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GALE, MICHAEL R.: Files, 1982-1983


Office of Public Liaison (Jewish Affairs)


Michael Gale left a position as a lobbyist with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to join the White House staff in June 1982. Prior to his AIPAC position, he had been Deputy Director of the National Jewish Republican Coalition during the 1980 Presidential campaign. When Gale left the Reagan White House in December 1983, he was replaced by Marshall Breger as the chief White House contact for Jewish organizations and issues. 


Some of the material within the Michael Gale collection predates his time at the White House.  Included is work product from other Office of Public Liaison staff such as Jack Burgess and Diana Lozano.


For a fuller comprehension of the work of public liaison to the American Jewish community during the Reagan administration, see also collections for Michael Breger, Max Green, Jacob Stein, and Matt Zachari.



          Box 1

          [Agudath Israel of America]

          [American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)] (1)-(4)

          [American Jewish Committee] (1)-(7)

          [American Jewish Community - National Conferences, Conventions, etc., 1983]

          [American Jewish Congress] (1)-(4)

          [American Jewish Historical Society]

          [American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee]

          [American Mizrachi Women]

          [American Zionist Federation]

          [Americans for the Reagan Agenda (ARA)]


          Box 2

          [Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL)] (1)-(7)

          [Arno Press]

          Association of Jewish Legislators

          [B’nai B’rith] (1)-(4)

          [B’nai Zion]

          [Baltimore Jewish Council]

          [Ben-Gurion University of the Negev]

          [Betar Educational Youth Organization]

          [Beth Israel Congregation (Randallstown, MD)]

          [Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York]

          [Board of Rabbis of Northern California]

          [Boro Park, Council of Jewish Organizations of] (1)-(4)

          Center for European Middle East Cooperation

          [Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR)]


          Box 3

          [Civil Rights Commission, June 1983-July 1983] (1)-(5)

          [Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations] (1)-(3)

          [Congregation Adath Yeshurun, Elkins Park, PA]

          [Emunah Women of America]

          [Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland]

          [Hadassah] (1)-(3)

          [Heritage Foundation]

          [Herut Zionists of America]

          [Israeli War Veterans]

          [Jewish American Political Affairs Committee]

          [Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington] (1)-(3)

          [Jewish Community Organizations-Mailing List]

          [Jewish Community Relations Council of New York]

          [Jewish Federations, Council of (CJF)] (1)(2)


          Box 4

          [Jewish Federations, Local] (1)-(3)

          [Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA)]

          [Jewish National Fund] (1)(2)

          [Jewish Organizations, Various]

          [Jewish Theological Seminary of America]

          [Jewish War Veterans of the USA]

          [Jewish War Veterans of the USA: Ladies Auxiliary]

          [Lubavitch] (1)(2)

          [Machon Yerushalayim]

          [Magen David Adom]

          [Meetings, Tours at the White House, September 1982-October 1983] (1)-(3)

          [Montefiore Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA)]

          [National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ)] (1)(2)

          [National Conference on Soviet Jewry] (1)(2)


          Box 5

          [National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)] (1)(2)

          [National Council of Young Israel]

          [National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)]

          [National Endowment for the Humanities]

          [National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (NJCRAC)]

          [National Jewish Information Service]

          [National Jewish Republican Coalition]

          [Orthodox Organizations]

          Palestine Liberation Organization

          [Pioneer Women / Na’amat]

          [Rabbinical Assembly]

          [Rabbinical Council of America]

          [Religious Zionists of America]

          [Roundtable Political Action Committee (RPAC)]

          [Southern Brooklyn Community Organization (SBCO)] (1)-(4)

          [Synagogue Council of America]

          [Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC)]

          [Union of Councils for Soviet Jews] (1)(2)

          [Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America]

          [United Jewish Appeal (UJA)] (1)(2)


Box 6

United Jewish Appeal (UJA)] (3)(4)

          [United Jewish Community of Bergen County – Women’s Division]

          [United States Holocaust Memorial Council] (1)-(4)

          [United Synagogue of America]

          [United Synagogue Youth]

          [Washington Jewish Representatives (Name List)]

          [Washington Mission Program] (1)-(6)

          [White House Briefings-Jewish Groups-General]

          [Women’s League for Conservative Judaism]

          [World Jewish Congress]

          [World Zionist Congress]

          [World Zionist Organization]

          [Young Israel Community Development Corporation (YICDC)]

          [Zionist Organization of America] (1)-(4)


          Box 7

          Clearance Info – Master File (1)(2)



          Box 7 (Continued)

          Abs, Herman - Vatican Appointments

          The Baron Report


          Budget – Social Services 1981-1983 (1)-(8)

          Cabinet Affairs – [Correspondence]

          Cabinet Affairs – [Issues]

