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Office of Policy Development, 1981-March 1982

Office of Science and Technology Policy, April 1982-August 1983 (See separate inventory)


OA 4169 - OPD

RBF (Ron Frankum) Chron to OPD Staff, 1981

RBF (Ron Frankum) Chron to OPD Staff, 1982

RBF (Ron Frankum) Chron to MCA (Martin Anderson)/EJG (Ed Gray), 09/03/1981-


RBF (Ron Frankum) Chron to MCA (Martin Anderson)/EJG (Ed Gray), 12/15/1981-


          RBF (Ron Frankum) Chron to MCA (Martin Anderson)/EJG (Ed Gray), 1982

          RBF (Ron Frankum) Chron to EM (Ed Meese)/JJ (Jim Jenkins), 1982

          RBF (Ron Frankum) Chron – Internal, 09/18/1981-01/20/1982

          RBF (Ron Frankum) Chron – Internal, 01/21/1982-02/24/1982

          General Accounting Office (1)-(4)

          Economics – General

          Resumes/Candidate Forms Sent to Personnel (Betty K.), 02/07/1981-02/20/1981

Resumes/Candidate Forms Sent to Personnel (Betty K.), 02/21/1981-03/31/1981

Resumes/Candidate Forms Sent to Personnel (Betty K.), 04/01/1981-06/05/1981

Resumes/Candidate Forms Sent to Personnel (Betty K.), 06/06/1981-08/21/1981

Office of Personnel Management (1)(2)

Intergovernmental – General Budget


          Box 1

          January 1981

          February 1981

          March 1981

April 1981

May 1981

June 1981

July 1981

August 1981

September 1981

October 1981

November 1981

December 1981

January 1982

February 1982

March 1982


Box 2

[OPD Conference Room Refurbishing]

Executive Office Building – 1982

Technical Reproductions – Blueprints Rm 208 EOB 1981

[Computer Implementation – OPD]

[Edwin Harper]

[U.S. News & World Report Article re White House Policy Making]

          [“A Profile of Excellence and Public Service” re Charles Smith]

Meeting America’s Economic Crisis (Advance Proof)]

Meeting America’s Economic Crisis

Federal Spending Reduction: Expenditure Control Opportunities

Reagan Message to Congress re: Budget 03/17/1981

[FY 1983 Budget Request and Related Materials]

[U.S.S. La Jolla Commissioning – 10/24/1981]

[1981 Report – Administrative Conference of the United States]

[Department of State Bulletin – January 1981]

[National Building Museum Newsletter – Fall 1981]

[Time – 12/14/1981]

[The Washingtonian – March 1982]

[Fred Fielding Memo]

[Cartoon Drawn by Ronald Frankum]

[Executive Office of the President Telephone Directory, September 1981]

Telephone Memos /RBF/ 2/19/1981

[ASPA National Conference – March 1982]

[Marketing News Article re Richard Wirthlin – 03/05/1982]

[The Washington Star (Final Edition) – 08/07/1981]

[Desk Calendar – January 1981-March 1982]

[Memo on OPD Organization]

[Article re San Diegans in White House – May 1981]

[White House Press Releases]

[Washington International Business Report – 06/01/1981]

[Continuity of Government – Binder]



Box 3

Room 208 I [Binder]

Room 208 II [Binder]

Executive Appointments A-L [Binder]

Executive Appointments M-Z [Binder]

[America’s New Beginning: A Program for Economic Recovery]

[Federal Spending Reduction: The Twenty-Twenty Program]

[The Tax Limitation-Balanced Budget Amendment – S.J. Resolution 58 and H.J. Resolution 350]

[The Coming Boom: Economic, Political, and Social]


Box 4

[New Initiatives for America]

[Articles re Office of Policy Development]

[Articles re Richard Allen resignation]

[Fiscal Year 1982 Budget Revisions: The Federal Program by Agency and Account]

[President Reagan’s Program for Economic Recovery]

[FY 1981 Budget Rescission Proposals]

NARC Federal Briefing

Strategic Evaluation Memoranda

Office of Policy Development Resumes 1982

Misc. Clippings, Letters, Memos, Notes 1982 (1)-(3)

[January 1982-February 1982]

[National Journal – 03/13/1982]

Evans-Novak Political Report – January-March 1982

[Congressional Quarterly Special Report – 02/27/1982]

Caribbean Basin Policy

[Welcome to the White House]

Administration’s Enterprise Zone Proposal

[Vital Speeches of the Day – 11/01/1981]

Conservative Digest – February 1982

Support/Research Staff – Resumes

[OPD Personnel and Budget]

Proposed Nomination to the FCC

[OPD Personnel]

Speech Draft “The Quest for Peace”

Cabinet Councils, 1981

Misc. Bio, Cards, Clippings, Reports 1981

Government Executive

Emergency Communications Issues Task Force/EMPB



Box 5

[Analysis of Senate Amendments to S. 898 – 1981]

[Memos, Notes, Clippings re Telecommunications Deregulation]

Telecommunications – The Players & What They Say

S. 898 (1)-(7)

AT&T Case File

IBM – Antitrust

U.S. vs. AT&T


9 Digit Zip Code

09/17/1981 PRC Rate Decision


Box 6

Postal Rate Commission

Proposal to Save USPS Funds by Private Consultant

[USPS/APWU Agreement, 1981]


Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade Working Group, 1982



Federal Spending Control Guidelines 1981

[Misc. Memos, Letters, Clippings]