Patron Nights, 1981-1987

Kennedy Center, 1981

American Shakespeare Theatre Benefit, 09/22/1984

Friends of the New Haven Shubert Theatre, 1984

Ford’s Theatre All-Star Gala, 1981

Wolf Trap Foundation, 1981-1988

Theatreworks / USA Gala, 10/22/1984

Broadway Premier – “Turn Off”, 1984

Soviet-American Co-Production of “Sophisticated Ladies”, 1988

Philadelphia String Quartet Benefit, 09/14/1985

National Symphony Orchestra, 1982/1988

The American-Soviet Youth Orchestra Tour, 1988

1988 First World Cello Congress

Foster Grandparents Night at the Boston Pops, 06/25/1983

Music Center Opera Association’s Benefit, 07/08/1984

Los Angeles Music Center Opera’s Gala Dinner, 10/07/1986

Metropolitan Opera Association (New York), 1986/1988

50th Birthday for Nureyev:  A Celebration - Metropolitan Opera Event, 06/27/1988

The Paris Opera in Los Angeles (American Friends of the Paris Opera / Ball), 06/12/1988

The Washington Opera’s Annual Ball, 1983/1987

Washington Antiques Show, 1983-1989

Washington Antiques Show - East Side Settlement, 01/20/1984

Mint Museum Antiques Show, 1984

The Vatican Collection, 1982

LA County Museum Art Benefit, 1981

Fleur Cowles Art Exhibit - Folger Shakespeare Library, 1983

The Wyeth Exhibition, Brandywine Conservatory, 1987

American Friends of Bluerancourt (France-American Museum), 06/17/1988

The Guggenheim’s 50th Anniversary Gala Benefit Ball, 11/04/1987

The UK/LA 1988 Arts Festival

Inner Circle Honorary Member - Los Angeles Children’s Museum, 1982

The National Museum of Women in the Arts Annual Benefit, 1984-1987

The Museum of Modern Art of Latin America’s “Dancing Across the Equator” Benefit, 10/30/1987

Council of Fashion Designers of America, 1984-1988

Hispanic Designers Fashion Show and Benefit, 1986-1988

“500 Years of American Clothing Design”, 1988

Medici Awards, 09/20/1985


OA 18764

NFP Celebrity File

[NFP Correspondence]

NFP Photo

NFP Info

[National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth, 10/09/1986]

[National Federation of Parents, 11/07/1985]

National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth [1 of 2]

National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth [2 of 2]

[NFP Info]

Foster Grandparents

Phoenix House Dinner, May 1983

[Foster Grandparents]

[Older American Volunteers] [Info Kit]

Foster Grandparents

Foster Grandparents Master List for National Contacts

[Action] [Info Kit]

Foster Grandparents Info


OA 18765

Just Say No Red Ribbon Campaign [Binder]

[Hoop:  NBA Today] [Magazine]

[Just Say No Information]

“Just Say No” Information

[Just Say No, March 1986-05/22/1986]

Just Say No / Porgy & Bess Contract

[Just Say No Foundation] [Info Kit]

Ceremony – “Just Say No” Week, 05/20/1986

Just Say No

Oakland Parents in Action, CA

[Just Say No, Get Involved] [Info Kit]

[Registrants for JSN Walk]

JSN Clubs

[Drug Abuse Prevention Forum]

[Hanna Barbera Taping]

Just Say No Celebrity

[Just Say No Mail Presentation, 09/23/1987]

[“Just Say No” Book Presentation, 03/12/1987]

JSN Sprint File

Just Say No / McDonalds

JSN Proclamation

Pertinent Information [Just Say No Walk, 05/11/1988]

[Just Say No Canada]


OA 18766

[Youth to Youth]

Pros for Kids Dinner

[The Chemical People - Final Report]

[Covenant House]

[NFL Alumni]

[Chemical People II, Pittsburg, PA, 1986 Plans]

[U.N. Film]

[East House Mental Health Program]

[Child Help / USA]

[Boys’ Towns and Girls Town of Italy]

[The Hugh O’Brien Youth Foundation]

[Community Foundation]

[Daytop Village]

[Larry Gatlin (Members Only)]


1st Ladies Salute to the 1st Lady

International Committee Pre. Alc. - Drug Dep. Meeting in Nice, France

Drop a Dime

Entertainment Industries Council

Shooting Stars


Community Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc.

World Youth Against Drugs

“Be Smart – Don’t Start - Just Say No”

Capital Children’s Museum Canine Follies (Rex Reagan)


Miscellaneous Drug Abuse Reports

Legal Issues

Administrative File

Speechwriters’s Contract


OA 18767

[Just Say No Foundation 1986 Media Clippings]


OA 19080

Special Drafts

JFM Series

Nancy Reagan Letter Series

Speeches (1985-1989)

Remarks for the World Gas Conference 06/09/1988 [Nancy Reagan]


OA 19082

Drug and Project Related Books

3 Nylon Banners – “Just Say No”


OA 19089

Mrs. Reagan’s Honorary Chairmanships

Jason Brady Photo, 12/20

Misc. Memos, August 1988-January 1989

Project Office Correspondence, January 1989

Mrs. Reagan’s PSA’s

Project Office Correspondence Log from 09/29/1986 -

Mrs. Reagan’s Awards

Honorary Chairmanships of Mrs. Reagan w/the

Misc. Books on Drugs