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FOLEY, TODD: FILES, 1983-1989


Office of Public Liaison


Todd Foley was assigned to the Office of Public Liaison by the Department of Defense in June 1983, as a support to John Rousselot and the MX missile activity in the Office of Public Liaison.  As his work dealing with the business constituency expanded, he was assigned as a detailee from the Department of Defense and continued as such until the end of the administration.  He was classified initially as a Staff Assistant.  He was promoted to Senior Staff Assistant in January 1986 and to Deputy Associate Director in August 1986.  He was appointed as an Associate Director in June 1988.  At the time of becoming Associate Director, his portfolio included small business, as well as taxes, trade, budget, economic policy, labor, and transportation. 



          OA 19067

          Advance Office

          Beverly Hills Family "Y" Citizen of the Year

          Black Leaders Meeting

          Blue Collar Training Sites

          Boone and Crockett Club

          Briefing lists

          Canada Free Trade Agreement POTUS Event 11/04/1987

          Chamber of Commerce

          Chamber of Commerce of U.S.A.


          Clean Air Working Group


          Competitiveness Event 02/17/1987

          Cornell University Seminar

          Council on Competitiveness

          Dairy Month - June

          Dole for President

          Economic Expansion (59 months)

          Economic Summit Briefing 1986

          Economic Summit, 1987

          Farm Bill Signing Ceremony 12/23/1985

          Fish and Wildlife

          Foreign Policy/Defense Briefing Letters

          Free Enterprise 1988

          Free Trade Agreement (Canada)

          Highway Bill

          Hispanic Heritage Week

          Housing Bill


          International Trade

          International Trade and Business Education

          Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board

          Labor Protective Provisions of Airline Industry (H.R. 4838)

          Las Vegas Trip

          Malcolm Baldridge Portrait

          Middle East/Strategic Defense Initiative Briefing (Chief Executive Officers) 10/18/1985

          Minority Business



          OA 19068

          Occupational Disease (H.R. 1309)

          Parental Leave - I

          Parental Leave - II


          POTUS Letters



          Product Liability

          Project CENTRL - Congressional Stump 05/11/1988

          Prompt Payment Act

          Reagan Foundation (The) 

          Risk Retention Act

          Rotary International

          Rule of Two

          St. Mary's College Choir

          Scheduling Recommendations

          Shear Madness

          Small Business Administration

          Small Business Administration Issue Papers

          Small Business Center – Chamber of Commerce

          Small Business Development Centers

          Small Business Innovation Research Program, H.R. 4260

          Small Business Legislative Council

          Small Business State Advocates

          Small Business Week 1987

          White House Conference on Small Business

          White House Conference on Small Business Report Presentation to the President


          International Visitors Briefing White House Conference on Small Business


          OA 19069

          Staffing Memos

          Statute of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation


          Tax Reform

          Tax Reform II

          Tax Reform Event - Dothan, AL

          Technology Transfer

          Telecommunications Briefing

          Tort Reform

          Tort Reform Event 05/30/1986

          TRAC Attendees – Gate List 05/14/1986

          Trade Bill

          Trade Promotion


          Unfair Competition

          Wharton School Fellows

          Women’s Business Ownership

          World Gas Conference POTUS Drop-by 06/06/1988



          OA 19070

          Air Conditioning Contractors of America

          Alliance for Fair Competition

          American Ambulance Association - I

          American Ambulance Association - II

          American Association of Airport Executives

          American Bankers Association, Small Business Banking Committee

          American Business Conference

          American Coalition for Trade Expansion with Canada

          American Dairy Goat Association

          American Enterprise Institute

          American Federation of Small Business

          American Furniture Manufacturer’s Association

          American Institute for Economic Development

          American Mining Congress

          American Resort and Residential Development Association

          American Society of Quality Control

          American Supply Association Briefing 05/23/1988

          American Water Works Association

          Asian-American Small Business

          Associated Builders and Contractors - I

          Associated Builders and Contractors - II

          Associated Credit Bureaus

          Associated General Contractors of America

          Associated General Contractors of America 04/18/1988

          Association for Regulatory Reform

          Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs

          Association of Direct Marketing Agencies

          Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries

          Bank Marketing Association

          Building Service Contractors Association

          Business / Government Relations Council

          Business Partners

          California Bankers Association

          Chief Executives Organization 10/26/1987

          Coalition for Motor Carrier Regulatory Reform


          OA 19071

          Coalition for Open Markets and Expanded Trade

          Coalition of Americans for Privatization

          Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturers Association 06/07/1988

