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GERMANIS, PETER: Files, 1986-1989


Office of Policy Development; Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board [Welfare Reform]


Peter Germanis was a Senior Policy Analyst in the Office of Policy Development beginning in 1986. He was appointed to the permanent staff of the Interagency Low-Income Opportunity Advisory Board (ILIOAB) as a Senior Policy Analyst in the spring of 1987. This collection is entirely for his work with the ILIOAB. The Library does not appear to have a collection for Mr. Germanis for his work at the Office of Policy Development.


Accession #A93-01


Box 1

Board Meeting 07/29/1987

Board Meeting 08/14/1987

Board Meeting 08/20/1987

Board Meeting 09/02/1987

Board Meeting 09/25/1987

Board Meeting 10/30/1987

Board Meeting 12/04/1987

Board Meeting 01/12/1988

Board Meeting 02/09/1988

Board Meeting 02/18/1988

Board Meeting 02/23/1988

Board Meeting 03/08/1988

Board Meeting 03/10/1988

Board Meeting 03/15/1988

Board Meeting 04/05/1988

Board Meeting 04/26/1988

Board Meeting 05/10/1988

Board Meeting 05/24/1988

Board Meeting 05/27/1988

06/23/1988 ILIOAB Board Meeting

07/07/1988 ILIOAB Board Meeting #22

ILIOAB Board Meeting #23 07/14/1988

08/01/1988 Board Meeting #24

08/02/1988 Board Meeting #25

08/04/1988 Board Meeting #26

08/19/1988 Board Meeting #27

08/25/1988 Board Meeting #28

ILIOAB Board Meeting #29 08/30/1988

ILIOAB Board Meeting #30 09/08/1988

09/13/1988 Board Meeting #31

09/22/1988 Board Meeting #32

10/11/1988 Board Meeting #33

10/13/1988 Board Meeting #34

10/20/1988 Board Meeting #35

10/27/1988 Board Meeting #36

11/17/1988 Board Meeting #37

11/22/1988 Board Meeting #38

ILIOAB Board Meeting #39 11/29/1988

ILIOAB Board Meeting #40 December 1988

12/15/1988 Board Meeting #41

11/17/1989 Board Meeting #42


Box 2

ILIOAB 1988 Chron [1-4]

03/11/1989 Report to Chief of Staff

Accomplishments of ILIOAB

ILIOAB: Annual Report 1987-1988

Annual Report - Maps

Basic Board Documents

R. Bavier "From the Secretary" Files #1

R. Bavier "From the Secretary" Files #2

Examples of Terms and Conditions

Board Procedures History

N.G.A. National Governors Association

Tracking Report

Board Tracking Report

[Welfare Reform 1987-1989] (1)(2)


Box 3



Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)


Welfare Reform Bill [Empty]

Welfare Bill (1)(2)

Housing Demos (HUD Bill)

Bill Impact

Warner Amendment [Empty]

Bethel New Life

White House Workshop on Self-Help Efforts & Welfare Reform June 9-June 10


ILIOAB Board Working Group

09/10/1989 Board Meeting #7 - RE.

Board Meetings

Mike Barber

Blakeney, Charles

Blakeney, Ronnie

Hobbs, Chuck (1)-(4)

Pub. Housing Sale

Overhead projection mats

Loose leaf notebook - White House Workshop on Self-Help Efforts & Welfare Reform

Unfoldered material

Untitled folders


Box 4

Alabama [1-2] [includes loose leaf notebook]


Arizona [1-3]

Arizona Waivers

New Correspondence - out - from Chuck Hobbs

Untitled folders


Box 5

State Demonstration Proposals: California

State Demonstration Proposals: Colorado

State Demonstration Proposals: Connecticut

State Demonstration Proposals: Delaware

State Demonstration Proposals: D.C.

State Demonstration Proposals: Florida

State Demonstration Proposals: Georgia

State Demonstration Proposals: Guam

State Demonstration Proposals: Idaho

State Demonstration Proposals: Illinois


Box 6

State Demonstration Proposals: Illinois

State Demonstration Proposals: Indiana

State Demonstration Proposals: Iowa


Box 7

Kansas [includes 2 loose leaf notebooks]


Maine [1-2]

Maine Waivers

Maryland [1-2]

Massachusetts, State of



Missouri [1-2]

Nebraska [1-2]



Box 8

NH [New Hampshire] [1-4]

New Hampshire Waivers

New Hampshire [1-2]

NJ [New Jersey]

New Jersey Waivers

New Jersey [1-2]

New Mexico


Box 9

New Mexico [1-2]

New Mexico Waivers

Welfare Reform - New York State

New York [1-4]

New York Waivers

North Carolina [1-4]


Box 10

North Dakota

Ohio [1-4] [includes loose leaf notebook]



Pennsylvania [1-3]

Pennsylvania, State of


Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Tribe

Rhode Island


Box 11

South Carolina [1-4]

South Carolina Waiver Application

Tennessee [1-3]

Texas [1-2]

Utah [1-3]


Box 12

West Virginia (Mainstream)

West Virginia [1-3]

West VA.

West VA Proposals

Welfare reform - West Virginia

West Virginia (Self-Employment)

Virgin Islands

Wisconsin Waivers

Wisconsin [1-3]

Wyoming [1-2]

Wyoming Waivers


Box 13

Washington [1-7]

Compendium Update

Untitled folders regarding ILIOAB and Legislation