          Cavaney, Red

          Christian Israeli Relations

          Clean Air Act

          Closed Memorandums (Empty)

          Comptroller’s Office [City of New York]

          CSCE Agreement

          Cuban Affairs

          Cuban Refugees

          Defense Department Daily Briefings

          Department of Energy (1)-(3)

          Department of Interior


Box 8
          Department of Justice (1)(2)

          Department of Labor

          Department of State

          Elizabeth H. Dole

          Elizabeth Dole for Her Signature

          Domestic (empty)

          Energy  (1)-(4)

          Foreign Press        

          Form Letters

          France - Rabbi Rene Sirat

          Fresh Start September 1982 Plan (1)-(7)

          Speech September 1 Fresh Start (1)-(4)


          Box 9

          Speech September 1 Fresh Start (5)

          Letter to Rabbis Concerning the President’s Fresh Start Speech

          General Assembly

          Grain Agreement

          [High Holy Days – Presidential Greeting]

          Holiday Messages




Iranian Jews


          Israel Bonds

          [State of Israel Bonds]

          Israel Today

          The Jewish Floridian

          [Jewish Heritage Week: Proclamations]

          Jewish Holidays

          Jewish Television Network

          The Kahn Public Policy Report

          Maimondes Ground Breaking

          Maimondes Medical Center

          Mancini Proposal

          Memorandum of Understanding

          Memorandums Sent (in House)

          [Middle East Policy - Public Affairs Activity]

          Miscellaneous Letters

          MX Missile

          National Bible Week

          National Security Council – Shadow Government

          Oil Import Tax

          Old Memos

          [OPL Forms – Blanks]

          Pacific Group President’s Export Council



          [Political 1983] (1)(2)

          Presidential Appearance Request

          Presidential Messages (1)-(4)


          Box 10

Presidential Messages (5)(6)

          [Presidential Passover Greeting]

          Press Briefings

          Private Sector Initiative (1)(2)

          Projected Schedules (09/16/1983-12/16/1983)

          [Public Liaison, Office of – Areas of Specialization]   

          Reagan Forest - Dr. Samuel Cohen 07/19/1982

          Résumés (1)-(11)

          Romania (1)(2)


          Box 11

          Schedule Proposals

          Senate Letters

          Small Business Initiative Research Act

          Soviet Grain Agents

          Speech Material

          Supreme Court Appointment Sandra O'Connor

          [Tax Bill - 1982] (1)(2)

          [Tyler, Dorothy Dodd-Correspondence to E. Dole re Middle East Policy]

          United Nations [Jewish] Letters

          United Nations Resolution - Sanctions against Israel

          Vice President Bush

          Voting Rights Bill

          Washington Operations

          White House Tour Requests



          Box 11 (Continued)

          Emunah Women of America Diamond Key Award Dinner 12/13/1981 Vista Hotel

                   New York City

          White House Briefing: Budget; Michael O'Connell, Nazi War Criminals; Allan

                   Ryan for Union of American Hebrew Congregations Rabbinic Students and

                   Lower NY Region of Hadassah, 06/09/1982

          Meeting with VP Bush, Al Spiegel, Jack Stein and Selected Members of the

                   Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organization, 06/10/1982

          Maimonides Hospital Ground Breaking Ceremony Brooklyn, NY 06/13/1982 - I

          Maimonides Hospital Ground Breaking Ceremony Brooklyn, NY 06/13/1982 - II

          Begin Visit with the President, 06/21/1982

          Voting Rights Signing Ceremony, 06/29/1982 – Participants

          Meeting with V.P. Bush and Rabbi Morris Sherer, President Agudath Israel


          National Security Council Briefing for Washington Representatives, 07/01/1982

          National Association of Jewish Legislators, 07/09/1982 [empty]

          Balanced Budget Amendment Rally at Capitol and Briefing at White House,


          Meeting with Elizabeth Dole and Leaders of Soviet Jewry Movement, 07/20/1982

          McPherson Briefing with Washington Representative, 07/22/1982

          Federal Obscenity Laws, 07/27/1982 (1)(2)

          [Local Jewish Activists 07/28/1982]

          AIPAC Interns at the White House for MRG Briefing 07/29/1982

          Elizabeth H. Dole's Interview with NY Times, 07/29/1982

          Briefing for National Republican Jewish Coalition and Conference of Presidents

                   08/05/1982 – I (1)-(4)


          Box 12

          Briefing for National Republican Jewish Coalition and Conference of Presidents

                   08/05/1982 – I (5)

          Briefing for National Republican Jewish Coalition and Conference of Presidents

                   08/05/1982 – II (1)-(5)

          American Jewish Congress State Department Briefing with Teicher and Veliotes


          Consultation between Secretary Shultz and Selected American Jewish Leaders

                   08/26/1982 [empty]