          Congress of Independent Unions

          Converting Machinery/Materials Conference

          Coordinating Committee on Long-Term Care

          Council on Product Liability Reform

          Council of Smaller Enterprises

          Des Moines Chamber of Commerce 06/21/1988

          Electronic Industries Association 04/19/1988 - POTUS Drop-by

          Electronic Representatives Association

          Employee Stock Ownership Association

          Executives Club of Chicago

          Fertilizer Institute

          Flexible Packaging Association

          Food Marketing Institute

          General Business Services

          Grassroots Network

          Greater Marshall Chamber of Commerce

          Harrisburg, PA Chamber of Commerce

          Independent Bakers Association

          Independent Business Association of Illinois

          Independent Insurance Agents of America 03/19/1986

          Insurance Consulting Association

          Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation

          International Alliance

          International Association for Financial Planning

          International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

          International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

          International Association Franchise

          International Teleconferencing Association

          Machinery Dealers National Association

          Made in America Foundation

          Manhattan Consulting Group

          Metro East Chamber of Commerce

          National Advisory Council of the Small Business Administration

          National American Wholesale Grocers’ Association 06/14/1988

          National American Wholesale Grocers' Association - Food Marketing Institute

          National Association of Bank Women

          National Association of Foreign Trade Zones

          National Association of Investment Companies

          (National Association of Manufacturers) Small Manufacturers Forum

          National Association of Minority Contractors

          National Association of Over-the-Counter Companies

          National Association of Professional Insurance Agents

          National Association of Retail Dealers of America

          National Association of Wholesaler-Distributor (Not located at this time – See note)

          National Association of Women Business Owners

          National Association of Young Professional Women

          National Beer Wholesalers Association Briefing 04/13/1988

          National Business Forms Association

          National Commission on Jobs and Small Business

          National Council of Savings Institutions

          National Federation of Independent Business - I


          OA 19072

          National Federation of Independent Business - II

          National Federation of Independent Business Women Entrepreneurs Briefing September 1986

          National Food Brokers Association

          National Grocers Association 04/11/1988

          National Hispanic Association of Construction Enterprises

          National Moving and Storage Association

          National Paint and Coatings Association

          National Safety Council

          National Small Business Association

          National Tour Association

          National Women's Economic Alliance 10/04/1984

          Nebraska Small Business Group - Senator Karnes 04/21/1988

          New England Young Presidents’ Organization 04/12/1988

          North Carolina Small Business Council

          Product Liability Alliance

          Professional Insurance Agents, 02/24/1986

          Prosperity Caucus

          Quality/Productivity Forum

          Republican National Committee Small Business Advisory Council

          Retail Industry Trade Action Coalition

          Retirement Industry Trust Association

          Rhode Island Bankers Association

          St. Louis Regional Commerce Association

          Sheet Metal/Air Conditioning Contractors 04/26/1988

          Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Association

          Society of American Wood Preservers

          Taxpayers’ Commission

          Tax Reform Action Coalition

          Texas Association of Business 05/10/1988

          United Shareholders Association

          U.S. Industrial Council

          U.S. League of Savings Institutions

          Value Manufacturers Association

          Water Quality Association

          Winston/Salem, NC Chambers of Commerce 05/24/1988

          Women Construction Owners and Executives

          World Computer Graphics Association

          Young Entrepreneurs



          OA 19073

          Fortune 500

          Corporate – Political Meetings

          Corporate Representation Meetings January 1988

          American Home Products Corporation

          AYDIN Corporation

          Clorox Company

          Delphi Research / U.S.I.A. (USIA)

          Drexel Burnham Lambert

          Earle-Briggs Corporation

          Enser Corporation

          Farley Industries

          Insurance Services Office, Inc.

          Pioneer Eclipse Corporation

          Prudential Bache

          Public Access, Inc.

          Smithkline Beckman Corporation

          Somoff International Investment Corporation

          Southland Corporation

          Travelers Insurance Corporation

          USX Corporation

          Whirlpool Corporation




          OA 19073 (Continued)

          Abbott, Mr. George


          Conn,  Eunice and Don

          Cross, Nora

          Gleason,  Teddy

          Goldstein, Harvey

          Hitchcock,  Chris

          Laxalt, Paul

          Persson, Chomie

          Preen, Faith

          Scott, Debbie

          Shannon, William

          Sherman, Andrew

          Smith, Milo 

          Stone, William - President, Louisville Plate Glass Company

          Thomas, Dewey

          Weinstein, Jon