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GEMMELL, WILLIAM: Files, 1981-1989


Social Affairs, White House Office of


William Gemmell was the head of the Graphics and Calligraphy office within the Social Affairs Office. Most of this collection consists of duplicates of calligraphy items done for President and Mrs. Reagan, and White House events.


OA 19109

Nancy Reagan, Contribution Acknowledgment Cards (Loyal and Edith Davis Chair of Surgery)

Nancy Reagan Note Cards (with White House Engraving)


OA 19110

Mrs. Reagan Calling Cards

President and Mrs. Reagan Calling Cards

Reagan Family/Mrs. Loyal Davis Sympathy Acknowledgment Cards


OA 19111

Christmas handouts 1984-1988 (booklets)


OA 19112

The President and Mrs. Reagan - Invitations (Music)

Mrs. Reagan - Invitations (assorted)


OA 19113

The President and Mrs. Reagan - Invitations (Dinner with Black Tie and without Black Tie )


OA 19114

Lithos--President and Mrs. Reagan

Inaugural Handout, 1981


OA 19115

The President and Mrs. Reagan-- Invitations (Dinner and Luncheon)


OA 19116

The President and Mrs. Reagan--Invitations (Luncheon and Dinner)


OA 19117

Mrs. Reagan--Invitations (Luncheon and Blank)


OA 19118

Mrs. Reagan--Invitations (Dinner and Luncheon)