          Israel Bonds Conference 08/27/1982

          Israel Bonds Dinner 08/28/1982

          Elizabeth H. Dole Meeting with Wife of Israeli Foreign Minister 08/29/1982

          Meeting with National Security Council and Washington Representatives re:

                   President's 09/01/1982, Speech / Meeting with Shultz 09/02/1982

          Veliotes Briefing with Members of Jewish Press 09/09/1982

          National Security Council Briefing for National Council of Young Israel 09/09/1982

          Medal of Freedom Ceremony/President Reagan, Habib, National Republican Jewish

                   Coalition and Conference of Presidents 09/09/1982

          United Jewish Appeal Dinner, Meeting Secretary Shultz's Address, 09/12/1982

          United Jewish Appeal Major Donor Dinner with Secretary Shultz, 09/12/1982

          Howard Teicher, Briefing for Members from National Jewish Community Relations

                   Advisory Council, 09/14/1982

          Vice President Meeting with Conference of Presidents and Edgar Bronfman


          Face to Face" Dialogue with Michael Gale and Rabbi Essrog Randallstown, MD


          Elizabeth H. Dole's Meeting with Martin Citrin, President Council of Jewish

                   Federations 09/28/1982

          American Jewish Congress Board of Directors Meeting 10/04/1982

          Zionist Organization of America National Security Council Briefing by Howard

                   Teicher 10/05/1982

          Elizabeth H. Dole's Meeting with Avitel Sharansky 10/06/1982

          Meeting with Washington Representatives and Michael Gale 10/14/1982

          B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation National Convention 10/14/1982-10/15/1982

          American Friends of Hebrew University Annual Meeting, Dinner and

                   Administration Briefing 10/15/1982-10/16/1982 (1)(2)

          Lubavitch Jewish Leaders Meeting with President Reagan 10/22/1982

          Southern Brooklyn Community Organization Gala Dinner 10/24/1982

          Haifa University Dinner New York, NY 10/27/1982

          Meeting with Peter McPherson for Washington Representatives re: Lebanon


          General Assembly - Los Angeles, CA 11/10/1982-11/14/1982 (1)(2)

          Michael Gale's Middle East Trip, 11/14/1982-11/28/1982


          Box 13

          B'nai B'rith Briefing w/ Charlie Hill-State 11/18/1982

          Vice President Bush's Meeting with United Jewish Appeal Young Leadership


          Emunah Women of America Dinner Honoring Mr. and Mrs. Segal 12/19/1982

          Union of Councils for Soviet Jews Meeting with Michael Gale 01/26 /1983

          American Jewish Congress Briefing by Howard Teicher and Michael Horowitz


          National Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel 02/02/1983

          Jewish Leaders Meeting with the President (World Jewish Coalition, Conference of

                   Presidents) 02/02/1983 – I (1)-(3)

          Jewish Leaders Meeting with the President (World Jewish Coalition, Conference of

                   Presidents) 02/02/1983 – II

President Reagan's Meeting with Rabbi H.O. Yoseph, Chief Rabbi of Israel

                   (Sephardic Community), 02/17/1983

          United Jewish Appeal National Mission 03/09/1983

          Agudath Israel of America 03/14/1983 (1)-(5)

          Secretary and Mrs. Watt's Event Showing of "To Bear Witness" and a Reception

                   Following 03/14/1983

          International Conference on Soviet Jewry 03/15/1983 to 03/17/1983

          Max Fisher and Al Spiegel Meeting with POTUS 03/17/1983

          New York Chapter of United Jewish Appeal White House Briefing with V.P. Bush,

                   Martin Feldstein, Bill Brock 03/24/1983 (1)(2)

          President Photo Opportunity with Lubavitchers to Commemorate the End of the

                   Rebbe's 80th Year 03/24/1983

          American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors 04/11/1983 (1)-(4)


          Box 14

          American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors 04/11/1983 (5)-(7)

          Salute to Israel Parade 05/01/1983 New York, NY

          Secretary Shultz's Briefing on Mid East Trip for Jewish Leaders 05/20/1983

          American Jewish Press Association/ Presidential Phone Call to Albert Bloom at the

                   Convention 05/26/1983

          Meeting with President and Jewish Leaders 06/07/1983

          President's Telephone Call to the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith on the

                   Occasion of Their 70th Anniversary 06/10/1983

          POTUS Meeting with American Jewish Leaders in Hollywood, FL, 07/18/1983 (1)(2)

