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GANDY, HENRY: Files, 1985, 1986-1987


Legislative Affairs, Office of : Special Assistant to the President, House: 01/03/1985-10/12/1985; 05/27/1986-04/17/1987 (.7 lf, Boxes 1 & 2)




Henry M. Gandy was born on January 2, 1955 in Houston, Texas.  He attended Trinity University from 1972 to 1976.  In May of 1978 Mr. Gandy served as a campaign worker for the “Tom Loeffler for Congress” campaign.  He continued as campaign worker until November of 1978 and then served as a Legislative Aide for Representative Loeffler from January 1979 to January 1981.  In January 1981 Mr. Gandy began working as a staff aide for the Committee on Appropriations, U.S. House of Representatives and left this position to serve as an aide for Representative Trent Lott in March 1982.  He continued as a Congressional aide to Representative Lott until January 1985.  On January 3, 1985 Mr. Gandy assumed the job of Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs.


On October 13, 1985 Mr. Gandy resigned from his position in the Office of Legislative Affairs to run for Congress in Texas.  He was not elected. In May 1986, Mr. Gandy was rehired for the Office of Legislative Affairs filling the vacated position of Edward Fox, Assistant Secretary of State designate.  Mr. Gandy continued to serve in the White House until his resignation on April 17, 1987.


Currently Mr. Gandy is Vice President of The Duberstein Group a management consulting service.


Scope and Content


As Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, Mr. Gandy served as a liaison between the White House and members of Congress on various issues that included pending legislation, appointments and scheduling of appointments for members of the House with the President, and the arranging of photo opportunities and other constituent services. 


Mr. Gandy’s files consist of a chronological series only.  His files show a break in service during the period of October 1985 to May of 1986 when he was running for Congress.  The group of material from his first term of service [January 1985 to October 1985] were received by the White House Office of Records Management with a loose chronological order.  They have been arranged to follow a strict chronological order.  The group of material from his second term of service [May 1986 to April 1986] were also filed in a loose chronological order with the addition of a Master List.  This list assigned a number to each document or groups of documents and logged information about them such as date, addressee and subject.  To facilitate researchers this material has been arranged in a strict chronological order which occasionally deviates from the assigned numbers on the Master List.  


Preliminary Container List

            Box 1 

            January 1985

            February 1985 (1)(2)

            March 1985 (1)-(4)

            April 1985 (1)(2)

            May 1985 (1)(2)

            June 1985

            July 1985

            August 1985

            September 1985

            October 1985

            Master List 1986

            May 1986

            June 1986

            July 1986 (1)-(3)

            August 1986 (1)-(3)


            Box 2

            August 1986 (4)

            September 1986

            October 1986 (1)-(4)

            Master List 1987 and 1986

            November 1986

            December (1)-(3)

            January 1987 (1)(2)

            February 1987

            March 1987 (1)(2)

            April 1987 (1)(2)