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Office of Policy Development, 1981-March 1982 (See separate inventory)

Office of Science and Technology Policy, April 1982-August 1983


Box 1

[April 1982]

[May 1982]

[June 1982]

[July 1982]

[August 1982]

[September 1982-October 1982]

[November 1982]

[December 1982]

[January 1983]

[February 1983]

[March 1983]

[April 1983]

[Friday Follies, July 1981-November 1981]

[Friday Follies, December 1981-April 1982]

[Friday Follies, May 1982-September 1982]

[Friday Follies, October 1982-April 1983]

[Friday Follies, May 1983-August 1983]

[Page from Friday Follies, date unknown]


Box 2

[George Keyworth]

[John McClaughry]

[James Baker Article from Texas Monthly]

[Nigeria Background Reading]

[Invitation for Welcoming of President of Portugal – 09/15/1983]

[Nuclear Power – Fusion]

NASA Shuttle Launch, Florida – Sunday, 06/27/1982

Responses to Invitations


[Proposed Itinerary for Trip to Frankfurt – July 1982]

[Consultation of Presidents of AAAS Affiliated Societies – March 1983]

[The Reagan Strategic Program]

[The Brookings Review – Winter 1982]

Software Collaborative Ltd. (SCL)  Boston, Mass.  07/29/83

[Trip to Japan, China, and Hong Kong – Aug. 1982]

[1982 Desk Calendar]

[Republican National Committee Publications, 1982]

Phone Lists [Binder]

New England Innovation Group

Best, Mr. William

Benton, Mr. Charles (Nat’l Comm. On Libraries)

National Library Commission (Charles Benton)

Benninghoven, Mr. Don

Agnew, Harold M.

Kahn, Herman – Book Draft – The Coming Boom: What, How & Why

Hartman, Richard C.

Hathaway, Mr. Brad

Gardner, Michael R.

Givens, Richard A.

Goss, Robert G.

Guay, Richard F.

Gunn, Wendell

Hahn, Walter


Box 3

McLaughlin, John F.

Oettinger, Anthony G.

Dwight, James

National Governors’ Association: Stephen Farber

Fletcher, Thomas W.

Darby, Joseph

Davenport, Wilbur B., Jr. [Empty]

Dougan, Diana Lady

Brown, H. Monroe

Burch, Dean

Cohen, Dr. Harris S.

Ganley, Dr. Oswald

Zank, Neal S.

[October 1982 Telephone Directory]

[Report of the President’s Commission on Strategic Forces]

Misc. Clippings & Memos

[RBF Confirmation Statement – 08/05/1982]

[Time – 12/13/1982]

Misc. Clippings, Letters, Memos, Speeches

Ethics Officer – Friday Report Summary, May-August 1983

Associate Director of Science and Technology, July 1982

Misc. Letters, Notes

Misc. Letters & Invitations 1981-1983

Frankum – Speech 04/29/1983

Shot BEE: A Test of the TEAPOT Series, 03/22/1955

Systems and Applied Sciences Corporation