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GARRICK, ROBERT M.: Files, 1981-1982


Office of the Counselor to the President


Garrick worked with Roger Hearn on personnel placement in the early part of the administration. Some Garrick related material is in the Roger Hearn collection, OA 4477 and OA 4478.


CFOA 139

San Onofre Bomb Threat


Decision Monitoring System


Access List Res. Lib. Heritage Reports

Ronald Reagan Newspaper Endorsements


Rural Electric Issues

Reagan Record

Reading File

Memos to Pen James

Transition White House Files

Transition Security Matters

Small Royalties

Ronald Reagan's Position on Women

Transition Request from Press

Transition Presentation Booklets

Transition Public Affairs Organization Chart

Transition Public Affairs Policy Procedures

Transition Ronald Reagan Speech to AEI

Transition Organization Chart

Transition Personnel File

Transition Personnel Operation

Transition Policy Staff Meetings

Transition Memos to Staff

Transition Memos to Staff

Transition Memos from Ed Meese

Transition Memos to Ed Meese

Transition Memos from T. Dolan

Transition Invitation to Robert Garrick

Transition Library Access Lists

Transition Meese Trans Report

Transition Inaugural Speech 1st

Transition Inaugural Speech Input

Transition Inaugural Invitations

Transition Inaugural Invitation Souvenir

Transition Inaugural Memos from Biebel

Transition Hostage Crisis

Transition Inaugural Information

Transition Transition Items Referred to Mike Deaver

Transition Foreign Affairs Policy

Transition Heritage Foundation Reports

Transition Correspondence

Transition Cuban Haitian Refugee Matters

Transition Domestic Affairs Policy

Transition Cabinet Announcements

Transition Communication Program

Transition Congressional Correspondence

Transition Balzano Correspondence

Transition Budget

Transition Administrative Memos

Steel Position


OA 3210

Chronological File May 1981-July 1981


OA 3211

Chronological File September 1981-October 1981

Memos (RMG) to: Miscellaneous


OA 3212

Admiral Garrick Answering for Mr. Meese

Memos (RMG) to: Ed Meese

Memos (RMG) to: Ed Gray

Memos (RMG) to: Pen James

Memos (RMG) to: Ed Thomas

Memos (RMG) to: Greg Newell

Memos (RMG) to: Craig Fuller

Memos (RMG) to: Presidential Personnel

Memos (RMG) to: M. Stanley

Memos (RMG) to: M. Deaver

Memos (RMG) to: Jim Brady

Memos (RMG) to: Rick Beal

Memos (RMG) to: Martin Anderson

[Loose Material re: White House Conference on Aging / Spending Cuts / Hispanic Council of Foreign Affairs / State and Gift Taxes / International TV / Global

Strategy Council]

Robert Selle

Navy Regional Medical Center

Comm.. for the Support of the Reserve and Guard

Pope Air Force Base

John Jochym

Presidential Boards and Commissions

Navy Communication Section

Dept. of Navy

Dept. of Energy

National Association of Home Builders

Tacoma Boatbuilding Co., Inc.

Alex Troffey

Screenplay - Air Force

American Legion

Ed Harper


Expense Forms

Economic Speech, 02/18/1981 Background Information

Senior Citizens


Environmental Protection Agency

Economic Program - Outside Support

Forms of Addresses

Commerce Department Seminar


Communications Group

Continental Airlines and Texas International Airlines

Doremus & Co.

Century Freeway Budget - White House

Brookings Institute

Audit of U.S. Economy

Audio Visual Activities


OA 3213

Ad Council Information

American Society of Associate Executives

American Civil Liberties Union

American Bar Assoc.

Cabinet Meeting Agendas

Illegal Aliens

Cong. Patrick Hillings

Hoover Institution

Hispanic Community

Monthly Reports

Health and Human Services

Boyd Hayden

Institute for Contemporary Studies

International Communication Agency

Independent Truckers

In-coming Memos


Alexander Haig

Bob Lorsch

Maritime Matters

Assignments Completed

Waste and Fraud and Abuse

National Rifle Association

Naval Reserve Association

Sec. Navy Speech to National Press Club

New Jersey Health Products

Congressman Pashayan


Peanut Allocation

Photo Captions

Police Information



Santa Margarita Water Project

Savings and Loan

Shipbuilders Council


Secretary David Stockman



Violent Crime