          Meeting with Secretary Shultz and Jewish Leaders 08/11/1983

          Meeting on Soviet Jewry with Ambassador Walter Stoessel and Jewish Leaders New

                   York, NY 08/18/1983

          President Reagan's Meeting in the Cabinet Room with United Jewish Appeal Top

                   Donors 09/06/1983

          Jewish Leaders Meeting with Secretary Shultz and Assistant Secretary Designate

                   Murphy 09/12/1983

          Faith Ryan Whittlesey's Breakfast Meeting with Chicago Jewish Leaders 09/21/1983

          National Republican Jewish Coalition Meeting with the President, Vice President

                   and Senior Administration Officials 10/26/1983 (1)-(3)

          Rabbinic Meeting led by Rabbi Joseph Sternstein Briefing by Ambassador Tony

                   Motley and Kenneth Adelman 11/29/1983

          President Reagan's Visit to the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington

                   12/04/1983 (1)(2)



          Box 15

          [Chron File (06/24/1982-08/11/1982)]

          [Chron File (08/12/1982-08/18/1982)]

          [Chron File (08/19/1982-08/25/1982)]

          [Chron File (08/26/1982-09/17/1982)]

          [Chron File (09/18/1982-12/12/1983)]

          [Correspondence, Outgoing (09/10/1982-10/13/1982]

          [Correspondence, Outgoing (10/14/1982-10/31/1982]

          [Correspondence, Outgoing (11/01/1982-12/22/1982]

          [Drafts and Notes for Form Letters – Lebanon Peace Plan]

          [Drafts and Notes for Form Letters – Soviet Jewry]

          [Drafts and Notes for Form Letters – Watt]

          [OPL Guidelines for Reporting of Activities]

          Weekly Summary Reports, Weekly OPL Forecasts and Meeting Reports


          Weekly Summary Reports, Weekly OPL Forecasts and Meeting Reports


          Weekly Summary Reports, Weekly OPL Forecasts and Meeting Reports


          Weekly Summary Reports, Weekly OPL Forecasts and Meeting Reports


          Weekly Summary Reports, Weekly OPL Forecasts and Meeting Reports


          Weekly Summary Reports, Weekly OPL Forecasts and Meeting Reports


          Weekly Summary Reports, Weekly OPL Forecasts and Meeting Reports




          Box 16

          Jewish Heritage Week Proclamation

          Jewish Heritage Week Proclamation 04/21/1982-05/02/1982

          Jewish Leaders

          Jewish Religious Leaders

          Podet, Commander Allen H.

          Presidential Messages February 1982-June 1982 (1)(2)

          Senior Citizens

          United Jewish Appeal Washington Mission Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 02/02/1982

          United Jewish Appeal Washington Mission Cleveland, Ohio 02/04/1982

          B'nai B'rith Youth Organization 02/17/1982

          National Association of Jewish Legislators 02/19/1982

          National Association of Jewish Legislators 02/19/1982 Cancelled

          Washington Mission – Philadelphia, PA 02/23/1982

          Hadassah Nassau County Budget Overview 03/02/1982

          United Jewish Appeal Top Leadership White House Briefing 03/03/1982 (1)(2)

          Hadassah-South New Jersey Region White House Briefing 03/14/1982

          Agudath Israel of American 03/15/1982

          Hadassah [New York Chapter] 03/16/1982

          Houston Jewish Federation White House Briefing, 03/17/1982

          White House Tour for 25 Omaha Ladies (through Senator Zorinsky's Office),


          Antidefamation League National Young Leadership White House Briefing,


          Hadassah New England Region White House Briefing 03/31/1982

          Meeting with Selected Jewish Leaders and the President 04/12/1982 (1)(2)

          Al Spiegel and Selected Jewish Leaders Meeting with the President, 04/12/1982

          Private Sector Initiatives Meeting with Religious Leaders and President 04/13/1982

          Days of Remembrance with President 04/30/1981-04/20/1982 - I

          Days of Remembrance with President 04/30/1982-04/20/1982 - II

          Days of Remembrance with President 04/30/1982-04/20/1982 – III (1)-(3)


          Box 17

          Days of Remembrance with President 04/30/1982-04/20/1982 – IV (1)(2)

          Executive Directors of Federations [United Jewish Appeal] 04/21/1982

          Hadassah Middle Village Chapter 04/26/1982

          United Jewish Appeal Hartford, CT White House Briefing 04/26/1982

          Jewish Federation of Omaha White House Briefing with Ambassador Fairbanks


          Committee of Concerned Lawyers for Soviet Jewry 05/03/1982 (Not Able to

                   Arrange for Administration Spokesman - Cancelled)

          Canadian Hadassah White House Briefing 05/09/1982-05/12/1982

          Hadassah 70th Anniversary Reception, 05/20/1982 (1)-(3)

          Hadassah Westchester Region White House Briefing 06/03/1982

          Weekly Summary Reports, Weekly OPL Forecasts and Meeting Reports